Treat Autism By Using CBD

okay so this video we’re gonna be
reading your comments but you guys have
sent those on all my social media
platforms yeah let’s go okay guys
welcome back to the absolute world I’m
done I have Asperger syndrome in HD LCD
and dyslexia I guess you are returning
this video please know who I am but if
you don’t know who I am that’s who I am
and If You Would like to see more videos like
this and click that subscribe button and
yeah let’s get into this video right I’m
joined by shell David from Shelby who’s
tattoos obviously MTV to start just to
servers like for kind of like nine years
here on YouTube actually doing the
YouTube channel herself link is in
description below so check that right
we’re gonna we got we asked everybody we
put a picture and all setup picture here
on Instagram Twitter and Facebook and
said hey ask those questions and a bunch
of guys did so a compiled the list there
which I’ll put the question on the
screen who asked what so we’ll just go
through this list and we’ll see if we
can answer these questions accordingly
so I think I’ll go for the ones that
were on Facebook and Twitter first okay
right so first this we have here is from
someone saying do you have any tattoos
from Charl and if not what you get wanna
be careful how you answer their I don’t
have any tattoos from shower yet but it
has been a topical conversation today we
were talking about actually getting some
tattoos them so I do want to get it
sassy from Sheldon actually I Believe I
want to get Charles mum tattooed on my
chest so I’m gonna do it
so I’m gonna get Shelley to tell you a
picture myself on me because she’s a
premise you see so basically my man yeah
it stands top found she is I love it
awesome Shelley who watching this like
right moving on as a female on the
spectrum how many times will you miss
diners for the proper diagnosis okay so
um I was diagnosed with depression and
yeah I depression okay it comes hand in
with autism but obviously there was a
lot more to it than just depression and
I was never actually officially
diagnosed with borderline personality
disorder but there were talks of my
therapist about that but yeah obviously
isn’t what my diagnosis was legit okay
so the next one Jory you come out I’m a
female and have only just got diagnosed
at the age of thirty can’t seem to see
the positives of having autism I feel
like I say into everything wrong it’s as
a feeling I will overcome yeah
absolutely and I Believe it’s about being
empowered rather than being kind of like
overwhelmed so like Google kind of kids
like you know you say things wrong and
we all like mess up but it makes you
it’s empowering okay like yes I can’t
like go to like the middle of London on
an order of coffee or something because
that’s way too overwhelming for me but I
keep it empowering so what that makes me
cool I love to like do other things that
are cool so just don’t always don’t
compare yourself to what you think you
should be just empowered being bracelet
you are you don’t have to be like
anybody else you just do you know then
just try and embrace it as much as you
can because there’s nothing wrong with
being a little bit different
absolutely not what are the things you
are most tired of hearing as a female on
the spectrum so as a female I get really
sick of hearing you don’t look autistic
and especially because I work in TV as
well you know people just kind over the
fact that I’m on television and you know
you can’t be autistic if you’re on
television you can’t be you know career
buying Deardon likes business minded and
career driven and ignorance and things
like that yeah definitely right how do
you think how do you think of words to
say in your videos not messing up do you
know how many times we messed up today
it took us 20 minutes we’ve got probably
15 minute video so we mess up all the
time right of all the time I’ve got like
forgotten what we’re saying right now
because like it’s gonna take such a long
time like we were already talking about
when we did the last video was like yeah
can I to do again can you get it wrong
because even the pros
to edit a little bit okay as a child
when did you realize that you process
things differently how did you find out
that you were on spectrum and how how
did it make you feel okay so I realized
I process things differently when I you
know I saw how other kids would respond
and behave to certain situations
I don’t just didn’t really understand it
and I just couldn’t like relate to why
they were thinking what they were
thinking and why they were feeling the
way they feel I just didn’t make sense
to me at all so have you tried awaited
blankets do they work on – seeing adults
I actually did a video on weighted
buckets a weighted blanket company’s 78
bucket I’ll try to leave a link
somewhere above here in a calendar in
the description it’s a video and it was
incredible even know we benefit from it
we put on the bed and I was like no we
were on his way advantages like all
right it was incredible like weighted
blanket with CBD and melatonin that’s
nicely but two story I’ve got a blanket
it’s a trial right so two females with
Asperger’s autism save root sings
without meaning to yes they do a
confident well countless amount of times
I’ve offended someone without meaning to
or I just it’s about having no filter
and I mean you don’t mean it dude you
don’t mean offensively and it just it
just comes out that way I think it’s the
way people interpret it as well people
misinterpret a lot Google office
forgiving actually as well theythey kind
of like don’t think I’ll make it
something or they just think like those
persons an idiot who said something rude
okay okay what is the best way to try
not to mask as much at work I get told
by everyone that I seem to be managing
my autism well which is part is true but
the constant masking at work is
exhausting and I end up in the
so for me I do what I can to manage
autism and work by reducing noise levels
and like just wear my headphones and
obviously just be upfront and honest
with people like don’t be scared to do
that because if people know then people
are going to be a little bit more
patient with you and there just be a
little bit more understanding in general
and you’ll feel less overwhelmed
absolutely okay so we’re gonna hop over
to the gram and those those were taken
from Facebook and Twitter so we’re gonna
pop over to the ground now take some
questions all right okay how old are you
and you were diagnosed with autism how
do you
25: 25 I was 26 who are you yeah that’s
interesting okay here’s one here’s a
wave on food shop been thinking about
getting a tattoo I was wondering if I
should tell them about my artists I mean
I don’t think it’s something that you
have to disclose but if you think that
there might be a chance that you’re
gonna get overwhelmed during the
tattooing process and yes I probably
would tell your tireless because they
might do something that might you know
they’ll they could help the situation
they might just do what they can to make
you feel comfortable because you know
that is part of their job as well so
cool next one what bad comments people
say the most to you as a girl on the
spectrum what are some what are the
worst kinds you get I guess that’s what
that’s saying that’s a girl spectrum
well come of the worst things well I
suppose it’s like the same thing like
people say you’re an artistic oh you
can’t have them yeah people
automatically think that and weird guy
things are people automatically think
that being autistic means you have to be
invisibly disabled on the exterior okay
here’s one so weird assumptions people
have on autistic girls specifically in
it’s a NGO called fake twice long yes
weird assumptions that I’m not really
autistic and people just just if you
look okay on the outside if you can do
your makeup really nice and if you can
you know make yourself look visually
acceptable and aesthetically pleasing
then you can’t possibly be autistic Matt
doesn’t know annoying okay he’s long hit
off from our friend Anna actually did we
do with last week and yeah Anna and you
guys need to converse a bit cool if
she’s all the videos together yeah we
could do like a Complete Q&A on so kind of
something fun anyway right here we go
Anna asked what’s the hardest thing
about being a woman with autism in your
opinion so the hardest thing about being
a woman with autism is that people just
are so quick to doubt your diagnosis
because you don’t portray the sometimes
obvious male traits yeah people quick to
just dismiss a diagnosis people just
dismiss in it no good alright let’s go
back to the Twitter and Facebook bones I
find that I don’t know how to ask for
things I’m certainly not one to ask for
help do you find this hard as well and
do you have any advice okay so the
interesting thing that she’ll point of
this is that you’re actually asking for
our help with an asking this question
and how you’ve done that is by being
honest yeah so That’s the difference
when people want to ask a question
especially to people or Authority or
something kind of like professional they
work up in their heads and then it
becomes this thing that you can even do
you can’t pass that barrier to ask the
question what you’re thinking about
something honestly and ask the question
honestly it flows just like that one
there so just be honest what are your
views on the CBD products and cannabis
the people on the spectrum cool well as
you guys you guys regular here at the
afterworld I actually take CBD daily it
took a lot of it I’m a huge kind of
support in it and I have a discount code
in description below if you want to get
CBD goes– which is I take there’s a
code or a link into below where you can
get so many offer but I think it’s good
I think it’s great for anxiety I feel it
helps Lots of people
I do feel like it’s not for everybody
it’s definitely not for me I don’t know
why it’s just one of those things and in
the past you know I I was vaping CBD oil
but it just kind of made me really
really emotional I felt like my emotions
are really raw
and I’m surfing yeah I have no idea why
but it just it’s not for everyone I
guess right guys thank you so much for
joining us for this Q&A session with
shale Davis I think this is really
awesome I love doing these things if you
like this type of video please give this
video a thumbs up to indicate to me that
you’re seeing more of this type of thing
and that we awesome also you have any
more questions leave it in the comment
section below and main sure we’ll go
through them and answer them as well on
our accounts so you guys will have some
more feedback from us so until next time

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