hello everyone my name is Shree Lindsay
and as you can see I suffer from acne
but you guys today is the day I am
coming out to you with my skin care
routine some of you guys have asked me
what are you doing to help with your
skin your acne is getting it so much
better and I’m here today to finally
tell you what is working with my skin
some of these products were sent to me
but I’ve been trying them for months
like months and I wouldn’t lie to you
guys and tell you something didn’t work
for me because I’ve turned down so many
things tried so many things stuff that
does not work this skincare routine I’ve
been using for a couple months now and
it is solid and my skin is improving I
was gonna wait for my skin to be
completely clear because it is kind of
in like a little bit of a rough spot
right now but we’re gonna deal my skin’s
not gonna be a hundred percent perfect
but it is ten times better than it used
to be you guys have followed me on
YouTube you guys would know that I’ve
been suffering from acne for quite a
while but it got really really bad in I
believe November of 2017 and I ended up
being on a hormone to help treat my acne
and that hormone ended up breaking me
out ten times more it kind of no and so
I was only on that for maybe a couple
weeks or something or maybe even a week
and they told me stop it that’s not
supposed to happen so that stuff that
hormone was in my system and it is now
finally I think worked itself out but
I’m still suffering but it’s getting 100
times better and the products that I’m
gonna share with you guys today because
it works for me it doesn’t mean it’s
going to work for you also I’m filming
in front of a window so if the lighting
kind of goes in and out I apologize I
thought I would do something a little
bit different I’m feeling a little bit
more inspired it’s a beautiful day
outside I got my windows open so if you
hear the birds chirping that is why so
the first thing I do obviously is wash
my face you guys this is the magic
product right here this is the
Proactive md deep cleansing face wash
for acne prone skin once I started using
this my skin instantly was better like
instantly I’ve been trying so many
different cleansers I was using
cleansers from the dermatologist I was
using cleansers that used to work for my
acne and this is something I’ve never
tried I used to be on Proactiv back in
high school but this is like the MD like
higher grade version and I tried this
actually because of old test 21 days of
beauty this is actually a deal on altos
21 days of beauty this cleanser I’m not
gonna lie is quite expensive it’s $30
and it’s only six ounces and I use quite
a hefty amount of this cleanser I used
this morning and night and I actually
wash my face in the shower I have a lot
of back issues due to a really bad car
accident that I have so I can’t bend
over to wash my face so I have to shower
to wash my face and things like that so
I’ll show you guys so that’s what I do I
wash my face with this morning and night
so after I wash my face in the morning
I literally just use moisturizer so this
is the moisturizer that the
dermatologist actually recommended or
said that I could continue to use this
is the CeraVe daily moisturizing lotion
for normal to dry skin now you would say
I’m only why would you use a lotion
that’s for dry skin because of all of
the other different products that I’m
using it’s been drying me out and so
this is light enough to not make me
Willy but it’s giving me enough moisture
to help me throughout the day so this is
the CeraVe you can pick this up pretty
much anywhere Walmart Target all that
good jazz
it’s got hyaluronic acid in it which
helps to actually retain the moisture in
your skin which is why your oily I’m
actually a licensed aesthetician so the
reason your oil is because your skin is
like help I need moisture it’s lacking
moisture so it’s over producing the oil
to make up for being so dry so
hyaluronic acid really helps with that
and helping to maintain the moisture
it’s hypoallergenic non-irritating I’ve
tried a couple other different
moisturizers and this one is the only
one that hasn’t broken me out I’ve gone
through several of these and I really
like it and I put on a little bit of eye
cream and I do this at night as well
this is the cure rate ik radically
rejuvenating eye cream and I got mine on
Amazon hmm I got mine on Amazon actually
it’s the cheapest there at Target it’s
pretty expensive it’s like 17 dollars
but on Amazon I think it’s like 12 so
this is great you can use whatever eye
cream you want I don’t think this one is
like magically and delicious and no I
don’t think this one’s like anything
super special this is just the eye cream
that I’ve been using so this is my
second bottle of it so that’s the eye
cream that I’m using so for the night
time this is where the fun begins okay
so after washing my face or before
washing my face depending on what I feel
like that’s when I do the masking that’s
when we can really take care of those
honkers and also prevent ones from
coming to the surface and the mask that
has been helping me so much I can
literally wear this every single day and
it will not irritate my skin but only
help my skin this is the health and
beauty Aztec secret Indian healing clay
mask BuzzFeed did a video on this um
talking about like wearing it everyday
they did like a test video and that’s
kind of where I saw I was like maybe I
should give that a try and that was like
a while ago that I watched that video I
don’t even remember when that was
uploaded so I went ahead and purchased
it and oh my gosh this thing dries up
those huge cysts that I get and also
hopes to prevent those from coming to
the surface and I feel a cyst on my face
I will put this on and I’ll start to go
down or this will just help prevent it
coming to a head and just really help
this helps with redness as well this
stuff is amazing you can get this on
Amazon you can get it on hope you can
get at Whole Foods pretty much anywhere
I’ll link everything that I use it down
below so don’t worry and I’ll show you
guys how I use it
obviously you literally don’t need very
much at all and what I do to mix it you
can use this with apple cider vinegar or
you can use this as water I tried it
with apple cider vinegar and it broke me
out so I was like oh that’s not good so
I just use this with really warm to hot
water and that really helps to dissolve
the clay to mix it what I used to put it
on with is the Sigma clay mud mask brush
here this is really really good I’ll
link this down below this comes in a
facial skin care set which I also I’m
using a little bit but I’m not
incorporating this video cuz I don’t use
it a lot but this I use all the time
then I just use a plastic bowl and
literally use this to mix it and put it
on I used to use this my fingers and
that is a mess this is so much better
and this is silicone so it won’t absorb
or keep bacteria or anything like that
so that mask is seriously my lifesaver
look how much I’ve gone through and then
what I was using at the beginning I
don’t use this as much anymore but this
is when I what I first used towards the
beginning of like when my acne was
really really bad and this helps with
the scouring and really this burns your
face not gonna worry about that this is
the banished pumpkin enzyme mask and
this was sent to me from vanish and they
also do like that micro needle kind of
treatment which I haven’t tried they
said I have too much active acne to use
that but I think it’s getting a lot
so I can start to incorporate that in
this is pumpkin fruit a bunch of other
different things in it if you don’t like
I wouldn’t recommend this natural vegan
cruelty free it looks like pumpkin it
smells pretty good it looks like baby
food honestly if you can see that in
there but this stuff burns it tables it
burns but it works to really help to
slough all that dead skin off I don’t
use this as much anymore I tried using
it recently and it wasn’t too good coz
my skin is so dry but I’ve used I used
this a lot towards the beginning when I
boiling after I wash those off I go into
my skincare I do my skincare at
nighttime and not in the morning because
these products are so hefty so these two
things right here a lot of you guys
recommended that I use cure ology and
that’s actually what helped my skin at
the very beginning so here is my cure
ology and my dermatologist actually
actually prescribed adapt alene gel for
me this is 0.3 percent so this is higher
than like what you can buy with like
different I believe in store and
different is expensive so there’s this
adapt Lane this stuff really helps with
the scarring so I’ll switch between both
of these onto a dappling one-day cure
ology one day sometimes I go to kiala ji
a couple days it really I really just
kind of see what my skin needs and
that’s how I work with these two
products so I do these at night and then
to really help the skincare soak into my
skin I use this terrifying device this
is the project II Beauty LED light mask
this thing looks like it’s gonna murder
you here it is right here they did send
this to me and I’ve been trying it out
for a couple months now I believe like
yeah it’s been it’s been a while I’ve
been trying this and I actually used to
pay a medical aesthetician to get this
treatment done and like I said I
actually used to do LED services on like
LED light services on my clients and i
100% believe in the LED lights this has
seven seven different lights and this
has helped my oil this has helped my
skin so much it’s not even funny
and I can do this anytime I want to I
don’t have to pay the 25 bucks for you
know the 30 minutes going to a salon I
can do this any time and I actually 100%
believe in this you should totally
invest in this I believe this is $1.99 a
little pricey but it’s a one-time
that you are going to use and love and
I’m not just gonna say that I’ve tried
this thing forever and I’ve noticed a
huge difference like I said there are
seven different lights and then here is
the box that it comes in it’s this huge
box here and inside just a little
pamphlet explaining everything and then
also hyaluronic acid serum and I have
not used this but it does come with that
as well I use the blue light which is
great for acne and oil production but
the other lights that it comes with are
all different here so you’ve got the
blue which is help to improve no
sensitive skin help with the oil the
acne red is to help with collagen firm
smooth texture you’ve got green top
smooth wrinkled and fine lines the cyan
which is like a light blue to help with
inflammation yellow to help feed dark
spots purple to help with circulation
and lymph metaball ism and white to help
with relaxing and have healthier younger
looking skin honestly any of the lights
that you use could be beneficial I’m
still have a link for that down below
and I said I was sent this but I
wouldn’t recommend this if I didn’t
believe in it and i 100% believe in LED
light therapy it’s amazing
Oh at the beginning I forgot to mention
when I’m taking off my makeup I use the
Kirkland daily facial tablets I’ve used
these since high school and I’m now 27
years old
so these come through if you got a
Costco membership these are amazing get
a box of them for like $14 and these are
so nice and like wet and waste to really
help take off the makeup I don’t like
the Neutrogena one they aren’t as like
wet and I don’t like to suck I forgot to
mention these wipes so after the white
is when I do like the overnight stuff i
100% believe in like the hydrocolloid
dots the
salicylic acid ones and these are some
dark spot dots as well thank you to pace
out for sending these to me I appreciate
it so much these are micro needling dots
so I’ll put these on any scars that I
have so it comes like this and then the
little dots have like tiny little like
bumps on them so it kind of feels it
doesn’t hurt at all but this helps with
like any type of scarring so I’ll put
those on any of the scarring scars that
I have hydrocolloid is actually in
blister band-aids so it’s helped to help
with like the infection and the pus and
everything like that so I been using
these to help draw like the pus to the
surface and really get at those so this
is a pack that I got from Urban
Outfitters but you can get hydrocolloid
dots or cells like dots pretty much
anywhere so I got this in a pack from
Urban Outfitters so it comes with the
hydrocolloid band-aids and the salicylic
dot so this helps with like the pimples
and things like that so I just like I
used the hydrocolloid for like the big
cysts and these are like the tinier ones
so I really really like these and if I
want a half a pimple that I really just
want to dry out I use the Mario Badescu
drying lotion I got mine at Ulta as well
and it’s got this pink formula and then
this clear liquid and step my q-tip in
there and the drying lotion helps to do
you know dry the surface of the blemish
and help to balance out the oil and
stuff like that so i 100% believe in
this I’ve been using I’ve gone through
several bottles of this as well and this
really helps to like dry those suckers
out but that’s I think my entire
skincare routine not only do you need to
help with your skin on the outside but
the inside as well I know many of you
guys have said you need to change your
diet and things like that I’m actually
allergic and highly intolerant to a lot
of foods including gluten and dairy and
I’ve been gluten and dairy free for like
six plus years so I don’t drink milk or
ice cream or anything like that
I’ll have it in cheese sometimes but I
always do like you know soy milk almond
milk or coconut milk so why you really
need to be careful of because of the
estrogen in soy so I always do like
almond or coconut milk and then gluten
yeah I don’t I don’t really do but
another thing is your stress and
anxieties you guys know I have really
bad anxiety and depression it’s actually
been really difficult for me which is
why it’s taking me so long to film this
video but there’s some things that you
can do to help
one thing is these little guys here if
you guys have heard of CBD I definitely
would recommend looking into that CBD is
legal I’m not saying the smoke pot or
nothing or smoke weed that’s not that’s
not what I’m saying
but these were actually sent to me it’s
called not pot these are CBD gummies and
these help with your anxiety and I’ve
gone through a couple bottles of these
and I really recommend I’ll take these
like in the morning it to help start my
day it kind of just helps level me out a
little bit I don’t think it helps like
amazingly but it definitely helps to
like take the edge off a little bit cuz
there’s some days I wake up and I’m
super anxious and I just stay in bed but
those kind of help you know it’s like
something I can take in a bit okay it’s
gonna be a little bit better I think
that’s everything
that I use in my skincare this video is
gonna be long lots of talk and I
apologize but I hope you guys enjoyed
and I hope you guys are able to try out
some of these products let me know if
you do in the comment section follow me
on instagram at SRI Lindsey it’s been a
struggle for me to kind of upload on
there so you can follow me if you want
to but yeah I just feel like you know on
social media you have to look a certain
way your pictures have to be cool and
that’s not what it is at all I used to
just upload because I wanted to have a
memory on there and I need to go back to
to doing that just having it being like
a public photo album kind of thing so
instead of thinking so hard about what I
need a caption it or capture whatever I
really appreciate all of your support
and everything and I’ve got some videos
in the works come in doing this one was
a big big stress I felt like I had to
you know make everything look perfect
and everything like that but it doesn’t
have to be like that I’m just telling
you guys what I’m using for my skin so
yeah thank you guys so much for watching
and have an amazing day

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