BFC Lecture: Anxiety: Remedies For Relaxation 02 07 19

All right I am Dr. Tera Pfarr I am a
chiropractor at Brown Family
Chiropractic and we are excited to start
our lecture series off this year dr.
Rudy Byron of Byron Health and Healing
is joining me tonight for anxiety
remedies for relaxation so this is our
first lecture in this location in our
own clinic so we’re just really excited
that I don’t that drive somewhere in the
sucky cold weather to another location
release series so it’s kind of fun just
to hop on back here and have it all in
one place so that’s super awesome little
things I want to touch on before we
start this is a free lecture for anybody
who wants to come you free community
lectures this is funded and hosted by a
non-profit I started called healthy
spines initiative of Wisconsin where
we’re doing community health outreaches
and providing chiropractic screen and
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information about my nonprofit you can
also visit my website a 10 do shallow
breathe get stressed and you could see
the shoulders rise in and so throughout
the day and as I’m working in my
stressful busy day I’ve had today and or
if a patient comes in frazzled they’re
late you know I’ve just got stuck at a
train take a breath
breathe in through your nose out through
your mouth
fill those lungs because it’s amazing
with just oxygenating your body can do
for your mind body and spirit so as we
know our breath is very much tied to how
we feel and so if we feel stressed we
will notice that our breath becomes very
shallow we notice and if we notice we
are feeling nice and relaxed we breathe
like a sleeping baby
that kind of billowy puffy breath
through our abdomen right you’ve seen
those babies sleep and their abdomens
rise and fall so again just take a
moment center yourself and get a sense
of if you are in this relaxed state or
not and if you are not relaxed a little
bit more take some big deep breaths
because as you try to understand this
information we’re about to discuss
tonight into your knowledge base the
more relaxed you are and the more you
incorporate deep breathing the more it
will integrate into your memory so as we
before we talk about stress and anxiety
the goal is to be relaxed and understand
a better way to deal with it
because we know that stress if unchecked
for long periods of time can cause
significant contributions to your
symptoms in your conditions now there’s
a whole host of issues and us as primary
care physicians see it every day so many
of them can be reduced or possibly
reversed if we can get proper management
of that stress factor so what is stress
we throw around that word all the time
of what does it really mean with dr.
hans selye a that defined it as the
nonspecific response of the body to any
demand for change now the first thing to
understand that it says it is a non
specific response which means that is
not the same thing that happens every
single time you get stressed for all
kinds of stress and that action can
happen whenever your body perceives a
demand for change so you might be
thinking hmmm this is still hard for me
to grasp
my goal is to make sure that this is not
a stressful lecture for you guys so
let’s look at this definition in another
way when your body has to respond to a
demand for change meaning whenever you
feel that there’s a need for change your
body has to go through some sort of
stress effect and you might be feeling a
little overwhelmed right now because as
we look at this definition you might
think my goodness isn’t life all about
change so is it that I’m doomed to be
stressed all the time because I’m always
going to be demanded for change of
something whether it is for my boss my
job my spouse my children my finances
they always require change constantly
through life but please have hope there
are solutions that we’re going to talk
about today so the first thing I want to
explore with you is for you to
understand that it’s not just one type
of stress that stress as we use it can
mean dis dis stress and distress is
something negative right so if you have
a negative feeling about a situation or
let’s say you didn’t get that job or
that you feel physically bad these are
all types of dis stress in the body but
equally stressful even though we don’t
talk about it that way is the demand for
change for something good in your life
so think about getting that job think
about the stress and anxiety of that
trends transition and making sure you’re
performing on that new position and even
though you’re excited to get that
promotion there’s still some demand for
change that your body has to meet to get
to that next level of that change so
remember those two categories so
whenever you’re in a situation you
always have to wonder how is that person
perceiving that stressful situation so
I’m cluing you in on this big factor
that you have and the power that you
have behind this perception of stress
now we look at that definition and you
see it’s really about that demand for
change right on the body or our
expectation because most of the time
when we are stressing
it is some sort of expectation or
worried that we are boiling around in
our brains and our minds or in our
hearts that caused the physical symptoms
right I’ve been through Medical School
I’ve had the stress of getting through
board exams and examinations my gut
feels it my body feels it my immune
system feels it right how many of you
have gone through a stressful period of
time just to finish so you could go on
vacation and then you get sick right so
that shows that there’s the stress
connection mind-body connection with our
perception of stress and how we handle
in their body so you see you have the
ability to really control your world
based on how you see that world if you
as you know it see the world as
metaphorically the half glass half glass
empty then that demand for change will
increase quite a bit if you’re always
just melancholia
today is gonna be awful you know that
demand for stress on the body is going
to be exponential but for those people
who have acceptance and compassion they
will find that they don’t need that
demand for change that they will live
and they will give but they don’t always
expect something so you you will find
that that the number of expectations you
have likely relate to the amount of
stress you have in your life so this
does not mean to lower your expectations
or your standards that’s not what I mean
at all but I want you to continue to go
for your best in life but you have to
have the expectation that it’s always
going to work out for me
we know that it doesn’t always do that
right so having that acceptance that
okay this is a situation I’m in this is
all I can do about it how can we move on
and move forward from this situation and
that can help reduce the stress impact
on the physical body so we’ve found that
the way you see the world is really how
you’re going to feel have you ever been
around those people that just everything
is awful and then you can just feel that
energy that they have they see the world
it’s against them right and we don’t
want to feel that way so that’s what
we’re gonna discuss today and the way
you see that world and how you feel will
return well determine the body’s demand
for those changes so incorporating
things like tolerance acceptance and
compassion all these things reduce your
expectations and help reduce the
suffering related to those expectations
that didn’t pan out the way you’ve
thought so let me give you a little
example of this let’s imagine a scenario
when you’re sitting on a plane
my mom’s in Costa Rica right now I sure
wish I was in Costa Rica right now so
this I I fly quite frequently I like to
travel but imagine you’re on a plane at
night and I love being on a plane at
night especially when you’re passing
over the lights of the city you can
adjust it a little bit if you need to
passing over the lights of the city and
you see all those twinkling lights and
those little cars as you you drive and
move and I think wow what a wonderful
world we live in and I get very
enlightened experiencing and just
understanding my place within the
universe when I’m flying over big cities
and seeing all the little life of below
me now I find that very grounding I find
it very peaceful and I it kind of puts
things into perspective for me and then
I look over at some of the people that
are sitting around me and I might see a
young man gripping his arm dressed
pantsing just you can see his whole body
is tense and you can know he’s thinking
oh my gosh are we going to die right now
right and you can see it in his face his
whole facial structure his body his
breath pattern show that he is in fear
mode and he is looking at that same
beautiful scenery that I am seeing but
he sees it completely different than I
do right and because he views it so
differently he feels that differently
and then the body has asked for a demand
for change for him and then it’s and
that is when he decides or
uses to have that different response on
his body now we can choose how we
perceive our stress more than we think
so let’s look at another example because
because really the tragic or the
humorous is a matter of perspective
right now I try to make a habit of
having some gratitude in my life every
day I wake up before I put my feet on
this earth I say to myself for a few
minutes what am i grateful for this has
been shown to be very very good for you
so I encourage you guys to start
implementing this in your life so I
might be grateful for my family my
husband my beautiful children but
sometimes I’m just grateful for my warm
fuzzy blanket I’m rafting or the clean
air and breathing or you know the coffee
that’s brewing in in the downstairs
kitchen at that moment something like a
fuzzy carpet I get a walk on something
that may not be huge or divine but
something that I’m just happy to have in
my life in that moment and if I really
flood myself with all these positive
thoughts then I decided I’m going to
start that day and I’m going to be happy
because look I’m looking at all the
things I have to be grateful for in that
moment then I step out of my bed I walk
towards the bathroom and I stub my big
toe on the corner of the wall right and
in that moment I say well I stubbed my
toe but you know what it’s not a big
deal I have so many other things to be
grateful for so let’s move on with my
day and be happy and it kind of just
happens like that right now I’m going to
describe another scenario for you that’s
very common in my life as well because
I’m not perfect but when I look at the
world as something of a threat like what
is gonna happen that day or what do I
have to get done that day or oh my
goodness there are so many things I have
to do and so little time so those kinds
of morning’s that I wake up to the alarm
screaming at me and suddenly this list
of things goes off in my brain and that
all the things I need to accomplish that
day kind of like this morning when I
woke up to do this whole lecture and
then I would
to feel get all those feelings that of
things I haven’t done and need to do
where do I need to go and get the kids
ready for school and then I get into
this fear state right and when I get
into this fear state I pop out of my bed
I jumped towards the bathroom because
I’m already running late and I stub my
toe on the wall and then I feel like the
world is against me and I’m gonna have a
bad day and I have all these things to
accomplish and this is just the last
thing I need to start my day off with
right so you can see how how you are
feeling can be translated in your your
emotions and how you act for that day
it’s almost like my emotions leading up
to that moment fed into me reacting to
that stubbed toe and so you really do
have that power to change so many things
in your life by changing your perception
just clouding your minds with positive
thoughts so you see the world a little
differently as opposed to flooding it
with those negative thoughts so now
let’s talk a little bit more about the
science and what kind of happens in the
body because we do understand that
there’s a connection in the way we
behave and to the way that our body
behaves so in our body there’s this
gland that sits right above the kidney
it’s about a walnut size plant called
your adrenal glands does anybody heard
of your adrenal gland some of my
patients do yeah we’ve talked about it
so your adrenal glands have two parts
the outer shell and the inner core now
the outer shell secretes or releases two
key hormones that I want to talk about
cortisol and DHEA and the inner core
releases two that you may know about
already norepinephrine and epinephrine
you guys heard of those terms now you
might have heard them like the muse of
the world of adrenaline have you heard
of the adrenaline rush and remember the
base of that word is a dream
adrenaline adrenal so adrenaline or the
adrenal glands activate when your body
perceives any sort of stress so
historically it was a tiger right we
always talk about this tiger situation
you see that Tiger your eyes see the
tiger your brain perceives that tiger it
says oh no there is fear I have fear for
potential danger I must change my
situation to get myself out of that
situation and it sends a signal so my
brain and eyes perceive this it’s a
signal down to the adrenal glands and
the adrenal glands and start to release
these hormones of survival in order to
set aside the caste cascade of
everything else we must survive this
moment right when the adrenals is not
overly activated from Krissie of stress
the adrenal has a chance to function
normally every single day like we have
them they’re not overly used hopefully
so it does not put out excess levels of
these hormones and we can live a long
normal functioning life so remember that
your body is designed to handle a
certain amount of stress in those
situations but if it’s overwhelmed
constantly with this stress these
adrenal systems we have the ability to
create this dysfunction in the body with
the adrenal glands and it is normal to
have stress in our lives that’s why
they’re there that’s why we have these
glands but the goal is not to have
unnecessary stress so cortisol being a
stress hormone is actually coming out to
protect you it does this because it
perceives that you must need something
for the danger that you’re receiving so
it increases does anybody know what
cortisol increases sugar and fat because
it assumes you need energy to run from
that Tiger okay it puts you in rescue
mode and it works with that adrenaline
to make sure that you can run and fight
and survive that tiger it also tries to
soothe the body in a certain way because
it knows that if it kicks up at this
storm in your body to fight the tiger or
do what it need to do it has a bit
ability to calm you down as well it
directs the immune system and it
actually directs all other hormones in
the body it takes over because the body
has decided when your brain perceives
that stress it sees everything else
needs to change to adjust to that
perceived danger now the opposites for
the counterbalance to this
cortisol is DHEA have any of you heard
of that
Samiha now DJ is another hormone that is
released by the outer cortex of the
adrenal glands and it is what helps
counterbalance that cortisol so cortisol
that stressor spots DHEA we kind of call
the anti stress so remember cortisol
comes out whenever this stress arises
and remember it could be that good
stress of got that job you know or I’m
gonna have to work harder to demand for
that promotion or could it be a bad
stress or any demand for a change in our
normal routine no DHEA once the cortisol
comes out helps to counter that effect
so it is that anti stress hormone and
actually it’s linked to anti aging um so
you can look at the levels of DHEA and
the higher the numbers the better you
can think of it as they haven’t been
used up trying to counterbalance the
cortisol that’s been released constantly
and because the cortisol hasn’t come out
constantly there hasn’t been a ton of
perceived stress so it tends to be a
calming type of hormone now bit of
caution I don’t want you all to say Oh
DHEA is wonderful let me go to a health
food store to start taking a ton of DHEA
because it has anti-aging benefits it
doesn’t work out that way we have to
make sure and respect the body it has a
certain balance that we want to achieve
and we all know that more something is
not always better right so you always
want to make sure that you take a look
at these with a qualified health care
professional to see if having DHEA
supplementation is right for you now we
are constantly bombarded with things
like poor sleep in this country noise
pollution air pollution diet the
standard American diet or the
diet we call it anger sadness poor
social relationship Facebook Likes
someone didn’t like my facebook you know
post or whatever nutritional
deficiencies worry all these things
whether they are physical or emotional
bombard us and the barn bombard our
reserves for that demand for change and
you can see so much of your control has
to do with your brain and proceed the
perception of that stress and how it
sees things differently so that your
adrenal glands have that chance to rest
sometime so this is what we’re gonna
talk about how we perceive that stress
depicts whether that brain signals those
adrenal glands or not because we see
what happens when we activate those
adrenal glands all the time you know we
live in a culture of go go go we don’t
take vacations in America like Europe
takes a month off every year you know so
our level of stress is completely
different than it was 100 to 200 years
ago they didn’t have all this pesticides
they spray on the food the air
pollutants the 40-hour work weeks you
know they were out in nature more
connecting with the earth and it’s not
just what we think in terms of burning
out but let’s look at some specific
things when your brain commands your
adrenals and your adrenal remembers the
conductor of all these other functions
in the body as long as your body is
communicating well it tells your brain
okay this is what we decided based on
what you think now this is what happens
when your dream of lands get activated
too often remember we said that it
increases which ones oh well but what
sugar and fat okay so it increases blood
sugar but it also can break down muscle
for glutamine now glutamine is important
for lining repair so it’s trying to I
mean this is a survival mode it’s trying
to help you with what it anticipates you
will need in that state of stress and
remember it will increase body fat in
case you need some storage in case you
haven’t eaten in a few days
because back then it used to be a stress
response to starvation in case you
haven’t so it is anticipating that maybe
you need that extra fuel for your system
to survive those few days if you got
caught by that tiger and someone’s
looking at it for you for a few days it
gives you everything you need to get to
that survival mode until you can rest so
you may have some extra body fat if
you’re constantly in a state of stress
and this is one of the reason why it’s
so hard for people to lose weight when
they’re constantly in the state of
stress and then also breaks down bone
for calcium now let’s look at this even
more I want to see what else happens
when we’re just constantly in this state
of adrenaline rush and go go go well if
you keep stressing if you keep thinking
you need change more help is on the way
your adrenals will keep giving you what
you asked for constantly they’re
constantly on which is what we see all
the time in our practice so it reduces
your thyroid function it reduces your
antibody production these are like
secret weapons in your immune system
that help fight infection so it will
reduce your overall immunity
especially in your guts I love talking
about the gut we should do a gut
classroom your gut is so important to
your whole immune system and your whole
and moon’ system starts to weaken and
we’ve seen autoimmune diseases very
prevalent especially in the Midwest so
let’s see how those changes affect you
for instance if you have prolonged
storage of fat because your adrenals are
always on you can see how that will
cause weight issues that we have in our
country right now
we can’t deny that right how about blood
sugar imbalances at the adrenal glands
cause when it’s constantly activated
blood sugar goes up this can explain why
we have diabetes and metabolic syndrome
and is on the rise in our country how
about the loss of muscle and the under
active thyroid that explains weight gain
but it also explains how we age much
quicker now we injure must easier and we
have less longevity less good years of
life my philosophy I said up right
today my goal in life is to live long
and die short in our country right now
I’m seeing it constantly we are living
short and dying long because of all of
the chronic issues we’re dealing with
with our health and wellness and cancer
used to be a disease of seniors and
we’re starting to see that wearing down
our bodies even earlier now we talked
about the loss of bone and how that
explains earlier bone diseases we’re
seeing and then we all know that when we
deplete our immune system from stress we
get sicker easier so you can see how
this all works back and forth when your
body helped but when you’re buying
health is better that helps your brain
health and your adrenal health but if
your brain health is better and your
perception of stress is better then that
helps your adrenal glands and can help
your overall body so it’s very simple
when you think about this to start
implementing this in your life today
before you leave here we could be all
stressed about the ice storm that’s
probably coming but we could just take a
breath break do the style take a deep
breath know that if we drive slowly and
carefully we can a better chance of
getting home safely tonight right so
what else can we do besides start to
change this mindset of how we perceive
stress sleep is very important
sleeping seven to nine hours of night
and practice relaxation techniques turn
off the computers turn off the TV that’s
over stimulating you know for you’re
watching a scary movie that’s already
sending you in the state of adrenaline
rush you know I tried to read a book for
20 minutes before I go to bed just to
kind calm my mind to calm my body and
prepare me for that sleep and usually I
get to a pager I can’t even read anymore
so I got to go to bed anyway anyways try
to write down things and make a to-do
list if you’re worried that you won’t
remember something I mean I’ve woken up
in the middle of the night and like oh
my god do that tomorrow right this I got
it email that person you know so start
to write it down create checklists so
you’re not constantly trying to keep it
in your brain and on that constant state
of stress and remember that food is
information for your
rina blends and this is really and it’s
so it’s really smart to eat breakfast
and not those were fine foods like
processed bagels and cereals and
doughnuts but and those are not the
ideal breakfast because they’re gonna
spike your blood sugar and then your
adrenals are going to respond right but
they really work those those kind of
Penta feeds really work your adrenal
glands unnecessarily so eat more fruits
and vegetables and eat less sweets and
sugary drinks how about eating protein
with each meal to help regulate your
blood sugar a little bit more we want to
limit caffeine and alcohol again because
you tend to those tend to act as
stimulants in the body and tend to
overwork the adrenal glands and last but
not least eat good fats yes I’m telling
you to eat fat things like salmon fats
from nuts and seeds avocados and try to
avoid things like fried foods tomorrow’s
Friday do not go to Friday night fish
fry and all those bad fats you can read
labels if it says trans fats not good
and remember how you think and how you
and feel absolutely determines how your
adrenal glands behave long-term so think
about how adjusting how you perceive
that world so you can be in that same
world but start seeing things
remember I’m hoping that not that you’re
not only incorporating that deep
breathing techniques to help your
drina’s in your brain by not seeing such
a stressful state in the world but
you’re actively incorporating daily eye
things to find peace with yourself and
in this world whether you’re doing it
through tolerance and acceptance and
compassion and and to end this I’d like
for my portion and I like to quote the
words of a very relaxed man who lived
the wonderful age of 100 George Burns
he’s a comedian
anybody know him he said if you ask what
the single most important key to
longevity I would have to say is
avoiding worry stress and tension and if
you didn’t ask me I’d still have to say
it so he understood that a big part of
this health was just happy
a different perspective so I hope that
you have the ability to look at your
life make those stressors turn it to
potential stressors and then no
stressors because you have a different
way of looking at the world look at it
look at the way you sleep the way you
move the way you manage your stress and
a way to help yourself with your
condition or symptoms long-term thank
you I’m gonna hand this over to dr.
Byron he’s gonna get into the
nitty-gritty I had the fun card of just
some fun stuff we get to talk about so
come on up hello again everyone I am dr.
Rudy Byron and I’m the position here at
byron health and healing center it’s an
integrated medical practice it’s a lot
of fun
I’ve been practicing integrative
medicine now for about six years prior
to that practiced as a traditional
physician for about twelve years and our
talked to my of course is centered
around anxiety anxiety as you know is a
very common symptom in our society it’s
extremely common it’s one of the most
common symptoms that I see in my
practice so this discussion is very much
necessary for us as a matter of fact we
off we have a huddle myself dr. Brown
and dr. Farr huddle up at the beginning
of the year to discuss what we’re going
to talk about and primarily those those
discussions or the subjects I should say
stem from what our patients come in with
and and anxiety was literally the first
subject that we thought of that that we
would agree upon to talk about first
because in fact it’s probably the most
common symptom that exists I would say
that’s number one and number two is
probably coughing colds right among
among many other things of course in our
practices so anxiety is front and center
for everyone in this room and in our
society well anxiety dr. Park talked a
bit about the definition
xiety essentially anxiety is a mood
disorder that is a is a response to
something our body is responding to
something so it’s important for us to
listen what is our with our body
responding to when we are driving a car
and the engine light comes on how many
people ignore it right we’re not
supposed to ignore that we don’t just
put tape over the warning light for the
engine in the car and keep driving we
actually stop looking listen write
saying do I hear any noise or sounds
under the under the hood are the brakes
working as a car starting right don’t
have enough gas etc anxiety is real it’s
our body’s way of speaking to us there
are books written about love languages
right the love language well what how
does our body speak to us it speaks to
us through our senses and our feelings
it’s important for us to pay attention
to those our body is always right it
will never guide us in the wrong
direction we may not want to listen to
it but we should definitely pay
attention the this talk tonight really
this presentation is really about the
quote unquote human perspective on this
on this subject mood disorders of course
such as anxiety have a direct impact on
our behavior it causes us to feel
impulsive causes us to feel scared as
dr. dr. farm mentioned earlier it
affects our gut right when we’re when
we’re anxious our body could care less
about digesting our food in fact we
typically cannot digest our food right
and walk around with the not type
feeling in our stomach no thanks for
that that meal I’m gonna pass on that it
affects our cognition our brain function
and many of us will come to the doctor
and say Oh dr. Byron I’m having brain
fog right say I can’t concentrate
so anxiety is literally front and center
for us once again it’s an extremely
complaint in the office when we talk
about the human perspective fear of
anxiety let’s look at look at this from
the perspective of our physical being
the physical human being there are
particular glands and organs that
express anxiety very well and are kind
of the chiefs of the of the expression
of anxiety for us the Chiefs to make
sure that warning light is lit for us on
our quote-unquote human dashboard and
what are those organs and glands well
we’re gonna we’re going to choose just a
couple tonight the first organ is act
firstly we will talk about a gland
special gland that has a very important
role with respect to anxiety that gland
is the thyroid gland the thyroid gland
is called the gland of our emotions and
when we talk about emotions we’re
talking about e – motion everybody said
with me E
– motion that’s energy in motion energy
in motion our bodies are in part
electrical beings we’re wearing part
electrical beings therefore we need
energy we need electricity if the
voltage is low in our bodies our body
will sound the alarm the engine light
will come on if our body has too much
voltage if there’s a power surge again
the engine light will come on and say ok
maybe we ought to go to the car dealer
and have them take a take a look at this
the thyroid gland the thyroid gland is a
gland that’s located in our neck and it
looks like a butterfly right flies like
a butterfly stings like a bee right
butterfly when the butterflies flapping
its wings just right that butterfly is
gracefully moving throughout its
environment the butterfly is very slow
and sluggish we might say that butterfly
is sick a butterfly when it has a slow
motion that’s indicative of
quote-unquote high ball thyroidism
luggage thyroid low-voltage not enough
thyroid electricity electrical energy
thyroid hormone electrical energy being
transmitted throughout the body the body
will then say hey we don’t like this
feeling that’s like the car not having
enough voltage the car is gonna not it’s
gonna shake a little bit not enough
electricity what do we do we press on
the gas pedal a little bit you know
let’s give it some more gas right our
body is sending us a signal our body
will say oh I’m anxious I’m anxious some
why am i anxious perhaps it’s because I
don’t have enough energy by ROI gland
again looks like what again a
butterflies located in our neck there
there a special butterfly called the
monarch butterfly correct monarch
butterfly I mean people know about
monarch butterflies there are large
butterflies very very beautiful I mean
people know they’re in the midst of
potentially becoming extinct they’re
potentially becoming extinct why anybody
know that’s the pesticides that’s
exactly right
they’re they they live their environment
their primary environment is the
milkweed tree the milk question say tree
but the milkweed and milkweed is dying
wise milkweed dying because of chemicals
pesticides harmful pesticides and
chemicals that are unfortunately
affecting the monarch butterflies
environment living environment well
again our thyroid gland is what do we
say the gland of our emotions it looks
just like a butterfly and in fact it is
susceptible to harmful chemicals why our
thyroid gland is a reservoir of
it holds electricity it stores
electricity here that means it has a
highly negative charged negative in this
term means positive okay like negative
means good I should say so it holds a
lot of electricity here negative charge
attracts what kind of charge positive
negative charge attracts positive
charges 99% of these toxins pesticides
environmental toxins toxic heavy metals
etc are positively charged that’s why if
we get exposed to radiation what’s the
first land to go the thyroid gland right
because the thyroid gland is literally
absorbing these toxins and if I Roy
gland absorbs these toxins that sends us
a signal it’s not going to just sit back
and take it it’s going to send us a
signal our voltage will go down and the
dashboard light comes on says hey I’m
anxious something’s wrong you better I’m
I don’t feel good I can’t sleep I can’t
eat I start gaining weight because I’m
not I don’t have enough energy in motion
throughout the body got it
so my emotions become affected
understood the there is a particular
organ that is the chief of our emotions
there’s a particular organ that is the
chief of our emotions we talked about a
gland that is the chief of our emotions
there’s an organ the corollary organ
that plays that role in the body anybody
know what that organ is want to take a
guess the I didn’t either that the brain
very good guess however and the organ is
the liver the organ is the liver I’m
surprising the ones that the heart right
emotions energy in motion but guess what
the livers job is to protect the heart
this is primary chief job to protect the
heart the liver the liver what’s the
root word of liver that shouldn’t be too
say it together very good how do we know
we are alive how do we know we’re living
because we sense that we have a life
we’re breathing we can touch feel
we sense we have these senses that we
are in fact limbering okay we’re living
we have that sense we have sensations
the liver literally has it’s all
finale and it will speak to us it will
say hey this is what’s going on that’s
what’s going on deliver what’s special
about the liver the liver is a reservoir
for especially our negative emotions
it holds positive emotions too but it’s
especially important to know that it’s
the seat of our negative emotions so
some of those negative emotions that dr.
Farr mentioned such as fear worry
impulsivity phobias they get stored in
the liver the liver will hold them why
because the liver is the number-one
organ of detoxification in the body and
it’s not just detoxifying physical
substances it detoxifies and or stores
or holes negative emotions as well and
that’s important to understand because
when we’re for example going through a
quote-unquote detox detoxification many
of us would begin to feel things that we
said oh my gosh where in the heck did
that come from I haven’t felt that in a
long time where this headache this
headache is occurring what the heck is
going on and and we may sometimes get
angry be short-tempered with people feel
irritable etc that’s because the liver
is releasing a lot of these negative
emotions as we undergo what we think is
a physical detox to clean us out when
the liver gets exposed to quote-unquote
toxins and or and or emotional negative
energy the liver will do its best it’s
going to do its best to either detoxify
it if they can or if the liver gets
tired because we’ve been eating too much
junk in the trunk
liver says I’ve had enough liver has the
best friend his best friend is exactly
what dr. Tara told you it was and that
liver delivers best friend is the
adrenal glands the adrenal glands so
when the liver is struggling
we’re exposed to really significant
stressors and Liber stick sends out a
signal for anxiety says hey you get you
know get dr. pyar an anxious about this
situation there’s a saber-toothed tiger
chasing him you shouldn’t just be up
here chillin right eating bonbons get
him stressed get him moving okay
the liver will then call upon his buddy
the adrenal glands and the adrenal
glands will send adrenal in to the liver
to stop up any of that extra stress that
the liver couldn’t handle why why would
the liver do that why would the liver
call upon help from the adrenal glands
to send adrenaline in that scenario
because we have to protect the heart and
the brain from junk in the trunk the
body will do any and everything it can
to support us to keep us going to keep
us alive so that we can fulfill the
purposes for which we are presently here
on this planet so it’s important to
understand that these organs are working
and tandem these organs and glands are
working in tandem to try to keep us
healthy to keep our heart functioning
fully and they will continue to send
signals to us to say hey something’s up
what are some of these quote unquote
toxins that can have a direct impact on
the liver liver gets tired because it’s
constantly detoxifying right besides has
to detoxify food environmental toxins
household cleaning agents you know air
poor air rock driving behind a semi
diesel truck that’s spewing out you know
it’s black smoke so one of the most
common toxins that I see in the office
extremely common that has a direct
impact on anxiety is copper toxicity
that is an excessive amount high amount
of copper most people have never heard
of that before how many people have
heard of copper toxicity very good about
half the half the hands came up in this
room that is that is by far and away one
of the most
reasons I see for anxiety in my office
what what’s the deal with copper copper
is a mineral it’s a metal that is that
comes from the earth our body needs
copper to utilize for the conduction of
electricity just like we have copper
wire coming out of these electrical
ports copper wire is conducting
electricity to our electronic devices
giving us power correct our body uses
copper in the same way to conduct energy
again conducting energy because we need
that copper is stored where and uh liver
again the all-important liver if for
many reasons we get too much copper
stored in the body and there are many
reasons for that if we get too much
copper stored in the body that copper
will leak out either our body says hey
you got to go so we’re going to try to
detox it out copper typically goes out
through our bowels in the urine and or
hair or skin if our body is not able to
detoxify very well because we’re under
quote-unquote stress then the body shuts
down the process of detoxification and
causes that copper to go deep it will
dive deep into tissues and it will stay
there but does our body like extra
copper floating around no if we put
extra copper in that core that goes to
our electronic devices such as our cool
iPads and iPhones what happens to that
computer or that fall when we turn it on
with extra copper wire and then it blows
up right it’ll short-circuit that’s
exactly what it does in our bodies it
goes to special tissues and special
organs and literally blows them up
copper is a conductor of what
electricity so it likes highly
electrical places in the body
specifically places like the brain the
guts among many other places including
female organs which we’re not going to
talk about today we’ll save that for
another lecture the the point
here is that copper is feminine copper
is a feminine mineral our females more
emotional than men yes so a woman will
come in and say dr. Byron I don’t know
what’s going on but this PMS my husband
just says you know I gotta I gotta go
see somebody so I’m coming to see you
dr. B anxiety nervousness copper is
stimulating too much electrical power
surge going to the emotional centers of
the body boom
people blow up men and women by the way
I mean it just pick on our ladies so
copper toxicity is a major major source
that most people are not familiar with
it’s very common and very easily treated
and addressed the author of toxins all
the toxins remember where is copper
stored again deliver which means we
really must take care of our what
delivering if you are anxious if you’re
anxious where you know somebody who’s
anxious think number one is deliver
focus on the liver speak to the liver
the liver has a mind all it’s long it
talks to you all the time talk back to
it say liver I love you thank you so
much liver for for assisting me to live
my best life and the liver will
appreciate you for it’s gonna work
harder give the liver what it once it
needs love and we’re gonna talk about
some of those things at the end in
addition other toxins that caused the
liver to have to work hard ultimately
let leading to significant symptoms of
anxiety mercury high on the list very
very high on the list when we look at
professionals that have a high
depression rate and a high suicide rate
what’s the number one profession
dentistry why because they make dental
amalgams out of mercury right it’s a
large portion of the dental amalgam
dental fillings were referring to
mercury is a major major toxin
people do not know that it’s extremely
common everybody in this room has a
significant amount of mercury again
we’re as much of that mercury sitting in
our livers in our livers and there was
someone in there in the crowd here a
large 50,000 seating arena without a
doubt liver
I’m the mercury uh in the teeth and
she’s exactly right yes it’s in the
teeth and the dental fillings among many
other places and there are many many
many ways to get exposed to mercury
remember the old felt hats right the old
felt hats
back in the day 1800s oh you guys don’t
remember that come on belt hats oh these
hats they used to wear they may you know
they have the brim on them they made
them with a lining specifically that led
to those people going mad and they
called them Mad Hatter’s and they were
Mad Hatter’s because there was mercury
lining those hats bells quote-unquote
brims and it led them to go crazy they
became significant English that they
developed significant anxiety depression
among other things the Mad Hatter’s the
liver is extremely important there are
other there are other quote-unquote
agents that have an impact on the liver
leading to substantial anxiety that most
people are not familiar with and that
would be infectious agents infectious
agents such as viruses which virus
absolutely love the liver that’s his
primary home and it’s in just about
everybody liver here that agent is
epstein-barr virus epstein-barr virus
everybody’s been exposed everybody has
it and if our immune systems are strong
enough then we’re good we can suppress
it however epstein-barr is just sitting
there waiting in the cut for a stressful
situation to occur and it will start
wreaking havoc and the liver must keep
it in check the liver must keep it in
check if the liver doesn’t can’t keep it
in check what will deliver do it will
call upon his buddy adrenalin to come
and stop it up slap it around a little
bit if there’s if
dreidel glams a week because we’ve been
chronically stressed for a long time the
liver says okay
gonna increase fat the livers just gonna
get develop more fat around it called
fatty liver okay and why would it why
would the liver develop fat why would
why would that why would that occur
because as dr. Tara said one of fats
function is to store toxins so the liver
gets fat it says okay I’m just gonna put
this EBV epstein-barr virus here I’m
gonna throw some mercury in there I’m
gonna throw some dioxin in there I’m
gonna throw some copper in there okay
looks good livers like hey I’m all I’m
all out of what I can do here can’t
continue to detoxify this is this guys
over here drinking too much this guy’s
this guy’s this guy has too much debt
this guy is working you know eight and
eighty hours a week
right so now our body’s been telling us
because we’re anxious our body’s been
telling us hey slow down get some rest
get out of that day do you understand
but it’s dead we’re like nope gotta go
gotta go gotta go gotta go so it’s very
very important if you don’t take care of
your liver what happens it shrinks it
gets bad and it shrinks and then there’s
a rat and we said the live heard what’s
the what’s the root word of liver to
live if the liver is not functioning
then we all know what happens it’s a rat
the liver holds our negative emotions as
we talked about earlier remember when
the liver says all right I quit I’m done
and the patients struggling and they’re
blessed enough to get a liver transplant
what happens what happens every single
patient with the liver transplant has
some aspect of their personality change
every single one of them has an aspect
of their personality that changes why
because those emotions from that other
liver gets transferred to the new person
do you understand the importance the
need to make sure that we’re doing these
things that dr. Tara mentioned resting
meditation live in a clean lifestyle
it’s extremely important it otherwise
our body is telling us that anxiety do
not ignore it do not ignore the engine
life is one of the most common symptoms
that exist in any of our doctors offices
there’s a condition when the liver says
I’m done there’s a condition everyone if
you have a pen otherwise put it to
memory there’s a condition called Nash
in a sh Nash and you’ll have to write
this down because it’s a scientific term
Nash is an acronym for non state oh I’m
sorry non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
non-alcoholic stay at OU ste ATO
hepatitis so right away we see itís in
there for the liver right so
inflammation of the liver inflammation
of the liver what a stay at amine fatty
fatty liver right away non-alcoholic
means what is not from drinking alcohol
30 million people have that condition
most don’t know ninety percent of them
don’t know thirty million people
I didn’t say three hundred I didn’t say
three thousand I didn’t say three
hundred thousand said thirty million
that is that is a condition that leads
to end-stage liver disease in stage
liver disease means that quiz okay when
we talk about anxiety anxiety is an
early sign that the liver is under
stress or duress pay attention to
anxiety and seek the root cause do not
just put tape over the engine warning
light putting tape over the engine
warning light is like saying
here let me pull out my prescription pad
and take this xanax sometimes we need
there’s an X don’t get me wrong
sometimes you need that but if you stop
eventually the engine will fail because
it was not attended to medication we
need sometimes I don’t get me wrong
remember I’m an MD I pull out the
prescription pad occasionally because
sometimes people need the support so
don’t get me wrong but some of that
medication is very dangerous some of
that tape you put over and you can’t see
the engine light and this take that
completely covers that red light and you
just kind of ignore it person will get
hooked on it they’re like I’m depending
on this on this car to get me to work
and I’m just going to keep going and
ignore this this engine light and a
person will get hooked on their
medication right they get hooked on the
medication now let’s go to Part B
anxiety Part B they get hooked on
medication such as xanax etc I was the
medical director of a behavioral health
clinic for several years for two years
actually three four three years these
patients were hooked on medications like
xanax for example or clonazepam etc they
were out there partying with it or
abusing it and they would end up being
forced to come to the clinic for many
other reasons whether it was because
they they had to do it to keep their job
or or the judicial system got in the way
they said hey you better do this or jail
time etc so now as a physician I
couldn’t prescribe that medication so
what did I prescribe what would
physicians do in that scenario okay use
alternative medications for anxiety
again all we’re doing is putting a patch
putting a patch on giving them a patch
correct putting them but you got to do
something because they’re seriously
anxious cannot function it adversely
affects activities of daily living what
would we do we’ve one of the options we
have is to give them an antihistamine
give them an antihistamine medication
what does histamine have to do with
anxiety anybody know what does histamine
have to do with anxiety what do we know
about histamine during the
elbows seasons spring and fall you may
see many people doing what coughing
sniffing sneezing from what seasonal
allergy seasonal allergies what happens
to histamine during that time histamine
increases during that time and we say oh
you just take what what do you take an
anti histamine what what’s anti which
had asked me what tip people typically
take benadryl right among others
okay histamine and we just say yeah we
just kind of go with the flow take an
antihistamine and don’t really think
what is histamine okay histamine is a
neurotransmitter neuro nerve transmitter
messenger so it’s a messenger for our
nervous system histamine is a
neurotransmitter it is a messenger for
our nervous system so if histamine goes
up what happens the nervous system what
happens to the nervous system it gets
it’s a stimulator for our nervous system
if histamine goes up really high what
happens it gets really stimulated a
person will get super anxious as a
matter of fact they can get paranoid
okay when you take benadryl how do you
feel you feel super awake or or you feel
what drowsy so what does it do calm you
down you get that histamine down and
calms you down now what is the classic
symptom of somebody who has allergy
symptoms it’s a classic symptom classic
nasal correct
and what about nasal would it be more
descriptive nasal what nasal drip nasal
drainage what we call that mucus runny
nose mucus right so when histamine goes
up it does what – mucus it increases
mucus right it increases mucus what does
that have to do with anything what does
it have to do with anything
it increases mucus if I spill a bottle
of ketchup
on a white pristine marble floor I need
to clean that up okay I’m clumsy I need
to clean up that ketchup I just build on
this white marble floor first thing I’m
going to do is get a mop and I’m gonna
do what with the mop wedeck’s I’m gonna
wet them up
that’s mucus your wedding something okay
your wedding something number two if I
clean that wet if I use that wet mop
alone to clean the ketchup on the white
christine floor will it fully clean that
floor no everybody said knowing they’re
100 percent correct what do you need to
add to the mop you can’t add right a
cleanser correct you have to add a
cleanser to clean that up
when mucus drift down in your mouth and
don’t tell me it’s never dripped down in
your mouth and you’ve never tasted it
drip down in your mouth what does it
taste like to taste salty taste salty
why would the body use histamine to
increase mucus and add some salt to it
remember we’re 70% saltwater we’re
seventy percent saltwater so the body
will fall upon our own natural salt add
some mucus to it to clean junk in the
trunk to clean toxins to detoxify if you
have an allergy you’ve got a toxin if
we’re anxious the body will increase
histamine to try to mop up the place
clean it up because we don’t have enough
key nutrients and protectors to do the
job so the body has to revert to using
mucus through histamine and histamine
our body’s trying to help us out but
it’s going to use this histamine to
stimulate the nervous system which
subsequently leads to what symptom
anxiety patient walks into office dr.
Byron I’m so nervous I’ll know what to
do I can’t even sleep da da da da and
you’re talking fast and there you know
fidgeting and and you’re talking about
this that and the other all at the same
time how many times it happened in your
right right five times a day that’s
exactly right and we wonder what’s going
on we have to listen stop look and
listen to the body sit back and say what
is in my environment what am I putting
in my body talk to the liver ask the
liver to reveal what’s going on the
liver will talk to you it will reveal it
I was eating gluten-free waffle in my
home couple years ago eating gluten-free
waffle and I noticed that I shouldn’t
say I noticed I’m the first one awake in
my house when the in the kitchen
preparing breakfast having a gluten-free
waffle among other things of course I
have my cook veggies going everybody
should know that I got veggies going to
so having my gluten-free waffle so I’m
making the mix and I noticed actually I
didn’t notice my wife said hey she
doesn’t call me dr. B at home but she
says hey dr. B you did you know you’re
coughin in the morning and I’m a typical
guy what do I say of course not denied
right I’m like no I’m not coughing what
are you talking about next morning oh my
gosh she’s right I’m coffee so I noticed
that when I got near the waffle maker I
would cough I there wouldn’t even be any
batter in the waffle maker but I would
cough right there
now I could ignore that I could say oh
I’m just there’s nothing but I’m very
perceptive I said something’s up
something’s up with this waffle maker it
must be the waffle mix so it’s it looked
at the waffle mix it’s organic gluten
free blah blah blah like hmm I can’t
figure this out
so I call it upon one of my colleagues
had one of my colleagues take a look and
she said oh dr. pyre come on why are you
really here this is too easy
it was the buttermilk it was the
buttermilk my body was very sensitive to
the buttermilk
I was coffee okay so what did I do
get the gluten-free dairy-free version
guess what I could enjoy my waffle
my body was talking to me it was giving
me a signal specifically to say hey stop
looking listen pay attention so that I
don’t keep asking my liver to do the
work do you understand my liver had to
break down that buttermilk it was not
happy said that’s enough enough enough
dr. Bui miss I’m gonna make you coffee
okay and instead of just taking a cough
medicine or taking a quote-unquote
supplement for it I look for the source
okay I didn’t just say okay here here we
go let’s pitless let me take let me you
know yeah keep it moving keep it moving
dr. B okay let’s transition to this
transition to what can we do what can we
do about this anxiety so there’s a lot
of this talk about you know breathing
well listening to our bodies working on
detoxification what can we do so there
are lots of things lots of easy things
in my office I’d like to say press the
easy button press the easy button what
are some easy things we can do dr. Tara
mentioned several of those take deep
breaths slow down pay attention live a
detoxification lifestyle you must always
be in the mode of eating cleanly having
clean household environment paying
special attention to the music you’re
listening to my daughter reminds me of
that all the time because I’m from the
old school hip-hop era
it’s like Doc Byron got to turn the
Dutchman’s coming dr. B pop it you got
to turn that off Mike come on now thank
God for her cuz otherwise my liver would
be pissed
many people asked me in the office I
probably get this question once every
two to three days because anxiety is so
common and so prevalent they asked me
what about CBD oil how many people have
heard of CBD oil right just about all
the hands come up raise up in the room
and see if you know I was relatively new
relatively new quote-unquote potential
healing remedy and one thing I’m going
to say about that is that CBD oil
definitely has some benefits for anxiety
definitely one of the ways that it works
is it works
and by the way CBD oil for those of you
who may not know is in the in the u.s.
at least is legal from the hemp plant so
it’s the plant that it’s a cousin of
mayor of the marijuana plant that
specifically produces something called
CBD oil
cannabidiol oil and that’s one tiny
component of the many components
chemical or vital chemical plant
components in that particular plant and
so CBD oil has been found to help
regulate the body’s emotional responses
and it acts as an adaptogen so that’s
adaptogenic effects which means that if
our body needs to be stimulated it’ll
stimulate the emotions if the emotions
are heightened already and we’re coming
to the doctor complaining of anxiety it
will calm them down so CBD oil has that
kind of power it’s a it’s what I call a
smart plant or some people say a smart
herb you really can’t mess it up but I
want to say a couple important things
about CBD oil because many people are
using it without having a full
understanding of some other aspects so
CBD oil one very important thing to know
is that the hemp plant specifically is a
bio accumulator of toxins that’s what it
does in nature it grabs onto toxins so
what most people don’t know is
that CBD oil has a massive amount of
toxins already so if you’re going to
embark upon using CBD oil you must be
assured that it has been tested and or
purified from any toxins that’s
extremely important otherwise for
examples in my office I’m not saying
this because I read it on somebody’s
website on somebody’s blog I see it in
the office because I test for it so
you’ll see SuperDuper high levels of
aluminum for example you’ll see
massively high levels of cadmium and
there it is right there oh yeah yeah but
no CBD oil for the last four years you
know that cadmium through the roof see
video tobacco for example hemp plant
super-high and cadmium super-high and
aluminum among other toxins remember in
nature that’s what it does in the soil
you got a marijuana plant or a CBD or
I’m sorry hemp plant that’s what it does
if bioaccumulation will it will
magnetically attract the toxins so that
you can have good quality food around
that got it so do your homework on that
do not just go for the okey doke just
take somebody’s random CBD oil
supplement but it is I do want to say
that it is very good and it’s a it’s a
reasonably good option when you’re using
a good product a couple of other things
regarding beneficial ways to ways to
improve anxiety many people are familiar
with some key nutrients key minerals
such as magnesium right magnesium is
excellent magnesium magnesium has a
calming effect on the body so you make a
muscle that’s calcium relax the muscle
that’s magnesium got it contract calcium
relax magnesium for those of you who are
old enough you remember the old school
commercial Calgon take me away right
that’s magnesia
that’s magnesium doing this
work F some salt baths right very
calming soothing that’s magnesium okay
so magnesium can be beneficial it’s not
as precise as you think though some
people quite frankly after testing in my
office is revealed that it’s not
magnesium they need they actually need
cows and calcium actually has somewhat
of a calming effect as well but
sometimes you just don’t know if you
don’t have but if you don’t know if you
don’t have any testing available at
least try some magnesium typically it
won’t hurt you in most cases and it’s
better and especially taking it at night
before bedtime other things other things
some key key nutrients number one stress
nutrient that in my office
ninety-eight percent of people are low
but the data will tell you that eighty
percent of Americans are low I can tell
you I’ve tested for the last six years
ninety-eight percent of people in fact I
really want to say 99 percent cuz there
are only three people in the last six
years we’ve had a normal level who
weren’t already supplementing and that
is which which vitamin I’m sorry which
mineral zinc zinc that was good guess
zinc zinc so for the most part that zinc
responds to stress it’s especially
important for the adrenal glands it’s
especially important for the adrenal
glands especially important for the
liver and then you ask glad you asked
this question of course which foods are
high in zinc right meat meat seafood be
careful with seafood because seafood
contains quite a few toxins as well so
you got to proceed with caution there
but meat does it doesn’t mean you have
to be a carnivore for example but just
I’m just it’s more for sharing
information you don’t get a lot of zinc
and plant products next we talked about
magnesium zinc calcium oils oils
essential oils essential oils these days
in my opinion because of the
changes that we’re seeing in our
environment these central oils are
literally coming to the floor for us
they are a gift to us they’re a gift to
help us deal with all this quote-unquote
stress I use oils literally every day
multiple times a day including on my way
to work and on my way home oils are very
very beneficial for us whether you
whether they’re used as simply something
that’s fun or for therapeutic purposes I
think that in fact they are essential
especially for the rise in problematic
conditions that we see in our
environment so they’re really there to
help us so we should really become
familiar I like to say get familiar with
the oils which oils what we use
essential oils we use to keep us in
chill mode calming lavender among among
many right lavender is very good and
there there are many others but lavender
would be far and it would be by far and
away number one there are also there are
also oils that have quote-unquote
adapted genic properties meaning you
can’t go wrong there like CBD oil if you
have pure CBD oil or purify CBD oil
there are some oils that function that
way such as copaiba among others copaiba
actually has some CBD in it and again if
you use that from the perspective of a
company that offers pure essential oils
then you’re good that’s another great
way to utilize oils to assist in this
process of dealing with anxiety these
are all practical things that you can do
to allow your body to send in messengers
that body gets some lavender in it
you’re sending that liver some love
you’re like yeah that livers like give
me some more sound like James Brown
see some some Pete I must be getting old
or something else yeah so obviously last
but not least with anxiety either
minimizing and/or avoiding alcohol
remember alcohols a toxin and it is what
depressant so excessive alcohol can be
very problematic the liver has to
detoxify it you often see this believe
it or not remember the liver is the seat
of our negative emotions right so what
happens what happens person drinks
you’ll see some people who get what
angry they get aggressive they want to
fight right that’s the liver the liver
speaking is deliver although all of the
ways that the livers been suppressed and
now coming out because because the
alcohol numbs the nerve so now it just
starts talking screaming the avoid the
excessive stimulants as well so you know
excessive coffee you know when I worked
for that behavioral health program for
three years nearly every single person
either came in with a big coffee mug or
Mountain Dew if they didn’t smoke they
needed a stimulant they weren’t smoking
they didn’t have a coffee mug if they
did not have Mountain Dew on the desk
they probably did not belong in the
program and what what are they really
telling me what does their body telling
me when they’re bringing that stuff in
that their lowing what energy that low
energy is expressed as an emotion energy
in motion okay so if they were seeing me
at byron health and healing clinic my
job would be to focus on assisting the
process of detoxification with the
central theme of cleansing the liver
subsequently boosting their energy
centers adrenals and thyroid got it
that’s the ticket that’s the home run
hitter right there
so again anxiety is extremely common
have to use tools
are very well available to us do not
ignore your body stop look and listen
and last but not least there are a
couple things on the table on the side
there that we use in our practice very
frequently one is calls endocrine that’s
the doTERRA product that’s a great
product for liver supports I always
always always have 100% of my patients
wants to excuse me on some form of liver
support and there are other other things
a liver is excellent as well that’s
another product that’s a pirate health
and healing specific product that’s
extremely good which reminds me another
source of anxiety that we did not talk
about today we’re not going to talk
about it at any length but I just want
to share that it is important for us and
that is EMF electromagnetic frequencies
okay that’s another major major toxin
that’s relatively new to us over the
last you know 15 to 20 years that’s
increasingly becoming worse and our body
has to deal with that so again we’re not
going to talk about it now but again
what can you do you got it you got to
develop some protective barriers to
assist your body to address that there’s
a bottle of lavender over there as well
I think I don’t know what we were
diffusing tonight so that is the ticket
I don’t think I have anything else to
discuss so thank you for your attention
especially with this with a subject such
as anxiety I mean you know kind of be a
debbie downer type of subject but I’m
you know I get excited about that
subject because there are easy tools to
use to fix it none of us should walk
around with any significant anxiety is
too easy to address if we do really
simple things stop look and listen to
your body and and use some of these
tools that we have readily available
the vast majority of which are are
extremely inexpensive some of which are
free that’s it thank you and welcome and
go ahead you’re gonna say we were open
for questions
that’s what I was gonna say to you
doctor yes yes like a shouldn’t routine
should I just force myself to do it push
past it or should I have you like
listening my body getting the sleep and
sleeping for 30 instead what’s the
recommendation for that very good I like
to say at least from my response dr.
Tara is to go with the flow your if your
body is calling upon the need for more
rest you need more rest do not force it
listen to your body your body saying get
the rest take the rest so that you can
heal that’s extreme it’s a time of
healing and rejuvenation
so if our body is saying we’re tired we
need to sleep more and you got to listen
to it and because it’s saying what it
needs in that moment so I would take
definitely take more time to let your
body heal in that time we wanted to add
something to you reminded me about the
importance of the cycle for the liver
you know a women have menstrual cycle
right all men have a site everybody has
a cycle the liver has a cycle so all of
our organs and glands have a cycle the
livers time the liver has a time in
which it sinks it does its best work
between 1: 00 and 3: 00 a.m. so if you’re
waking up between 1: 00 and 3: 00 a.m.
again stop look and listen say hmm am I
in my detoxing something extra and or do
I have some emotion that I’m not a that
I’m not addressing such as resentment
anger frustration that’s the liver time
we live near Milwaukee with Miller time
no no we just got a jokester over gotta
bring you a game when we talk about
anxiety right you don’t want you don’t
want to hear debbie downer
ha right I hear that multiple times a
day is I can’t sleep and I say well what
time do you have trouble going to sleep
they say no I could fall asleep fine I
wake up in the night and I’m like well
what time do you wake up and most people
will tell me between 1: 00 and 3: 00 a.m.
so on and then I say that’s your liver
we need to work on your liver No
that’s a great question what are what
what is the best time to eat a meal best
time to eat a meal technically is
between 5 & 7 5 and 7 p.m. which is
relatively early for many of us in my
world that’s definitely early but that’s
the best time to eat because you need
time for the food to digest before you
go to bed you really go to bed between
8: 30 and 10: 30 and you know you’re not
eating until 8 o’clock at night that’s
not enough time for the food to digest
subsequently fool will sit sit and then
I also see with people who eat later
meals they wake up at the middle of the
night because their blood sugar will
spike so that’s another reason why I see
patients waking up is because of their
blood sugar and the time they’re eating
and limit the sugars release it will
wake them up in the middle of the night
too and the adrenals respond to that
because we know sugar increases in the
body the adrenal glands are going to
respond to that too so we wake up in a
state of adrenaline still you had a
question you mentioned that most people
are tired with caffeine what would be
something you was just
to get energy because I think that’s an
epidemic we’re all tired most of us not
enough sleep but does food also have
something to do with our body that it’s
tired because we’re full of toxins or
they think you should have um a good
question so she she she was saying
are there certain folks that so how did
you say that again sorry I’m like the us
multiple questions sorry if she’s saying
everybody’s tired all the time we say
it’ll avoid stimulants like sugar and
soda how can we keep on going and
surviving you know without these
stimulants that we say to avoid but not
just be fatigued all day long well one
thing is cleaning that liver more
detoxification if we clean that liver
out we’re gonna have more energy and
more mental clarity in our energy like
our whole Energy’s going to improve when
we clean that liver out and then so
foods that we eat that keep continuing
to detoxify the body fruits and
vegetables as one thing and then eating
regular in my medical opinion it’s
eating regular meals throughout the day
so I say eat like a bird so you’re
eating breakfast snack lunch snack
dinner to help maintain that blood sugar
because a lot of the times when our
adrenal glands are often our cortisol is
spiking at odd times in the day usually
what happens we eat lunch right we we
wake up we have energy we start going in
the morning we eat lunch and then we get
this 2 o’clock lull right we’re just
like oh my gosh I need Starbucks I need
I need something because both that’s an
adrenal issue but if we’re eating poor
quality foods or our blood sugar is not
regulated throughout the day then that
will cause imbalances in that and we’ll
get that lull in the afternoon where we
feel like we need that stimulant so
eating low glycemic foods routinely
throughout the day is going to help
maintain that blood sugar eating a
protein with every meal to help maintain
that blood sugar with a good-quality fat
is gonna help keep your blood sugar so
it’s not jumping
and dropping and jumping which puts
extra stress on our body so that can
give you more energy is just regulating
your diet throughout the day cleanly to
help detoxify the body but also to
maintain that blood sugar I was your
second second that by adding veggies
green leafy veggies especially remember
we get energy from the Sun
photosynthesis right photosynthesis so
first first order of business for planet
to grow in these water so make sure that
we’re well hydrated that’s that’s the
most important aspect when it comes to
food most of us walk around dehydrated
on me up a couple folks in the back
we’re drinking their big jugs a lot
that’s that’s the critical piece staying
well hydrated number two these these
vegetables especially the green leafies
are storing Sun energy right they’re
storing Sun energy guess what that
energy gets incorporated into our bodies
in fact giving us energy so eating
eating plenty of green leafies
throughout the day
cooked combination raw I make sure that
I have some form of vegetables
especially some green leafies at least
twice a day at least partially for lunch
and for sure with dinner so and I also
have a vegetables for breakfast as well
so I make sure to stay stored up one on
the on the Sun energy boosts that retain
that Sun energy smoothies are a great
way for morning breakfasts to get your
veggies and you could throw spinach in
there you know you can get those veggies
in I make an avocado spinach smoothie
and it’s awesome I love it I just made
it up oh but basically if you all want
it it’s like almond or coconut milk
great and I do like a whole avocado I do
a handful of spinach in there I do some
coconut oil too to get me some fats and
then some honey some local honey it kind
of gives it a sweetness but it is like
and then blend it all up it is so good I
swear I believe it every day and I
yeah I made it up so I don’t know
there’s wasn’t a recipe I thought I just
made it up but yes that’s a great
question so our question was what are
some of the things that we can do to
begin to detoxify our liver so number
one is the liver requires lots of liquid
water it requires a lot of water because
if you’ve got a clean house you’re gonna
clean up that’s ketchup on a pristine
white floor you need water you need a
mom you wet mop so so you need to stay
well hydrated those who have been
following our presentations over the
years this is now year six four five
something like that all right yeah let’s
call it here five those who have been
following us know that we almost always
mentioned the amount of water that we
need daily and anyone care to mention
how much water we need who wants to see
my impression of this guy so we are 70%
what salt water so our goal is half our
body weight in ounces per day minimum
for survival right if we’re physically
active and working on sweating you need
1/3 more of that so whatever you weigh
divide it by two out that’s how many
ounces a day minimum all right so that’s
a lot of water some of that is coming
through food
I said you’re eating vegetables they’re
retaining a lot of fluid that’s are a
lot of a lot of water so that’s
important the other things to do for the
liver so real basic will run through a
couple real basic things one is very
easy right we start with the easy and
inexpensive stuff limit lemon water so
you squirt a little living in your water
and or use lemon essential oil right
purified Lebanese central oil or just
squirt of lemon and or lime in the water
the liver loves it it stings the liver
is an organ right organs you can’t play
an organ unless it’s in tune right how
do these organ speak to each other they
speak via vibrational frequencies they
speak to each other be a vibrational
frequencies it’s not a tune you’re not
gonna like that sound it’s gonna
manifest itself as anxiety so it’s
important to make sure you’re given the
liver what it needs to be in tune it
loves highly alkaline substances because
it’s always dealing with these acidic
substances to try to break down toxins
right so it loves an alkaline alkalinity
of lemon and or limes they’re the most
alkaline fruits that exist so although
we think that they are acidic right they
have alkaline forming properties once we
ingest them we always give cocktail
party information that’s right
absent salt has magnesium magnesium
calms the body it also helps detoxify so
like I always say two cups of epson salt
in a warm bath so for 20 minutes that
can help detoxify the body as well
cocktail party information you ready
okay cocktail party information which
substance which nutrient is high in
lemon or limes that make them alkaline
nutrient vitamin mineral
C and that’s good guest potassium
potassium very high in potassium so the
other things for the liver
some of my favorites artichoke extract
milk thistle dandelion root among many
others Zenda Corinne has many of those
already built in it I when I first
started practicing integrative medicine
and one of my mentors in fact my primary
mentor sold artichoke extract in his
office and I asked his staff I said
number one selling a supplement in the
office I assumed he would say something
like vitamin C you know vitamin e e”z
nothing like that magnesium no I said he
said artichoke extract what artichoke is
driving that’s because his practice was
centered around the same process focus
on the liver detoxification if that
liver cleaned up and everything else
begins to work better everything else is
in tune symphony of the body symphony of
cells are functioning as one got it
let’s say that someone has been able to
overcome anxiety for some time but they
have tingling in the body and they pain
in the back of their neck like what do
you guys recommend for that person who’s
trying to eat healthy and doing
everything that we can for coming so
just to clarify the question again you
said they have tea there they’re eating
cleanly living trying to live a clean
lifestyle yet they have persistent
symptoms of tingling and a pain in the
back of the neck and kind of like
tingling at different times of the day
the chiropractor that’s what I was gonna
say chiropractic adjustments can help a
yeah just with the effects of our body’s
physical stress of everything but
specifically adjusting T 8 7 8 in the
middle of the back feeds the adrenal
glands it can help balance the body so
and adjusting the upper neck can help
too but pretty much if there’s imbalance
in the nervous system and again
chiropractically we work with the brain
in the nervous system and the brain
talks with everything to communicate
function right so if it can’t
communicate downstream then there’s
gonna be dysfunction in the body so if
we create balance through a chiropractic
adjustment so that brain can talk to
those adrenal glands and everything can
communicate freely within the body or
body’s gonna function better right so
chiropractic adjustments can help a lot
I do I have some of my patients here I
can just touch their backs and I could
say I had one today middle middle back
it was just like a rock I said
are you stressed she’s like it’s been a
really stressful thing and I’m like I
can tell like you just touching your
body I can tell what what the issue is
you know other issues I treat you know
any digestive issue low back I’ll find a
lot of tension in that low back you know
so it’s it’s a really a cool therapy to
use to treat just anxiety but a lot of
other things as well look at B vitamin
status – like vitamin b12 and you got a
tingling and that kind of problem
generally speaking I look at a b12 level
b12 is low I mean stomach acid it’s
likely highly likely to be low as well
what vegetables are eating for breakfast
great question
best veggies I eat for breakfast are I
say 50% of the time cruciferous
vegetables so I eat a medley of
cruciferous vegetables broccoli
cauliflower and then carrots that’s not
a cruciferous special it’s actually
called California blend that’s what I
that’s what I eat organic broccoli
cauliflower and carrots and now you know
I’ll do do that one day next day I’ll do
green beans the next day all organic
next day I do
broccoli alone but 50% of the time is
there it’s the medley and why why do I
actually specifically do that for a
reason because the cruciferous
vegetables are extremely beneficial for
cleansing the liver extremely important
for cleansing the liver they contain a
compound called endo Lamine indole amine
I am do l am i any and that specifically
breaks down one of the toxins that leads
to excessive amounts of estrogen buildup
let’s say from plastics among other
things so it helps to break down toxins
that a plastic base which we’re all
inundated with so so that’s not actually
so that’s what I would I have the
veggies but those are the veggies that I
eat my daughter who is we just turned 13
for several years she’s the second one
who comes to the kitchen and she gets
her breakfast started and she makes her
own set of veggies and her veggies
usually include sometimes carrots
sometimes broccoli those would be the
big two for my daughter again
teach the family teach your kids how to
do this independently at very young ages
they will learn how to how to deal with
quote/unquote stress and anxiety in part
in the kitchen kids in the kitchen makes
a big difference so when you’re getting
you get that energy you absorb that
healing energy that’s in a carrot that’s
in broccoli at seven you absorb it just
by handling it just by getting the scent
from it etc I mean you eat it of course
it’s game on your liver loves you back
yes / dairy free don’t forget that dairy
blue and dairy free waffle and or
pancakes but make pancakes – no they’re
blueberries wild blueberries while
blueberries are extremely beneficial for
the liver by the way very very
beneficial for the liver also great for
the eyes as well specifically for night
excellent you want to improve wild
blueberries also have antiviral
properties as well remember there’s a
special virus that like to hang out in
the liver which is steam epstein-barr
virus you were listening tonight nobody
fell asleep that’s the dream talking
about anxiety you know oh my gosh yeah
so so that’s the ticket yeah I usually
have a couple of eggs eggs by the way I
should say something about eggs just a
few years ago we never saw eggs show up
and I shouldn’t say never but it’s very
rare to see extra up in food sensitivity
testing now it’s extremely common
extremely common
so eggs are not necessarily a food that
I highly recommend for most people these
days because it’s it’s pervasively
common to have an egg sensitivity why is
that why is that so two reasons
least I’ll share with you right off the
top we can talk about it separately down
the road two reasons number one eggs are
food for viruses and microorganisms so
if we have poor gut these microorganisms
overpopulate microorganisms overpopulate
and what do they like to eat when we’re
in the lab in the laboratory we grow
these organisms on what in the petri
dish we give them eggs that’s the
culture in which we grow up okay they
beat it they feed on that stuff so they
love it if someone were to get a flu
shot the person given the flu shot
should ask them whether they have an
allergy to eggs what is the flu shot
addressing a virus right why did why
would why would that why would they say
that because they grew the virus for the
shot in a culture of eggs do you
understand so that’s one reason the
second reason is that arsenic
unfortunately which is highly toxic is
also ever-present in most of our eggs so
not everybody has that effect but I can
just tell you if I’m if I’m if I’m
guessing whether someone will have of
sensitivity to eggs I’m guessing that
they would Oh irrespective knowing
anything about that’s a great question
you guys asking really good questions
you might put me on the spot both of us
on this fun dairy we live in a dairy
State so I can’t say too much they’ll
come back so Dairy Dairy is a is
problematic number one irrespective of
whether an individual is intolerant or
not first thing Dairy does is it
increases mucus production what did we
say about mucus earlier what do we say
about it we said mucus is associated
with increased what this to be
thank you you were listening okay you
get increased histamine that’s telling
you that there’s a problem just to mean
it’s going to cause what what symptom
anxiety why should we listen to that
warning signal because that’s telling us
on the other side of that increased
histamine is poor detoxification we’ve
got to increase mucus to clean up some
junk in the trunk do you understand
so dairy products substantially
increased mucus substantially so Bobby
if somebody comes in they have someone
if someone comes in if someone comes to
the office and they have you know skin
issues right away first question I’m
asking is how much dairy are you
consuming okay why cuz that junk is
coming out through the skin the liver
cannot handle the process of
detoxification of dairy products so I
had the story plenty of cheese all you
want but you know that who wants to
cheese I told you earlier who wants to
cheese who wants to dairy who wants the
eggs that’s exactly right the organisms
that are present they’re screaming for
they’re sending a signal to the brain
and giving you an emotion it’s gonna
attach any motion to that when you eat
that stuff do you feel good it’s gonna
attach that emotion that’s sitting there
sit it to the brain and say oh I gotta
had that piece of cheese do you
understand the best thing you can I’m
the best thing you can do is deny just
like I deny to my wife that I was
coughing in the morning oh I my daughter
she’s almost 2 but when she was around
nine months old I brought her to dr.
Byron because she had all this eczema on
and I couldn’t figure out what I was
doing I mean we I was doing everything I
knew how to do as a doctor and I was
getting goat’s milk for her because a
cow’s milk was bad and he sent me to go
get food sensitivity and it was the
goat’s milk that was triggering this I
cut that votes month out within a week
her skin was completely clear within one
week I mean she was completely resolved
so it was the it was the dairy that was
triggering that and here I thought as
being good getting her goat’s milk but
I’m not getting cow’s milk you know but
so we just don’t we don’t even have
dairy in my house is how we just that’s
why we use coconut milk in our smoothies
in my household we haven’t had it since
2010 dairy since then and by the way you
know it may sound like I’m kind of you
know droppin knowledge here right but I
live this stuff I live it I went through
this I don’t same questions you guys are
asking me I asked myself because I
didn’t have the knowledge at the time I
went through this my family and I we
were eating standard American diet you
know somewhat cleanly but we were having
dairy every day every day and family
members were had asthma family members
had eczema family members had allergies
and then I started just where I’m
sharing with you guys we remove dairy
that was the first thing we did massive
improvement that’s in part what led me
to do this kind of work that was one of
the triggers said oh my gosh is this
working for my family maybe it’ll work
for my patients I started used utilizing
it in my patients and oh my gosh it will
come back and say dr. Bob okay now I
have this other problem I never told you
about okay let’s figure that one out
okay so I you know understand we’re
human too and we go through the same
stuff so what they’re just gonna say
yeah let’s do on one or two more
questions yeah
the doctors saying the alkaline day and
if so what’s your take on it
good question the question was am i
familiar are we familiar with dr. Chevy
diet and out specifically the alkaline
diet dr. Sophy and whether or not that
has benefits for our health for us to
achieve optimal health yes I’m familiar
with dr. Chevy and his work who is who
has since passed away he shares some
important very important concepts and
more specifically you talking about just
about alkyl and alkyl alkaline diet but
if you study and carefully he talked
about an anti mucus diet okay talking
about an anti mucus diet anti mucus diet
is very similar to an alkaline diet and
he specifically encouraged people to use
special herbs and natural foods
specifically to elicit that so yes I’m
familiar with him I wouldn’t say I would
use his quote unquote diet as a
comprehensive diet for all because we
are all different but as a guy it’s
excellent I remember what I was gonna
say so most people come to us to heal
them right but I just want to encourage
you guys to know that you guys the
things you do every day is how you heal
yourselves so we’ll give you this tidbit
of information but what you guys do
would implement in your lives every
single day is how you create your own
journey to wellness into optimal health
okay that’s what I was gonna say all
right so we’re gonna
okay okay um I was just curious so I
have a pretty clean diet for the past
I’ve had it for like six months or so or
everything that I consume it’s just like
natural like from the earth so I get
really hungry for like sugar sometimes I
can shoot craving because I’m not
consuming anything processed so I try to
eat chocolate like 70% dark chocolate
but I feel like I’ve been eating too
much of it so I’m looking for like other
sources of sucrose that’s healthy
like from obviously like pomegranates
and like other fruits but I’m just
curious like what do you guys would come
after that
well usually if you’re craving sugar
there’s something deeper going on okay
that’s probably you know whether it’s
something in the gut or the liver or
something that could be why you’re
screaming for sugar but you know any
fruits is a yeah they have sugar in them
so that’s right with a lower glycemic so
they’re gonna be a nice alternative dark
chocolates bad good 70 75 % yeah has
magnesium in it yeah so that’s a good
alternative as well anything else yeah
so again that’s a great question because
you’re asking a question is based on
your cravings so you’re listening to
your body right we listen to your body
carefully you’re saying okay it’s
practically telling you what the issue
alright sayin okay you crave sugar but
you’re replacing that with chocolate
that’s a good choice relatively speaking
if you’re craving sugar you’re craving
energy okay you’re craving energy so
what what forms of energy would you
utilize you would utilize short and long
term forms of energy these deliver
stores sugar stores glass sugar in the
form of glycogen for about 90 minutes
work so again you focus on the liver
look at look at fruits very good quality
fruits you’re getting a good quality
form of sugar with with fruits if you
can get them in season great if not
don’t worry about it we live in
Wisconsin and or Northern Illinois so we
cannot go by the typical seasons
otherwise we would starve okay the
second thing I would say is if for
example part of that craving for sugar
is in fact including chocolate then you
start looking at chocolate specifically
in the ingredients a new
nutrients I should say in chocolate even
if it’s 70% you say okay
chocolates gonna have fair amount of
zinc but it’s also gonna have a lot of
copper okay yes absolutely
so so chocolate what I will begin to
think I have this is again showing you
how I think about that question attacked
I’ll say okay because she has copper
toxicity and or some derivative of it
leading to a quote unquote craving for
it and that’s the way I would I would
look at that if you had other associated
symptoms as well it would be high on the
list so cool alright well thank you guys
all for coming out you can ask a
question after after we’re done we’re
gonna close it up here thank you for
joining us for our first lecture of the
season we will be back March 7 so it’s
the first Thursday in March same place
same time for ask the doctors we’ve done
this one before back by popular demands
if the fun one so we’ll just be on the
hot seat up here you guys can ask us
questions we do have this video on
Facebook should you need to go back and
review it it is available for you to
review okay
otherwise thank you for coming out again
there’s handouts on your way out and if
you want to donate there is a little cup
over there all right have a good night

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Sat Nov 9 , 2019
There are many misconceptions about CBD products, but most of them have no evidence to prove or are completely false. For example, many people think that CBD gets you high. This is not true at all. If you use the hemp-based CBD, it will never get you high because only […]

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