Organic hemp growing for CBD on Franny’s farm

always what I come back to is the heart
of everything and everything is
connected and when we started our firm
six years ago we honestly didn’t know we
were growing him it wasn’t even on the
radar but everything we do that starts
in the heart and soul on our farm goes
all the way through our products at
Brandis pharmacy and those are reaching
people all over the United States the
stories we hear the impact that one
little bitty sustainable farm in Western
North Carolina in the mountains the love
that it starts with in that plant and in
that seed and in the head hauler gets to
make such an impact on people’s lives
and our communities I honestly feel like
we are doing something larger than life
so so what we determine at the end of
this entire research experiment with
soil balance is we’re definitely using
that again we will absolutely use that
and not only that I’m recommending and
requiring that for any farmers that are
growing for our Franny’s brand our brand
is brand is the highest standards that
we can to produce him that goes through
processing and into our products soil
balance is one of the required standard
operating procedures that they have to
use when they’re growing that’s how I
convinced I am from the research I took
and then experimented using on my own
farm so on Franny’s farm we have two
different varieties of hemp that we
planted both for CBD production there
were both quarter acre plots we had
these plots divided into sections that
we were going to do our trials on so
with soil balance we have our our
baseline we’re not putting any soil
balance in this section the next section
was the one that was recommended as per
their directions when you transplant
used the soil balance and then three
weeks later another three weeks well
this is what was the miracle
so we transplanted our plants we use our
soil balance according to the directions
we mix it in five gallon buckets using
biodynamic principles with a blessing
fifty turns one way 50 turns the other
way music intentions everybody that
touches her plants does this so after
three weeks we are we assess what our
baseline looks like in comparison to the
one that we had only used one
and the one we had used seven
applications that baseline was so the
root development was not near as I mean
in in the comparison it was not even
near in comparison for the root
development as the other two test trials
so in the one that was we saw the most
success with was the one that we used
every day for seven days and then we
those two weeks and looked at it this
intense white root hair and growth as in
a ball
our trichome production has been
absolutely amazing we have beautiful
cross the resinous trichomes sprouting
out all over the plants that baseline
after three weeks we started using soil
balance there is no way that we could
not have done that and this is at a time
in North Carolina when you’re a dart
farmer you have got all sorts of
elements you’ve got hurricanes you’ve
got droughts we had torrential rains we
had flooding we had wash outs and I am
absolutely convinced that what we did
establishing that good root growth made
all the difference because in our
original trial of the baseline we we
would had to replant and it’s very
common that you might have up to 30%
loss when you plant something especially
with the weather we had but it was more
prominent in the baseline and we just
said this is a said ‘yes it was the
easiest decision so we did not complete
our original goal that we had set out to
do which was to leave a baseline we
ended up implementing soil balance and
we were super impressed and pleased we
did that the week application every week
to catch up and all of it though ended
doing really well at the end part of
what I love about soil balance we grew
in the soil
I am a Dirt Farmer I love working with
mother nature all the inconsistencies I
like to be flexible and just dig in the
dirt love my farm but I have partners
that are very skilled in greenhouse
production and we did a whole
demonstration garden where we were
gardening individual plants in air pots
and soil pots and so a product like soil
balance translates to all these
different growing techniques which
that’s not true for all products and
it’s because it’s humans are used to
like probiotics and all the benefits you
can associate the same benefits for a
plant it’s a living organism and giving
it that food which generates all this
microbial group development that is like
for humans you know our gut that is what
determines the health of the plant and
it can be used across and we did use it
in all those trials too and our indoor
grows in our plant and in the dirt I
think along with great nutrients one of
the more most important things is that
there needs to be consciousness behind
that and what is happening when you’re
growing you know there needs to be very
positive intentions play music for her
plants say a blessing every time you go
and work with that beautiful plant

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