I Tried CBD Oil Vape Pen For The First Time!

hello, everybody it’s Nikki I have a cool
video for you today I had just got my
order in I’ve been waiting waiting
waiting for this package, I have never
tried it before but it is a CBD oil vape
it’s legal and I want to try it
alright so CBD is totally not like THC
it’s different, it has no THC if any very
very very little and it’s supposed
to be to relax you’re supposed to be for
a depression or if you have some type of
pain or ailments or anything I don’t
really have any of those, I’m just trying
it just to try it if anything I just get
like little achy achy breaky here
and there but a good exercise or stretch
will actually help that out, I’m just
like I just wanted to try it and this is
it I’m just trying it there’s no reason
truly for me to use it it’s just for
tribe purposes and let me show
you so basically what I first got me
ordered it from a specific site that
I’ll put all the information down below
cuz I don’t remember I’ve been ordering
stuff online like crazy hotcakes I’ve
been ordering online I have packages
stacked up on stack so I don’t remember
exactly it’s like CBD pure I don’t know
I’m going to put the link down below from
where I got these, but they came in
separate packaging from their own
specific company like I bought it from
this site but it came from the regular
from like koi, this is what I got
some CBD gummies, it’s six in a bag for
$10 each zero-THC sour tropical fruit
gummies alright I got this I got two of
them so this was $20 and then I had
gotten this I thought this was super
interesting this is kale organics 200
milligrams and vape in like a berry
flavor and this were to buy one get one free
they have a buy one get one free right
now and this came out to 39.99 so it’s
$20 for each of these and $10 for each
of these and I’m going to give one to
each of my brothers so this is a gift
that I’m going to be giving out so I’m
not going to try this I’m not going to
use this, this is why I bought though I’m
giving these as gifts and you know what
if I was thinking I have basically 507
d3 or 78 followers right now 570s
something I’m thinking for my thousand
subscriber like celebration, I’m going to
do a giveaway, I’m going to do a giveaway
and I want to know what giveaway do you
think I should do what’s a reasonable
giveaway I can do for my subscribers to
say thank you for subscribing and
watching me and dealing with me and my
quirkiness and all that nonsense and I
was thinking wouldn’t this be cool and I
CBD CBD bait to help you relax your
nerves I don’t know what do you think
tell me in the descriptions below what
would be my future giveaway from a
thousand subscribers and everything
thousand subscribers please help me get
there, that’ll be cool so on that note I
have also this is what I got for myself
this is a CBD vape pen, this is a higher
milligram dosage, this was more money
this was much more money okay so this is
the vape pen I believe it says and this
is the Bubblegum honey bubblegum flavor
pure in clear, so I got this because it
doesn’t have like all those types of
I don’t explain it, it says no PG or VG
that’s a type of ingredient they use
that’s supposed to be not good for you
and I heard so I don’t know I just got
this this is organic hemp slim and
lightweight adjustable heat settings
preheat functions vape pen hemp oil
concentrate cannabis derived tested pure
blah blah blah mind/body/spirit
fast-acting really so this is 250
milligrams and this are 200 milligrams
this is not bad for twenty dollars 200
milligrams for like 500 puffs or
something said I don’t know but this is
250 milligrams what does it mean to
experience pure spectrum enlightenment
intuition creativity compassion vitality
relationships and grounding this is like
chakra status guys this is the chakra the
promoting chakra status so let’s open
the vape pen it slides out I’m so
excited to try this up stuck here we go
oh, it’s just a charger with a sleek pen
right see looks like this
all right and then this is a big charger
that goes with it a USB charger if you
had any of this before you just screw
that in I guess throughout the charger
now is there any extraction oh here we
go has a little bit of instructions they
gave me silver, I don’t know if I chose
silver specifically but on/off settings
push a button five times change heat
settings push button three times
preheating set settings push button two
times charging up to four hours or when
light turns green okay so I don’t know
if it’s charted yet doesn’t say and this
is my oil, it looks like this they had
this one that was called fruit fruity
loops I was going to try but I didn’t
know if this fit inside the thing I
wanted to use but look it looks like
this the top is rounded and the oil is
in there have you seen that but the oils
in there and the reservoir is pretty
cool all right let’s stop this chapter
chatter and try it
hopefully it’s charged I really hope so
I’m going to go ahead and screw this in 0.5
that’s how much okay okay
oh, no tight I’m supposed to why is it
crooked is it crooked this is weird
all right okay so what is it how do you
do this
charging press button two times I hope
it’s all right
Oh, on/off one two three four five
oh, look, it was red
now one two it’s preheating now it’s
preheating pictures of products are not
to scale cartridge not included
how cool this tip is different from the
other tips the other tips look like
they’re like more not as rounded is
it done now what do you do
I’m going to do this
you have to hold the pen you have to
hold the button I mean itself
bubblegum tastes like a weird light
version of medicine, let me check it
it’s like
I don’t know what is supposed to do at
the moment this is just interesting it’s
like I feel like it’s something supposed
to happen like right away
it’s light, I taste a little tint of
bubblegum but it’s very subtle very
subtle you know nothing adds up now but
it’s pretty cool, let’s try one more
just cool no, maybe I’ll feel an effect
later I feel like I feel like I don’t
know if it’s the placebo effect but I
feel like a calmness settling oh my
goodness is a bug it out I don’t know but
this is cool I guess I’ll do an update
on another video to see my thoughts on
it like some blog type stuff, so that’s
it that’s all I have for you today
we’ve done some more videos so check those
out I’ll see you next time bye

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