How To Vape CBD- Benefits, CBD Liquids and CBD Vape Pens

in this video I’m going to tell you
everything that you need to know so that
you can enjoy vaping CBD I’ll explain
what the benefits are there can CBDR
I’ll also run through the three
different types of sea buddy there click
with that you can use and I’ll also
explain the two different types of their
pen that you can use for CBD so as a
member of the campus trade association I
do need to let you know that I do sell
CBD here in the UK as a food supplement
only so I’m not making any medicinal
claims I do hope you like this video if
you do please the shot give it a thumbs
up and hit the subscribe button so you
can learn that live it and share it sees
buddy journey with me well that’s
getting for the video the first benefit
of vaping CBD is that it’s the fastest
method of delivery so when we’re vacant
CBD it’s going directly into its lungs
it’s attaching to the cells of our own
cannabinoid system and getting into the
bloodstream, so it only takes a couple of
minutes for that to happen one with a
CBD now the reason why this is great is
that our ECS system amongst many many
things is responsible for homeostasis
which hobbyist Asus is about bringing
the body back to balance back to
well-being so if say for instance
somebody’s moody here are down there
which I have lived in all of those
extremes and then what by vaping CBD
you’re going to quickly get CBD into the
bloodstream so I’m attached to these
cells event cannabinoid system and the
in cannabinoid system through
homeostasis he’s going to bring the body
back to balance back to well-being so
the second great benefit if they can see
is that if you were wanting to get CBDs
particularly to your lung area to your
chest area, then when we’re very P is a
A great method to get it there now it will
get into the bull zoom it will go out
throughout the body and attach to the
other cells in the body as well but it’s
Going to be more concentrated in the lungs
so by doing this by simulating RN
cannabinoid system in albums, it’s going
to help to improve lung function the
A third benefit of the in CBD is that it’s
very very inconspicuous, it’s very
convenient to use it’s very easy to take
their pen out with you in your bag if
you were at work and you wanted to knit
to the bathrooms have a quick there or
if you were out in public in your vaping
nobody’s going to know what you doin
nobody’s going to know where it is anyway
um but it’s it’s just really easy to use
and easy to keep with you so there are
three different types of CBD via click
with that you can that you can use and I
think it’s important to mention that you
cannot use a normal sublingual CBD oil
that you would put under the tongue as a
verb you’ve got to buy a specific CBD
there liquid and this is because the oil
that we use for sebelum or CBD oil is a
lot of thicker than oil, that we would
put into a very añ area is down otherwise
if you try to put oil into you vent and
it’s going to clog the coil it’s going to burn
it’s not going to taste now
it’s not going to be good so you’ve got to
definitely make sure that if you want in
today to see beneath at you buy a CD
there click quick that is specifically
for the baby
so the first see buddy Vic liquid that
you can buy is made with a CBD isolate
and what’s even the saw is is it’s
just like a white powder that it’s
extracted from the hemp planet and it’s
just Iceland it’s just CBD on its own
it’s just that kind of an ID, it’s
nothing else just like cannabinoid so
there will extract it will
get the white powder and will mix it
with pg/vg
or some other type of carrier oil and
then they might put some flavorings in
there like raspberry or strawberry now
it’s the cheapest method of vaping CBDs
very reasonable to buy and I’ve got an
CD isolate Sativex on my website so the
second type of C-buddy Vic that you can
buy is a full spectrum see leave it so
what that means is is that when they
have extracted from the hemp plan
They’re not just extracted the CBD
isolated on its own the ball star
extracted all of the other cannabinoids
from the plan and the serpents and the
amino acids and all the other good stuff
in the planet, so a full spectrum CBD Vic
has all of those in there and this is
more beneficial because when we vacancy
bit in when we take Cindy in any form
really when it’s when it’s taken with
the rest of the cannabinoids from the
planet, it causes an entourage effect
which is where they’re working synergy
together and the create greater impact
on the in carbonized system so it is a
lot better if you can to get a full
spectrum there so the third different
type of the
you can get would be a CBD a
full-spectrum CBD there that’s got added
terpenes now this is the best one that
you can use now the reason why it’s so
great, it’s my personal favorites what I
think on a daily basis, they will take
the full spectrum so that will have all
the cannabinoids and all of the the
terpenes and so from the industrial hemp
plant that will act back to the Vig and
then there will get the terpenes
extracted from a normal cannabis plant
and they will have been so the reason
why they do this is that in the UK
legally you’re only allowed to extract
CBD from an industrial hemp plant and
that is because I thanks because
industrial hemp is a natural law in THC
but very high in CBD, so you have to
extract it from an industrial hemp plant
however the different strains of
cannabis industrial hemp is one type
of strain cannabis has two different
varieties you can have sativa cannabis
plant or you can have an indica cannabis
now if you were to be somewhere where
it’s legal to smoke THC and you were to
you were to consume some THC that was
from an indica planet that there is a
thought that the indica planet the
terpenes that the THC from that plant
gives more of a relaxing sedated feeling
so it would be more that you would use
of an evening, whereas a native plan is
more of an energizing feeling and
something that you would maybe
use through the day now what they are
able to do in the UK is we’re able to
extract the CBD from industrial hemp
plant but then just use
terpenes from an indica or sativa
cannabis plant because it’s not THC
litter themes and the terpenes have got
their own unique profiles of health
giving benefits so it gives you a little
bit more variety the terpenes also what
calls the canvas to taste the way it
does the flavor of it is smell alright
so just up a bit of variety it just
gives you an extra-health health boost
there are two different types of their
pen that you can use when you vacancy be
needy the first thing that you can use
is a refillable Vic pen I think with
something like this and these are very
cheap to buy you can get them from any
local vape shop that you have and
they’re there come in three different
parts you’ve got the battery you’ve got
the atomizer the tank where you put the
liquid in and then you’ve got the
mouthpiece and so with this type of Vic
that maybe has a quartz coil and this
can be used with a normal CT isolate
verb and that’s because it’s mixed with
PG VG so it will burn or care with that
type of coil, there are other types of
refillable their pens, which I would
choose a ceramic coil so this particular
one is a ceramic coil, it just means that
it’s a smaller battery, it’s not as hot
as as a normal variate pen so if you’re
VIP in a full spectrum CBD like caliber
dolls and you can buy the Vic
juice on its own and then you can just
add it you take the mouthpiece off and
you just add the liquid to the glass
tank and then that will Vic quite
so with this thing and you just you can
use a any sort of full-spectrum oil that
comes in a bottle and you just add it
yourself, it’s it’s nice it’s a nice
effect of it, the one thing I would say
is that when you use in a ceramic coil
and you then can full-spectrum CBD that
with the cannabinoids it’s got a tiny
tiny amount of pg/vg you’re not going to
get billows of smoke like you do from a
normal vehicle and that’s because it’s
not heating up as much and it’s not as
high voltage and also because it’s not
got loads of pg/vg
in there and it’s the pg/vg that cause
the vapor that causes the hit on the
back of the floor and so if this one as
you can see it’s demonstration
that has got a lot of it and that’s
because it’s got this is an isolated
seething in here, it’s got a lot of pg/vg
in there so if you’re really wanting to
have lots of billows of smoke and to
feel the sensation on the back of you
floor then you’re better off using an
isolated so you need to get that effect
the full spectrum CVD as you can see now
I’ll just demonstrate
there’s not really a lot of there for
that but that doesn’t mean that it’s not
taking effect, that doesn’t mean it’s not
getting into you in cannabinoid system
because it is you can taste it in your
mouth and it’s getting into your lungs
it’s just it’s not got billows and
billows of smoke but that’s because it’s
a full spectrum so very little pg/vg and
so there, that’s the first type of pen
one that you can refill yourself and you
buy a bottle and you would fill the
event pen up yourself and the second
type of a pen that you can use to CBD
would be a prefilled cartridge so this
is one that I sell it’s all seemingly
life and again description links in the
description box below this is a full
spectrum with added terpenes and it
comes in a prefilled cartridge so you
buy the kit and then when you want to
when you’ve run out of this and evict at
all you would then buy another character
that you would just attach to the pen
and it sweets just demonstrate this for
again you can see there’s not a lot of
theater there and what you really do
taste there and you can feel the effects
so yes this is a prefilled cartridge
and that’s the second type that you can
buy so hopefully now you’ve got
everything that you need to know so that
you can enjoy baking CVD yourself and
you know what the benefits are also the
different types of CBD Vic liquids that
you can buy and the different pens that
you cannot that you can use with the sea
any big liquids so I hope you’ve enjoyed
watching please hit the subscribe button
so that you don’t miss my next video and
let’s learn to live and share our code
journey together thanks for watching

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