CBD Oil Massage for Head, Low Back and Hips | 15 Relaxing minutes with Jen Hilman

greetings friends I’m Jen hilman thanks
so much for joining me today as I guide
you through some simple massage
techniques for relieving pressure and
tension in the low back and hips so if
you are working with someone who’s
dealing with chronic sciatic problems or
just chronic low back pain these are
going to be some excellent massage
techniques to help alleviate that
tension right away so go ahead and like
this video leave your comments below and
don’t forget to subscribe to the new
channel so to begin I like to start with
just some gentle compression and
stretching along the spine just start to
open things up and loosen up any tension
that’s on the surface of things so
standing at the head of your partner can
start by placing your hands just right
across the tops of the shoulders leaning
in your body weight and giving a gentle
pressure here then making my way down
the back I’ll take one step down I’m
kind of coming to that space right
behind the heart waning in making my way
further down we start to come into the
low back so you may start to notice if
there’s any areas of tension that you
can feel from here then placing my hands
all the way at the base of the spine
kind of coming into that space right
above the sacrum I’m using the heels of
my hands and just leaning my way in kind
of pressing in a direction towards her
heels so getting a sense of lengthening
through the low back in the whole spine
you can take this into a subtle full
spinal stretch by placing one hand flat
against the sacrum still giving it that
downward pressure then bringing the
other hand to hook in just below the
occipital Ridge so I’ve got my thumb on
one side my index finger on the other
side giving a nice gentle hold I start
to pull the skull away from the sacrum
as I press the sacrum down so just
gently lengthening the whole spine so
this can be very subtle but your partner
will feel it and it’s nice and deep it
feels very very relaxing and good then
after giving them that nice full length
spine stretch you’re gonna come all the
way up and this is where we can start to
apply some oil to the skin to lubricate
and start to move into some of those
deeper techniques so I like to use a CBD
topical cream it is excellent for
relieving pain it not only works to
relieve pain in the moment but when you
continuously apply CBD it works to
actually heal and repair our muscle
tissue so it’s very healing and
therapeutic in the long term as well as
alleviating your pain in the immediate
so I highly recommend CBD to be applied
topically to the body I prefer to use
the Cana chrism by desert stone tools
some of the highest quality that I have
found and it makes a tremendous
difference when you know working with
that CBD it’s not all created equal and
if you guys follow me you know I won’t
settle for anything less than the best
so warming the CBD oil in my hands I’m
gonna glide this oil across her skin and
down into the low back since this is our
area of focus I’m going to make sure
that I adequately spread the CBD all
over the area and the low back and
across the tops of the hips here you can
use CBD very liberally and especially
this Kona chrism it blends very well
into the skin it’s very hydrating and
nourishing for the skin so you don’t
do you think twice about you know
applying a little more it’s really
really so good for the skin so feel free
to use an ample amount so after I’ve
warmed up the back and applied that CVD
all over I’m gonna come along to one
side whichever side I’m gonna work and
this is where we will begin now I like
to start with just a little work with my
forearms here you can apply a little bit
of the oil onto your forearms as well
just to make sure that your skin is also
lubricated and then I’ll come in
applying my forearm right into the QL
the quadratus lumborum and that is right
in the area between the bottom of the
rib cage and the top of the hip bone so
once you lean in here you can really
slowly glide your forearm across that
tight muscle be mindful of where the
point of your elbow is going because
that’s gonna be very sharp and very
acute the pressure that you can apply
with that pointy part of your elbow so I
really try to focus more on working with
the flat part of my forearm it’s a
little bit more gentle tool than the
actual point of the elbow so again you
can come in leaning forward applying
that flat part of your forearm and just
bear in mind that if you do come across
any places that feel very tight where
you want to apply more and specific
pressure you can start to bend into the
elbow gently
and that will start to give you a little
bit deeper and more specific pressure so
you have some options there then after
using my forearm to massage that QL I
like to use my hands to just do some
gentle meeting here in the massage world
we call this petrissage so that is that
sense of kneading and this is where
you’ll really start to palpate and feel
where the muscles are tight and if
you’ve been watching any of my other
videos then you know this is how I like
to start to get a sense of where the
particular knots or trouble spots might
be and then I’ll come in with more
specific pressure targeting those areas
that are very tight so you can use the
thumbs here or sometimes the low back
can be really really tight your thumbs
are not quite strong enough to fully
penetrate those superficial muscles
that’s when you might come in and start
to use the elbow a little bit more right
but just be mindful when you are using
that elbow you don’t want to use a crazy
amount of pressure you can always start
light and work deeper and deeper taking
your time to get there then after I’ve
done some good work into the low back I
also want to give some attention to this
area across the top of the hips I like
to use the flat parts of my knuckles
here to start to make some circles
around the outer hip so I’m coming along
just like the edge of the sacrum and
basically tracing the line across the
top of the hip and this is again an area
that you might start to feel some knots
or some tight places and you can take
your time there if you do come across
any particular areas that you want to
work I still like to use that flat parts
of the knuckles I feel like you can get
a strong firm pressure there without
getting too
cific because the glutes and the tops of
the hips is another area that can be
very very sensitive and very tender so
you want to start slow and work your way
in that is always my advice you know
it’s like when you’re seasoning your
food you can always add a little more
but you can’t take any away it’s the
same idea you know you can always work a
little bit deeper but you don’t want to
just go in abruptly when your partner’s
not ready to receive that so after I’ve
worked one side of the low back I like
to do a little stretch so I’m just
bringing the heel of my hand across the
top of the hip and to the top of the
shoulder just giving that nice long
lengthening stretch and then we can
prepare to move to the second side so
starting with our forearm work we’re
coming in using primarily the flat part
of your forearm leaning in your body
weight being gentle with your elbow it’s
also helpful if your hand
can be in a relaxed state because it
softens the muscles around your forearm
you can try this pass a couple of
different times I like to work in groups
of three but you certainly don’t have to
you can trust your intuition trust your
instinct or how many times you want to
work this stretch and after you’ve done
that work with your forearm you can
start to knead into the muscle and this
is where I really use my hands to help
me determine where is it the most tight
what needs the most attention
where are the tight spots hiding and so
for Veronica here I’m noticing a lot
kind of along the side of that back
muscle so I’m coming in with my thumbs
to gently apply that pressure into the
low back
if you notice any places that are
especially tight or if your partner’s
body is just really tight you can come
in with the forearm and start to use the
elbow to work into those more specific
points but only if you feel like that’s
needed or if it’s going to be beneficial
and I like to work along the top of the
hip using the flat part of my knuckles
tracing that line from the edge of the
sacrum down to the outer hip and this is
another area just to remind you to be
very mindful about the amount of
pressure that you’re using and this is a
very large muscle group that we’re
starting to tap into so you may notice
knots or tight spots in any number of
places so it’s a really important to
take your time slow down feel what you
feel and if you come across any places
that are particularly Holden you can use
a little more pressure there giving it a
little more attention getting that more
specific pressure and again I like to
still use the flat parts of my knuckles
I feel like it gives me enough pressure
without being too invasive
so you can take as much time as you need
to work those tight spots into the top
of the hip and to the low back and once
you feel complete we can take that long
side stretch bringing heel of the hand
to the top of the hip and a hand to the
top of the shoulder and just stretching
it out from there and you can come all
the way back to the top of their head
and I like to finish with a long stroke
all the way from the top of the
shoulders all the way down so that even
though we’ve spent a majority of our
time focusing on the low back and the
top of the hips there’s still a sense of
completion of fullness working the whole
back so here I’m just alternating the
heels of my hands across the top of the
sacrum there are a lot of muscular
attachments that come in and attach
right here on the sacrum so this is an
area that feels really good to massage
some of those tendons and ligaments that
are attaching they’re moving to my
knuckles one more time I’m just going to
make about three or four good circles
around the top of the hips not using too
much pressure here my main focus is just
relaxation and then you can glide your
hands all the way back up to the
shoulders and if you want to you can
even take this stroke all the way up and
neck into the base of the skull now
before I end a massage I always like to
take a moment of stillness either
placing your hands on your partner’s
head or maybe a hand at the low back
where you just worked and give yourself
a moment to ground and to feel a sense
of gratitude and appreciation for this
and for the chance to share this work
and I thank you for allowing me to be
your guide don’t forget to favorite this
video and trade with your partner so
that you can receive this wonderful
massage experience as well special
thanks to my friend Veronica for being
my gracious massage model today you can
learn more about Veronica at her
Instagram account is Veronica
rock star do it you can also visit her
website vitamin dance calm thanks so
much for joining me today I hope you
have a wonderful afternoon and I’ll see
you next time namaste

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