Massage With CBD Oil To Relieve Tension

welcome friends thanks so much for
joining me today
I’m Jen human and today I’m going to be
showing you some CBD massage techniques
for relieving tension in the upper back
neck and shoulders, you know this is an
area of chronic pain and tension for a
lot of people out there and massage of
The course is helpful but incorporating that
CBD into the experience really helps to
eliminate that chronic and neck shoulder
and back pain so go ahead and like this
video give it the thumbs up leave your
comments below and don’t forget to
subscribe to the channel and we are
going to jump right in with some CBD
massage for the upper back neck and
shoulders so today we are going to be
working with my personal favorite
topical cream which is the conic prism
by a company called desert stone tools
it’s one of the highest quality
CBD creams I found out there and you
know I am a big proponent of the highest
quality possible–
so this is what I love to use and of
course there are so many uses for CBD
and the topical application as a massage
therapist comes in the most handy for me
so I’ll be just applying a hefty amount
so we don’t have to be shy when applying
CBD because there’s no risk of
overdosing you can use it generously and
I always start by just gently warming up
the tissues before I start to move into
any deeper work, so we’ll just take this
moment to apply the oil across the skin
using a gentle steady pressure just
starting to increase that circulation
working across the tops of the shoulders
down between the shoulder blades and
just circling back around to the edges
of the shoulders I’m gliding my hands
across the top of the
shoulders and all the way up to the neck
so you can follow that sequence a few
times just warming up
your partner’s body and just starting to
get yourself into a nice flow and I am
going to share with you some of the
amazing benefits of using CPD
particularly applying it topically it’s
not only soothing and relaxing for the
nervous system and it’s also calming and
soothing to the mind and the emotions
CBD also aids in cellular regeneration
so it actually works to repair damaged
tissue now we’re going to start to focus
on one shoulder at a time so you can
just choose which side you’re going to
start working and this is where I’ll
start to make some circles with my
thumb particularly following that line
across the top of the shoulder and often
this is where you’re going to start to
feel some little knots or some little
bumps along the way and where the
texture of the muscle tissue changes or
becomes more dense when you come across
those places feel free to make smaller
and smaller circles kind of honing in on
where you feel the most tightness and
while this is working into the deeper
layers of her muscle tissue by working
at this slow and focused pace I’m not
personally having to apply a great
amount of pressure, so it’s not
overworking myself she’s also not going
to be, you know the feeling pain because I’m
working crazy deep but this will allow
we to still access those deeper layers
of muscle
issue and again working with the CBD
penetrates deeply into the muscle tissue
so now the CVD is doing some of the work
for me it’s encouraging those muscle
tissues to relax, to unwind to release
and let go and there are other ways that
you can use CBD people will take it
internally people will smoke or vape
with CBD and one of the primary benefits
people talk about is its relaxing
effects its anti-stress and the anxiety
it helps to calm the mind calm the
emotions calm the nervous system and so
of course that works on our cellular
level as well when it comes to our
physical body so applying it topically
really has such a powerful effect on the
muscles now we’re going to begin to work
down this line between the spine and the
shoulder blades so this is oftentimes
where a lot of stagnation can accumulate
as people spend a lot of time working
over the desk or over the laptop or over
the cell phone this upper back gets
rounded and tightened and so we start to
find a lot of those kind of knots and
crunchy places down the back as well so
again I’m just using a steady firm
pressure with my thumb’s doing more of a
straight-gliding motion down the
erectors along the spine and then you
can begin to fan out from there working
a little bit more wide just tracing
these lines
all the way out till you reach the
border of the shoulder blade and this are
kind of like taking a scan
so as you trace these lines you’ll start
to notice and make note of where you
feel some of those tight places and
that’s when you can begin to dial it in
a bit more much like we did at the top
of the shoulder you start to make
smaller and smaller strokes honing in
and feeling where that muscle tissue
really becomes the lightest and the most
dense and I mean just zero in on that
place, giving it a nice steady firm
this gives the muscles a chance to
unwind to feel safe enough to really
relax and let go and again having that
CVD to help coax the muscles into
relaxing it makes my job so much easier
so once you get some good work across
the top of the shoulder and in that
space between the shoulder blade and the
spines I like to come and use a firm fist
using the tops of my knuckles here and
trace from the edge of the shoulder
blade down to the shoulder, so this is
providing a nice broad pressure so
nothing is too deep or too specific here
but you can lean in and really give it a
firm pressure because you’re not poking
into any one particular place, so this is
a really nice stretch across the fashion
here and nice to get some compression
down into the edge of the shoulder now
we’re going to trace the line at the top of
the shoulder all the way up to the
border of the neck just gliding my
fingertips all the way along the side of
her neck up to the base of the skull now
you can follow this line a few times so
instead of using just my thumb I’m
really focusing on the finger pads of my
other four fingers and I can gently lean
my body weight back, which is what allows
I to apply the pressure, so I’m not
having to use too much of my arm
strength not just making a firm tool
with my hands and then leaning my body
weight back to apply that pressure and
of course just the same as in the tops
of the shoulders and down the upper back
you might notice little places there
along the edge of the neck that are
tight so I’ll come in with just little
Itchy finger pads without pinching in a
painful way but rather picking up the
muscle tissue along the neck so this may
take a little practice and take a little
finesse to
really start to feel this so go slow and
be gentle as you learn and as you
practice but this feels very nice again
stretching into the fashion
and just giving some good compression
into those tight muscles going up the
neck into the base of the skull I
usually like to finish with some broad
strokes just using my whole palm kind of
covering the whole area and if you
notice here you can start to see a
little more pink in the skin a little
more circulation and blood flow so that
is what we’re really looking for here so
now we can move to the other side and
just know that people can often carry
tension in imbalanced ways so you might
find something new or different on the
second side so it’s like a whole new
exploration so moving on to the second
side, we will start by working that line
across the top of the shoulder, so I’ll
often start with you know that broad
palm and then start to work into the
thumbs making circles across the top of
the shoulder from the base of the neck
all the way out to the edge of the
shoulder joint and you can trace those
circles a few times tuning in to where
you feel the most tightness and tension
and then you can begin to really hone it
in and if you are working on someone who
spends a lot of time at a desk or is
complaining of chronic neck or shoulder
tension you may find you know a few
places here that are tight and locked up
so you might have to spend a little
extra time working on two or three
different places to really loosen it up
just leaning in there and after working
the top of the shoulder, we’ll start to
work down between the shoulder blade so
again using the thumbs just tracing
these long lines along the spine all the
way out to the edge of the shoulder
so I’d love to hear from you guys below
if you know of any great uses of CVD if
you tried CBD what has been your
experience this is something that is
really exciting that is just out on the
market now more and more people are
learning about the benefits of CBD and
are opening themselves up to try it and
it’s so exciting to now be able to have
access to medicinal plants that are safe
easy to use and have little to no
negative side-effects, that is really the
The most exciting part about CBD and there
are so many ways that it can be used as
I was mentioning, you can apply it
topically, which is one of the fastest
and most direct ways to alleviate pain
and to relax tight areas of the body and
of course you can use it internally you
can eat it, I’ve seen all kinds of
edibles yummiest chocolates a variety of
different edible varieties of the CBD and
you can also smoke it if that is
something that you enjoy that is a great
way to get the effects on a more mental
level relaxing the mind relaxing the
emotions calming your state of mind and
so you can see here the kind of dialed in to
an area that is particularly tight so
the technique is basically the same
as you work in two different areas of
the body start by making those broad
general strokes to warm up the muscle
tissue and then you start to make more
and more specific contact until you
start to really dial it in to the areas
are the most tight and that is one of my
favorite techniques for deep tissue
release and relaxing tight and sore and
painful muscles so coming along to the
side, again using that broad knuckle will
lean in just tracing my way across the
top of the shoulder blade, so now we’ve
really covered that whole upper part of
the back and shoulder and you can trace
this as many times as it feels good you
know four five six times whatever you
think is right, that could also be based
on how much time you have to work on
this person just making your way all the
way out to the shoulder feels very nice
then we’ll trace the line across the top
of the shoulder and all the way up to
the neck so again, using the finger pads
to kind of hook in and lean back with
the body weight to apply the pressure
and just allow yourself to feel what you
feel follow the natural flow of the body
follow the natural curves and then just
using the finger pads we’ll just gently
grip the muscles along the back inside
of the neck gently meeting these muscles
and again this may take a little
practice so be patient with yourself go
gentle with your partner and if you feel
unsure just skip it if you don’t feel
comfortable if you don’t feel confident
in any particular move leave it behind
don’t worry about it just do what feels
good to you, what you feel comfortable
and confident doing
and come along the top into the neck and
to finish, I like to come and bring my
finger pads just below the base of the
skull and just make some gentle circles
here working into that occipital Ridge
this is an area where people will you
No kind of originated some headaches
different kinds of tension TMJ can also
be associated with tight muscles at the
occipital Ridge so we just work into the
base of the skull there and can take it
all the way into some scalp massage
which is of course very relaxing and
soothing and a nice way to finish up
your work so thank you guys so much for
joining me I hope that you have enjoyed
learning these techniques and that
you’re taking away some new helpful
information about CVD if you are
interested in learning more or using the
kana chrism CBD that I prefer you can
visit desert stone tools calm you can
always visit my website gentlemen calm
and please join my subscription
community at gentlemen’s community VHX
TV I hope you have an awesome day thanks
for joining me and we’ll see you next
time and I must stay

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