CANNABIS Oil For Autism?(Don’s Personal Review)

so you want to know about cannabis oil
and autism in this video I’m gonna be
reviewing some cannabis oil products of
CBD oils and seeing how effective they are
with autism coming up Hey I’m Dan I have
Asperger syndrome ADHD OCD and dyslexia
I make weekly videos on autism
Asperger’s and mental health so if
you’re new around here and you’d like to
learn more please subscribe button so
you want to know if cannabis oil and
autism has any benefits so I will get
right into that right now okay guys
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wireless headphones so in this video
what they’re all look at what is CBD oil
why would you take it and what does it
do we’re gonna look at the legal status
surrounding cannabis oils and look at
some of the potential side effects or
side effects from the oils themselves
so I’m gonna feature some products in
this video I was sent a bunch load of
CBD products from a company called
healed By Hemp and you get them out
there website
really nice company they’re really nice
people and they sent me a bunch of lot
of stuff that is CBD oil containing so
I’m gonna go through some of those
products show you guys all of the
products but I’m gonna start off with
the CBD oil which I’m used to taking now
this oil is a CBD oil which is a 3% CBD
oil and a 0.05 percent THC I’ll get into
a little bit about that in a minute and
this is from a company in Amsterdam and
these are the cannabis oil oven if you
guys can see them but this is let me
just hold this up here
I take on a day-to-day basis it’s it’s
very cool and it comes in this like this
there’s a little pot that you have a
pipette with and you literally take the
oil out and you can prepare it into your
as so and then you put it under your
tongue and it just dissolves under your tongue to your bloodstream so that is
how to take the oil and that’s what the
oil I’ve been taking now for about two
months or so okay so what is CBD oil and
what is cannabis oil so cannabis oil is
the oil extracted from the cannabis
plant or the hemp plant so THC which is
the the more illegal version of the oil
which is taken from the female buds of
the plant which is the cannabis plant
the marijuana plant which produces THC
is highly illegal because of its adverse
effects on psychological conditions when
people take it CBD on the other hand
comes from hemp and hemp is I believe
the male plant but please correct me if
I’m wrong here but the male plant
and this has non-psychotic effect but it
has really good health benefits
similar to that of THC but all of the
all of the oils do actually contain some
THC so CBD oil does contain THC but it’s
in such small quantities in volume that
it actually doesn’t come into the illegal
side of actually owning the oil so what
does CBD oil do so I take CBD oil every
day and you’re supposed to say you know
that there’s a guide lines of
how much you should take your day it
says up to 15 drops a day but I
actually take about five drops in the
morning and that’s it all day unless I
feel like I need any more and what it
does is it actually helps with a bunch
lot of things so if you’ve got like
aches and pains it generally just helps
relieve a bit of those aches and pains
if you like have maybe arthritis or
some other kind of muscular or tension
pain issues it can help relieve those
depending on the severity of the pain
obviously and depending on your body
type under pending on the strength of
the cannabis so like I said this one I
take is a 3% CBD oil but you can get
higher ones like a 5% CBD oil also I use
it mainly for anxiety
panic attacks I obviously on the autism
spectrum but I don’t like to take a lot
of the medicines that they prescribe
because I feel like they kind of push
your personality down they suppress that
and then you become a bit of a robot but
because I don’t like to take those
because I don’t like the feeling of them
I still get super anxious I have on I do
in time to take diazepam because
sometimes I get a panic attack and it’s
just so bad I just need something to
kind of calm me down but I’d rather
something a bit more natural now I hear
that CBD oil does this and so I’ve been
testing it out so I’ve been taking CBD
oil now for about two or three months or
maybe two months and testing out see if
it would actually help and it actually
helps reduce my anxiety a lot to help me
get through the day a bit more less
anxious and a little less worried and
it’s really really effective
I found a highly effective now you can
take it in all kinds of ways now this is
the stuff I’m going to show you so the
awesome company healed by hemp sent me a
bunch older stuff because like I said I
put this oil underneath my tongue every
single day but it tastes a bit weird and
it’s not everybody’s cup of tea now that
are the ways of ingesting cannabis oil
you can take the Elixirs oil which is
this type of stuff and you can actually
put this into food you can cook with it
you can again this like a pipette and
you get this oil and you can put it into
food or like you can just put it within
two drinks or whatever and this will
help you calm down I suppose you could
just ingest it directly into the time
again like this one
does as well but this is the the healed
by hemp CBD extract and this one is
really really nice
this one is an orange cream flavour
really really nice and they also sent me
another one which is a lemon cookie
flavor which is awesome try this one yet
but both of these can be used with your
food or in drink or just under your
tongue but you can also get a different
form of it called an isolate and the
isolate can go into a vape pen so you
can are a vape chamber so you can
actually like inhale it and smoke it if
you really want to because some people
like to take like that or you can put it
into a capsule you can make capsules out
of these performers like pills or
capsules which is cool
also they sent me this beard oil which
is a CBD beard oil which I haven’t tried
yet but I do have a beard it’s not a
little world’s longest beard or biggest
beard but I’m gonna try this oil because
it’s another way of a absorbing
CBD into your body and I know it just
supposed to have really good effects now
this is a CBD moisturizing lotion and
again this you can rub it on your hands
or whatever you you know you want to rub
a moisturizing lotion but this is a cool
way of getting CBD into your system
without actually having to ingest it
through your mouth or whatever which I
find very very interesting and
intriguing I haven’t tried this yet but
I’m really really excited too okay so
next up we have this a skin care cream
which is a made by heal by help again
this smells amazing it smells very like
like fresh and springtime kind of but
look it’s like a creamy oil you can just
rub into your skin which is very very
interesting because again if you’re not
really into taking it orally then you
could just take it like this and I’ll
just show you the other two products
I’ve got here one is a tattoo argument
which is amazing which is gonna be
awesome I get more and more tattoos
because tattoo ointment I find that it’s
hard to find one that isn’t genetically
modified or a bit more natural so CBD
tattoo ointment is amazing and the next
one here is a healing balm for deep
muscle issues so if you’ve got like a
deep muscle issues you can rub this into
it and hopefully it will help and I know
that CBD is very very good at healing
stuff I studied chemistry as a BSc and I
have a degree in chemistry and we looked
at CBD and THC’s medical properties
and this stuff is very very good for
healing things like that okay so let’s
talk about the legal status of CBD oil
now here in the UK the CBD oil is
completely legal you can walk into any
store that sells it and pick it up I
bought this off the counter it was like
9 quid and you walk in there and pick it
up this one is a few percent CBD oil I
know they do a 5% CBD oil and I’m pretty
sure there’s a 7% one as well so and
there’s no legal issues with that
this actually contains a 0.05 percent
THC which is the illegal ingredient but
it’s within the boundaries of a legal
amount of volume within the CBD oil and
I know that in America CBD oil is legal
to an extent I think in some states you
may have to get a license for it but as
long as it has a zero or less than zero
point nine percent THC in it you’ll be
okay to actually take that CBD oil and
a lot of people take the oils for cancer
treatment I’ve seen THC highly effective
in battling cancer I mean like
excessively effective in battling cancer
and I want to know that people take a
mixture of THC and CBD together to to
battle cancer but it’s really good for
your health as like a food extract so
that’s why people actually take it but
obviously there will be some side
effects from the THC side which we’ll get
into in a minute but the legal status
here in the UK is basically that THC is
the bad part of it and CBD is the good part so everyone’s allowed to take
to CBD but not THC and I don’t know if
THC will ever become legal I hope so
because of its medical properties but
obviously there’ll be some issues there
surrounding it you know if it does
become legal because people smoke
marijuana which isn’t like the best way
to ingest a healing property or chemical
but I know a lot of people do it to pain
relief and that’s kind of cool I guess
if that’s what you’re into so let’s talk
about side effects with THC the side
effects are quite interesting if you
start taking THC which is the illegal
counterpart you can get low blood
pressure you can become really docile
very sleepy
not you can lose focus you can lose inhibitions
you can at least like excessive
eating paranoia I’m not sure it’s if you
smoke it it’s not good for the brain or
the respiratory system and they can make
you a little psychotic and have some
lasting effects on your mental ability
to cognitively behave but with the
that’s just THC but with the CBD oil
there are no real side-effects that I
know of that by taking CBD oil it
doesn’t have any any bizarre side
effects I’ve never heard of anybody run
into the skin and have an any side
effect I’ve never heard of anybody
ingesting it orally and having any side
effects not made anybody ill and I think
the stuff is pretty interesting it
definitely helped me so I would say that
there are really no side effects to
taking CBD oil the only thing I will say
is study the company you want to buy it
from and make sure it’s legit and it’s
organic and it’s from the pure sorce
this one was made in the USA and this
one was made in
Amsterdam in Europe and this is a highly
reputable company these guys are new
startup and they’re really reputable
they’ve got some great reviews they’re
really nice people they really care so
again it’s doing your research on the
company you know if you find them that
they’re like a you know a home cottage
industries in somebody’s basement
they’ve had no sales and no kind of
reviews it’s a bit you know you go just
make sure that you’re taking the right
stuff because you never know what you’ll
buy especially on the internet I know
for a fact that the NHS cancer unit over
here tell cancer patients look yes you
can take THC oil if you believe it’ll
work for you that’s fine because they
have had some good results with it but
don’t buy on the internet because you
just can’t be writing vegetable oil or
something ridiculous and it’s a very
very expensive oil so the price of it
the CBD is quite reasonably priced
I think this bottle which is only about
I’m not actually sure that the actual
volume of this bottle but it only cost
me about nine pounds but it was on sale
so usually usually this cost about
twenty pounds but it was nine pounds on
sale and these products from healed by
hemp are very wide variety of prices I
highly recommend checking out this site I will leave a
link in the description below so you
guys can check them out out on the
screen here please share them some love
send them some social media love and
that tell them that Dan from the
Aspie World sent you so in conclusion I’d
love to know your take on CBD oils are
and if you think that they are effective
for people on the spectrum and if people
should be taking them or should we stay
away from cannabis oils altogether I’d
love to know your thoughts so please
leave it in the comments below if you’d
like to learn more about autism and
Asperger’s please make sure you hit the
subscribe button about here and if you’d
like to see my last video it’s gonna be
over here and here is a video like
YouTube think you will like and I’ll see
you next time guys peace

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