The Best CBD Oil Foot Massage for Self-Care | Softly Spoken with Jen Hilman

welcome everyone thanks for joining me
I’m Jen hilman and in this video I’m
going to be showing you some simple
techniques to give yourself a great
relaxing foot massage featuring some
high quality CBD oil so if you have been
hip to what’s trending CBD is all over
social media these days it is all the
rage in terms of pain management stress
relief anxiety support you know it’s
just good for so many many things one of
my favorite ways to use CBD is to apply
it topically and as a massage therapist
this is great for me to use on my
clients and on myself so you don’t
always have somebody available to do the
foot rubbin for you but you can still
give yourself a very relaxing foot
massage and that is what this video is
all about so I’m starting with a
generous scoop of the Cana chrism from
desert stone tools as my personal
favorite topical CBD so just getting a
nice generous scoop I’ll rub my hands
together and begin to massage it onto my
feet all across the tops and the bottoms
so it’s great to just start with some
gentle massage techniques just kind of
gliding your hands across the tops and
bottoms of your feet and this starts to
bring a little more blood into the area
you’ll start to feel your hands and your
feet warming up and then we can start to
work into areas of a little more tension
which tend to be along the inner arch so
I like to use my thumb to make some nice
circles starting from the base of the
heel and working my way up to that space
just below the ball of the foot and then
I’ll trace those circles coming back
down and then I’ll make a small fist and
using my knuckles I’ll just gently begin
to glide up and down that outer edge of
the foot so just gently kneading gliding
the hand up and down so you know people
are sad and maybe you agree like it
never feels as good when you do it to
yourself as when somebody else does it
for you and while I would agree that
that’s could be true there is something
nice about massaging yourself and that
is that you know exactly where the
tension is you know exactly how much
pressure is enough and you know just
what it takes to soothe those barking
dogs okay then we can start to massage
across the ball of the foot and I’ll
just bring my thumbs
side to side and make some small circles
across those toe joints they’re going
from the big toe to the small toe and
back again
you can repeat that as many times as it
feels good
then you can take those thumbs and just
alternate going from the heel up to the
ball of the foot just taking your time
going back and forth then it’ll come
back to my knuckles and circulate around
the heel no the heel does a ton of work
always bearing the brunt of our weight
so it feels good to massage that heel so
you can go in one direction and in the
other making circles around your heel
and then I’ll come down to the ankle and
squeeze so it just feels really nice to
work out that heel we could just give it
a little more love here and then I also
like to work across the top of the foot
which I feel is kind of neglected and
massage often times I’m just using my
thumb’s here to trace a line from the
top of my foot down to the toes and
you’ll feel different levels of
sensitivity based on you know where you
might have some trigger points or just
tense places in the feet but this just
feels really good here just gliding your
fingers across the tops of the feet
there then you can also use the palm of
your hand to massage around the top of
the ankle there so this is an area that
can get real tight if we’re you know
sitting a lot or just not on our feet
very much things start to become tight
and kind of immobilized so it’s good to
massage across the top of the ankle then
you can also kind of roll your foot
around the challenge here is to not like
do it with your ankle but to let your
foot relax and let your hand do the
circling so a little bit of a like a
brainteaser almost but it’s good to
loosen things up in the foot there and
I’ll also just like to give my foot a
good squeeze and from this angle with my
leg crossed over as I reach around
hooking my fingers underneath the sole
of my foot can kind of pull back flexing
the foot
and I’m using some pressure through my
fingertips as I pull back so I’m getting
some nice pressure into the sole of the
foot here yeah just kneading feels good
to loosen up that foot then I’ll prepare
to move on to my second side now that
that right foot is just feeling kind of
mushy like jello we’ll spread the love
to the left side so again I’m just gonna
get a nice good generous scoop of this
CBD here and rubbing my hands together
Oh cross that foot over my ankle look
good there and we’ll start to
spread that CBD oil all over and again
just using some broad flat palm strokes
feeling that warmth like by now your
hands are already pretty warm from the
first side so it should feel pretty good
to that second foot as it starts to warm
up yeah
so then again we can start with the
thumbs tracing lines from the heel of
the foot up to the ball of the foot
using as much or as little pressure as
feels good to you
I can make circles I think that’s what
we did on the first side doing circles
but you know any any of these strokes
will feel amazing so it’s just really
about finding that right pressure and
finding those right places to work into
the bottom of the foot then I’ll take my
soft knuckles and start to massage along
the outer edge of the foot you can see
that you know there’s some mobility
there in that outer arch but it’s an
area that can get very tight so feels
good to give it some massage love and
they’re using the knuckles okay then we
can come across whoo yeah making big
circles on the soul the whole sole of
the foot feels awesome
then I’ll come in with my thumbs to
massage little circles around the ball
of the foot so this is like that real
meaty soft part of your foot right
underneath main joints of the toes just
doing little circles from one side to
the other and even though I have to do
the work of massaging my foot myself the
CBD really helps it so relaxing that my
foot feels totally melty and even my
hands are getting a benefit from the CBD
as well then we can come down to the
heel and again I’m using those knuckles
to massage circles around the heel and
one direction and then you can switch
and go the other way and you’ll notice
you’ll see what feels the best to you
and then you can come down to the ankle
and start to squeeze along this heel
here loosen up any of that connective
tissue and it feels good to work along
the ankle as well okay then after we’ve
done a good work on the sole of the foot
we can start to move up to the top of
the foot so here I’m just using my
thumbs to trace those lines across the
toes using as much or as little pressure
as feels right and we can use the palm
of the hand just start to massage around
the ankles so using one hand to just
kind of support my foot and then using
the other hand to do the work so I’m
just kind of warming into the ankle
there then you can give yourself that
challenge of relaxing the foot in the
using your hand to circulate the foot
one way and then the other way and see
if one side is more challenging than the
other sometimes it’s hard to get the
nervous system to cooperate
okay then I’ll reach with both hands and
just start to do some squeezing and some
meeting of the foot then hooking my
fingers underneath the sole of the foot
I can kind of pull back giving it a good
pressure along the bottom of the foot
yeah so these are just some different
techniques that you can use massaging
your own feet and you can mix it up you
know but foot massage is kind of
demanding it it’s a lot of hard work on
the hands so you can practice these
different techniques you know using the
heat palm of your hand using your
knuckles using your thumbs and if you
just change it up and keep switching
between your different tools you can
really get in there and give yourself a
great foot massage and you know even if
it seems like it’s not as good to do it
yourself as when someone else does it
for you we don’t always have the time or
the resources to go get a massage but
you know what you still deserve it
you’re worth it so go ahead and like
this video give it a thumbs up and add
it to your favorites so you can come
back and follow along the next time that
you’re ready to give yourself some foot
love leave your comments below let me
know if you like the sole of the foot or
the top of the foot have a great day and
we’ll see you next time

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