Raw Cannabis – A Superfood Leafy Green Vegetable Money Can’t Buy

This is John Kohler at okraw.com today I have
another exciting episode for you and I am,
coming at you first from my front yard garden
here and I want to encourage all you guys
out there no matter you guys eat you guys
should be eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.
And specifically grow them yourself if you
have the means to be able to do that. Whether
you have some land, inside, whether you could
get a community garden plot outside, whether
you can grow micro greens and sprouts inside
your home no matter where you live. I encourage
you guys to do that, because in other words
those some of the best food money can buy,
and money can buy many of the foods out there.
But there are new foods that are you know,
that I am, doing research on all the time.
That even raise up the bar, mean we all know
how good kale is and I have some you know,
some dinosaur kale growing back other there
and it is growing amazing. And kale is a very
nutrient rich power house, it is rich phytochemicals,
phytonutrient, and things that can help to
prevent cancer and you know, are anti-aging
and all this kind of stuff. It is really good.
And a mean even better than kale in my opinion
for you know, a good vegetable that is really
healthy to eat is this one right here I am,
even growing two whole beds of it , it is
actually called the ashitaba so with the ashitaba
unfortunately it is very hard to find it,
you will never find it at the grocery store,
to buy the leaves. You Know, you might find
it at health food store actually in the supplement
isle as like a green powder though. I always
like to say freshest is all “bestest”.
And you can purchase the seeds of the ashitaba
and grow it yourself. And I do actually offer
the seeds I do have a video on that, on harvested
seeds and I’m offering it to you guys. So
at least you have access to you know, some
of healing plants that I have be researching
and growing myself. Another one that I really
like a lot for you know, its properties is
called gynura procumbens also known as longevity
greens, and that has a lot of amazing properties
to it, you know, being as a food that’s
actually a medicine. And if you guys have
studied, you know, ah, history there’s this
famous dude name Hippocrates and he said let
food be thy medicine and medicine be they
food. So that’s simply what I am, doing
here in my front yard: I’m growing my own
food but also its medicine, I believe that
and you know, there is no need for medicines.
That many peoples watching this may take drugs
and this kinda stuff, if you lead a healthy
life style. A mean think about it 100 years
right, 200 years ago did you know, men have
all these drugs that people take, pharmaceutical
drugs that big companies make that that they
get million and get rich on, No! People ate
foods of the earth natural foods and they
were healthy. So while you know, you can grow
your own, you know, fruits and vegetables
and even medicinal you know, foods like the
oshotable, there is one medicinal food that
you know, depending on where you live you
cannot grow legally at this time through most
of country although there are a few states
that you can grow this you know, nutritional
powerhouse leafy green, but it is also a controversial
topic so for that because I am, not growing
any of this ah, ah, leafy green medicinal
food. I am, gonna have to go somewhere where
they are actually licensed by the state to
do that. So that’s actually where we gonna
head to next, we are gonna talk more about
this nutritionally dense leafy green, that
I believe every American and everybody around
the world should be including in a regular
basis along with, the fresh leafy greens you
can grow at home or buy at you supermarket.
So now I’m here actually at an indoor garden
and as you guys can see the field of green
behind me here and where I’m at is actually
at North Coast Naturals ah, not for profit
growing collective that is ah, operated under
PROP 215 for ah, legal growing in California
for medicinal uses. And ah, yes the cannabis
is the new and upcoming super food or more
appropriately known as functional food. I
am, harvesting my own fresh non-sprayed clean
green beyond organic certified, ah, leafy
greens that I will be juicing later on. But
meanwhile I wanna go ahead and get out of
this room because the lighting is all jacked
up and let’s all go ahead and talk to you
guys more about this amazing super food that
unfortunately is under more scrutiny and debate
as of late.
So now I’m at North Coast Naturals and they
are actually my medicinal cannabis collective
that actually grows my plants for me. I posted
a picture on Facebook, where I juice literally
about a pound of the cannabis leaves with
celery, one head of celery and like 3 apples
it’s an amazing juice. To get my fix of
this dietary essential in my opinion, I know
what you guys may be thinking: John Cannabis
that’s a drug man! and yes I’m gonna talk
about that, in a second. The way advocate
using the cannabis is in its raw unrefined
and natural state, right. When you start heating
foods whether that is cannabis leaf or asparagus
or you know, potatoes it changes the structure
of the food into something derange. So when
you heat up cannabis you know, you will get
high but when you eat raw you will not. Ah,
you know, when you heat up other foods there
is chemical changes you lose protein you create,
you know, toxin like heterocyclic amines and
acrylamides that are pro-oxidants and you
know, the food and the diet that I recommend
is a diet rich in fresh fruits and fresh vegetables,
that are full of antioxidants that help keep
you young and protect you from disease. For
many of you guys that don’t know me, I got
into you know, changing my diet because I
almost lost my life when I was younger. I
had what’s called complement immune deficiency
which basically caused me to get ah, spinal
meningitis from which I almost lost my life.
So since the time I got out of hospital, I
have been on a quest to eat the healthiest
foods on the entire planet, so that I wouldn’t
be back in the hospital again, because the
doctors said that I had some sort of genetic
defect whereas my immune system was not as
strong as a normal person’s. Kind of like
that movie the boy in the bubble well that
guy was like extremely you know, what poor
weak immune system and another person may
be here, I’m kinda like somewhere in the
middle right. And so I really needed to start
making dietary changes and I found that by
eating a plant based fresh fruits and vegetables
primarily in their raw state to have the most
loads of antioxidants literally you know,
I’ve kept a lot younger and stayed a lot
younger looking than you know, my cohorts
in high school that are now you know, overweight,
you know, have grey hairs, look rapidly older
than what they should be and also have tons
of diseases. So my latest area of research
has lately been the cannabis plant, you know,
which of course people know it as a drug and
if take out you know, the DEA’s website
here and that’s a Drug Enforcement Administration.
They basically classified cannabis as Schedule
1 Drug and I’ll read it from here. Schedule
1 Drug are substances or chemicals are defined
as drugs with no currently accepted medical
use and high potential for abuse. Schedule
1 Drugs are the most dangerous drugs of all
the drugs Schedules with potentially severe
psychological or physical dependence. Some
examples of Schedule 1 drugs are heroine,
ah, marijuana, ecstasy, all these other things.
But, you know, marijuana is listed as Schedule
1 Drugs, I know many of you guys have been
educated that marijuana is bad because of
the DEA you know. But what I wanna propose
and just share with you guys real quick is
a US patent and you guys can look this up
online google has them online Google Patents
you can check out Patent No. 6630507 dated
October 7, 2003 this a patent you know, owned
by the (Chuckle) US Government the patent
is specifically on cannabinoids as antioxidants
and neuro-protectants. So the US Government
holds patent on the beneficial antioxidant
protective effects of the cannabis plant.
But at the same time says there is no medicinal
benefits. And then in the abstract it says
cannabinoids have been found to have an antioxidant
properties and basically it says. This new
found property makes cannabinoids useful in
treatments of prophylaxis of a wide variety
of oxidative associated diseases such as ischemic,
age related inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.
The cannabinoids are found to have particular
applications as neuroprotectants, for example
in limiting neurological damage following
ischemic incidents, such as stroke and trauma,
and also such as some other diseases such
as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and HIV dementia.
So I mean that’s how powerful this plant
is right. One of the things I have been doing
is I have been basically being proactive in
my stance for my health. By eating fruits
and vegetables which are very protective.
Based on my research with antioxidants, you
know, with other anti-disease abilities. And
to me cannabis is just yet another probably
one of the most healing most powerful foods
that were put on this planet for us to consume
and use, but now we are restricted, you know,
due to the Government. So, Next what I wanna
do is sit down with MIT the proprietor here
that, ah, grows all the medicinal cannabis
for, ah, patients according to the PROP 215
here in California. I also wanna let you guys
know that I do have a doctor’s recommendation
for cannabis. And that is why I am, able to
get it to be able to derive the healthy benefits,
ah, from cannabis leaf.
So anyways next let’s go ahead and interview
MIT and talk to them more about the medicinal
cannabis, ah, and also its uses as a very
powerful healing food that I believe everybody
should be eating on a daily basis.
John: So Now I’m with MIT the master grower
here at North Coast Naturals.
MIT: John welcome back it’s a pleasure to
have you here as always and we are delighted
to have you here this evening.
John: Thanks, thanks for having me. I know
what you guys may be thinking. “John what’s
with space suits man?” So MIT what’s up
MIT: So, so space suits serve a very, very,
important function here at North Coast. North
Coast Naturals is a clean green certified,
ah, garden here based in California it’s
one of about 50 or so gardens, medicinal gardens
based in California, that are independently
inspected, third party certified, ah, were
they look for all sort of chemicals whether
it is the pesticides or something that’s
being used in root zone as a fertilizer some
sort synthetic fertilizer we don’t use any
of them here. The clean green certification
program, is based on the organic certification
program, program, for conventional food crops.
It’s conducted by an attorney, who actually
certifies organic food crops that are conventional
as well as medicinal gardens like ours. That
are less conventional in the eyes of the federal
authorities. So, am, the clean green certification
program, is something that we aspire to for
a long time we have achieved it last year.
We don’t any sort of, ah, chemical pesticide
or fertilisers here at North Coasts and am.
The reasons for the space suits is to be in
compliant with the certification, ah, processes
and protocols. In other words, making sure
we are not bringing any pesticides or agents
that are dangerous to our crops in from any
sort of outdoor source whatsoever. So, we
protect ourselves and our clothing this way.
We have dedicated clothes that we wear in
our gardens indoors and these are just some
of the things that we do here at North Coast
to make sure that we are growing the highest
quality medicinals that we can be.
John: Absolutely I mean I totally agree basically
the clean green is like an organic standard
for the medicinal cannabis and this is the
collective that I have joined to get my leaves
here. Because I don’t want them spraying
any thing on my leaves that’s gonna hurt
me and we gonna talk about this a little later.
If guys are trying to source some leaves or
try to get some medicinal leaves for yourself.
Am, so I guess another big question MIT that
a lot of my viewers may have “John cannabis
it’s a drug it is bad” and if you guys
are still watching you wanna listen to this
part because you know, as much as cannabis
is a drug, in my opinion if you heat it. You
know, it’s also a medicinal food that can
also be used as medicine in its raw and natural
state. So, you know, can I get high by juicing
five kilos of the leaves straight to my head?
MIT: Absolutely not! Absolutely not! We will
talk a little bit in detail, ah, as much details
as necessary to illustrate the idea of the
, of the, psychoactive effects you can achieve
with cannabis use versus the non-psychoactive
effects you can achieve with cannabis use.
The pros and cons of each. Because there are
pros and cons of each actually, and, am, how
you can use cannabis, am, as an everyday ingredient
in your diet to make yourself healthy and
to keep yourself healthy. Am, as opposed to
conventional drugs that a lot of people have
taken for various problem. And also just to
do it for the purposes of maintaining your
overall health and making sure you get all
the nutrients that you can get. And also something
that are unique to the cannabis plant, ah,
when you use it as dietary staple that you
can get anywhere else. So if you eat this,
if you ingest it without heating it. The reality
is that there is not enough THC which is the
psychoactive cannabinoid that gets you high
conventionally used. There is not enough of
that to actually have any effect on you whatsoever.
If you eat or juice it or ingest in some fashion
like that.
John: Awesome, I encourage you to eat all
your foods, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables
raw because you will have higher basically
nutritive properties. Higher in the levels
of antioxidants and all these kinds of stuff
that’s very protective for us. That’s
why I am, consuming my cannabis raw. And it
does not get you high, there is a lot of misinformation,
you know, out there about this. Now, THC is
just one of the cannabinoids, there is many
other ones CBD is a popular one.
So do you wanna talk about the THC-A or THC
acid which is in the raw version and the THC
which is the one that’s gonna get you high
MIT: Yes, yes. So, so, that’s an important
distinction. The difference between THC-A
and THC is basically molecularly, there is
just a little acid component to the THC molecule
when you are looking on the THC-A. And it
is very unusual stable and when you heat,
when you heat the plant matter, ah, and the
threshold if I am, not mistaken 80 degree
Celsius, when you heat it up 80 degree Celsius
or more the instability associated with that
acid, ah, comment of the molecule breaks off
and your are left with, instead of THC-A,
THC and then in the process of heating it
and smoke it or vaporise it or whatever you
are doing. You are going to achieve a psychoactive
effect, ah, psychoactive effect and, am, you’re
going to ingest all the cannabinoid associated
with it except for the THC-A because that
doesn’t excise anymore, except of for the
CBD-A because that doesn’t exist anymore.
And, ah, you are going to experience, ah,
in addition to the high a number of positive
effects, but what you’re not going to do
is experience the degree of positive effect
that you would if you just conventionally
consumed the plant ah, either by eating it
or by juicing it, so.
John: Awesome yeah, a mean I like to eat things
raw and, you know, to me, cannabis is just
yet another leafy green vegetable that I believe
everybody should be including, you know, on
a regular basis in their diet for the hassle
of health. So MIT, talk to us about the CBD,
you know, to me CBD is even more important
than THC because some of the research that
I have uncovered is that you know, CBD is
anti-cancerous and I mean, just the plant
is anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory,
a mean, think that if could get off your drug
and just have some cannabis so that you could
not have the inflammation anymore that many
people have due to arthritis and all these
MIT: Right exactly, so inflammation is one
of the major causes of, ah, and one of the
major, ah, correlation, ah, ah, sort of states
that you have with disease in general. So
anything that is healthy and anti-inflammatory
is generally going to be good for you. THC
is anti-inflammatory, THC-A is strongly anti-inflammatory,
CBD, CBD-A also very strong in anti-inflammatory.
So the interesting about CBD, ah, and again
let me just refresh your memory. It is you
have got THC-A, CBD-A, when you heat the plant
it goes from those THC-A and CBD-A molecules
to THC and CBD. Focusing on the CBD aspect
of the plant which happens again when you
heat, there is numerous, numerous, numerous
beneficial compound or consequences rather
associated with the, ah, the ingestion of
CBD. So first of all you have the anti-inflammatory
effect that you have with the other, many
of the other cannabinoids. But you also have
unique to the CBD is it cannot actual reduce
inflammation but prevent in many cases. So
there is tremendous health benefits there.
It, ah, it is as you rightfully said an anti-carcinogenic
agent because it causes cancer cells, causes
cancer cells to commit suicide essentially,
it causes them to kill themselves am, that
is one of the huge benefit of CBD. Which is
one of the reasons you are seeing a lot of
people focusing on higher level CBD strain
production and CBD extraction from the plant
and then isolating that CBD and making it
available in sort of commercial way. Ah, in
the states where that’s legal, that’s
one of the reasons it’s become more popular
and more popular and we are projecting that
it’s going to increase in popularity and
use. So, that’s one of things that’s unique
about CBD.
John: Cool, so how many different strains
are you actually growing here? We’ve got
a whole bunch of different plants behind us
and you got other modules or rooms with other
plants some are higher in THC some are higher
in CBD and they all are different.
MIT: Yeah, Yeah, every strain has its own
particular profile associated with it of cannabinoids
and again the most popular one, the ones that
people focus on THC and CBD. And am, we have
grown over the past year or so, every year
we take a different approach but over the
past year or so we have grown probably 45
or 50 different strains I would say. And what
we are constantly doing is evaluating you
know, our ability within our ah, facility
grow a certain strain a certain way with a
certain level of quality associated with and
see how receptive that strain is in the patient
community and what are patient liking what
are they disliking, what are they using it
for, where can we help the most people in
the most ways and also where can we grow the
best plant. Every different ah, facility every
different ah, grow ah, garden, every different
garden is going to have its own am, nuances,
that allows some strains to grow better there
than others. So it’s, it’s a reflexive
of a relationship between the patient community
and our garden as to what ends up being produced
most by us.
John: Mmm. So, I wanted to share with you
guys, just real quick this little chart here
basically which is the ah, some of the health
benefits for the different cannabinoids and
I mean there are all different kinds anti-
ischemic, anti- spasmodic, neuro-protective,
bone stimulant, antimicrobial, anit-proliferative,
anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, a mean,
all kinds of different things, amino-suppressive.
So MIT how many cannabinoids are there and
what are the all different usage and are they
even known yet?
MIT: Ah, there is still tremendous lot of
research that actually is being done right
now and there is hundreds of different cannabinoids,
ah, there is lots of questions about how they
interplay together. Am, there is just too
much, ah, that is ah, still not known am,
to, to, to really honed down say beyond what,
what, we know about THC, what we know about
CBD. A mean CBD-A there is still a lot of
research to be done, ah, and a lot more to
be uncovered, the early indication that have
been uncovered from the research done associated
with that is very, very, positive but am,
ah, there is still a lot to be uncovered.
And interestingly things like dosages, how
much you actually intake affect the, you know,
the way that a certain compound affects you.
CBD is an interesting one, low dose will make
you energetic and more up lifted. If you take
higher dosages of CBD rich strain or CBD extraction
it is going to induce sleep, which both of
those are great in different scenarios. So
these things are still, you know, indications
of what’s being uncovered right now through
the research that’s being done.
John: Yea, mean unfortunately the research
is actually quite difficult to get done because
you know, the cannabis is still listed as
a Class 1 drug so to get funding and all this
stuff to do the research is very difficult.
You know, for a lot people out there, you
know, one of the people that I have looked
up to and also I know you have looked up to
is ah, Dr Courtney. And you want to maybe
give a few words about Dr Courtney and some
of his work and what he has been doing. Yes
So Dr William, Courtney is ah, based in California
here and he is am, I have learnt a lot from
him about ah, juicing and ingesting and am,
he is doing a lot of research and, and, sort
of being on the front lines of ah, being a
proponent of cannabis juicing. And talking
a lot about this is the ideal way to achieve
all the health benefits that the cannabis
plant has to offer. You can get up to a hundred
times the benefit of the anti-inflammatory
and, and, other benefits ah, by juicing it
or ingesting it ah, as you can by smoking
it. And you don’t have to and, and, and
the beautiful thing about that is then you
can, you can, achieve those benefits all day
you don’t have to deal with, with, you know,
as adults often times have to do when they
are using cannabis you don’t have to deal
with psychoactive effects of cannabis use
in the morning if you don’t want to. And
most people don’t because they have to work
so they will juice it or they’ll eat or
something like that in a form a salad and
get those medicinal properties or those health
healing properties and Dr Courtney has been
ah, strong proponent ah, in the community
with respect to exposing all of that which
is great
John: Yeah, absolutely so I mean, once again
I wanna encourage you guys besides the cannabis
which is plenty healthy plant you know, my
prior new top food that is also a medicine
but there is plenty of other fresh fruits
and fresh vegetables I mean there is a lot
of studies on broccoli on how it is anti-cancering
and turmeric an excellent root for one of
like the most powerful anti-inflammatories
I wonder if it is like turmeric and cannabis
head to head which one is going to perform
better for like, you know, anti-inflammatory
I think, I priced think turmeric is still
gonna you know, win on that one. But nonetheless,
I want you guys to include, you know, as many
fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet in
their raw natural state and especially by
juicing them you are going to get much higher
uptakes of these protective nutrients and
you know, fruits and vegetables as well as
the cannabis leaf. So MIT is there anything
else besides the cannabinoids in the cannabis
leaf that are healthy for us?
MIT: There is a lot of other things in there.
So for example like the essential fatty acids.
That you that you get from cannabis are, well
first of all, they are essential that means
that the body can’t produce them so you
need, need, to source them externally so ah,
am, you know, things like Omega-3s, the Omega-6s
the interesting about cannabis with respect
to those in particular is that the ratio of
Omega-6 to Omega-3 is perfect. It’s absolutely
perfect, so you are not getting too much Omega-6
for your Omega-3s. You are looking at somewhere
between a 3 to 5 : 1 Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio
which is exactly what you need. So that’s
one big bonus that you get. Am, aside from
that, aside from all the beautiful cannabinoids
that you get, hundreds again ah, from, from,
the, leaf you’re also going to get things
like the terpene, the diterpene, the flavonoids.
All of those things that we are just beginning
to understand, how they affect human health
and what the relationship is between those
things and human health. A mean, I look at
cannabis and I juice it, I juice it, several
times a week ah, ah, sometimes up to 5 in
a good week and I look at it as a superfood
and others describe it as not just a superfood
but a dietary essential. Am, they look at
as even beyond a superfood because it is going
confer upon you more than just health benefits.
Am, and you know, I look at it as something
that I am, trying to work into my diet on
a daily basis as often as possible and it’s
because of all those different ingredient
that it has and, and, I think it has some
sort of a vegetable super vitamin like a super
multivitamin all of those good things in one
source, in one plant and I don’t have to
am, you know, get ,get, get, into a state
where I can’t function at my highest level
of productivity to get all those good things
into me. I don’t have to smoke it, if the
time isn’t right. There are some benefits
to smoking it, you do get the CBD-A conversion
to the CBD that won’t happen when you juice
it. So for me, for my approach for a lot of
the patients that I know you wanna balanced
intake. That’s not appropriate for you I
know you only like to ingest it you know,
via juicing which is totally fine but we wanna
be aware of all the pros and the cons are
and how to optimize this as we do try to optimize
everything else and that is productive in
John: Awesome, yeah, a mean to me cannabis
is not just a superfood because that’s like
an overused marketing term, to me it’s more
like of a functional food because it has a,
plays a strong function and can help you out
maybe in different ways even more than just
a superfood that has superfood label because
people are getting rich off it. So the other
thing I want to mention besides just all the
terpenes and the cannabinoids I mean cannabis
is rich in vitamins and minerals, we all need
vitamins and minerals in this day and age,
of eating highly processed foods that have
all the, you know, nutrients extracted out,
you know, cannabis is yet, yet, another leafy
green with plenty of vitamins and minerals.
And ah, MIT I really want you to talk specifically
about your nutrient program, and you give
these cannabis plants, you know, 70 to 90
plus different trace minerals that most growers
either in organic agriculture, even you know,
in clean green agriculture just simply not
MIT: Right, so, we are using the full spectrum
of fertilizer programme that’s am, it’s
very, very involved. But Just to give you
a quick overview using a lot of the, a lot
of same the things that you use in your garden.
We are using, we are using, neumos are we
are using worms casting, compost cheese, we
are using rock dust, we are using meals, by
meals I mean feather meals, alfalfa meal conch
meal I mean the soil that we are using in
here am, (cleared throat) is a nutrient dense
soil and then in addition to all the bio life
that’s in there, that’s creating the food
soil web ah, you’ve got all of the that
use raw compound that’s going to produce
some of the healthiest greens that you’re
going to get. So it’s, it’s, it’s really
a customized tailor made program, to produce
the ideal plant, which is then going to confer
upon its users the ideal amount of nutrition.
John: Yeah, I mean, totally agree with that
I mean, ah, more growers and farmers are just
into start implementing you know, ah, really
nutrient dense program, to put in the missing
nutrients in their soil cause most farmers
are not and even if you are getting (SIC)
cannabis leaves or using cannabis as medicine
I would encourage you to seek out you know,
ah, growers like MIT that is taking it all
to the next level because everything that
is being grown out there is not created equal
you know, I tasted his leaves and his leaves
are some of the best that I have tasted. You
know, if you are growing with more nutrients
in the soil it means that the plant can fully
express its, express itself and take up the
nutrients. If the nutrients are not in the
soil just using a standard hydroponic mix
that may contain you know, generally three
you know, main minerals or may be up to 15
if they are really into it. You know, they
contain nowhere near the 70 to 90 and it’s
not even documented or you know, we don’t
really know like what all these minerals do
you now and you know, why this plant has more
of this nutrient or what not just because
it was grown in a little bit different way
that makes a huge difference in the final
outcome. MIT you wanna talk about some of
the ah, because you mostly don’t produce
the cannabis for leaves but you are mostly
producing the buds you wanna compare the buds
that you grow to maybe another grower’s
buds that’s not using a similar growing
technique methodology, methodology.
MIT: Ah, well so fundamentally what you’ve
got in indoor cultivation you’ve got a hydroponic
approach, then you have a soil based organic
approach. We are obviously the latter. Where
everything that we use is natural derived
and is approved for organic gardening. If
you were to compare the product that we generate
here in terms of the final flower to something
that’s grown hydroponically ah. Let’s
put aside the question of the aesthetics in
other words what is going to smell like, what
is going to taste like when you inhale it,
am, and, and, and, the way it’s going to
make your feel, your lungs feel when you inhale
it. Putting a side all that, what we have
here is something that is much safer and heathier
to actually use and inhale because it is not
going to be. What it is fed, if you thing
about what’s fed the plants it’s not going
to be a synthetically based chemical nutrient,
it’s an all-natural nutrient. So, it’s
not going to have, let me repeat this, not
going to have all the nitrates and all the
heavy metals that are associated with synthetic
fertilisers. And that when you ingest them
by vaporising or smoking or whatever way you
do it. Even if you reduce it down to some
sort of edible you are not going to be taking
in those harmful cancer causing properties.
So you can hold one flower in one hand, one
flower in the other hand they can look roughly
the same, smell roughly the same but be grown
totally differently and the and the benefits
or detriments in one are not necessarily the
same as the others. So it is important to
understand who your gardener is. It doesn’t,
you don’t have to necessarily get something
that’s clean green certified the best gardeners
ah, may be you, if you’re growing it for
yourself. Or could be a friend of yours that
you know, is using all natural approaches.
And isn’t spraying down the leaves with
harmful chemicals pesticide that may be ah,
carcinogenic which most growers do. I will
repeat that most growers in most gardens,
indoors and out are gonna use harmful chemical
pesticides on their plants, either, ah, when
they are in this stage or when they are young
or much, much, worse when they are older more
mature, they are in the final production cycle
and those chemical pesticide are going to
get on the flowers. So it’s absolutely critical
to know your gardener is, just as it is critical
to know ah, who your grocer is, if you have
any control over that whatsoever make sure
that you are asking for clean green certified
medicine at the counters of the dispensaries
that you go to. And if you know, someone that’s
growing, get an understanding of how they
are growing. Are the using hydroponics? Are
they using with, with, chemical based fertiliser?
Are they using an all-natural approach, where
the plant itself is going to be healthy and
consequently you’re going to be healthier
when you use it? That’s what we do here,
that’s what we believe in, that’s what
our entire philosophy is and what North Coast
is founded on.
John: That’s why I sort out North Coast
Naturals and join their club to, to, get my
medicine as well as my leaves, you know. In
addition I wanna let you guys know that, you
know, all the food you eat, eat, should always
support organic agriculture, at least in some
kind of standard to know that they are not
spraying really crappy stuff on there and
better yet grow your own, if you are interested
in growing your cannabis or learning how they
do it here at North Coast Naturals. I have
made other videos on my youtube channel “Growing
your own green” I will put links down below,
on where I give a tour on what they are doing
to grow the high quality, ah, cannabis leaves
are doing here as well as one on dealing with
pests and well as on one actually juicing.
So all those links for videos are actually
done below. I do wanna go on the record right
now to say that you know, I advocate the use
of raw cannabis that’s the way I use it,
I do not heat it up, I do not smoke it, you
know, I have not obtained, not, a high or
psychoactive effect from this and that’s
another way to use cannabis. That’s not
really have been talked about because you
think cannabis you think about marijuana you
think smoking it up getting high that’s
not the way that I’m advocating. A mean
if people wanna do that in the privacy of
their homes, you know, just don’t blow it
in my face and I’m cool with whatever anybody
wanna want to do with that. But for me the,
the, need is particularly from ah, a nutrition
stand point and you know, besides the nutritive,
nutritive, properties of cannabis growing
food in the highest, you know, and best way
possible will make the highest quality food
and that’s what I teach on my “Growing
Your Greens” Channels. I you wanna start
growing your own high quality fresh fruits
and vegetables and you know, that’s why
I am, here today to share this with, you guys,
because no other raw food teacher that I know
has any videos on cannabis. Visiting a grow
operation, interviewing, you know, the master
grower here to share with you guys a titbit
of knowledge so that when you embark on this
very nutritious leafy green you’ll know,
how to do it or how to obtain the best leaves
possible. So, MIT where can somebody buy leafs?
Because I made a, made a Instagram, Facebook
post where I juiced like a pound of your leaves
that I procured from you and a head of celery
and three apples and people were like “Where
can I get leafs?” So where can people buy
MIT: Leaves are not for sale yet, leaves are
not readily for sale yet, you need to know
someone that is cultivating this medicine
and you need to get in contact with them.
In California it is a lot easier. Ah, in Alaska
soon it gonna be lot easier, Colorado that’s
a lot easier. You know, hopefully, about half
the United States now has become, ah, friendly
with respect to medicinal cannabis since 1996.
Its been a slow domino effect obviously there
has been a lot of momentum in the past couple
of years and it looks like there is no turning
back at this point we will see, what happens
if nothing blows up, it looks like that will
progress and that will be good. Am, ah, but,
ah, they are not readily available. So the
best thing that you can do, if you are in
a State where it is legal either in one form
or another recreational or medicinally, is
to grow your own,
John: Yeah,
MIT: It’s to grow your own that the best
thing you can possible do. At North Coast
we gonna be publishing some videos as time
goes on and as we are able to increase, you
know, our ability to educate people and teaching
you and helping you ah, understand how to
do that healthiest ways possible. Am, so we
are looking very much forward to that, but
if this is intriguing to you if you wanna
be healthier then start thinking along those
ways, or start making enquiries into your
community about, you know, certain people
that let you know, that may be cultivating
and see if you can get their leafs. A lot
of growers, and by a lot I mean, 99.9% just
pluck these leaves off at different stages
of the plants growth when they are pruning
and throwing them away. Well ask if you can
maybe contribute, ask if you can prune for
free and get and ah, get those leaves and
use them yourself, that would be a great thing
to do they will benefit because u are helping
the garden and you benefit because you are
getting the leaves that’s a fantastic idea,
am, any way you can get involve in supporting
your local cannabis cultivation community
in a way that productive and legal, I would
encourage you to do that and think about that.
John: I mean, I wanna encourage you guys too,
you know, I’m doing this according to PROP
215 here in the State of California, so I’m
completely legal. This is not undercover or
anything I’m making this video to share
with you guys about this process because it
is so important to me to share with you guys
this brand new, you know, functional food
that is now being available, you know, in
all the States that allow its medicinal use
with, ah, am, recommendation from a doctor.
And also now certain States that you’re
just able to grow it you know, for recreational
use and not medicinal use. So MIT what States
that people can just start growing the cannabis
no legally without a doctor’s recommendation.
MIT: I don’t, ah, I’m not going to give
out any sort of legal advice with respect
to that because I’m not a qualified authority
on that. But, but look at your local laws,
it’s, it’s, it’s not difficult to find
out and see, see, what the ordinances are
that you have to come forth with to make sure
that you are doing it in the right way you
don’t want to be, you know, I am, of the
opinion that you don’t wanna be stepping
across any lines or putting yourself or your
family at risk pursuing this. Because I generally
think that the authorities most of the time,
you know, go by the spirit and the letter
of the law. They are not looking to get people
in trouble when they are simply just growing
for their own healthy purposes. But I do hear
horror stories, I hear horror stories even
here in California about people who that get
“punished” by the process, where enforcement
law will selectively, ah, am, rip out people’s
gardens or do other destructive things. Threaten
people with asset forfeiture things like that
because it is technical, not technically,
the fact of the matter is it is still illegal
under Federal Law and even though local law
enforcement it is, it is not their job, ah,
to enforce Federal Laws that’s the job of
Federal ,ah, Law Enforcement, am, they will
still try to and work around the edges in
some cases to make themselves ,ah, nuisance
to the otherwise would be healthy gardener,
John: Yeah
MIT: Check, check your local laws, talk with
local attorneys ah, if you know, someone just
make some phone calls find out what the rules
are it should be that that that difficult
to uncover.
John: Yeah, I mean there are certain States,
and you guys what States you guys live in,
you know, if it is legalized in your States
you know, you know, beyond just the medicinal
uses. So yeah, check that out, if I was in
one of those States, I would definitely be
growing my own stuff in full accordance with
you know, the State law that I’m living
in. So but yeah, meanwhile I can just come
to MIT, cause he is growing everything for
me so I don’t have to, you know, stick my
head out online. So thanks MIT.
MIT: My Pleasure
John: So any other comments that you have
on the yah, the use, the use of the cannabis
for health purposes.
MIT: So again just think about ah, juicing
it, is my favourite way I mix it up my beets,
I mix it up with my ah, with my celery, with
my kale for all, you know, with all the other
things that I typically juice I include cannabis.
You are going to get the a 1000 times up to
a 1000 times the amount of health properties
that you are going to get by smoking, you
are not going to be limited by how you can
smoke, or ingest via an edible or something
like that am, you not going to have that limiting
factor, when you juice it. You can juice as
much as you want presumable and am, you know,
smoke a little bit too for CBD or heat a little
bit too for the CBD or something like that.
If think that is appropriate and if you think
that is something that you are going for.
Am, you know, but ah, if, what you’ll find
when you start doing research that most of
the people that have done things like, use
cannabis to cure cancer and there is story,
after story, after story, out there. Am, they
have done by ingesting it in its raw form.
So, to your point John, that is the ideal
way of doing it and making sure that you’re
gonna be as healthy as you can be or cure
whatever problem you are having to the greatest
effect that you possibly can. I read about
one woman for example that had rheumatoid
arthritis and after 12 days of juicing the
plant and actually working that into smoothie
which that has the fats associated with so
when she is ingesting she gets greater absorption
am, after 12 simple days of doing that she
could stop taking the prescription medication
that she have been given for her rheumatoid
arthritis. And she keeps it up every day otherwise
she will slide back into her original state
but that’s now part of her life and instead
taking a bunch of prescription drugs she simply
juicing this, simply drinking it as part of
her daily routine and she is much happier
and much healthier.
John: Mmm, Wow I mean the one nutrient that
you guys need the most in the world is the
one you are not getting. So if you not getting
cannabinoids in your diet now and yes even
mothers’ breast milk contains cannabinoids
and we have what is called an endocannabinoid
system in us and receptor sites for these
So MIT let’s talk about that, you mentioned
about, you know, about may mixing the cannabis
juice with a fat to help increase the uptake
because the cannabinoids are fat soluble right.
MIT: Exactly, Exactly, so am and John, you
probably know this better that I, when you
do actually mix the juice, so the way that
I typically do it is I will take as I mentioned
earlier the cannabis leaf and I’ll juice
it with my other, you know, vegetables, that
I typical juice to make the North Coast cocktail
as we call it here
John: Mmm Mmm
MIT: But ah, am, but the other alternative
is to mix it with a fatty based, am, substance
like a yogurt or a coconut milk or something
like that. So, ah, if you were to do something
like that, what’s that is going to do is
the fat in the coconut milk or in the yogurt
or what have you or just regular milk or even
ice cream, if you’re so inclined, that fat
is going to, is going to here to the properties
of the juice or fat soluble and increase your
absorption of those properties of the cannabinoids.
John: Right so I don’t advocate the use
of you know, animal ah, you know, milk products
or yogurt but I would advocate the use of
something like the coconut milk or almond
milk other nut and seed milk. So, you know,
pretty soon I will have a video showing my
process of basically extracting the cannabis
juice along with coconut milk fresh from a
coconut at the same time you know, in one
of my favourite juicer. So stay tuned for
that episode coming up really soon when I
will be able to share that with you guys.
MIT: That’s fantastic
John: Yah, it’s really, that’s gonna be
mind-blowing, I wanna encourage you guys to
eat fresh foods right yeah, I’m eating like
fresh cannabis leafs, you know, in salads,
I am, using little baby buds, in like soups,
fresh I’m juicing the leaves I eat all other
produce raw in my diet and you know, as much
as good as this cannabis is, am, wanna encourage
you guys to make healthy dietary choices irregardless
of cannabis or not. I mean everybody should
be eating more fresh fruits and vegetables
and minimizing other things they’re eating
in their life. Whether that is animal products,
or whether that’s dairy which I believe
is more insidious than actually you know,
meats. Also getting rid of all the processed
foods because it is these foods in my opinion
that have caused health ailments that many
of you guys watching this video are ailing
from. You know, and by simply changing your
diet and getting more fresh juices and fresh
cannabis juices, fresh kale juice fresh ashitaba
juice all the different things that I grow
in my garden teach you guys, you know, I truly
believe you will be healthy because of it.
And I Know I am. I mean, the other thing for
me, is that, you know, I don’t wanna wait
until it is too late to find out that, man,
what if I would’ve started drinking cannabis
juice five years earlier may be I wouldn’t
have got this crazy disease or whatever. I
don’t wanna think about that day I’m just
gonna be juicing cannabis now because I know
it is so good for me and I am, heading off,
you know, the doctor. You know, the famous
saying is, an apple a day keeps the doctor
away, well what about juice a cannabis, a
glass of cannabis juice a day keeps the doctor
away, right.
Yeah, and so it’s not just cannabis juice
it can be with kale juice and all these other
things that I include on a daily basis to
basically be proactive you know, is like changing
your engine oil regularly and changing your
oil filter and keep your car running. I mean,
my auto shop teacher to this day I remember
he is like if you want your car to last forever
change your oil on your birthday every single
month no matter if you drove 5 miles or 3000
miles. Change it every single month and your
car will pretty much last forever. Right,
I’m being proactive like that in my daily
life by eating the healthy foods and not eating
the foods that are not healthy.
So today we have shared with you guys some
definitely information about the cannabis
but nowhere near the amount of information
that is available online. So if you wanna
learn more MIT, how can some body learn more
about the raw cannabis juice and the benefits
of raw cannabis?
MIT: Well, there is, there is, a couple different
places, and like we said earlier North Coast
is going to be coming out with a suite of
information that we can ah, help you guys
with to understand what it is that we are
doing here that you guys can do at home. But
if you are just interested in juicing the
raw food component of cannabis specifically.
There are few better places that you can go
to that www.cannabisinternational.org which
is a, a, site that is just pack with information
from one of the, the leading authorities on
the subject. So www.cannabisinternational.org
I know have been there, you’ve been there
a lot of other people I know are well verse
in the benefits of this plant are familiar
with this ah, this site and ah, with Dr William,
Courtney as well.
John: Yah, I mean, I definitely would agree
check out that website, you know, learn about
the raw cannabis. You know, cannabis can be
absolutely abused but also, you know, it is
an amazing plant that should be legalised
everywhere you know, the even the government
it doesn’t know what one hand is doing what
the other hand isn’t doing. In one place
it’s illegal in other place they own patents
on its antioxidant properties and how it can
benefit so many different health conditions
and I’m all about using, you know, plants
as medicine and not having to take things
like pharmaceutical drugs. So, you know, my
whole goal with this Youtube channel is to
teach you guys how to be health so that you
will not have to, you know, go to the alternatives.
And once again we’re gonna, you know, ah,
be proactive instead of reactive in our approach
and this is what I have to learn at a young
age after I got sick and almost didn’t make
it out the hospital. I had to learn how to
be proactive, so that I never got sick again.
That’s is what I wanna put out there for
you guys and let you guys know that cannabis
is yet just another very nutritious food that
I have believe should be including on a daily
basis and if you can’t get the cannabis
because it is not legal where you live don’t
worry there is plenty of other beneficial
leafy greens too, the ones that you might
wanna look up is called the ashitaba and another
one is called gynura procumbens or also known
as longevity greens. They kinda up there with
cannabis ok those are my top three you know,
essential leafy greens that people should
be including in there on an everyday basis
in their diet to have the highest level of
I hope you guys enjoyed this episode and if
you like this episode on cannabis and would
like me to have more episodes on cannabis,
returning here am, to visit MIT at North Coast
please give me a thumbs up, also you can subscribe
to me, if you not already to get future updates
and be sure to check my past episodes. I have
over 300 episodes on this Youtube channel,
letting you guys know, how to be ultimately
healthy by include more fresh fruits and vegetables,
including raw cannabis in your diet. Once
again my name is John Kohler with okraw.com.
I will see next time and until then, Remember
keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables,
including raw cannabis it’s always the best.
Alright this John Kohler, with okraw.com giving
you another exiting episode for you and Good
Morning! Alright I don’t know what time
you guys are watching this but it is morning
time for me. In this episode what I would
like to do today is show you guys what eat
in a day when I’m with my girlfriend, so
I’m here at…

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