Choosing Your First Eliquid Vape (personal video)

Hi everybody and welcome back to our
channel, or welcome to our channel if you
haven’t been here prior to. My name is
Dannie from Vape Club, and today I’m going
to be assisting you with selecting your
first eliquid. Comprehending the four
main active ingredients in eliquid can really
help you with discovering your best vape.
If you’re still not completely sure what
eliquid is I ‘d highly suggest
having a look at our Beginners Guide To Vape Eliquid video. Your vaping gadget likewise
plays a truly important role in the
kind of eliquids that you’ll need so in
this video we’ll talk about how all 4
components connect with different devices
The major hurdle in effectively
changing to vaping is to find a
nicotine strength which will please
your cravings, give you the ideal type of
throat hit and likewise has a flavour that
you enjoy. This will take some trial and
error but ideally all the tips that we
give you in this video will assist you out
along the way.
As a brand-new vaper you’re.
likely to start on a smaller sized vaping
device which will produce a smaller sized.
quantity of vapour. If you were previously a
heavy smoker then you’re most likely to.
require a larger dosage of nicotine and
the smaller sized vaping gadgets are typically.
sold with greater nicotine strengths. Lots Of
of the smaller cigalike or pod gadgets.
contain 18 mg or 20 mg of
nicotine per milliliter which is the.
greatest legal limitation in the UK. As we
development to the refillable gadgets we.
start to discover that the size of the
device and the vapor production starts.
to increase. Suddenly at an 18 mg
eliquid appears very harsh on.
the throat making the vaping experience
undesirable. What works for someone might not necessarily work for you, however the
good news is there are lots of choices.
to assist you tailor your experience.
In addition to nicotine, smokers typically require to fill a throat hit in order to feel
satisfied. This is the sensation that you.
feel at the back of your throat when you
inhale smoke or vapour. In vaping there.
are three variables which can affect the
throat hit: nicotine strength, the greater.
the nicotine strength the harsher the throat hit
The quantity of PG in the eliquid. A greater percentage of PG indicates a harsher
throat hit, and lastly gadget.
vapour production. Greater powered devices
produce more vapour, for that reason more.
nicotine and PG. In general brand-new vapers
require a greater nicotine strength to.
assist with their transition, so you desire
to be taking a look at eliquids that.
have 12-18 mg of nicotine.
If you saw our beginner’s guide to.
vape e-liquid video you’ll know that in
addition to PG another main active ingredient.
in eliquid is VG. In many eliquids VG
comprises 50 to 80 percent of the overall.
mix and is directly proportional to PG.
For instance if an eliquid has80
percent VG then the staying 20 percent
of that will be PG. You want to consider.
the PG percentage in your eliquid and
what is finest suited for your gadget. As a.
basic rule, choose higher PG
concentrations for smaller gadgets, such.
as pods or vape pens, and this will offer
you more of a throat hit with a device.
that produces less vapour. Select high VG
concentrations for bigger gadgets, which.
can producing more power and
vapour. This will lead to a smoother.
vaping experience and likewise enables you to
breathe in more vapour in one go. In some.
cases you may discover that only the VG
percentage is shown on package or.
label. This is because it’s typically
discovered in the highest concentration and.
manufacturers just assume that you understand
the direct relationship in between PG and.
VG. In basic terms a greater VG
portion implies a smoother vape and less of a throat hit
VG also produces “clouds” so the greater.
the VG percentage the thicker the vapour cloud.
As you progress on your vaping.
journey you’re likely to encounter the
term ‘sub-ohm’. Don’t let this intimidate you,.
it just implies that the gadget is
efficient in producing more power and.
vapour than your pod package or cigalike.
Since of the increased vapor.
production, the general guideline with sub-ohm
gadgets is that you start with a lower.
nicotine strength and a higher VG
percentage. We discover that 3-6mg.
of nicotine and around 70 percent VG
works finest for most people. If you feel.
you require more nicotine or more of a
throat hurt simply increase your.
nicotine strength or reduce the VG percentage.
When it pertains to eliquid flavours you
literally have thousands of options.
Tobacco and menthol flavours are a great
place to start however from there the world.
is your oyster. You could get a sweet
tobacco mix, a fruity menthol flavour or.
even something that resembles your favorite
dessert. Just experiment with different.
flavour combinations and change things up.
In truth altering things up is a truly.
good way to prevent what’s called “vapers
tongue”. This is a term that’s used to.
describe when someone vapes a single
flavour SO much that they can barely.
taste it any longer. Consuming water is likewise
a really huge help. The more powerful your.
device is the more taste you’re likely
to experience so if you like a flavour, however it.
ends up being a bit too self-important, attempt
changing to a less powerful device.
Nicotine salts are a lot more recent.
addition to vaping and in our experience
they use a smoother throat hit and.
affect the flavour a lot less than
conventional freebase nicotine eliquids.
As a result nicotine salts work
for smokers who discover conventional higher.
nicotine eliquids too harsh, they allow
you to get a higher dosage of nicotine.
with a smoother throat hit.
Shortfill eliquids are another recent advancement.
in vaping, nevertheless we wouldn’t recommend
these as one of your first eliquids.
This is simply due to the fact that they need
extra knowledge about blending and.
nicotine shots. Which’s that!
So just to evaluate, here’s what you need to.
be keeping an eye out for when you select your
first eliquid. If you’re a heavy cigarette smoker.
or someone who’s searching for a harder
throat hit you’re going to need an eliquid that is higher in nicotine and
greater in PG portion, if you’re a.
light cigarette smoker or somebody who’s looking
for a smoother throat hit you’re going.
to be requiring an eliquid that is lower
in nicotine strength and higher in VG.
percentage. Higher powered devices
require an eliquid that is lower in.
nicotine strength and greater in VG
portion, and lastly, if you are going.
to be utilizing nicotine salt eliquids it’s a
fantastic starting point to double your.
usual eliquid strength. If
you use a 3mg eliquid.
generally you might want to take a look at utilizing a
6mg or maybe even a 9mg nicotine salt eliquid. It takes
a bit of experimentation to find your.
perfect vape so don’t hesitate to try
various things in smaller sized quantities.
until you find what works best for you
constantly err on the side of caution and.
attempt to opt for the smoother vape.
It’s better to vape a smoother eliquid.
than one that’s too harsh.
Once again I have actually been Dannie from Vape.
Club. Don’t forget to sign up for our
channel and I’ll see you next time!

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