CBD Vape Oil Review (Disposable Cartridge)

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are getting funky
that’s right this week we’re reviewing
Dianna funky farms lemon cake CBD vape
cartridge these bad boys are 350
milligrams apiece and the suggested
retail on these are $29.99 authentic CBD
doesn’t currently sell these products
right now but based on this review maybe
we will stick around to the end to see
what we’re going to do with funky Farms
products so let’s kick off this party
with the details these bait cartridges
come in many different flavors as I
mentioned this one’s lemon cake but they
have chocolate mint otherwise known as
Thin Mint frosty watermelon gelato and
granddaddy purple or granddaddy perks as
I like to call it and unlike the other
CBD vape review I did of hemp loosens
vape drip this product is actually a
disposable cartridge so once you’re done
with it you actually just throw it away
there’s no refillable pods or anything
of that nature so you actually don’t
need a separate mod what you do need is
a 5-10 thread battery just like this one
here so let’s check out what’s on the
label so as you can see it’s a sativa
blend it’s a full spectrum distillate
and it has a full terpene profile which
will actually get into just after we
talk about the lab reports it’s a
wickless ceramic coil which let me tell
you that’s very important I can’t stand
the wicks and generally speaking if it’s
not a ceramic coil that means they have
some type of aluminum or some type of
metal in there that you definitely
should not be vaping into your lungs so
you want to be looking for a product for
a bait cartridge that has a ceramic coil
or something to that effect that doesn’t
use any dangerous metals and as any good
product should have it’s a USA grown
industrial hemp product the ingredients
are full spectrum hemp extract MCT oil
and natural terpenes and as it mentions
its lab tested and there is a QR code on
the bottom that you couldn’t see in the
pictures that do lead to the lab reports
that’s about it that’s on the box so
it’s actually quite simple but very
effective packaging so speaking of those
lab reports let’s bust them out so
here’s the complete certificate of
analysis or as we like to call CoA so
you can see it’s predominantly CBD there
is no Delta 9 THC so we’ll get into that
in a minute as to the whole debate
between full spectrum and broad spectrum
as you can see 356 milligrams of CBD or
cannabidiol 0.99 milligrams of CBD V 3
point 5 2 milligrams of CBC 3.14
milligrams of
bien and point 1 3 8 milligrams of CVG
everything else was not detected and a
good thing that funky farm stuff that
not a lot of other brands do is they
include a terpene profile with their
certificate of analyses so let’s check
out the terpene profile so as you can
see here the dominant terpene is
limonene there’s also some trans beta oh
sameen CIS beta o sameen Beta Pi 9 alpha
pi 9 17 gamma Terpening little ol camp
Amin and alpha Terpening but obviously
the dominating ones being limonene trans
beta osa mean sis beta osa mean butt and
Beta Pi mean all the other terpenes take
a little bit of a backseat compared to
those by the way if you’re interested in
learning more about terpenes you’re not
sure what they are and you’d like to see
what benefits that they can offer make
sure you subscribe because we will have
future educational videos we’ll discuss
what terpenes are and we’ll go over
individual terpenes and what their
benefits can be and as you may have
noticed there is no suggested use or
suggested dosage if you will for this
product that’s because it’s a vape
product and with vape products it’s
pretty much vape as you need some people
they kind of all day every day some
people only vape every couple of hours
as needed for say stress or anxiety or
something of that nature so it really
just depends on what you’re vaping for
and how much of this product you’ll need
at any given time in any given day which
actually plays a factor on how long each
cartridge might last for each individual
some people if they vape all day every
day this thing will only last about a
week if you fake sporadically you know
one or two times throughout the day this
thing could last you a couple weeks to a
month so it really just depends on how
much you vape during each use so when it
comes to the negatives as far as the
benefits are concerned for this product
there really aren’t that many the big
negative about this product and one of
the biggest beefs I have with this
product is the fact that they claim that
their full-spectrum okay so in future
videos we’re gonna talk about with
full-spectrum isolate and broad spectrum
are so again make sure you subscribe so
you can checked out those educational
videos but if you’re claiming full
spectrum you should have a majority of
the cannabinoids in your product
including the Delta 9 THC without that
you cannot have the entourage effect and
the entourage effect in my opinion is
what is critical for a product to be
called full spectrum now they do have a
good terpene profile they do have some
other cannabinoids except for the Delta
9 THC which you saw so in my opinion
this product is really a broad-spectrum
product not a full spectrum product even
though they market themselves
full-spectrum because they have a turkey
profile so you know there are a couple
of different camps out there on what’s
broad spectrum what’s full-spectrum so
if you don’t have any of the
cannabinoids that are found in the
cannabis plant especially the Delta 9
THC cannabinoid you cannot call yourself
full spectrum so it is a good
broad-spectrum product and has a good
terpene profile don’t get me wrong but I
consider this a broad-spectrum product
in my personal opinion so before we get
to the positives of this product and
what I like about it let’s give it a try
you take out the cartridge as you can
see it’s a little little disposable
cartridge you take off the plastic
pieces I like to keep mine on there even
though you know they’re kind of meant
for like shipping and everything I do
like to separate these when they’re not
in use as you can see now I do like to
put these silicone blockers on the
openings of this product as it’s being
stored I just think it’s safer there may
not be anything to that but so you take
the threaded end at the bottom not the
end that you pull foam but the threaded
end and you stick it into the threaded
end of the battery screw on it just
screw screw screw it’s like it’s tight a
couple clicks to turn it on but I like
the batteries that just warm up if you
hit two clicks and then puff away it’s a
really good vape product so here’s what
I like about it it’s 350 milligrams I
actually have CBD vape cartridges from
CBD distillery that actually give me the
same benefit as these they’re not quite
as flavorful in my opinion but there are
only 200 milligrams so this does have a
higher milligram content than the CBD
distillery cartridges that authentic CBD
sells right now so I do like that it’s a
higher milligram it’s helped me a lot
with my stress relief wait wait wait
wait stop we have to kick out this FDA
disclaimer these statements have not
been evaluated by the FDA and are not
intended to diagnose treat or cure any
disease always check with your physician
before starting a new dietary supplement
program and that includes CBD so anytime
I’m stressed out I take a couple puffs
of this I feel right as rain so it’s
really helped with that but personally
it’s helped with my anxiety which a lot
of baked products do
most of the vape products on the market
are CBD isolate or CBD broad-spectrum as
you can see this one is a blue sevate
drip is the only full speck official
full-spectrum bait that I know of on the
market but I wouldn’t recommend that for
somebody with anxiety as it does have a
little bit of that Delta 9 THC where is
this product and the CBD distillery
cartridges do not so cartridges like
this or bait boy alike this that are
isolated or broad-spectrum I think are
best for things like you know stress
spikes anxiety spikes again this is my
personal opinion these statements have
not been evaluated by the FDA as I
mentioned earlier you know it has helped
a lot with that it’s also a good
anti-inflammatory as it does have
limonene which is really good for anti
inflammatory limonene is also good for
pain relief as well so it does help a
little bit with that but it’s not quite
as strong a milligram as I would need
personally for my lower back pain my
neck pain and my knee pain so it helps a
little bit for that so I wouldn’t say
this is the product I would recommend
for your pain relief necessarily but
does help with the anti inflammatory
side of it so if you have some
inflammation this definitely does help
but more than anything for me it’s a
mood improver so all I do is take about
three to four puffs of this and I feel
in a much better mood I’m more relaxed
more calm don’t feel as anxious don’t
feel as stressed out and it really helps
with that and it does help with the
inflammation just a little bit so there
is that benefit as well but you know
personally I think that’s about it when
you’re looking at 350 milligrams you
look at only a few cannabinoids and
actually even though the terpene profile
is decently strong its dominant terpene
is limonene and that’s pretty much it
all the others were pretty much on
minority when it come when compared to
limonene so it does have its limits but
it definitely benefits some of my
conditions I have been using this
product for quite some time now about a
month I do use multiple different cv
products you know throughout the day
morning and night and such so I don’t I
don’t vape as often as I would need to
or someone else might so it has lasted
me a little bit longer so it lasts a
long time the benefits I get out of it
are really good and honestly it tastes
good too so if you really like lemon
cake this is definitely the product for
you the taste is not overpowering you
get that little bit of hint the lemon
cake so you get a little bit of a sweet
with that citrus flavor which of course
the top terpene is limonene so it does
have that citrus aroma and citrus flavor
which makes sense but you also get a
hint of that sweet flavor like you get a
lemon cake so I think it tastes
delicious it helps a lot with my anxiety
and stress levels so I think this is an
excellent CBD product if you’re looking
your mood or if you’re needing it for a
little bit of anti-inflammatory this
product likely will work pretty well for
you too so I bet you’re wondering what’s
authentic see we need going to do with
this product well I’ll tell you we’re
actually going to be carrying this
product here in the near future as soon
as we sell out of our CBD distillery
cartridges we will be replacing those
cartridges with funky farms and as soon
as we’re out of our CBD MD vape oils
we’re going to be replacing those Pape
with the same vape oils that are in
these cartridges from funky farms so
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ready or not here I come you can’t hide
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ready or not that’s what I hope you
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