10 Factors Your Coils Are Burning Quickly

As an alternative to smoking, vaping is considerably
cheaper, so it’s only natural to want to extend
that saving even further.
Other than your e-liquid, the main cost for papers is coils.
Here we’re going to look at a few ways you
can ensure that your coils can last as long as
Simply put, a coil is made up of a piece of absorbent material (usually cotton)
called the ‘wick’, which is surrounded by a round piece
of conductive wire.
Like an old-school incandescent bulb filament.
This wire heats up the liquid that has been soaked up in the cotton turning it into vapor.
So, first tip…
First and foremost, when fitting a new coil,
it’s important that you prime it.
This ensures that you’re minimizing the chances
of any dry spots in that wick the first time
that coil is fired up.
Priming a coil means adding a few drops of e-liquid on the exposed parts of the wick
and letting that soak in.
After priming and filling the tank, it’s highly
suggested that you leave a new coil for 5-10
minutes to let that liquid fully soak into
the wick.
It can be tempting to vape until you can’t
see any juice left and then re-fill your tank.
This runs the risk of your wick becoming dry and burning prematurely.
To avoid this, make sure you keep your tank
topped up.
Most pre-made coils will have a suggested
wattage range to be fired within.
This is usually printed on the side of the
As you can see, this 1.8 Ohm Nautilus Coil
has recommended wattage of between 10 & 14W.
Ensuring that your Mom is firing within this
range will help to ensure your coils don’t
burn out prematurely.
Going almost hand in hand with watching the
wattage range is giving your coil a chance
to ‘bed in’.
Some coils will fire optimally say between 45 and 55 watts,
and some even higher.
To ensure a coil with a range of 45-55W heats up correctly at first,
you could start a little lower.
Vape it at that setting for around 15-20 minutes
and then slowly increase that by 5 watts
over the course of a couple of hours.
When metal is heated, it expands and becomes
more fragile.
Passing air over that metal will ensure that
it is kept as cool as possible.
It can seem counterproductive as the coil
is needed to heat up to vaporize the e-liquid,
but that’s all it needs to do…heat the liquid.
It doesn’t need to get it too hot.
Maintaining a good level of airflow will ensure
that the coil doesn’t get too hot.
It’s with that in mind that you shouldn’t
press the fire button when you aren’t pulling
on the e-cig.
Also, continuing to pull slightly after you’ve
releasing the fire button can ensure that the
coil is effectively cooled.
With the airflow of the coil in mind,
it’s important to make sure that you aren’t firing
your cool when you aren’t eating.
Don’t hold down the fire button before or
after drawing on the tank
One very common time where people are firing needlessly,
is when they don’t lock their mod [battery] when they put it in their pocket,
or in a bag.
Make sure you know how to lock your mod and get it locked whenever you’re not eating.
One sign of firing your coil more than you need to
and a sign of pushing your coil too much is the feeling of your tank getting uncomfortably hot.
There are two main reasons for why this can be happening.
Firstly, you could be firing it needlessly
as we’ve just said.
Changing the way you fire your tank is an
easy thing to do and will only take a few
times have you consciously firing at the right
time and in the right order for it to become
second nature.
Alternatively, you could be firing too
often causing the coil to stay hotter for longer.
More often than not, the cause of this is
simply you are craving more nicotine than
you’re getting.
This tends to happen when you first step down
your nicotine and is rectified by just firstly either are
aware of it or, stepping your nicotine back
up, to a more acceptable level.
At least for the time being.
When you first start dating, it’s guess-work
as to what nicotine level to start at.
Generally, we suggest that if you were a 20-30 a day smoker,
you should start off at around
a 12mg Nicotine liquid.
If you started at 3mg instead, it’s more than
likely that you’ll vape much more frequently
leading to over-heating your coil due to firing
it up more regularly and stopping your coil from cooling.
It should also be noted that just as you reached
for a cigarette at times of stress, the same
emotions can make you vape harder and more
often leading to burning out your coil quicker.
It’s a simple fact that the sweeter
the liquid you’re saying is, the quicker your
coil will burn out.
There’s a guy here at Capable who’s a Gingerbread
It’s his go-go, all-day vape but he goes through
coils like they’re going out of fashion.
It’s the trade-off only you can decide. Is
the cost of more coils worth it for your favorite
Flavor of sweet-cake goodness?
Finally, if you’re doing everything we’ve
said and you’re still having problems there’s
one thing to bear in mind and it’s commonly
referred to as the ‘coil lottery’.
If you’re finding that without changing anything one
coil can last you up to two weeks and then
all of a sudden, your next coil is burnt out
within a couple of days, you may not be doing anything wrong.
You may just be losing at the lottery.
However, if you follow these tips, you’ve
got the best chance of your coils lasting
as long as possible.

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