Ghost Train Haze Concentrate Weed Review @Arizona Organix

Good morning YouTube
My name is nigga Dickens. This is freemake here
Welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel
If you can give me just a moment gotta share the speed out to the world as you guys know
And we will get right into this review today. We are revealing ghost train haze
It is an 8020 indica hybrid or sativa hybrid. Let me rephrase
And a very good tasting one
So give me just a moment and we will share
So quiet did you
This is the last one and we will get this going
And last but not least
And now we’re gonna go live on
Instagram on this phone and we will get this going this has been fun
How is everybody today what are we smoking on anything good anything new?
So today we are smoking on ghost train haze here. This is what it looks like see how beautiful gold and clear
Hey Shannon, O’Brien. Why are you doing today? Darlin?
hello had my
Phone open to YouTube inside you were gone live. Awesome. Well, it is great to see you
We are here. So I have my email here with me today
So we don’t have to eat anything out, but I’ll I’ll be ready to go. So this is gonna be kind of a quick
Long as my email will keep back up
I burned the email cord a while back and now we have to position it just right to even to work
So I need to go online and order a new
high five cord
So right now we have the I have the nail set at
800 degrees let’s go ahead and give her a shot. What do you guys say? So I’m gonna pull off a small piece here
Pull her down as always guys fuck cancer
Oh, yes, yes
So she has kind of a burnt or a decently burn with a very sweet berry flavor to her
It’s really yummy
So let’s go ahead and start this ghost Trinis is an 80/20 innocent Eva hybrid. It comes from ghost OG and never Neville’s wreck
Making from Arizona organics. This has a 27 percent THC
Level now when I did when I first did the research on this particular strain
I thought it was really funny or really cool how they
Really told a little bit more about this. So I’m quoting
Alba calm here when it says it’s one of the most intense strains that has ever been introduced to the marijuana world
Most potent strain on earth says High Times magazine in 2012
The effects of this are cerebral creative energizing euphoria focused giggly happy and uplifted
medicinally to treat arthritis chronic pain depression fatigue inflammation migraines and stress
The negatives of this dry mouth their eyes there really isn’t too many negatives
Which was really kind of nice about this go ahead and show you my book
I went ahead and decorated this one page of the book
With some leaves that I had and I just thought they were really cute. So I put them up there but
Just something different to kind of play with because I like I like to make my journal a little bit more colorful and flashy
It’s just what are those things? I like to do
So sorry about that. Let me get to my questions
VW I am feeling better today. I’m friendly I don’t have the pain from the
Gallbladder surgery anymore, which is amazing. I love that. So and it’s actually a pretty good day
I started out with a pain level of about 8, my bladder is spasming quite a bit today. So it’s kind of bothering me
This is my
Second dab this morning, I think about it
This is my second dab this morning and I want to say that I have more energy and I feel like I could get up
and do something I just don’t know but
But I am hey Michelle, how you doing cake bomb that sounds yummy so yeah overall
This does help will reduce the pain not as much as an indica strain mostly in Turkish trains do a lot better with the pain
For me, I don’t know. How do you guys feel this?
Do you guys have a preference when it comes to pain management on indica or sativa?
Throw it down in the comments below because I am curious if you guys find any of that
I’ve talked to people that have said that are like me that say that they don’t use a lot of sativas because it makes them
more hyper
And so I’ve heard that but I’m curious
Do you guys prefer?
indica to city but when it comes to pain management and why throw it down comments below because I’m curious and this is something that
You know, I love my indicas. I don’t believe you there Michele. I I’m I’m more indica, too
And my other half is more sativa. So I mean that everybody’s a little bit different. We all have our own preferences
Shannon O’Brien fans
I’m sure glad you’re recovering from the gallbladder surgery
Yeah, you know that was it was a gallbladder surgery
You would think that the history to me would have been worse than the gallbladder surgery
But for some stupid reason I wasn’t allowed moving with the gallbladder surgery than I was the hysterectomy
So I thought that was kind of funny. So let’s go ahead and do one more dab of this
We are going to go ahead and push this up just a little bit so we can get a little bit more of a higher
Hot and heavy
So we can get a really good effect about this. So, let’s see
So I’m going to move this up to
867 and let it heat up and then we’re gonna go from there
And we’re gonna try this
I do find that when I’m in a lot more pain the cotton hurtful dabs will cut that pain a lot better
It just it really depends on where that pain level is at
so sorry, I have to actually get up and answer on this one because
I’m not used to having Instagram down below
I never do it and I’m like
You know something I really need to build my Instagram account, so I decided to pull it this way, so
We shall see so my nail is now heated up. I’m going to take a nice little dab
And see how we’re feeling as always guys fuck cancer
So that one was a bit heavier that one I did get more of a citrusy grapefruit taste out of
You can still taste the diesel in it
The hotter and the hot the hot and hurtful ones really hit your throat
So the back of your throat will be really sore. Mine is right now
Yes, I have my dr. Pepper today so yeah overall really good as soon as I can get through this part of it
Most people cough and it has it helps that hi hit a little bit faster
But with this one, I’m feeling it start to hit right in the middle of my forehead like right between the eyes
It’s kind of a nice comfortable relaxing hit
My throat however, it’s really it’s still pretty sore
You can feel that
You can feel the body relaxation start to hit so you’ll start getting warmer
It’s like a warm blanket that gets put around you and you start feeling a little bit better
I can feel that the pain level is dropping right now in my bladder starting to relax
So this is one that’s good for muscle tension
But I find that the indicas do better with that muscle tension in all of that stuff so
It really just depends on on your preferences
Sativas, Michelle says that he was triggered her anxiety. I have heard that too. I had talked to a budtender
Awhile about a year ago
And we were talking about sativas and he said the same thing is that he gets really anxious with it
his heart rate goes up and gets shaky and he feels like he’s going to be sick and
So he stays away from a heavy and heavy sativa
And he does more of the the hybrids the indica hybrids that have that indica to help relax you so it’s it’s kind of cool
So overall, yeah, you can feel it start to relax
I feel like I could get up and do something
So you do get kind of an energy boost with it, which is really nice. So overall it’s a great
So overall, very very nice. Thank you Arizona organics BW says
Are all your doctors okay with cannabis all of my doctors know that I use cannabis all of them
Um your face my primary care doctor is thrilled that I use cannabis
He loves it my other doctors, they won’t say yes or no either way
But they kind of give the hint that it’s okay in their book, but they feel like they just can’t say it. I don’t know
When I went to the University Hospital, they said that they have nothing against cannabis
They just can’t write a script or anything like that for that and I’m like, yeah, I know I know how it works
So yeah, it is
Most doctors nowadays that I’m running into they ask you if you have your medical marijuana card
They’ll see you if you show it to them most of the time. They’re really cool about it
I was really more nervous about this like high interest finding out that I was using
Cannabis than anybody because a lot of times they throw the biggest hissy fits
And she told me flat out. She’s like I’m cold cannabis. You can use that all you want to so
yeah, most of I haven’t I haven’t run into any issues with my doctor’s just flat-out refusing now I have
run into doctors in the hospital
That have gotten very very upset with me for using cannabis, you know, and they’ll try to this old
Advocacy thing to try to say don’t use cannabis because it’s bad for you and that kind of thing
so I have run into doctors, but my
personal doctors
Know they they don’t say anything really one way or the other except my primary care who’s he’s all about that. So, yeah
Shannon Oprah and I Alma I use almost all high CBD strains working up to higher THC
I’ve gotten so dizzy and hung over from indicas and sativas
Then you’re doing you’re doing these the perfect thing moving to the higher level of CVD or even just adding a CBD
On top of using that cannabis will help out a lot. What happens is if
if you get too high or you get to
euphoric with the cannabis that you’re smoking if you um
Hey you good yes, I’m good
most of the time if you take an ad like a CBD tincture or a
CBD cookie or something with CBD in it?
You can get that that euphoria will calm down
So it will take the effects a CBD will take the effects of that candidate of that THC away from if that’s what you’re looking
And I if you’re ever looking for a company that does CBD at decent prices
I do know of one and I will make sure to put that information in the comments below so you guys can have it if
You want to the products from what I understand are really really good
I didn’t get to look at the testing as of yet
But I will definitely look at that before I put the link up because that’s my big thing is
Quality over quantity. I want to see those tests and think about those tests
That’s the only that’s the only thing I say right now is that I haven’t actually looked at them
So but I will look at them and let everybody know so
We live in New Jersey
But surgery was in Pennsylvania Wow, why’d you have to go to Pennsylvania for the surgery right so far?
I had mine made minor surgical procedure Monday the doctors were cool with it
I didn’t have any for eight hours plus
before the procedure
a lot of times that’s what the doctors will say before any procedure is that they want you to stay off of cannabis for at
Least 24 hours before you go into surgery
As I’ve always told you guys. I’m going to be very very honest with you
I have smoked cannabis up until the time. I walked into a hospital to check in for
Surgery, I there has never been a reaction
I’ve never had an issue but it is it I do tell you guys to be advised that it can be dangerous
Don’t do it. Do it the doctors saying we’ve been 24 hours
simply because your health and safety is the most important thing so
So, why did you have to go so far for the surgery and what type of surgery wasn’t wasn’t?
That’s what I’m curious about so yeah
Always make sure you know anytime you’re going into the hospital or even to your doctor’s office or
Taking medications or doing any of these things
If you’re using canvas on top of that I recommend that you talk to your doctors
But most doctors today are pretty cool about it. If your doctors not cool about it and you feel that
You want a second opinion? That is completely your right and how you have every I
Encourage you to do it. I mean, you know your health care provider is there to work for you?
You’re not there to work for your provider. So
But I do recommend listening to your provider, please
My urologist is a specialist in IC and she’s in Pennsylvania. Oh, yeah, never cystoscopy, okay
yeah, that’s what I did on Monday is I had to go in for a bladder test for my IC and
They did this as fast could be right there in the office
And I’ll tell you what, it was. Absolutely horrible
I it’s the urethra is so painful and when you have to have that that
Catheter put in and have the camera done and you’re awake. It just it sucks
One thing I can tell you is it’s very very quick. So and I’m glad that you’re seeing a specialist for your IC
I have been
I’ve suffered from this disease for 20 years. I
Have this is the first time I have been I’ve had the opportunity to go to the University Hospital
in case I didn’t even know that they specialized and I didn’t do all of the research I
Listened to my doctor because he was one of the best in our area
And then he said I was out of his scope and sent me to the University
So I understand I have to drive for mine as well
But yeah, I had to have that cystoscopy while I was awake and I oh my god
So, yeah, but yeah
Stay on those meds
I can tell you that I have not run into any bladder medications
whatsoever that has ever interacted with cannabis cannabis, so you should be good and I’ve taken
I’ve even taken them with RSO. So the higher doses of cannabis so
You should be fine
If you can get that RSO though, I can tell you that it does help a lot with the pain of I see
that that pain that’s associated with I see is just horrendous and I’m getting to the point where
it will stop me in my tracks and I’m oh
and I that’s you know even make some noise anymore because it
Surprises me and it just doesn’t so quickly. Is it each what do you do, you know?
I’ve looked in New Jersey and tried a doctor near us that claim to know I see
Train, right, right. Yeah
heard Mike the first doctor that that
diagnosed me with I see was my OBGYN and
He’s the one that said, ok. It’s time to start seeing you up a
Urologist, so I started seeing the urologist and
would never went back basically because he had retired so he was actually the head of
one of the hospitals for I see
And he was he was a teacher. He was really cool, but
When he retired nobody understood I see the way that he did
The only problem that I had with him is that he had me on
high really high doses of
Elmer on and
So and that was tough you
Do Michelle asked do you make your own RSO with Everclear? Yes, I do. I actually do it two different ways
I have a friend that has a still
and he has a
Distal n’t I guess I’m like, what would you call this? It’s like Everclear, but it’s called FB
It’s really expensive. So that’s why yes is still so that way he can just recycle that
So but I go over to his house and we’ll do that. He’s he’s a great guy. He has he’s another cancer patient
He’s prostate cancer. So
That’s how we make our RS. So we kind of team up and help each other, which is really cool. That’s one thing
I really really love about the stoner community that I have found is that
Everybody stays really tight-knit and it’s once you’re into that little group it
Everybody helps one another and it’s pretty cool. But
Trying to get into it is hard
So awesome
Drinking hmm Oh
Shadow right. She had me do a bladder diary
Claimed my only problem was draining too much water 3-letter liters a day
awesome drinking drinking
Wow, I
have to stay at a gallon of water a day in order to make things work with the IC so
mean I
anywhere from four to eight hundred
Cc’s of urine at a time
So nose eyes
I can’t see that as being an issue
As long as you’re able to drain the biggest problem with the eye sees that you can’t drain
Everything and that leads to massive bladder infections all the time
I’m to the point now to where I can’t tell if it’s this tightness that’s acting up or if it’s a bladder infection any forum
Requests to be in your live video
So I am Not sure
I I can’t see the voiding part of it
As long as your voiding the appropriate, I mean as long as you’re avoiding, that’s the biggest issue
You have to make sure that you’re avoiding all the way
and that was my issue is that my bladder stopped voiding can put her stopped voiding little by little so I had to catheterize
Because when I was when I would go to the bathroom before I went to bed, I didn’t drain all the way
so when I went to bed I’d end up getting a bladder infection over and over and over again, so
I was on an IV
antibiotics all the time to try to prevent that from happening and so I’m still on that but as the
Bladder has gone through it’s decided less and less urine can can pass through so you have to catheterize
Otherwise you have major issues and you’re going to get infections and your it’s going to lead to kidney problems
I see is a nasty bugger
it hurts like hell it’s it can lead to a lot of different things and it lasts for a long time and it
Tortures people and then they have to go in and look and make sure everything’s okay
And in doing that it causes a lot more pain, so it’s kind of this this never-ending cycle
So she finally agreed to give me bladder installations
I’m assuming that’s what the owner on in it because that’s what you should be doing. It’s a
Saline with the the elomar on in there or well, it’s there capsules
You open them up and you pour it in and they put that into the bladder
or they put a catheter up and then still that in the bladder you hold that into your bladder for at least 30 minutes let
It you know, let it do what it’s got to do inside the bladder and then you can go to the bathroom again
When two more weeks later when I was in physical tears first time crying in public it’s
Yeah, it’s what happens it’s
Your bladder seems to affect everything
When your bladder is?
Pissed and that’s basically what I call it you get nauseous you get six years and you know, you get nauseous you’ll start vomiting
You want to scream you want to break something?
But you know that it’s not gonna help you want something that can make it go away
But you know that taking, you know, even if you take an or anything by mouth
It’s it’s gonna go away on its own before that medicine ever
Kicks in and that’s the biggest problem and we know that that’s gonna happen
So we try to get in front of it and take the medicine, you know
Take something that would pay for pain before that starts hitting so it’s not so bad
and that’s kind of the point where I’ve been for the last you know while is that I
feel like cuz when I went to the doctor when they did the bladder study Monday, they said that my capacity has
The sensitivity has obviously raised and so he’s maxing me out on all of the meds to see if he can get this to reverse
Because we’re I’m a tricky case
because most of the time people with I see when they coffer when they
Sneeze or when they laugh too much or something like that
It causes you to leak a little bit. So they usually have to wear pads. I had do not have to have problem whatsoever
I don’t leak I don’t go. It’s one of those things that it’s I don’t do that anymore
so I’m lucky in that aspect, but
Because I’m on this edge and we can’t figure out how to pull it back that’s where we’re stuck
so that’s why I got sent to the
University Hospital
My comment, there we go. So sorry about the misspelling I meant to put drinking. Oh, no, that’s fun
She thought that my pain was from bladder stretching out from drinking three one three liters a day
um, I
Have had my bladder too. I mean, I’ve been to the point where I couldn’t go to the bathroom to the tea
I mean I let they had to catheterize me and I was at
Over a thousand cc’s that I had voided when they catheterized me in the hospital because I couldn’t the catheter stopped working
and that that’s
That’s a problem
But unless you’re over
Oversized and three liters is not gonna do that
Unless you’re drinking three liters all at one time
But I can’t see you doing that. You’d end up throwing up the water
So it mean if you’re drinking three liters water throughout the day and then you’re going to the bathroom
That’s actually a little you should be drinking more water
you should be drinking up to a gallon of water a day when you have I see the reason why is because
every time you get that bladder to start functioning the better off it is it’s cleaning itself out and that pain will will
Will get better or so. And that’s one of the things that they tell you is don’t get dehydrated and stick to the icy diet
Because if you don’t and you get dehydrated and you’re off that icy diet
You’re gonna get some serious burning in some
serious pain coming out of that and your bladder is gonna get really really pissed off and
it’s gonna start a ripple effect and it starts at the bottom of the bladder and it just
pulsates and ripples all the way to the top and it hurts like hell and you can feel it and you can feel
Every little ripple that that bladder does because you have to go to the bathroom and you do have nothing in there
So your bladder is gonna get really really irritated
So when I started this whole thing about 20 years ago, and if you do your research online
The more water that you drink the better off you are because you’re forcing that bladder to function properly
So I knew better yeah
Water is now if you’re drinking three liters of soda a day. That’s a problem. You need water
So let’s make sure that we do that distinction
Because I do drink soda every can of soda
I drink I should drink two bottles of water or two eight ounce glasses of water or something like that
Because you want that functioning in your bladder. You don’t want that especially caffeine and
One of my downfalls right now is I know how to when my bladder is pissed off
I know how to manipulate it a little bit and if I drink some caffeine it does help
So I kind of use that in my advantage and I shouldn’t but I do
But I do make sure I drink a lot of water. So and water is very very very important
So I had an appointment with my old doctor in Pennsylvania, but the appointment was three months waiting. It’s it’s hard
People more more doctors are studying and learning about I see and learning the interstitial cystitis is
Not in our heads and it’s a serious issue. So
More and more doctors are looking at this with curiosity and going why what’s going on now?
We believe that my Icee was caused from radiation
What I was going to cancer treatment, so that’s what we believe mine was caused by
But it can be caused by a whole bunch of different things. So
You might have if he’s a good doctor you might have to wait that three months to get in to see him
Do your research on the doctors see how great they are if they have great reviews like the University of Arizona
They’ve been you know written up several times. They’ve got a great reputation
I mean there’s they had their on the cutting edge of science with all of this. So it’s a big deal for them
So that’s why I you know chose to go there
And I did have to wait the first time to get in after that it wasn’t quite so bad
so so like now I have to go back in a month that type of a thing and we just a word we’re
monitoring because we know that I’m moving to the next step so
I’m sorry to say it. We have to bite that bullet and we have to wait
if the doctor is worth waiting for
so just like
You know when I was in and we talked to my doctor on on Monday, he had asked me questions about Botox injections
And I’m like, yeah, I’ve had them and yeah, they do kind of work for a little while. It’s not too bad
It only lasts about two months. And is it really worth coming in?
Every two months having to go into surgery having them do the bladder expansion having him
Do you know the shots in into the the bladder the Botox into there?
Is it really worth doing that for you know it dimension a diminishing amount of time?
So that’s really what you have to look at is, you know?
Weigh your options see how it is. If the doctor is worth waiting about three months. I recommend waiting it
And I know that that sucks
I’ve been doing so well
Hey, Missy, how you doing? You’re at the gym now. Have a great day, sweetie
That’s cute. I’d been doing so well
I hadn’t seen her in three D plus years and now a new patient employment. Yeah
When I first started this disease, I went back and forth
I mean I was on a full-time Foley for a little while and it sucked
You saw because I was bleeding so much
I had so much blood that they had to keep me on a catheter get keep that blood and keep that nastiness out of there
And that infection out of there and then I had to force all these liquids and they had an IV going and it was huge
And then all of a sudden I I we don’t even know what happened and I started doing really good
And I didn’t see my doctor for you know a few years and I to do the same thing
If the doctors worth it
wait, I
hate saying that but if the doctor is worth it, you kind of just have to
You know weigh your options and so, you know, it sucks. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I
Didn’t do we w asked if I liked my Tucson doctor I do doctor twist is a really good doctor. I
Really do like him
He’s been real patient. He talks me through. He tells me what he’s going to do
And if he apologizes for causing pain when he shouldn’t need to apologize because it’s not his fault
He has to do his test. So yeah, I mean I really do they’re they’re real patient
They’re real nice, even the the nursing staff and everybody that they’re there are just really awesome people
Happy hump day partly cloudy. How you doing? Oh
So you’re gonna have to make another appointment to see him I would get on that as soon as possible if he’s worth it, yeah
Maybe you know, I would get a second opinion. It’s always a good thing if you feel that your doctor isn’t
Versed enough in what’s going on with you? You always have that right to get a second opinion and I really suggested
I do find with the I see however that the indica strains do better
With the pain and the discomfort and all of that just so you know
From a local okay. So what way da got infusions from a local doctor? Oh
I am doing pretty good today
Thank you for asking
So let’s do one small dab. My pain level has dropped now
To about us s six uncomfortable
We’re just gonna bring up an up. He’s here
Cuz we’ve been on here and we’re gonna do our exit strategy here so I can go inside and start relaxing
So as always guys what cancer?
So I hope you all have a great day I am out of here for now Arizona organics another great concentrate
Thank you guys so much for watching
Shannon O’Brien if you have me on any of the other social media platforms
you can always message me and I’ll talk to you about some of this stuff and help you through as much of it that I
I don’t usually answer right away just because I’m busy but
It’s I will answer within a couple of hours
So yeah, if you always if you ever have questions give me you know, find me on social media
if you’re on Instagram and stalk dark green haze if you’re on Facebook, it’s Nicola Dickens if you know where I am here, so
Mean to say the wait was already over. I’m back to see. Oh the Pennsylvania doctor now good. Good. Good. Awesome
So yeah, but if you ever need to talk through you ever have questions
Hit me up on social media and message me
I’ll be happy to talk to you. You can even send me an email
Um, I will be happy to help in any way that I can so I hope you all have a great day
Mmm, mad love and I will see you guys tomorrow

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