Marijuana: CBD IS a miracle cure!

and good morning how is everybody out
there hi as per my new tradition I am
doing this outside and everything’s
normal here on my camera now right up
here I’ve got the time minutes kilobytes
megabytes play stop pause or just go to
picture now I can pause the video when I
usually used to go to Facebook on my
group because that’s what I want to post
the video so I go right to the group and
I had my camera buttons down here just
like Neville well this morning
there’s nothing but one button it’s
white with a little red square in the
middle when you’re headed it turns red
you’re recording headed again it takes
you right to Facebook where you either
upload the picture or edit it but you
can’t re you can’t add to it you can’t
shoot more I need to stop the video like
this so I can surprise you from another
angle okay
I need my pause button Facebook’s are
not letting me do that anymore so now
I’m going straight off my camera so I’m
gonna but this out pause because I can
because Facebook won’t let me I’ll get
I’ll get around whatever they do so
although the stickers they give you
wouldn’t do anything well not even at a
pause I’m just gonna talk my way in here
what do we have word one minute 35
seconds and I want to talk about feeling
better okay I told you yesterday I was
dancing on air dancing on on the arrow
talking about the belt that I’m wearing
that I never take off except for a
shower and two or three days or two or
three hours I’ll take the magnet belt
off just let my skin birdy I work 24/7
and with my new bed sleeping even though
I’m sleeping on the floor and I have to
call up out of it I am sleeping better
because I don’t move and that’s very
important for me
I can’t move because when I move around
so my fault listen purple skunk but when
I move around in the bed my neck did
moved into awful positions so I took a
head or a very stiff neck pillow around
my neck when I go into town very very
thick memory foam they really got a push
and it comes really slow back and that’s
really good
I put that on like plaster myself
against the steam I’ve got a pull down
handle here that I can hold and put my
arm on this side to the next in getting
some window and that’s how I have to
ride and telling now when I was still
driving two years ago a year and a half
I was getting hangover but I call it
like the key force induced neck hangover
it’s from the g-forces that toes in my
head around while the car was moving and
when I’m driving my head is always
moving I’m one of those guards that I’m
always checking 1 2 3 1 2 3 2 3 1 I’m
always looking I’m always watching ahead
of myself I’m I told you about my brain
it really works
special way but I have to what I have to
ride in the car with that well that
still affects me I have very very bad
neck problems and this trapezius muscle
here that’s totally swollen up that’s
why I use my aunt but I’m almost 90% or
antvenom I put on this area as far as I
can go down here on my crap and then I
go all the way up the side of my head
because I feel it all the way up here it
feels like I got hit by a baseball bat
and it’s tender and soft ok it sucks
pain in the ass
I’ve shoots pain in the neck and head
and back but anyway today I’m skipping
pot for pets because I got some stuff to
talk about
I looked up my cat I looked up yesterday
I told you I would try to find toxic
levels of CVD there aren’t any there is
no toxic level just kind of bitty all
this DVD and but hemp derived especially
no high no addiction cares the body of
everything why because you have the
receptors in every cell of your body it
takes in the can of video and it uses it
to a beneficial point I just found out
that there is one toxic part too can a
video it is in the p450 enzyme from your
why does kind of video all effective
well because that particular enzyme is
what controls the high in your brain so
when CBD knocks down the p450 enzyme
from your liver that’s where it is anti
high non psychoactive it takes the
psycho activity away by affecting the
liver and making this enzyme this all
happens crackle quickly naturally in our
bodies okay
I am a walking talking limping bent over
disabled hurt pain but half of its all
gone now in a matter of three years half
of it is gone all I have the diseases
they continue my osteophyte formations
continue my stenotic where my nerves
come out of my spine
the stenosis bone growth Don groesser on
my vertebrae soft disks hard disks
recruiting discs
bone-on-bone because this is so small
from the one vertebrae touches the other
all that I am moving faster still
getting exhausted but it’s an it still a
win win lose for me trying this straight
CBD based Rick Simpson oil which still
has THC all all the Rick Simpson oils
are made from cannabis not him that’s
why you won’t see it on a land mother or
nacre no it’s not even a man turning
what what is it maybe did w hemp saved
me calm Tracy
more than Gibson and her Facebook page
the CBD his face
hemp saved me these products I’m giving
a sheet snob give me anything for this
when I first met her she was advertising
these products and I said why don’t you
advertise on my groups and I built two
more groups since then and told that an
advertiser arm so once a week she’ll
advertise on all of my pages and you can
even do it on my timeline you can do it
on my timeline too crazy that lets more
people see it my family sees that and I
want my family to be able days say hey
all this is happening over there with
Rick with marijuana cannabis or hemp
drive CBD we should try this my cousin
had a cancer on his face he had a
GoFundMe page he made it to chemo things
are in remission Eamon I love you
why Tracy’s product CBD only no
because we have he’s in my family of
everybody in my family are descendants
of alcoholics ten generations on ma for
me on both side to my family it’s a long
well I’m trying to stay healthy and not
Greg I don’t drink I got my pain issues
but started with hydrocodone balloon win
a proxy continent under boom morphine
and marijuana together it has become the
saving of my mind
yeah Tracey’s products alien mother
nature but the website is
that’s her website now you go there buy
those products Debbie I’m gonna go right
on Debbie Debbie has a friend and New
Jersey got ovarian cancer this is
actually the second one that case he’s
heard about that they’re using the 900
milligram unflavored hemp oil CBD high
CBD concentrate and portable non
psychoactive non addicting doesn’t come
out in a pee test and you know they
don’t even look for THC you can’t create
a beyond your analysis they’re tracing
and ends on that says you had Casey a
little trivia there but Debbie is now
let me back up a little bit so Debbie
felt bad for the past few years
everything is just not going right he
really needs to you now the dog wants to
God hold on
and yes we’re recording hello again
sorry the dark line o’clock I don’t know
why go poo poppy you wanted to come out
here no I’m not doing the 40 degree
weather like this
Nicky calf nicotine will keep me warm
anyway I want to tell you about Debbie
she has been feeling bad three couple
years steadily steadily steadily
intestinal problems both her and I both
had colonoscopies we both had polyps
okay regular pops nothing cancerous got
him out but she kept filling gut
problems and they diagnosed at his IBD
but it wasn’t quite the same it wasn’t
the bowels of themselves when inflamed
and taking Tracy’s products she has now
felt like she’s lost the internal fat
around her organs she feels lighter
inside and her friend in New Jersey
ovarian cancer I don’t know if she’s
even told the docs yet because it
doesn’t matter no matter what you tell
you doc it’s legal in all 50 states
through the mail so your doctor can’t
really see anything about cannon video
because it’s non psychoactive non
addicting and all that all those good
positive properties and it’s curing
cancer where they said her cancers going
into remission if she stays on the CBD
and if she if it gets recreational there
get some kid steam marijuana to add to
it it keeps your brain clean it keeps
you from getting Alzheimer’s
two-seam CBD do Alzheimer’s because THC
works up here CBD and we’ll see b1 1 & 2
receptors are everywhere else your kid
seems acceptor and the cb1 certain you
burn and like I said the cb1 receptors
talk to the liver to keep the enzyme
down to kick the high down when when
when lose they might always be lost
somewhere like I said there’s been no
toxic level of a kind of video there is
no toxic level all the all I thought it
was the enzyme that’s it now as far as
Casey’s products that’s what this is
turning into an advertise for her but
he’d never he doesn’t not give me
anything for this okay
he under being a free raffle when I go
in the club I want to spray I tried it
didn’t work on me now a year later
Debbie is she I got her to tell her
friend in Jersey to use these products
with the chemotherapy and I told you all
the tumor truck was going to get dark
got the train right let her out all she
wants to do is sit out there and play
there anyway 13 minutes I stood about 15
minutes ago okay
like I said 30 minutes my cutoff time
from Facebook YouTube seems to be going
okay it just takes all night for the
upload I start my uploaded 8 o’clock
last night it just finished this morning
you know cuz I shared it as soon as I
shared it that’s when it finally
finished from 12 hours ago
fort King always ago anyway Debbie she
wrote all this down for me and has
authorized me to talk about her these
are gonna be called on YouTube marijuana
here’s my clinical trials me THC dev CBD
and the chaga she’s getting cataracts
she’s got the blue ring okay here on the
outer part of her iris you can see it
and it was receded not even slightly
started to say slightly but he
it’s receded enough for her to see the
she’s taking these things for a week
that’s it
one dose a day nan addicting non
psychoactive hemp derived canna Biddy
all and in one week her insides feel
lighter like everything nothing if there
was any swelling in there it’s gone
inflammation gone why the endogenous
cannabinoids system UCS okay a few years
that taken me a few hours after taking
the capsules her eyes with water she’s
been feeling a tightness in the eyeball
which is now gone and they no longer
tear I said he’s actually gang crisper
yes she’s not getting cataracts
she’s curing her cataracts cataracts
glaucoma everything stop running around
so much now what the hell’s her probably
maybe comes to play and I because I’m
being so upbeat kids it’s getting her
turn down and almost read our thoughts
or moved learn your pets moves that we
move to knows pets for pot for pets pork
you okay
anyway Debbie says it’s falling right
here if you roll your thumb and
forefinger around know you’ll feel to
not like little swollen balls on either
side of your trachea and between you
know submandibular lymph glands like a
special name but know where it is but
submandibular lymph glands have stopped
being swollen they went back to normal
within an hour as she was feeling this
in her eyes and it stopped the in it
killed the inflammation in her inner
torso where she was feeling it she is
feeling lighter on her
feels at least like she saw some of the
intel fat also feels is the
inflammations gone she breathed more
she was a smoker for a long time she
baked herself off cigarettes and she’s
been off cigarettes now I think this
gets my secondhand smoke but I think her
subconscious may be as convinced you to
try the products as well as her friend
who’s gotten the key no help from
products at crécy sells these are great
awesome life-saving products yes without
FDA DEA having to be involved without
the government having to get involved
these products are safe totally legal
and here’s the clinical trials my wife
is a skeptic on everything and he has
been telling me over and over and over
again you’re telling me that this is a
miracle drug it’s not a miracle drug I
finally get to say honey I’m right
that’s why I look at it I’m right and
that’s just because I’ve done this
research and I’ve got 60 double-sided
pages of notes just on marijuana okay
not just the cannabis cannabis marijuana
is the sister plant to the hemp plant
which is more industrial low THC usually
0.3 percent or less wouldn’t get a baby
high I smoked 20% 20% not pump 3 20% THC
or higher for my pain cuz that’s what I
have to shut off the pain in my head
that the switch for my whole body pain
is triggered with THC but because I’m
still smoking cigarettes as I smoke
flower because it’s a flower blossom I
throw it up and
smoked more some a few cigarettes today
to make my throat easy because this is
the fastest way for me to get my
paintcare better if I didn’t act the man
pipe too tight having half a second ok I
have to talk really quick about lupus
lupus is an informer inflammatory
disease of the autoimmune system causes
inflammation throughout your body
especially the brain brain joint skin
and kidneys that’s bad lupus is bad
lupus is obviously this is painful a
friend of mine wants to convince her dad
uncle somebody the cannabadiol is the
one of the best things for it
ok you don’t need me for a do a Google
search cannabadiol and lupus that’s all
I did
I found all those information in less
than five minutes on one website lupus
systemic lupus erythematosus – the most
common affects multiple organs due to
hyperactivity of the immune system ok
healthy tissue is confused as harmful
now like bacteria and viruses and and
it’s attacked by antibodies listen lupus
patients suffer extreme pain tissue
damage swelling variety of others this
moves and there’s no cure big farmers
got almost 400 different pills for lupus
400 different poisons with various side
effects for lupus just bullcrap it’s
just wrong
ok the key is treating lupus is high CBD
cannabis or hemp drive CBD now I can do
this Abbie’s no – ok hiatal hernia
that’s the top valve at the top of your
stomach okay get her Nia there
okay her lung capacity was diminished
and like I said in the other side she is
now breathing easier okay because you
don’t even have to smoke marijuana when
I smoke it’s more beneficial for my
lungs than it is negative there’s more
benefits to smoking weed than there is
side effects smoking anything does
affect your lungs by irritants and it
can make you cancer so I take the CBD to
stay cancer-free not to get stolen not
to get high not to get pain relief even
but it is helping my pain because since
I’ve gone through a whole syringe of
receptors in oil
I have improved they’d be hadn’t tried
this other pill repulsed something
there’s nothing I don’t know what it is
I’m not advertising that on what the air
but can’t be tried at this morning on a
piece of Dominic before my coffee I wait
here an hour
oh I don’t know I don’t feel any
different than I did yesterday
so I don’t know if it’s working I don’t
see what happens after a couple days a
client at though certainly Debbie had to
hernia tightened up her breathing she’s
not breathing easier why because all
this information is gone
even the hiatal hernia is responding to
the cannabadiol because it goes
everywhere in your body that it’s needed
anywhere there’s a CB receptor at the
subcellular DNA level everywhere
everywhere everywhere except your dead
skin coming off that’s it everywhere
your nail is your hair your skin all are
positively affected by cannabis and hemp
drive can’t video 5 minutes left
I mean pain relief that’s what I’m doing
I took my CV to oil on a piece of red
line today
so anyway dad we felt that so confess
cavity was just had too much space part
of your stomach swollen up there it’s
gone after a surge around her shoulder
20 years ago recently she’s been feeling
like she toward the ligament again her
pain has greatly reduced yes now this is
from Debbie the most skeptical person in
the world
why now get to say I was right how many
men want to say that to their wives and
be able to back it up I’ve been getting
all this information and now she has a
clinical trial herself if this goes to
the government statewide nationwide
international president statesman
country prime ministers presidents
whatever listen to me hemp derived
industry not just this medicine the hemp
plate itself does more for the earth
than it does for us and it’s at our
subcellular level so what does that tell
you about the earth it does everything
for it positively it outcompetes the
weeds you don’t need the crap to spray
in the crops to kill the lead because
hemp won’t let the weeds grow it
protects itself the user Italy’s the
terpenes that are also good for us by
keeping pests away so it’s pest
resistant mold mildew rot resistant I’ve
gone into the industrial side of hemp
and I can probably do another video on
the industrial side of having this go
through a partial list of all the things
we can make from hemp and now here we
last but not least for Debbie if I can
get back to lupus good her elbows was
getting ashy gray and dry one week
that’s gone all these things happened in
the space of one week with what no
no addiction you don’t even feel the
dosage like you take a pain pill and it
makes you easy and high you don’t feel
that but your body is taking the can
Abedini can of video and it is putting
it where it is needed and if that’s
every cell of your body
that’s words gonna go it will divide it
up it will divide and conquer is what
can a video all does for your body when
it’s something in the body that doesn’t
belong to her at the cannabinoid system
knows this and utilizes cannabinoids
mother’s milk contains cannabinoids
we’ve gone over that I’ve gone over it
over and over again without ingesting
cannabis mom produces kind of video your
body tries to fight I’m sure if they did
they’re real clinical trials they would
see a difference in that
we need legalization buses in two
minutes here we need legalization Debbie
said to spray on her elbows for years
what’s going she’s got more energy so
mood is better lupus will decide I got
more to say on lupus I’m sorry honey I
can do another show just on lupus and
maybe another disease I’ll get to that
too but like I said hemp drives CBD it’s
medical marijuana would be even better
with high CBD addiction smoking
marijuana no eat a cage C burning but
take the Victor Simpson CBD oil because
that is the cure for cancer if it can
cure a cancer which is the plague that
an aid to an Ebola or the plagues of
this earth marijuana helps them all help
that do Charles on people to get Ebola
they should try injecting canna pity all
into their bodies okay just imagine that
what if we could kill cure Ebola it was
kind of video doesn’t that tell
everybody out there that we should try
this Ebola patients 80% mortality or
higher very bad your blood vessels bleed
out your body just bleeds out internally
your organs eat themselves you live
words sometimes turns into a rock hard
yes Ebola is very nasty what if can a
baby all cured that they’re already
using it for HIV and AIDS and lupus all
this is telling me and should be telling
all of us the emptor I can’t NVIDIA all
is beyond wonderful as a medication and
it’s not even medication it’s an herbal
they should be available
over-the-counter everywhere hemp seeds
are already available in your in your
health food store go eat some hemp seeds
put him on a salad see if you’re not
feeling better it within a week chi
crazies products Debbie’s time tastes
taking the chaga mushroom with ten
milligrams see weeding one week later
she’s feeling the difference okay so
hemp CBD hemp saved me calm CBD hemp
saved me on Facebook Tracy Morgan Gibson
I love you sweetheart
you got great medicine you’re helping my
wife I love you love everybody else free
hundred free marijuana from the prison
of ignorance twenty nine fifty five six
seven fifty eight

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