Episode 120: He’s Cancer Free Today After Testicular Cancer That Metastasized To His Lung

– You are listening
to cannabis health radio.
Here are your hosts
Ian Jessop and Corrie Yelland.
– Ian: Welcome to another episode of
cannabis health radio, I’m Ian Jessop.
– Corrie: And I’m Corrie Yelland
– Ian: Testicular cancer is one of
the highest cure rates of all cancers
with a five-year survival rate of 95 percent.
But the number of deaths from testicular cancer
over the last few years has risen,
worldwide more than 8,000 men died of it every year.
Our guest today had testicular cancer
which had metastasized to his lungs.
Joining us to tell his story
is Jeff Henson from California.
Jeff good of you to do this,
thanks very much!
– Jeff: Thank you very much for having me.
– Ian: When did you first notice
that something just wasn’t right for you?
– Jeff: It was early 2009 I had a fall one night
where like a lawn chair collapsed
and uh and I you know fell down
it was kind of embarrassing
and shortly after that
I found, I felt a lump on my testicle.
And yeah so it was really 2009 and I went on thinking
that it was you know because of the fall
for a good couple weeks
before I realized it was more than just a bruise.
– Ian: Yeah it’s not something that
you really I don’t want to say pay much attention to,
but it’s, it’s having it in that area
is just uncomfortable isn’t it?
To go to the doctor and say listen I’ve got
something on my testicle can you take a look at it?
– Jeff: Yeah yeah and a big part for me
back then I was working but as a cab driver,
so I was independent contractor
I didn’t have any kind of health insurance.
so I knew if I were to go into the
hospital it had to be like an emergency case scenario
or at least that’s what I thought.
That was a good a good part of the reason
why I was so reluctant but
then just yeah you know the natural …
it’s not wanting to go into the doctor being
you know scared of what it might be
trying to tell yourself that all I can’t
be this
it’s the horrible thing that you hear
about all the time yeah it’s probably
nothing right right I I went on like
that for a good month really a month or
two it’s it’s hard for me to recall
exactly I was still working at the time
I had a problem with prescription
medications opiates I was abusing those
and so that kind of helped with all the
the pain side effects like that kind of
helps me keep those kind of things in
check when you say you were abusing
opiates what what were you taking those
for I didn’t have any kind of
prescription I was basically just doing
them recreationally okay now when I’m
sorry when you when you had this issue
with your testicle what prompted you to
go to the doctor it has it had become so
malformed and mutated that there was
really no there was no tricking myself
into thinking it was something else
like I let it go so long that it my my
testicle literally was hanging down to
my knees like it was it was one of the
woman I actually did go in it was one of
the the most malformed that they had
ever seen like it was it was really bad
and at the time you know there was there
was oppression there were other factors
there’s obviously the drug addiction
that kept me from not going in so it got
to that point but I mean to bring it
back to cannabis there’s a really good
chance that the only reason that I lived
to that point was because I was
additionally smoking cannabis before I
went in I quit the opiates the
prescription medications and I was just
using cannabis and then when I finally
went in I went to the clinic the Planned
Parenthood clinic before I actually went
into hospital because again I didn’t
any kind of health insurance and I knew
that the clinic would be free and you
know part of me still wanted to lie
think like well maybe this is like some
kind of weird STD you know what I mean
it’s something that’s not the c-word
but the minute that the doctor at the
clinic saw it she’s like you need to go
to the ER it’s like she she was able to
just visually diagnose it it was so far
so you went to the ER what happened
there at the ER they basically told me
right away
what it was and that they were gonna
have to do surgery to take it out I
don’t remember at that point if they
told I think they told me that actually
that chemo was gonna be was thousand
after you came out to they did a scan on
it you know to verify but it it was the
kind of thing as soon as any medical
professional saw it they knew exactly
what it was
mm-hmm and so you had it removed correct
yes no and what sort of treatment did
you undergo the surgery was pretty
straightforward I think the surgery
happened within the first 48 hours that
I was in the hospital after that they
started me on chemotherapy and radiation
I don’t remember the exact ones that I
had throughout it but in the in the
beginning the the chemotherapy and
radiation was very manageable for me I
was 29 years old
other than the cancer I was pretty
healthy I did that for I believe like
three four months I I was I was fine as
far as the chemo went as far as my
cancer levels went it did the the chemo
that they were giving me wasn’t asking
it enough it wasn’t you know I was like
you said before it had spread to my
lungs and they were afraid of it
spreading to my spine and other organs I
had a very aggressive case because
because I’d let it go so long were you
smoking cannabis throughout this period
when you were having the chemotherapy I
I smoked cannabis as much as I could
the kind of backdrop to that I smoke
cannabis my whole life
when I got cancer back in 2009 I did I
didn’t know like a percentage of what I
know about the healing effects of
cannabis now so I was basically using it
as like a pain medicine I was basically
using it for the pain and to help my
appetite and help sleep but yeah I I
smoked as much as I could you know being
how sick I was sick I was and I ate like
quite a bit I had a group of really good
friends that were like constantly
bringing me like different edibles
giving me something that I might like to
try which was when I look back on it
right you know probably helped me more
than I even knew at the time Jeff when
you were in the hospital when did they
tell you that your cancer had
metastasized to your lungs I think it
was once I had begun the chemo it they
basically had told me it I was pretty
like gung-ho with it I was like I’ll do
whatever you guys wanted to I didn’t ask
for like a lot of explanations when I
finally got into the mindset that I was
gonna fight it I was just kind of like
all in on whatever the doctors said I
found one really good doctor who I
trusted and it was just like what he
told me was like what I was going to do
basically when I remember addressing the
fact that his spread was when they were
telling me they wanted to move me up to
the the next level of chemo and I
believe that was at least a month and do
it you must have been pretty shot out
you know it doesn’t mean that it had I’m
sorry no go ahead
that doesn’t mean that it hadn’t spread
before then that’s just like when I
recall you know addressing it so it’s
like I my memory of the whole experience
is hazy to say the best you know with
all the the drugs and the chemicals and
everything I’m just wondering what your
mindset was like when you go in and you
know you
have a problem with one of your
testicles they they know it’s testicular
cancer and then you find out that it is
metastasized to your lungs and to me
this it sounds like the situation just
becomes more dire yeah it’s one of those
things is when it happened I honestly I
was more concerned about the people
around me I don’t think the gravity of
the situation ever really hit me while I
was going through it I’ve always been a
fighter and I’ve always been that kind
of thing where like things aren’t as bad
as they seem you know you just you put
your head down and you get through it I
had that mindset when I finally got out
of my doldrums I got out of my
depression and I said I was and handle
this that was pretty much my mindset the
whole way through yo you’re a young guy
you probably thought okay yeah I’m gonna
beat this that’s and that was my
justification on it a lot I’m not I’m
not religious or anything like that
but I told a lot of people and a lot of
friends that like you know this could
happen to someone else this could happen
to someone who wasn’t strong enough to
fight it and in that sense we’re lucky
it happened to me
so you underwent chemo did you undergo
radiation at all yeah yeah I was doing
radiation in chemo and then they started
me on a the second chemo I have the name
of it here my pronunciation is terrible
but it’s Mexico or Freudian friend of
mine or something like that when they
started me on that that is a very
powerful one
you have to sign like release forms just
to get it you can only take like three
or four doses for your entire life
that’s the one that eventually you know
killed it but it almost killed me on the
way like I was a declared sceptic I
broke out in hives and had all sorts of
likely death symptoms or I feel exactly
how they worded it I brushed myself into
the clinic one day because I had broken
out in hives and my pain was just like
so unbearable I couldn’t sleep
and that was taking because while I was
doing the chemo they gave me suppose you
know the prescription medications bag
and so I was doing them I was taking
dilaudid and Norco and all sorts of
stuff for pain and even with that I was
in a place on that chemo that I couldn’t
sleep I rushed into the clinic to try to
get something for it and they ended up
giving me like a super high potent dose
of morphine ms cotton that ended up
knocking me out and that’s the only way
I had made it through that when I was
going through that chemo the only thing
I could eat was a cannabis shakes and
it was the only thing I could hold down
I and I made those from the animals that
my friends were given giving me if I had
more than I needed I would freeze them
and then during that period I would
unfreeze the brownies or cookies or
whatever and just put them in the
blender and mix him up into a smoothie
in her shake and that was honestly the
only thing I could hold down like if I
made this movie some of these without
the cannabis they would come right back
up my medication with them and I think I
had three or four doses of that over the
course of a month or two and when I made
it through that I mean I lost all my
hair you know I was the thinnest I’d
ever been in my life but when I made it
through that I was basically declared
cancer-free the hospital staff
apparently according to the note you
sent us had written you off yeah and to
be fair to them I didn’t know this at
the time my girlfriend Billy who you
guys had on well last week she was
working at the hospital at a time and
she said that when I was declared septic
that there were a lot of people in the
hospital thought I was a dead man
that I wasn’t gonna be around like they
even made like comments like oh he’s a
nice guy but don’t get too close because
he might might not be
next week yeah I mean I don’t I don’t
hold any grudges or anything but that’s
how close I was to the edge so you take
this very powerful chemotherapy drug and
you get sick the only thing you can keep
down are edibles and smoothies and from
cannabis smoothies and then you were
released from a hospital and they
declare you cancer-free that must have
been quite an exciting time it really
was it really was
there’s still another concern and I mean
we’ll get back to that but just getting
through that ordeal was like extremely
life-affirming and a big reason I wanted
to do this is because I know that there
are I mean the health insurance
situation in this canoe design realize
this is a political show but I realize
there are probably still people out
there in a similar situation that I was
when I had like we even had a friend
recently who felt something weird on his
testicle and he was coming to me and my
advice is always just you know go get it
checked out but then there’s a lot of
guys out there that you know you doesn’t
have to be as stressful as horrible and
experienced as it was for me if you if
you get it checked out early and I know
your listeners know the health benefits
of cannabis if I had known them when I
first felt something I would definitely
gone that route before I went to the
chemo but it’s just to get it diagnosed
and to know what you’re dealing with
like you have to do that that’s it’s a
very treatable curable thing if you can
get ahead of it Jeff tell me about sorry
Cory go ahead I was just gonna ask where
you are now as far as these different
prescription drugs and stuff do still
ingest all those or what’s going on okay
when I I had a second surgery the but
after that I basically quit doing all
the prescription drugs I don’t have I
don’t get anything from the doctors now
I just I have a oil treatment with
cannabis that I used I just thought I’d
check up not too long ago I’m
cancer-free still
I had my problem with that stuff and I
don’t use it at all anymore unless it’s
absolutely necessary like antibiotics or
something like that so Jeff you are
cancer free today yeah that’s fantastic
and yeah yeah you you take do you take
oil every day cannabis oil yeah I make
the oil for Billy every day I I smoke a
lot like in the process of making the
oil I get a lot of it on my skin so I
don’t necessarily like ingested orally
every day but I take some form of
cannabis every day and like with the
research reserve what we’ve been finding
out is that the best thing for people to
do and there yes correct me if I’m wrong
because I’m sure you have inside and do
it as well but is to get all the
components you can try to get some CBDs
try to get some THC try to get some
edibles you know the CBN the Stevie
Stevie seized and Stevie G’s all that
stuff’s good so I should have used many
different ways of consuming as I can you
know edibles oils papers cover all your
bases yeah yeah how much oil do you make
a day I would say I make about to make
about a couple-week of the olive oil
mixture that I make how do you do that
Jeff for people who are listening who
might be interested in Dominus for
people that are listening as far as the
brick Simpsons oil goes that’s was
basically my inspiration I read a lot
about the Rick Simms news oil and then
when when Billy came down it’s really
funny to you because it would have
helped me wonderfully when I was going
through my ordeal but it wasn’t like I
said until someone else dealing with it
that I actually really did the research
but no the Rick Stinson’s oil if if
you’re battling cancer honestly I would
recommend that you go to the actual Rick
Simpsons webpage and
listen his instructions because he’s
100% more knowledgeable than I am and as
far as the cancer fighting elements go
it does seem that there’s something
there as far I use the olive oil because
it’s organic it’s less you know caustic
than the ethanol or the Napa thing that
they use in the traditional rixton soil
but according to their research the the
Knapp I think it’s Napa then I don’t
quote me on that but whatever yeah
Rick’s instant naphtha yeah he
recommends that is the best way to get a
high concentrate of THC and based on the
cancer cannabis research that I’ve read
when you’re battling cancer that’s what
you want you want high concentration of
THC yeah although we are finding you
know there’s really been a this has
really evolved since Rick’s video first
came out and the trend is definitely
moving away from using naphtha or
isopropyl certainly ever clears used a
lot and you know in your case in your
case of olive oil because it and then
there’s all the issues that the naphtha
and the isopropyl in Canada is not the
same as in the States and of course Rick
is from Colorado yeah so you make yours
how do you do yours I do it with olive
oil and I actually found the recipe
I saw a case study where they had
compared all the different solvents that
naphtha the ethanol the olive oil and
then a few others research did you maybe
get it off the suburbs it may have been
I’m not a hundred percent sure but they
have lab results and they had charts and
they had all sorts of stuff so it looked
legit and they didn’t have they didn’t
have a you know step-by-step on how to
make it out of olive oil but they showed
they listed enough of their process that
me and my three friends figures that we
duplicate it and it so basically what it
is is we take its it’s a cross between
an infusion ya know for extract oil you
you take the ground up can’t you ground
up the cannabis you mix it with 100
milliliters of olive oil I always use
100% organic extra virgin if I can get
locally grown I always do and you mix
that up with for every 10 grams of
grounded up cannabis use 100 milliliters
of olive oil mix that up in a jar and
then I double boil the jar so I fill up
a pot with water boil that get it to
between 98 and 100 degrees Celsius and
then I put typically it’s a mason jar
that has the olive oil cannabis mixture
in it I put that on the pot and double
boil it between 98 degrees Celsius and
100 degrees Celsius for two hours that
should get out anything that’s not olive
oil or cannabis and then you take from
there you take it and I used I just used
coffee press that you could buy anywhere
Target Walmart Winco whatever you need
to have one that goes all the way down
so it might need a detachable top and I
just put after the the mixture that I
boiled for two hours after that’s cooled
I dump it into the coffee press and then
I press out that oil and collect and
that’s as simple as it is we’ve had the
the oil tested from by Sequoia Labs and
per 30 milliliter dose there’s between
60 and 120 milligrams of THC which and
then I think it was like 548 THC a so
that’s that you know that’s like a very
potent edible basically is what you’re
getting in one dose of that do you take
that as as as an oil or do you add it to
an edible
we both I’ve had the most success so
that it had a lot of Billy’s had a lot
of success with it as far as her
absolute apple of C and seizures go but
she just used it straight a lot of the
you can most definitely put it in with
food a lot of times we’ll cook up like
you know top ramen or cup of soup and
just throw a dose in there so you know
now you’re getting maybe something good
from that those empty calories but I
like it as opposed to the ethanol oils
because it’s very palatable it’s not as
concentrated so it’s also more
accessible to to people who might not
have a history with cannabis you know
you can take a small dose and it doesn’t
it doesn’t taste bad it’s very
approachable or you can even put in the
food like you’re saying do you have
other friends who do this with you or
just do it on your own I have two
friends they helped me with the whole
making the oil for the first time it was
just kind of a cause like I said the
information we had it wasn’t like
step-by-step we had to kind of all put
our heads together and use our layman
knowledge of science so overall as a
result of taking this mixture that you
make and smoking cannabis your health
today is what pretty good yeah I have
some other issues that are unrelated to
the cancer like I’m quitting so which is
terrible you quitting what I’m saying
okay it’s quitting smoking drinking soda
ban smoking yeah like I have those
factors that are probably like when I
got cancer I was driving cab I was
smoking too much I was abusing
prescription medication I was eating
fast food two three days a week or two
three meals a day
I had like two three cellphones in my
car every night because I was driving
cab and there’s theories on radiation
there so yeah I have cut out I’ve cut
out a lot of the unhealthy stuff I’m
definitely you know 100 percent more
healthy when I was six seven years ago I
stole some things they need to work on
but yeah no good for you have it in the
right direction right right
were you drinking a lot of sodas yes
I’ve always drank a lot
this I that’s the gateway drug you know
like when I was a kid and my mom would
buy us 12 packs of Mountain Dew and let
us stay up all night and play video
games like that’s I’ve just drank so –
my whole life
yeah Jeff you got to get rid of that
stuff you’ve got to get rid of that
yeah yeah no I know I’ve been pretty
good I just it’s it’s it’s the coca-cola
man they’ve today they Barry’s ass okay
and I know it’s evil I know it’s evil
for so many reasons and I still let’s
just say see one in the store and I’m
like oh you know I’ve kicked like obese
and stuff and kick the opiates you can
kick the coca-cola yeah yeah good for
you I mean I find that I found that for
me the toughest thing that I’ve ever
done was to quit smoking and I started
smoking when I was 11 and I quit when I
was 21 and I was smoking two packs a day
I liked to smoke at that time and the
funny thing was I had the desire for
about five years after that when people
lit up I just love the smell of smoke
and now it doesn’t bother me at all so
you can you can do the same thing with
coke just have just have a glass of
water and just tell yourself that your
lungs and your testicles are fine
yeah I don’t want to say testicles
because you’ve only got one but your
testicle doing the work for – no tell me
about I go ahead I was just gonna say
that I found the same sounds seeming to
be she was smoking that’s one thing I’m
trying to quit – and I’ve in my youth I
did a lot of experimental a lot of drugs
experimented like I’m in a lab or
something I did a lot of drugs and I was
able to give them all up when it was
time to and smoking is another one that
I still you know I’m still I’m down to a
couple a day but I need to be less than
that you know yeah yeah well you can do
it I mean you’re in your 30s now and
you’re in your 30s right yeah yeah and
you realize that as you get older the
system slows down and you can’t function
like I did when you were 19 and 20 years
old tell me about the the seed bank and
nursery that you’re going to yeah it’s
um we actually have a Facebook page
that’s called just seeds and stems me
and the three friends I was telling you
about are the two other friends that
helped develop the oil we have a seed
bank with hundreds of thousands of
strains that we’ve just been making
kinda on our own here in Northern
the main breeder is a friend of mine
who’s just kind of been up in the
mountains the foothills by himself kind
of hermit status you know no internet
and now we’ve been talking to him and
he’s got this huge SC Bank and we’re
looking into kind of emulating are you
guys familiar with a dark heart here in
Northern California I’m not no they are
a clone bank that is just all the rage
they have been selling out clones like I
go down to the clubs in Sacramento and
there are lines at like 3: 00 in the
morning for 9: 00 a.m. drops for these
dark heart clones and we’re trying to
hopefully by next year by the time the
Recreational comes through here in
California we’ll be able to help fill
that niche like I said we have the huge
seed bank and we’re setting up the
nursery right now to hopefully start
doing the clones and then we were even
actually talking about packaging oil
we’ve been playing around with coconut
oil and trying to get you know a pure
organic treatment out there for people
for you know because I know with a lot
of these things that are coming up some
of the oils aren’t completely accessible
they’re like the ethanol oil and the
isotopes that are they’re not always
accessible to you these older people
that are coming down with this stuff
especially with the stigma that cannabis
yeah I actually had issues with that
with my mom who passed away recently she
had brain cancer and she was reluctant
to take the oils because it just you
know just Kim some old Catholic world
and she just doesn’t if you can abyss as
emissions chief use as a drug and so
we’re hoping if we can put it in this
olive oil thing where it doesn’t even
like really look or taste like cannabis
but we can still you know label it as
such and tell people you know it’ll be
more accessible to people that might
otherwise not be willing to try
something like that yeah no that’s a
great idea
Jeff it was good to talk to you it’s
great that you’re on the road to
recovery in terms of what you’ve
recovered from your artistic affect
answer and your metastasized to your
lungs that’s good news
you just have to quit your sodas quit
smoking it’s all good and it’s on there
you’ll be running a marathon soon people
are active actually yeah I really
appreciate you guys having me on um
if anyone listened to this the only
thing I like if if you have any doubt or
if you know anyone out there that you
think might have like risks for
testicular cancer just get them in get
them into the dogs to get them checked
out I mean nine times out of ten it’s
gonna be nothing anyway just to know I
made that mistake and if it’s like one
person can learn from my mistake then it
was worth it yeah good point Jeff thanks
very much for this greatly appreciate it
okay thank you very much yeah thank you
very much Jeff for doing this thank you
– I really appreciate it I really
appreciate you guys giving the
opportunity to get my story out there no
problem and good luck to you alright
thank you take care and if you’d like to
tell your story about the use of
cannabis for medical purposes send us an
email at info at cannabis health
radio.com and if you’d like to advertise
with us or be a sponsor for the program
cannabis health radio also send us an
email at info at cannabis health
radio.com thanks
we’re listening everyone you’ve been
listening to the cannabis health radio
podcast visit our website
cannabis health radio : and follow us on
Facebook and Twitter

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