Scary Bath Bomb Ingredients & Safer Bath Recipes

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Today we’re talking about bath bombs and the
toxicity of these bath bombs today and talking
about how to take a natural bath and some
of my preferred essential oils to use to truly
relieve and help recover your body.
And I value everybody who’s jumping online
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You know the number of individuals that are dropping.
These bombs into their bathtub?
And it’s really ruining their health.
And their kid’s health.
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Let’s teach individuals how to utilize food, and essential.
Oils, and herbs as medicine and not use these
bath bombs.
I’m going to leap in and let’s speak about.
So, bath bombs, these are things and some.
Of you may not even know what these are, but
bath bombs are these sort of these balls of.
Toxins, and scents, and antibacterials
that you can drop in the bath to clean yourself.
And here’s the issue, they’re loaded with.
Harmful scents.
These have actually been shown to in fact harm the.
Kidneys and the liver and these remain in these
bath bombs.
Number two, they have plenty of dyes which may.
Impact and cause a poisonous in blood stream.
So we know dyes in fact have been linked.
To ADHD in kids.
A lot of these food dyes and dyed chemicals, .

You understand what?
They have a lot of, simply like they put … there’s.
Antibacterial hand soap.
Well, these are anti-bacterial and consist of.
Compounds like Triclosan which you have actually been
linked to liver damage.
However here’s the other big thing they do, they.
Eliminate the excellent germs in your gut referred to as
probiotics and within your urinary tract.
When that occurs, that’s going to increase.
The threat of UTIs that’s urinary tract infections
Shine, there’s a shine in these bath bombs.
And other colorings that you should not be
soaking your whole body in as one.
Here’s something you got to keep in mind, your.
Skin is your body’s largest organ and certain
things can’t get in, however specific things can.
Things that are very chemical based, really.
Small molecules can actually receive from your
skin into your blood stream and they’re very, .
Extremely unhealthy and poisonous to your system.
You know, again they have actually also been correlated.
With yeast infections as they also include
boric acid another toxic substance.
So I could not encourage you more to keep away.

Number one, Epsom salts.
You understand Epsom salts are filled with magnesium, .
Which is known as the relaxation mineral.
And magnesium has so many benefits.
It’s actually responsible for more than200
biochemical actions within your body therefore
Epsom salts once again all of that magnesium is.
Magnesium has actually been shown to assist lower blood.
Pressure, it’s been revealed to assist ease
headaches, it’s been shown to help relieve.
The stress in the neck and shoulders, it’s been
shown to help in reducing muscle cramping and muscle.
Convulsions, and assist ease sore muscles, it’s
been shown to help with stress and anxiety and depression.
The list continues on and on with the advantages.
Of magnesium.
It supports hydration of the body and assists.
Building strong bones.
There you go.
Epsom salts are a terrific way to get more magnesium.

Baking soda is really alkaline.
It’s alkalizing to the body and can be extremely.
Nurturing to the skin and assistance anti-aging.
So baking soda, the other terrific thing about.
It’s extremely cleansing.
Okay, it’s one of the greatest natural cleaners.
Out there.
Today, in fact, I used baking soda and my.
Homemade shampoo dish, I utilize it as part
of my natural toothpaste dish as well, I.
used as part of my natural antiperspirant recipe.
It is excellent for remaining clean and fresh, .
And keeping away certain kinds of bad germs
that can trigger body odor.
So baking soda is an excellent thing to utilize in.
Your bath and in place of these bath bombs
that is so hazardous to the body.
Homemade bath salts.
You know various types of salts are complete.
Of electrolytes and those are also very cleaning
to the body and can help with any type.
Of dampness within your body you know.
Have you ever been told if you had a sinus.
Infection to suck up some sea salt up your
nostrils or swish with seawater if you.
Had mucus in your throat?
Well, salt is drying?
It can dry things up therefore bath salts are.
Excellent for helping get rid of mucous and
So, if you’re sick with a cold or influenza, soaking.
In some bath salts along with these other
things can be extremely great for your body.
And my favorite on this list is bath friendly.
Essential oils.
We know vital oils are advantageous for.
A variety of things.
I’m going to speak about a few of my favorites.
Here actually quickly.
You understand if you’re struggling with some pains.
And pains and muscle problems, wintergreen oil
and peppermint oil is terrific since they’re.
Cooling and soothing whereas ginger oil and
cinnamon is very warming.
However for the majority of people once again, if you’re very.
Sore really hot, it’s the middle of summer season and
you wish to sort of cool your body down, this.
Is excellent for professional athletes.
A bit of peppermint and wintergreen.
Oil, or not a lot, just a bit of peppermint
oil in a tub can be very, extremely fantastic.
For your skin there.
Let me show you a few of my preferred recipes.
Here are some Do It Yourself recipes.
This is a relaxing bath soap, if you truly.
Wish to relieve your body, three to five drops
of lavender and Rosemary oil together.
Now Rosemary oil is really great for naturally.
Thickening your hair.
Lavender oil is good for naturally unwinding.
Your body.
So this is a great one to do together to sort.
Of ease withdrawal symptoms also and really
curb food yearnings.
So, if you’re on a diet today and you’re.
Sort of yearning some foods, go and soaking
in a tub full of Rosemary and lavender may.
Really help with yearnings.
An anti-anxiety bath, integrate three cups of.
Epsom salts and one cup of baking soda in
20 to 30 drops of lavender important oil and.
Soak for 20 to 30 minutes.
If you have anxiety, this is excellent.
The Epsom salts are full of magnesium, which.
Is the relaxation mineral, which fights stress and anxiety.
Lavender oil has been shown to decrease anxiety.

So this is a fantastic type of anti-anxiety recovery.
Bath and a recipe you may like to follow.
The drowsy time mix, my partner, and I do this.
We in fact make a blend and we use in fact.
Magnesium oil and we blend that with chamomile
oil, and lavender oil, and ylang oil.
Is another great one.
Blending those together, rubbing it on our neck.
And sort of our shoulders and chest and back,
and it is a fantastic blend for sleeping.
And you can also do those extremely same things.
In the bathtub.
So here’s what you require to know primary, .
Don’t utilize bath bombs.
They are like battle the good bacteria in.
Your body.
It’s damaging your health.
They’ve got chemical scents, dyes, they.
Can trigger UTIs, and yeast infections, can
also include boric acid.
Safer choices, Epsom salts, baking soda, homemade.
Bath salts, and necessary oils.
So remember to keep away from the bath bombs.
And rather utilize these natural charm bombs
with essential oils, a better alternative.
And hello, if you have actually enjoyed this live video, .
Do me a favor, punch that share button, click
that like button.
There’s a lot of individuals using these chemicals.
And they’re not understanding the destructive effects
that’s taking place on their body.
And hello, if you not subscribed, make sure.
You subscribe here to our YouTube and our
Facebook pages here.
Men, it’s been Dr. Axe discussing the.
Threats of bath bombs.

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