THCa Helps Reverse Degenerative Diseases

this that would Felson strain good now
this is a new study says that we can
protect brain cells from the generative
disease so here in the article starts by
saying that th CA is kind of like the
overlooked younger brother of THC but it
turns out that this component of we can
protect brain cells from degenerative
diseases there’s a large and growing
body of evidence suggesting that we’ve
can help treat all sorts of medical
conditions now a new study is helping to
shed light on some weeds more
underexplored qualities studying the
potential of THC a one of the big things
that makes this study researchers were
looking at a cannabinoid called tetra
hydro cannabinol ik acid or THC a it
doesn’t get a lot of attention in the
cannabis world THC and CBD are more
known but THC aim what may be just as
powerful in the study scientists wanted
to see if there’s often overlooked
cannabinoid had any medical efforts on
the brain after testing out our THC a
effective mice in the sea
test the researchers found that thta
shows potent neuroprotective activity
and is worth consideration for treatment
of Huntington’s disease and possibly
Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s ALS and more one
report said that there are over 600
different neurological disorders
affecting around 550 million people in
the US every year by protecting brain
cells from these diseases THCA could
have significant health implications
versus the HCA is an interesting can
have annoyed for a few other reasons
it’s a non psychoactive in fact being
the inactive form of THC
over time the THC produced by a plant
slowly turns into the psychoactive can
cannabinoid tht he speeds up the process
and this is what happens when you vape
or smoke otherwise decarboxylate in your
wheat this means in order to consume the
HCA you’d have to get it before it’s
hard industry to THC and the best way to
do this is to consume for all week some
claim that juicing raw cannabis has many
health benefits researcher William
Courtney says that people can get more
or less the same therapeutic effects
from eating raw wheat as they can from
smoke it Courtney claims that raw weed
gives you the whole profile of the plant
Wow that profile wouldn’t include very
much THC
it would include a lot of THC a we can
protect brain cells from the generative
diseases THC is a cannabinoid that is
most prevalent in Brawl weed this could
mean that there are more health benefits
to role then was thought previously in
another study it said that a daily dose
of THC carry first aging of the brain
and this was written by Adam brewery
teams from the University of on and the
Hebrew University of
a leader in medical cannabis research
came together to study how daily micro
doses of THC affected the aging process
of brain cells they used mice so
consider the fact that mice don’t live
nearly as long as we do and their brains
are much simpler but they do live long
enough and are complex enough that
researchers can observe the effects of
aging when the brain ages it slows down
older people literally gets lowered the
nerve impulses and transmissions take
longer to reach their destination
resulting in aging in our brains losing
cognitive functions like memory the
ability to learn new things and motor
coordination but with a little help from
a daily dose of THC the psychoactive
cannabinoid found in cannabis
researchers found that many of those
functions can be temporarily and
significantly restored professor Andres
ember quotes the treatment completely
reversed the loss of performance in the
old animals so regular low doses of THC
can boost memory and learning
researchers used mice of different age
groups they perform memory recon mission
and navigation task the younger mice
completed the ties with no problems when
they were sober
reason being their younger brains were
sharper however when researchers we
ain’t given for young mice the daily
dose of THC
they began struggling with the puzzles
the story was the complete opposite with
the older mice they struggled with the
challenges without THC but a daily dose
of THC soon began to dramatically
increase their brain performance up to
the same low was younger that’s fucking
crazy they should name a strange
Benjamin Button
in terms of memory and learning the
older mice were able to regress to the
state of a two month old mouse so
scientists hope daily dose of THC will
slow or reverse the aging of the human
brain these findings while still at the
level of animal testing show significant
promise for aging human co-author Zimmer
and Sven Jack Schultz believe it
THC daily dose could be an effective
alternative for treating problems like
dementia they hope to begin trials on
humans one thing that remains to be seen
is whether the psychoactive effects on
cannabis will produce different results
in humans than mice according to the
researchers THC didn’t appear to
influence the mice in the same way as
humans in other words the daily dose of
to see didn’t make the mice get high
however there could be other negative
side effects for human brains the
research is of course still in the very
early phases restrictions on the legal
research of medical cannabis in the US
and UK have slowed the team’s process so
it’s unlikely that doctors will be
prescribed THC for older folks memory
problems anytime soon I want to say
something I think when it comes to this
epidemic that we’re dealing with right
now I think two of the main people that
are being affected by this devote our
veterans and the elderly in the nursing
we don’t just so you don’t know what
happens when you’re not there and I know
a lot of families they don’t go visit
everything so like they’re just fucking
taking advantage of these old and and
it’s costing the families thousands now
that they’re just robbing them of their
social security money so like all the
money they have and it’s not making them
any better it’s not giving them a
fruitful rest of their life it’s just
you might as well just kill them no
offense saying no but it really is
because the issue is that we’re not
gonna keep him around because no money
it’s true and the issue is that we won’t
even initiate the research best we’re
not able we’re not even gonna try it
can’t even do research because it’s not
illegal if we would fight if we would
focus on that real quick
but seriously so the point that we’re
making here though is that yes the
veterans and the elderly all the seniors
all the retirees all these people are
being harmed by the fact that we can’t
even conduct research can’t even try to
figure out if this thing is going to
have a positive effect on people’s
memory loss of the aging of the brain
and this thing is that we’re to the
point where if we don’t have any
solutions I mean it I can bring up
plenty of examples like that while being
the bestest biggest one but the fact
that you know we’re in the hospital they
don’t have any solutions they’re not
gonna try and do anything for you that’s
just it it’s just they just wait for you
to die and that’s not cool man that’s
not the way that we need to run our
country we we need to try these things
we need to experiment we need to have an
open mind about these things that have
been proven to be effective and correct
and if we know something works then why
not try it you know that’s the thing is
that it’s been proven time after time
again you know all this small
researchers that have been conducted our
personal bias personally doing our own
research you know cuz that’s where
that’s how a lot of those stories
especially ones involving children
especially you know or you know cancer
patients or something like that
something really traumatic or drastic
like they have no other choice
maybe they’re trying to get l4 is like
literally yeah we have this cure sitting
right in front of us that’s a
possibility that’s been around for years
that all we have to do is is try it and
it’s crazy like you know I’m sure it
gets old hearing this but like when you
fucking if you’re gonna blame anybody
it’s a go that’s true that is the one
thing that we can that we definitely can
blame the government for for a fact is
the fact that cannabis prohibition has
hindered the United States
you know before healthcare you know
there’s so many negative aspects of the
decriminalization of the criminalization
of cannabis that we have actually seen
now that seven states I will still
reiterate that we got seven awesome
including this is the thing that always
trips me out our nation’s capital
Washington DC decriminalize cannabis up
to an ounce and yet we still can’t even
just use that principle to conduct
reason it’s because it’s still illegal
on the federal level we can’t conduct
the research to help save the lives of
the people that fought for this country
to try and get the freedom I mean or
work their lives you know to try and
pursue the life so it’s all this big
twisted cycle that we are trying to
improve never seen it’s a very sad thing
but my grandfather explain this to me
about the war in Vietnam which is
exactly what happened you know it is
happening now you know you have all
these soldiers that are fighting but in
reality you know there’s there’s a
two-sided war here the thing is that yes
they are fighting for our freedom but
freedom is such a loose definite it’s a
very boost big word in America because
you have 50 different interpretations of
what freedom beats
and that it just in itself is a problem
because if you know in one place over
here this is what we think freedom is
you know and you don’t pay income taxes
but then this other state over here you
know we think that freedom means that
this drug is completely normal and it’s
completely legal well why can’t we take
the best of both worlds and make the
federal government use both of those
things effectively because that’s the
problem is that you know yeah sure in
one state you feel free to do this and
another state you’re free to do that and
another state we can’t all live in 3 & 4
fucking state it doesn’t make sense you
can’t work in one state go live in
another and Christian gray or whatever
you know so the point is that you have
to consider what the freedom is that
you’re really fighting for and so you
know yeah sure yes you are fighting for
the fact that we are somewhat free to do
what we want it’s it’s limited you know
it’s a subjective term in America
because your freedom is subject to what
your state that’s freedom well you get
arrested to that so what’s so free about
you know and it’s sad there’s so many
people like from different countries
they get so high oh I want to come to
America no the fuck you don’t know you
you’ll get a lot of people need to
realize that especially in their own
country you know you have the ability to
change things you know and if we can do
it in America who’s to say you can’t do
it it India Pakistan you know Africa
whatever other country you know but we
have to do is work within the confines
of what we have and you know try and
improve upon that but it’s very true
that a lot of times people forget that
you know we’re fighting all these wars
overseas we’re doing all these things
people think that you know what’s so
great but
reality is there’s poor people in
America you know people get robbed in
America it’s just like any other country
in the world and yeah sure we could
pretend at the United States to tourism
video but that’s identical to doing what
North Korea does which is spreading
propaganda into thinking that your
country is all great there’s no flaws
but in reality yes there are people
starving in America just like there are
North Korea the point is though that
what we we don’t really have control we
as people of the cannabis community are
not like the boot Swasey we’re not
people that are here to fuckin just run
all over everyone else and say you know
our way is Right our way is better you
know that we’re trying to say that look
this is just a natural progression of
the way things should have been a long
time ago these fucking minutes isn’t
what 1789 okay time to fucking change
like come on man you couldn’t predict
cellphones do not exist in 1789 so why
are we living by the rules of 1789 come
on folks this is not this is not brain
science this is crazy
we’re just doing common sense because
that’s with living this false American
dream yeah exactly
I’ve gotta make money and then someday
maybe something wait wait your fucking
job and put everything into what you
fucking enjoy because let me say you
only fucking live one life it makes me
sad when I see people passionate about
something but there’s stuff you know –
nine-to-five they feel like they like me
you know let’s just wait no the fuck I’m
there’s more of us than there are of
and if everyone just like pocket like of
course you know peaceful way I could
just like a blink strike but the problem
is is that people are so people have
gotten so materialistic it’s superficial
in their lives and of thinking that they
have to be stateless
slavery is alive and thriving and in the
form of our fucking prisoners like that
the whole country every state especially
like oh my God all those like southern
states and everything have just gotten
away with modern-day slavery like make
these boys go out and their charges some
of them are just ridiculous and you’re
out you know labor I mean it should be
rights that’s the thing is the thing is
that once you go into the system it’s so
ridiculously complicated to get out it’s
impossible that it’s that it’s ruins
your life you know but why is that
necessary why do we need to follow by
these rules that are mainly arbitrary
back when there was like pirates and
yeah and that’s the thing it’s like I
say to everyone with this you know if we
want to really go back to those days
we’re gonna all carry around muskets and
we’re gonna all you know we’re pirate
heads and shit you know wigs if that’s
really gonna be about to be a hundred
percent about it but the problem is that
people want to put on you know
politicians want to put on the suits and
put onto all this front and say well
this is the modern version of while
we’re trying to still up all these
ideals but in reality the ideals of
yesterday don’t they can’t be upheld you
did the half
well tweeting and instagramming and
filming I know I’m president exactly
more than I do
name colleague but I feel like this is a
distraction they’re doing they’re
playing they’re fucking distracting us
and look now there we got all these
fucking hate crimes
following the it’s basically about to
start World War three right now this
country is is going down quickly and
we’re falling right into their fucking
game right into it
but I think that that’s why legalizing
cannabis here is such a big victory for
the United States it’s you know there
are a lot of other countries even in
Europe an Asian especially Ben it’s not
legal at all hey David yeah that’s right
the rules need to be rewritten
just like how Denver rewrote the Canada
rules on cannabis we need to rewrite the
rules on the Constitution still working
there so I mean yeah it’s true but the
thing is that it’s that we try to go by
this mentality of the Constitution is
worth so much because it was written a
long time ago it because we feel like
it’s fucking New Testament old testament
to the Guardian Bible but I just think
about it this way right we were in
middle school once a song got to be six
months old what do we think right remix
are we on to the next song you don’t
care about that right and that’s the
same way that the rules of the
constitution should be as a fact yeah
that’s adorable but now that we’re in a
modern world and we understand so much
about the way things are and you know we
shouldn’t be we shouldn’t just say well
we can’t change this rule until everyone
agrees that we gotta change the rule why
what what to cares if everyone agreed
like why should we have to wait for
every single person to agree that we
want to change every single rule of the
United States I mean if we really did
wait on that you’re never gonna get
anything done we’re all gonna be sitting
around thinking man I like I miss the
way things used to be well guess what
things ain’t gonna always be the way
they used to be you know they think
everything is going to change you know
the way we get our news the way we list
the music the way we exactly I mean and
so for me the problem is that the
biggest problem is is that there’s this
old generation of people that are trying
to create all the rules when there’s
this new generation of people that says
fuck the rules we’ve lived we’ve grown
up in a society with Napster and free
television at YouTube and the deep dirt
and all these things that bitcoins yeah
all these things that bitcoins are all
these things that you know are not
things that could have ever been
presidented 50 50 years ago so it to me
it’s like anyone that’s over the age of
40 in Congress which is you have to be
30 to get in none of those people
understand anything about the plight in
the world that everyone under 30 has
gone through sorry you just kind of
figure out what younger people run this
country you know soon as you turn 18
yeah exactly you’re creative you’re
thinking yeah sure maybe you’re gonna
some crazy shit we have all these people
you know the pharmaceutical companies
all these CEOs all these people that are
over 40 that exactly they think my
reefer is
exactly you know and so we have to
change their totality if we have to you
know make sure that they understand that
this is not a bad thing
this cannabis legalization this cannabis
research all of these things that are
important that our changing lives that
are probably going to make their lives
better to are not what the old praat
they really is it’s a propaganda that
the same exact propaganda things that
they do just like in North Korea are the
propaganda that we had in the United
States based around cannabis you know
and all of that is false propaganda that
people buy into that they don’t
understand you know and I am about it
too you know but then I started watching
hip-hop videos I thought wait a sec if
this can’t be true there’s no way that
Snoop Dogg could smoke 40,000 joints
that never died and he’s still alive he
talks about it all these songs and it’s
bad it can’t be it just there’s no way
in my mind that that that it just could
be true yeah and and yet some people are
in this country are so brainwashed by
the propaganda that they can’t accept
that you can smoke a entire blunt
whether you smoke one or not before and
you will not die yes you might get
hungry yes it’s unfortunate I feel like
okay when know if you meet someone or
you know someone they say or try
buster’s or I want to try and now what
is the first piece of advice that your
friend will give you major right mindset
and you’re with the right people right
okay I feel like that same rule applies
like especially if it’s your first time
and you’ve been told your whole fucking
life that it’s a bad thing so like if
you’re just with a bunch of fucktards
and get super bright of course you’re
going fucking paranoid and you’re gonna
have probably a bad experience and
that’s what sucks about like that’s what
so many people had so many people had
this weird
experience that it turned them off to
think to all these because you already
thinking fucked up anyways yeah open
your mind for your mind like mar these
things i completely agree with cohesion
of the public that’s what bipartisan is
all about that’s why we need to get rid
of political parties at the start
working on the area party tobacco as a
natural plant to it they didn’t add all
this bullshit into it they would
probably wouldn’t be so terrible it’s
all about cigarettes cost versus a grab
Korea on the packs of cigarettes they
have like pictures of like dead fetuses
and fucked-up shit like yeah real facts
about tobacco and like the bullshit of
the Adige so I think that is kind of
it’s edgy but it’s it’s a good thing I
believe I think that alcohol is one of
the biggest proponents you know that
there’s so much promotion behind alcohol
and so much promotion people who drink
all the time and yet I had to find out
on my own that any blackout drunk was
not good for me so you know it’s it’s
not good it’s seriously one of those
things that we promote in this country
but we don’t ever want to talk about the
realistic actual effects of alcohol and
alcoholism there’s this be really dumb
connotation with marijuana as being
associated as a gateway drug which to me
is completely ridiculous that’s very
true we’re trying to change that
connotation and make it the exit drug
when you really think about it peer
pressure peer pressure pressure of any
sort is actually the gateway drug it
doesn’t matter what kind of drug it is
but think about it it’s yes a society
and a person in you know in your life
telling you or the person is trying to
get you to these drugs I want to show
you guys a picture now I saw this was on
a big fucking beer truck driving down
like and on the back you know the rest
of the trailer it had like
the dudes on the fucking truck with
military yeah a lot of people don’t
understand why I found it oh I do find
it disturbing yeah think about what
that’s promoting think about what that
saying that it’s totally okay to be in
the military and drink beer and drinking
beer and being in the military is okay
but it became to mask a depression just
imagine I’m just gonna put that yeah
but the ironic thing to me is that I
can’t even get into the military I
couldn’t either cuz I have attached to
all my yep
so it’s all military you know I mean I
wish that we had you know we could live
in a world without that kind of stuff I
mean don’t get me wrong I understand we
have to protect it and all these things
you know especially those people that
want to kill us but then being peaceful
you know and teaching people I found is
so much more so much better for humanity
did to pick up a gun and say hey I need
to try and defend myself and protect
myself and have the ability to kill me
there’s a lot of different ways to fight
and a lot of people don’t realize that
is that finding with a gun you know
that’s one way to do it but finding with
a fitted paper or in a classroom or
that’s the biggest and best way to fight
that’s the biggest thing you can do
minutes yeah you could go out to the
firing range shoot you know hundred
rounds whatever but don’t impress me
what’s the difference between reading
books you know you could do spend the
same three hours reading read books are
trying to get better that can only
speculate where I’d be in my life of
cannabis was legal when I was growing up
how are you you know I mean I mean even
if cannabis is legal in the state that I
was in five years ago my life will be
totally different you know it’s all and
it’s all a matter of perspective you
know it’s what what real harm does it do
what real what
problem what is the issue why what did
what are we waiting for is by how many
car accidents like how many fatalities
right in a car like car accidents
diapers and how many people die a day a
year due to drunk driving right how many
more facts to be bad well we have to sit
here and fight for you know legal public
smoke shops that goes have somewhere
smoke I was reading an article or it’s
like I didn’t even think about this like
a lot of people you know the fact that
cannabis is legal in Colorado it
attracts a lot of fucking tourists like
people from different things and they
don’t colors day they come in for maybe
like a day or two or the waterlily I
always see and where can they go just
nowhere so so you got all these
dispensaries illegal to buy weed but you
have nowhere to smoke of that so you’re
forced like if you’re that desperate
like cuz you can’t take it on playing
with you you know people are so fucking
paranoid ride with them right with it no
car because like they have fucking
checkpoints and like stops throughout
like the state lines and shit and it’s
fucked like there’s like one smoke shop
that I know of in Denver and that’s
studio so I’ll check that out anyways I
know there’s a couple down Springs but
like studio 420 is like people are
trying to shut that shit down
and it’s a head shop and a fucking smoke
lounge they sell snacks like that’s how
they pay themselves next you know charge
you like membership to get in or
whatever and they fucking so like fight
shit they don’t sell marijuana at all it
was alcohol and it’s a really cool place
and it’s really unfortunate for there’s
only one that I know of
in Denver and I do believe they are
trying to like open up more but you know
they’re fucking dicks about I think that
you know when I look at my life and what
I was doing back in Texas I was its
what’s the difference I would be it the
wheat is twice as much so it’s you’re
gonna pay for everything in one way or
the other
now it’s it’s yeah and the thing is it
may be too expensive for people not
making enough money but that is the
resourcefulness of what we have to do is
people right if you like capitalism
that’s what I understand is people
saying things to expensive if you like
capitalism that’s the epitome of
capitalism learning how to make more
money to counteract the things that are
expensive now here’s where that relates
to cannabis what I paid for weed in
Texas is astronomically different than
what I pay here and every and that’s so
important because smoke a blunt a day
and that’s like basically a gram gram a
day or even more than that sometimes two
plus day
so the thing is is like okay if I’m
paying three hundred dollars for an
ounce of weed in Texas and you know and
I’m smoking a blunt a day or a gram a
day that’s three see what I mean
three hundred dollars a month that I was
spending on weed losses now it’s a
hundred and else or something ridiculous
not even like that was one of my biggest
things that I stressed about it was like
I smoked a lot yeah you know it’s
stressful when it’s so expensive and you
like crazy and you think – you’re so
like you kind of question you’re like
and so to me
yes it’s relatively expensive but I mean
it’s all about finding a way to work the
system yeah sure you go look at all but
you know the thing is that expensive is
related to what your priorities are so
if you feel like you need to live in you
know so I’ve also mentioned you got to
live closer then it’s you make that
sacrifice remember that but I will
definitely never sacrifice the price of
marijuana you know from what it was
costing me and the luxury that I have to
pick and choose what I get you know or
the to be needs to go to someone’s house
they’re growing you know or whatever
it’s just it’s all the fact that you
that all of these things are the you
be sacrificed you make for being
everything being expensive you know yes
it’s you know the wages have not
increased at the same rate of cost of
living that’s true for the entire
country I mean the wages that I’m making
Colorado are identical to the wages I
made in Texas my rent was identical to
what I pay now so the thing is it’s got
to be done by the entire United States
you know not just Texas and Colorado or
Florida but it’s all relative I mean if
you look at California well of course
it’s way too expensive for all of us to
live in California it’s all we’d search
for all of us live in New York but yeah
if we all want to go to Mississippi sure
we’ll live like fucking kings but that
who wants to go to Mississippi it’s all
relative dependent on yes the wages have
not increased you know and things got
more expensive in Denver because we’ve
legalized marijuana because it is you
know it’s a commodity here because it’s
a tourist attraction so you know that’s
why I am such a big proponent of entire
federal legalization because that’s
gonna get the people out of tourist
attraction Denver they’re gonna stay in
their own States exactly plus the
biggest thing that I think is the amount
of jobs people forget that if you have a
dispensary in your town you have to have
people to run it if you have to have
people to run it that creates jobs for
people if those jobs pay a decent wage
which is the same wage that I was making
selling musical instruments or whatever
general retail job that creates more
income for people to pay for apartments
to buy others you know it’s that’s the
problem is that people forget that this
is not just a war on drugs this is a war
on the economic system of the United
States that we have seen succeed in
Colorado where you have seen all these
people be blending but in Oregon
Washington you know whatever all these
other places where it’s it’s created
jobs benefited the economy entire
economy and create they think the prices
of things go down and so if we get that
in places like Texas where you’ve got 25
million fucking people well then
obviously all the people that are stuck
here in Colorado they’re a Texan but
this one is both we will go back and
you’re not hiding the environment though
this is not doing
Harbor damage to the environment one bit
this is it you can you can it’s not
damaging anything it’s not increasing
crime it’s not doing any harm to anyone
it’s just creating more opportunities
for more people in America solution
that’s the best thing yep yep it’s just
gonna improve society and that’s what I
don’t understand is why people are so
afraid to give these people you know
because the thing is today think we’re
wicked yeah at the dock yeah savages and
all this stuff but the reality is
stoners are the people that are gonna
pick you up when you’re you know where
they see someone lying on the ground
they’re the people that are good

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Scary Bath Bomb Ingredients & Safer Bath Recipes

Thu Nov 14 , 2019
Hey, people, Dr. Josh Axe here. Invite to Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Today we’re talking about bath bombs and the toxicity of these bath bombs today and talking about how to take a natural bath and some of my preferred essential oils to use to truly relieve and help […]

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