Watch How He Cleared His Bladder Cancer With Cannabis (Video)

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cannabis health radio.
Here are your hosts
Ian Jesssop and Corrie Yelland.
– Ian: Welcome to another episode
of cannabis health radio, I’m Ian Jessop.
And I’m Corrie Yelland.
– Ian: Our guest today had several
severe injuries from a work-related accident.
And after being on pharmaceutical medications
for more than 20 years
the side effects were
wreaking havoc with his body.
Then it was discovered
he had bladder cancer
Here to tell us his story
is Jack Kungel from Ontario Canada.
Jack good of you to join us
thanks very much for this!
– Jack: How are you doing today?
– Ian: We’re great, jack take us back
to the day you had your work accident
and tell us exactly what happened
– Jack: I was the welder at a processing plant
and a bunch of Steel
was about to fall and I was going to
land on my legs and feet and so in order
to slow the impact down I caught it with
my hands and it tore my rotator cuffs
both bicep tendon it took my leg out but
I had already had a previous injury with
my leg where I had snapped it up and
tore the meniscus tendon and crucial
Ignat and that was already wearing a leg
brace for 17 years I was no longer able
to work after that injury so I was put
out to pasture in 1990 so over 20 years
they I was on different pharmaceuticals
I was on oxycontin morphine the fentanyl
patch before I was given out as a script
the vomiting started because of the
chemical toxicity that I that I had so
by the time was all said and done now I
had high blood pressure my cholesterol
was high I had gained weight I became
diabetic and I couldn’t keep any food
down I lost my teeth from vomiting and
then along came bladder cancer and over
that 20 years of vomiting 20 times a day
I broke four ribs over 300 times
somebody a friend of mine had crossed my
path and told me that I need to start to
vaporize and ingest cannabis that he
says you’re dying here jack and that was
from the chemical toxicity and at that
didn’t realize I was already battling
cancer at that time I hadn’t started to
ingest the cannabis yet I just started
to vaporize and I cut my cannabis
consumption down by 75% through how
efficient the vaporizer worked and so
then he had asked me if I had started to
ingest the capsules yet that he had left
me and I said no I I hadn’t and so I
started to ingest these cannabis
capsules and there was just D carb
cannabis that was put inside zero
capsules over the period of six months I
got off every single medication that was
on I had no intention of getting off the
medications I was taking it for pain and
then slowly one by one by one by one
every single medication until now I was
going I was on maximum metformin for my
diabetes medication meaning I was going
on to the needle so now I take
absolutely nothing I take out my I just
had a perfectly clear bill of health
like my cholesterol was perfect my blood
pressure was perfect everything my blood
sugar was perfect and now since February
the 11th of 2011 I was diagnosed with
terminal bladder cancer okay before we
get into the bladder cancer I just want
to go back to some of the medications
you were on because you were on a whole
list of medications yeah you were on
oxycontin morphine toradol yeah the
fentanyl patch I was chewing his many
Tylenol for as I could keep down because
the that I was I was in so much pain
nothing worked all that you know all
those medications do is they numb the
head is all they do the pain is still
there and you develop a tolerance and
that’s it and and they can pump as much
that into you as they want it doesn’t
help how many visits to therapy did you
have over the years oh my god I had the
most visit since I had 500 and in in one
straight run 584 visits
584 did the drugs or therapy help you at
all the not to drugs no no the therapy
did and what they were doing is the the
I would literally hold on to the table
and then they would take this seat belt
and they would wrap it around my arm and
they would do a figure eight around
their shoulder and they would lean back
and they would stretch my arm because I
couldn’t lift my arms and they would
stretch my arm went to the point where
they could wrap wrap it around my head
and then once they did that I got to use
my hands and arms for maybe two three
hours after the session and after that
everything would go back to gridlock all
the medications you were on did the
doctors say anything to you about the
quantity of drugs that you were taking
they gave them to me but surely they
must have said listen you’re on far too
many medications we have to take you off
some of them but no you would think
wouldn’t you but instead they probably
said have another well this this is what
it is you know once one doesn’t work so
now you add this to that if that doesn’t
work we’ll continue to take this and
we’re gonna add this to your regime okay
and you see that the bottom line is that
the the body is quite a an amazing and
amazing thing and I discovered that when
the cancer came I was diagnosed with
terminal bladder cancer and so this is
what I did done that I and I was already
ingesting cannabis so I figured I had
the cancer for about six years because
it felt like my back was broken hey they
told me I had herniated discs pulled
muscle year old live with it
you know and so for I get up in the
morning and I had two three two-liter
Pepsi bottles frozen out all the time
and I would put him on my back where the
chairs that would sit and I would sit
out like that until I went to bed that’s
how bad the pain was and then finally
when I passed all the blood from Beth
the bladder cancer oh whoa we got a
problem here now Houston so when I went
to the doctors and then this is this is
what happened here I handed in that my
mother bottle that I peed in and six
weeks later I’m phoning to see what
happened and then he told me that if
there was a problem that they would have
contacted me well I would think blood in
the urine would dust you would think
indicate that there’s something amiss
like I had slashed my wrist this is how
much blood and it wasn’t until a friend
of mine that works there she come back
from vacation found the bottle you know
and like this it was terrible and she
asked if I was still peeing blood yes
and then BAM III she says get in here
three days later I had an ultrasound
five days later I was in Windsor to see
the urologist and then two days later I
had an ultrasound and then this is what
they did and then it’s come back and
said here you go this is what you got
then I learned about the cannabis in the
oil so I pounded myself with the oil how
did you learn about the cannabis oil
well it started my friend from the used
to live here in town he moved out to the
East Coast because they wouldn’t let him
have his chickens here he had sent me
the running from the excuse me running
from the cure video and I was familiar
with cannabis and you know and familiar
with cannabis oil but for more of a
recreational reason and so when I
started to look at this video and start
listen here and so then what I did is
from there is okay I got to do this so I
got as much cannabis oil into me as I
possibly could and the cancer was gone
for a year that then it came back so I
consumed a lot of cannabis oil and so
the missing link of what everybody needs
to understand here cannabis isn’t like
the oil and this isn’t a magic bullet
that’s the easy part the hard part is
making the lifestyle change necessary to
save your life you see this is what
happens when a cancer cell develops it
develops insulin receptors
so any type of fructose glucose dextrose
any types of sugar that you put in goes
directly to feed that cancer cell a
cancer cell also depends on methionine
is concentration in methionine is found
in red meat dairy products eggs chicken
and fish now I’m going to give you some
numbers to it there red media has 180
units of methionine dairy products 195
units of methionine eggs have 240 units
of a thigh nine chicken has 460 units of
Makai nine and fish is off the charts
with Matheny so there’s somebody that
has cancer those foods are deadly that’s
what cancer smelling dogs smell his
Matheny nine all cancer gives off the
thigh nine gas cancer cells thrive in an
acidic environment so because I never
changed my lifestyle I never changed
anything I just pounded it with the oil
it brought the cancer off for a bit but
it came back because they didn’t change
anything once I changed everything in my
life and then I had results so you don’t
know what happened because I came up
with this you know so I don’t eat any
red meat I don’t eat anything what I
just told you there and this is the
healthiest I’ve ever been in my life how
much cannabis oil were you taking I was
taking at one time almost five grams of
oil a day when I was just taking the oil
five grams did you get high no seriously
see the high passes see this is what
everybody needs to understand you know
everybody’s worried about the high now
high is the least of your concerns
you’re dying amen yeah you know that’s
the least of your concerns and I don’t
understand people I don’t like how it
makes me feel well you like how the
chemo is making you feel do you like the
vomiting that you’re going through you
like you know so I do not understand
because cannabis has had for the last 75
years this picture painted so it’s very
difficult to remove that picture the
stigma that’s in that’s implanted in
everybody’s head you know what everybody
needs to understand this
has been here in cannabis law has been
here so long that that’s what the three
wise men brought baby Jesus they brought
cannabis and oil which is cannabis oil
frankincense oil and more oil and that’s
the Holy Trinity that’s what the Bible
devote that right there and that’ll cure
just about any sickness on the planet
nobody’s ever died from it exactly
exactly so Jack when you were given the
diagnosis that you had bladder cancer by
the doctors what did they tell you did
they recommend chemo and radiation yes
and what did you tell them no no I loved
them to give me BCG which is the
Basilica Clemente guren which is the
tuberculosis virus and that was injected
into my bladder to stimulate an immune
response and so my bladder isn’t where
my immune system responded so I broke
out into this rash outside of my body
and I had it for a year and a half all
right there was times like but I have a
an eight piece band there was times he
couldn’t play with the band I couldn’t
go outside into the Sun I saw three
different skin specialists and every
single one of them gave me a different
story and I said it happened when you
did this so I took pictures of my rash
and I went to another guy in the garage
and I said hey am i allergic to my
cannabis he goes no no no no no he goes
on my Jackie says those are acid burns
he says everything touching you is
burning movie-like acid the water you’re
washing and the clothes you’re wearing
the food you’re eating he says you’re
acidic this is why you’ve got cancer and
this is when I zero in on the diet so I
went in and I made this smoothie up and
it’s an alkaline smoothie I had that
rash for a year and a half and in nine
days after drinking that smoothie was
gone so all of a sudden I realized we
tripped onto something here
so I started to ask some questions on it
and a group that I belonged to and they
started to ask about there’s anybody
have these rashes and oh my god yes yes
or you might have even gone through that
rash when you were going through stuff
I didn’t I didn’t but I’ve certainly
heard of it before yeah yes and that’s
that’s the acidic rash dad that should
tip you off right then and there that
that’s why you have cancer so you made
this smoothie and I’ve been on your blog
and looked at the ingredients man you
have a lot of ingredients it’s it has it
it looks great its life in a jar no
absolutely absolutely and all’s I can
tell you is is that’s the best thing
that you could do even if you’re not
sick that’s the best thing that you can
do for yourself you see our biggest
mistake is we’ve all been trained that
we we need to eat meat we don’t have
teeth like dogs man this is how you need
to understand like and at front of bars
intestines as three times their body
length ours is ten there’s a reason for
that this is why we have such rates of
colon cancer and everything like that
and see what everybody needs to
understand and all the dementia and
everything that that we have is because
the sugar industry pointed the finger at
the fat industry and said it’s your
fault that everybody’s sick and so when
they removed the fat out of everybody
diets and what happens we need the fat
to make everything bioavailable to
ourselves so then come to solve people
because the salt that we have this
iodized salt is absolutely nothing in it
so now they remove the salt in our diets
and all the nitrates and all the the
preservatives in the in the foods and so
now this depletes the mylar layer now
you lose communication with amongst the
cells and then stuff just goes south
nothing works nothing can function there
is no communication when they injected
this tuberculosis virus into your
bladder what did it do to your prostate
the prostate yeah the nothing to the
prostate oh I thought you had an issue
with your prostate yes yes I did but
through the because through the
suppositories see this is how idea that
I ingested it I inhaled it I use
cannabis every which way right that I
could so I did suppositories also and so
that’s what that’s what addressed it so
yeah so now I have absolutely no issues
the only issues that I have now is
because of so many systems of growing up
and looking in with the camera in
the penis is a muscle there and just
before you get into the bladder is
another muscle there so those two
muscles are damaged and I deal with scar
tissue all the time so it always
restricts the urine flow so see the the
prostate now doesn’t that was no longer
an issue now it’s start tissue to deal
with and then hopefully my I have my
last visit coming up here and that’s it
I’m done
so you started taking the cannabis oil
you you and you develop this rash which
you got rid of with your smoothie and
people people can find that on your blog
what how can people find that I actually
a friend of mine made a web page for me
Jack Campbell con K you
ngel okay yeah they can find the recipe
for the smoothie there yes and so within
lots of information there for everything
that you need to do to like sir
reputation you know city choline and and
everything and explains and like
backdoor medicine emotional causes of
cancer like a lot of people don’t
realize how deep you have to look so for
myself that the it goes all the way back
for me as a child for something that I
had kept in and being being raped by my
uncle hey so it all reared its head all
at the same time the cancer the
nightmares okay and so that those kind
of things if you keep them in there
that’s where those type of cancers
develop down in the lower organs right
so stress and everything it feeds it
feeds that you have to address when
you’re addressing your sickness you got
address it from all from all ends
mentally spiritually physically and
spiritually I don’t mean God I mean you
need to you’re going into your own
intestinal fortitude like your soul your
higher power because there’s nobody
coming down to do this you have to and
like I said in doing the lifestyle
change is the hardest thing that you’re
ever going to do yeah and I’m so glad
that you’ve brought this up Jack because
you know cannabis oil is wonderful and
it can work some real miracles but it
isn’t you know a cure all you need to
make a holistic change your entire self
I work hard every single day in order to
remain healthy yeah my maintenance dose
I still take a couple grams of oil check
why do you think you don’t get high from
from the oil so you reach a point it’s
like it’s like anything else it’s like
you can drink one beer you can drink
five beers mm-hmm it’s like it’s like
anything else and so but what actually
happens hey you see now the high is
feeling good hmm so you see I still have
all my other health issues that I need
to deal with so one see that the
difficult that people have is getting
through the high it’s like you’re gonna
you’re going through the snowstorm and
when you come out the other side
the visibility it’s crystal clear but
you gotta go through it when you were
diagnosed with bladder cancer and did
you tell the doctors what you were going
to do absolutely what did they say you
said well it’s my choice I and he did
what he needed to do and then did what I
needed to do and then when the cancer
had come back so he said now it says the
bladders got to come out so now I’ve
already had passed my expiry date so now
it took another 7 months to go see the
doctor now that he’s sending me to to
have my body parts removed and I told
him I said no I said I just need to do
this I said I I had just learned this I
said that everything’s gonna be go but
you do what you need to do so when I got
to London at that Hospital to that
doctor and we got into a big argument
because he didn’t want to go in and have
a love day and then I told him I said I
had treated myself I said I had treated
the endocannabinoid system he said and
he corrected me said excuse me mr.
bungle he says he says if you’re going
to use those words he says it’s called
the endocrine system and this is my
exact words to him he goes really I
guess you didn’t get the memo that day
when they talked about the
endocannabinoid system the most
in the body I said no it makes me wonder
how did you actually become a doctor Oh
perfect oh boy here those are fighting
words oh it was because I was a I’m
fighting for my life here yeah and when
he told me that he didn’t have to go in
and look they already did seven months
ago and I said it’s my bladder I said
it’s not yours
then he asked me for the list of
medications I I says all Isis okay and
so he gave me a piece of paper so I
wrote down all the medications that I
was on I said and I made sure that the
paper that I wrote it big enough it
covered the paper and I said I need one
more page and he said there’s more it
says hey I said this is your system not
mine I said this is the what your system
put me on and I said I’m going to show
you my system and then I wrote cannabis
across the other one I said there I said
I replaced all those medications with
this and he said well that’s just
anecdotal information and I said well
Jacob anecdotal Punggol is sitting in
front of you right now I said ask me any
type of question you want I said the
problem is that says you people never
want to talk to us I said Here I am
so I reached in my pocket and they
pulled out my meter I’m diet like I said
I was diabetic and my blood sugar
numbers I said I could never keep under
twelve thirteen I pulled that meter out
and I start clicking numbers and he
turned away I said hey hey hey that’s it
this is my office visit here I said you
need to look here and I said do you know
what thousand two thousand milligrams of
metformin is and he says I don’t not
familiar with that medication I says
well I says that’s diabetes medication I
said that means I’m maxed out I said I’m
going on the needle I says now I says my
insulin numbers are perfect my blood
sugar is five point four five point
eight five point seven all the time and
like I said now I take absolutely
nothing to control any of everything
that I had just my cannabis that’s it
and my diet so you were talking to a
doctor who had no knowledge of meth form
he would not know what that medication
is because he wouldn’t be dealing with
that yeah he’s a specialist yeah yes
yeah he’s a specialist so like he’s the
guy that removes that would be he would
removed the bladder he would remove like
a kidney or a liver or whether though
that’s what he does
did he kick your rear end out of the
office well when he no no no no he
didn’t kick me out absolutely not
finally he turns the book around these
slides that over and he points down
there and dr. decla had already told him
that was going to be an interesting
patient he agreed see I play Santa Claus
at Christmastime and this was just
before December and I said yeah I said
that you’re not going to look and says
you need to go after Christmas I said I
play Santa Claus so we went in at
February and it was actually three days
before my birthday now with love while
this this shit pardon my french
this stuff works out okay and that’s
when he went in and looked and it was
gone and then he leans over me I’m still
leaning on the table and he means over
which is hand in my chest and he says
mr. Congo I suggest you continue to do
what it is that you’re doing I said it’s
called the endocannabinoid system doctor
you can say it for you you are an
interesting patient once you take your
life into your own hands you come to
realize you know you’re the most
powerful person in the room you need to
understand that and it’s very sad that
like when you go into the room and you
know more about your sickness than he
does that’s the problem I have Jack I
want to read for listeners some of the
things that cannabis has done for you
since you’ve been taking it you said
your pain has gone from nine point five
out of ten every day two or three oh
yeah yep
you stopped throwing up after 20 years
in the same day you started and yet you
haven’t gotten sick since no you could
sleep for the first time in 20 years
without the feeling of your arms being
ripped off yep yeah you also say I
couldn’t lift my arms over my head it’s
uncomfortable now but you can do it
yeah oh I didn’t even know that happened
I had to assist if I was gonna pick
something up above shoulder I I had to
take my my hand and lift lifts my arm up
so I’m going to do that and all of a
sudden I realized look where my arm is
I’m already past the point you know and
I didn’t even know what happened and
that is what is so cool with cannabis
because like everybody expects stuff to
happen overnight you didn’t get sick
overnight this stuff doesn’t happen
overnight it’s so gradual but it will do
exactly what you needed to do and this
the best part of it is I look at it like
this way and if you look at what it says
on on when you go to the web page there
it says you’re the computer run the
program and that’s cannabis see this is
how I looked at it you’re the computer
and cannabis is our antivirus you ingest
cannabis it just goes to where stuff
isn’t working yeah another thing you
have here is you had a gradual weight
loss in three years of 46 pounds I’m at
I’m at 62 now 62 pounds Wow yes Wow good
for you yeah and you talked about your
blood sugar too it’s in the normal range
yeah you haven’t had a cold or flu in a
number of years yes well I have one of
my band members you guys would like this
he’s one of the there’s actors eight of
us and four of us they’re licensed
medicinal users to have MS and the other
one has osteoarthritis and the one fella
he was just here I was hoping that he
would still be here when you called so
you could actually talk to him and he
was one the first 700 people in Canada
that had section 56 allowed to use
cannabis 27 years ago and he was
paralyzed from the neck down with his
hand mass and now he couldn’t feed
himself and now the guy plays in my band
whoa boy we’d love to talk we’d love to
talk to him yeah yeah we we can we can
we can arrange that okay you can arrange
that another thing that can be end of
his nominal phenomenal person great
another thing that cannabis did for you
see the fissure cracks in my feet that
would bleed and need medical attention
went away
and they’re soft yes so it does wonders
for your skin yes the moles and warts &
skin tags started to fall off yes and
you’re diabetic nerve pain is gone yes
you sound almost like a normal person my
last report was normal
you have no idea what that means is
somebody that I mean for so long you
know that your blood pressure your
diabetic there’s that the other thing
you can’t function and you know and when
pain is all you think about you know it
gets very very very tiring so and then
all of a sudden you know they’re just so
gradual and like I say I I
I can’t praise this plant enough that’s
all I can tell you yeah doing this it’s
the only thing on the planet that we’re
hardwired for nothing else we have the
cb1 and cb2 receptors the cb1 receptors
they have the one that it runs our
organs the cb2 is our immune system our
immune system is between our pie hole
and our butt hole
you see our gut flora is where it all
happens and when our gut flora is awry
this is where the cancers come from and
so as soon as you’re on any type of
antibiotic or anything like that that is
kill the gut flora so now when the gut
flora is gone your immune system is
toast so something so simple as this is
fermented food so like your sauerkraut
your kimchi you can boxA the kombucha
the curve oz which is fermented beet
juice so in 4 ounces of sauerkraut
there’s sixteen trillion probiotics for
your guts man and so once you start to
get that stuff she starts to function in
the body yeah it’s simple but nobody
tells you this because it’s like this if
you’ve seen on TV you don’t want to eat
it one of the things that I’ve noticed
is that people don’t want to make and
this is a generalization people don’t
want to make changes in their life until
they get ill and then they will then
they want a quick fix
they want something yes
but then sometimes it’s too late it’s
very difficult you know for because of
what I learned in that and so I help
people when they go to the doctor and I
help them go to find a doctor to get
legal a and how the problem is nobody
knows what to do with their cannabis
they’re just here you go here’s your
script they hand them the cannabis and
now at the door they go so now here’s
somebody that’s let’s let’s just pick
somebody that’s 65 years old and they’ve
never seen this before in their life so
and all they know is smoke it mm-hmm
that’s all they know
and you see when you smoke it just so
you know that smoking is absolutely
nothing to do with you getting high
whatsoever that’s just a byproduct of
the fire that happens so when you inhale
it’s just the heat that that passes
through the rest of the cannabis that
vaporizes the THC so this is why when
you when you vaporize it’s so effective
because you have the leftover product P
and 99% of the cannabinoids are still in
the product that’s pretty cool you get
to use it two times do you only vape now
or do you take the oil as well
I use it every which way I can okay have
you ever juiced cannabis yeah it’s my
smoothie no what does that taste like
it’s like you’re eating a leaf that
tastes like a salad yeah but you see
that in my smoothie also I throw in a
tablespoon in I think it weighs like
three or four grams of D carb cannabis I
throw my smoothie every day that would
knock most people’s socks off and I
drink that in the morning and that
doesn’t include now the coconut oil
extract that I’m going to ingest and
that during the course of the day and
vaporization but it’s like this I can
function I can walk I couldn’t watch I
couldn’t go anyplace and my goodness now
I’m out walking three four miles a day
it’s awesome yeah it must be a
remarkable feeling for you to know what
you were and know what you are today oh
it’s incredible you know it really
really is and especially that like the
my friends that have watched saw the
and what what happens when you go
through all this and and in cannabis it
helps to calcify the pineal gland and
then like it removes the veils from
everything you know you see through
everything now and everything is just so
crystal clear and for me what it is the
object of the game here is just eat it
this is all you need to do and if
everybody just starts to eat it you
nobody would ever be sick my friend
Steven there the guy for 27 years hasn’t
had a flu Urkel in 27 years with that
taiga that’s amazing yeah yes should
change that Michael Jackson song betta
to eat it just eat it yes I won’t sing
it and when yet when you when you talk
to somebody you know that has been a
chronic pain for you know 40 years and
and I’ve shown him how to make the
coconut extract you know and four days
later they phone you up and they say oh
my god this is the first time I slept in
20 years I know what it’s like because I
was there yeah yeah and you know there’s
been such a transformation in yourself
and what’s wonderful is that you’re
passing on your knowledge to other
people and helping them to transform
their lives it doesn’t cost anything to
share knowledge no did the two of you
know each other did you know jack corey
prior to his recovery
yes yeah I did didn’t I jack yes yeah
yeah yeah we Skyped do you notice a
change in him I didn’t know him that
well but yeah definitely um he’s been
born he blossomed exactly jack
appreciate this it’s very good of you to
tell your story and we hope it helps
others and it’s very informative thank
you very much you’re welcome thank you
jack before we sign off I’d just like to
say that this is the Christmas season
and I hope you think of Corey and myself
as cannabis health radio
if you like us to continue with these
podcasts please go to our website
cannabis health and make a
donation make a pledge as I’ve mentioned
before and Cory is mentioned before the
donation can be big or small a one-time
donation or a monthly donation $3.00 is
the monthly donation minimum the price
of a cup of coffee whatever you like all
donations are greatly appreciated and
help us in our mission to help others
wherever you are the world thank you
very much for your support and thank you
for listening to cannabis health radio
you’ve been listening to the cannabis
health radio podcast visit our web site
cannabis health radio column and follow
us on Facebook and Twitter

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