Black Tie CBD Vape Cartridge Evaluation

what ‘s good everyone its bacon cash?
420 coming back at you today with
another video and today we got a product
evaluation coming from Black Tie they got
this nice half a gram CBD isolate
extract cartridge anywhere you desire
to call that really extremely delighted to try
this item since I ‘ve actually tried
it in the past at the shop at my local store
92 o CBD here in the town that I resided in
they sell this board I think 25 dollars
a piece which is a great price for a half
gram and I had actually attempted to in the past at their
shop and it were so excellent, you know no
Tests included and it was so smooth
and really thick as you can see it doesn ‘ t
actually run it doesn ‘ t really move so
it ‘s good about that it ‘s going to fucking
you know last a long time, it ‘ll burn
slow ideally offer us some nice delicious
hits I was really pleased with the fact
that it tasted so excellent when it was just
like CBD distillate with no Terps at
it was pretty excellent, so I ‘m going to
go ahead and rip this thing open to provide
you men a more detailed look and hit it on
video camera for a ‘ all so let ‘s set the cam
down and get this thing open alright
guys so there it exists ‘s the Black
Tie premium CBD half a gram vape
cartridge and as you can see there that
you can actually tell how thick that is as
I ‘m moving it that bubble doesn ‘ t actually
relocation much at all, oh it ‘s truly nice
when you see a cartridge that ‘s this
thick you feel in one’s bones that it ‘s going to
fucking last a long period of time and that it was
worth the cash and ideally there was
not any Terps included or ideally a really
little bit if there was so I ‘m going to
load this up onto the pen and you people
will see me offering it some rips so catch
I in that part men alright what up
we ‘re back and we ‘re going to proceed and
provide this black tie half a gram CBD
extract baked Partridge a try I like
the way that the cartridge is it ‘s not
like the fresh one where it had that idea
you understand where it ‘s more like the
Dink ley
is it the pink bit know where it ‘s more
like I wear ‘ t understand how to state it ‘s a C
cell cartridge but it ‘s it ‘s got a metal
type of idea and not a clear one, so I
believe this is more comparable to the dang
tapes where they have this a clear idea
and not
metal one but whatever men Cheers I ‘m
Going to shut up I don ‘ t really understand all my
shit but I ‘m trying I ‘m attempting to keep
up with this cartridge shit
but um yeah I put on ‘ t smoke on no date
rapes or none of those vape
cartridges I just know that they ‘ll numerous
of them have these plastic pointers which
Black Tie clearly joined in on it too
in the legal market but most of these
legal cartridges I have actually been noticing our
the metal suggestions not the plastic clear
ones however anyways cheers you guys people
this thing rips actually fucking hard and
the taste is so unique, if I were to
discuss the taste of this guy ‘s it
tastes precisely like as if you ‘re
smoking Lipton green tea like the tea
that you drink that you buy at Walmart
in the bottles tastes like fucking lifts
and green tea I ‘m a fan of green tea if
you ‘re not a fan of green tea, you ‘re not
gonna like smoking this undoubtedly it
tastes by doing this due to the fact that I wear ‘ t think
there was Terps and I have a company belief
that bonsai does not include Terps to their
CBD cartridges due to the fact that they it ‘s so
thick and B, it tastes like straight off
the stock hemp taste like that green
tea fucking CBD simply I don ‘ t understand it
simply tastes truly fucking good and
natural it doesn ‘ t taste like they added
any chemicals into this perhaps some
fucking like EJ mix you know or whatever
that EJ mix juice to make sure that it
had the ability to be vape correctly and strike
good and but um this is an extremely quality
product guys if you buy any half gram
cartridges from Black Tie you won ‘ t be
disappointed, unless you ‘re not a fan of
green tea if you don ‘ t like the taste a
green tea don ‘ t purchase this that ‘s my
suggestion for a ‘ all however if you like
green tea you ‘re going to like the way this
shit strikes since it tastes fucking so
good and it hits truly tough like it ‘s
smooth and I ‘m feeling some results from
it already like as I ‘m sitting here and
simply letting that first struck settle in
I ‘m feeling extremely uplifted extremely calm however
likewise, like I wish to go on and get
some shit done
so makes me feel like if I wished to I
might lay down and you know fall asleep
also like I wouldn ‘ t have uneasy
legs or nothing so I ‘m going to go ahead
get one more trip for you men and
number call this a video this simply it ‘s
actually hard men, I mean it ‘s simply it ‘s a
lot of vapor and the taste are so unique
it ‘s fucking remarkable I love it if I were
to break this man I ‘d provide this 9
point five out of ten the only way I ‘d
provide this a 10 out of ten was if there
was two things that changed a if they
had like a taste recommendation like on the
bundle like if the package told you or
informed me beforehand what this was going to
taste like that would have been clever it
would have been great if it stated like
tasting notes green tea and like no
turps included like if they had more
details on the packaging describing
the cartridge what remains in it how it ‘s made
etc, that would be fantastic due to the fact that you
men saw the plan, there ‘s no
information on it just says black tie
and then the cartridge is inside of it
which ‘s all the details we get it
would be a lot better if we could get
more than just a bundle that states
absolutely nothing on it with this in it so black
tie sees this, that ‘d be nice if you people
could you know consist of some more
information with you products due to the fact that we
would like to know more about them you make with
your flower we can scan it and all that
and see what ‘s going on however the
cartridges you wear ‘ to offer us with
anything so that was that ‘s the factor
why I doctored a little bit of points
secondly docking it a little bit of
points because 25 dollars for half a gram
is a little expensive we could most likely get
that down to 20 dollars for a half a gram
cartridge considering like complete gram
ones or forty if we could eventually get
that down to 35 not disliking on the rate
or the shops that cost that set these
rates, however I was stating the CBD market
obviously is going to alter ultimately
these things will be cheaper and then I
believe that will be a more reasonable price for
consumer to be spending on something
like this you understand evaluating based off of
how reliable it is and everything
the function on this is a 10 out of 10
the taste on this is a 9 out of 10, it ‘d
be good if perhaps it had other flavors or
you know a different taste that you
could choose from
like I stated it would have been better if
the info about the taste was
provided prior to purchasing so
anyway people nine points 5 out of 10
on this black tie SUV half gram big
cartridge I ‘ll let ya ‘ all go I ‘m just
blabbing on at this point I ‘m actually
sensation kinda high I sort of buzz from
this however uh yeah thank you money for
twenty out oops

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