Copaiba and CBD oil…The truth!

– Hey what’s up oil lab, Doctor Jeff here.
And I want to dispel the myths,
this video is all about
copaiba essential oil
versus CBD oil.
Now, what,
what I see online, or the
education that I receive
or when I interact with somebody
the outcome that they
want is always to sell me
whichever product that they deem superior.
And that’s really where
a lot of the information
out there comes from is
more or less propaganda
based on what somebody
wants you to purchase.
And I’m sure you’ve had
this type of interaction
with people before.
I’m sure you’ve seen it out there.
But, this video I want,
I really want to clear up to you
that CBD and copaiba are two
completely different molecules
that have completely different
actions within our body.
And, so it’s not a
matter of what is better
than the other.
It’s there’s synergy when
you use both of them.
And they both have two completely
different mechanisms of action.
And so it’s really like
comparing peppermint
to like lime essential oil.
They’re two completely
different classes of molecules.
One is menthol.
One is limonene.
And so the action in the
The body is completely different.
So, we’re, I want to start with CBD.
So cannabidiol.
Cannabidiol is a molecule in the oil
that comes from the cannabis plant.
Now when you choose
CBD oil, make sure to
understand the difference
between whole-plant CBD
and single-molecule CBD.
There’s a massive
difference in the quality
between the two.
And the results that you’re
Going to get between those two.
So with that being said, make sure
you understand the difference.
Number two, CBD has,
does not
have a direct impact on CB2
receptor sites in our body.
Now within the no cannabinoid system
of our body there’s CB1
receptors and CB2 receptors.
CB1 receptors are mostly in our brain.
And THC stimulates CB1 receptors.
And that’s how we get
that psycho activity.
That, that high.
And most of the time people using CBD
or cabin essential oil,
the high would be a
bit of an inconvenience
if you’re using it on a daily basis.
So good news is neither
stimulates CB2 receptor sites.
CBD does not have a direct stimulation
of CB2 receptor sites.
It influences and has
about 65 molecular targets
outside of CB2 receptor sites.
So with that being said,
when we use CBD one of
the actions that it has
is it slows, and everybody
has seen or read about
the antidepressant or the anti
anxiety effects of CBD oil.
Now the reason why it has those effects
is because it slows or inhibits
the re-uptake of neurotransmitters.
For example, when we
take an antidepressant
or when somebody takes
an anti-anxiety drug
they’re SSRI medications,
which means selective
serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
The problem with SSRI drugs is that
it holds the serotonin
onto the neurotransmitter
receptor site on our brain,
causing that receptor site
to burn out.
When those receptor sites burn out
now we start to have all the black box
warnings of those drugs.
Homicidal tendencies.
Suicidal tendencies.
And all the host of other side effects
that occur from taking an SSRI medication.
And when those receptor sites burn out
many times we have to change
the drug that somebody’s taking
or we have to up the
dose or alter the dosage
of that pharmaceutical.
With that being said CBD oil
has an influence that is similar
to SSRI medications within our body.
So it slows down the
reuptake of these certain
neurotransmitters, which now give us a very
positive antidepressant,
antianxiety effect.
And it also has very soothing properties
to many other tissues of our body.
but again it doesn’t directly
stimulate CB2 receptor sites.
So that’s not the mechanism of action
that we’re looking for
when we use a CBD oil.
Now on the other side of this
is copaiba essential oil.
And again copaiba essential oil
is a very unique oil that
has a unique molecule
called beta cerefolin.
Beta cerefolin again is a cannabinoid.
However it’s not from the cannabis plant.
It might be confusing to some people.
However, copaiba essential oil comes from
the copaifera tree,
which grows in southern,
in the southern Brazilian rainforest.
it’s a very difficult process to actually
get the oil from the copaifera tree.
In the southern Amazon, in the southern,
in south Brazil because the water levels
of the Amazon have to be high enough
for the harvesters to go out by boat
to collect the resin, bring it back,
and then distill the oil from the hardened
resin of the tree.
So if the water levels aren’t high enough
they can’t get out to harvest.
Which is why this is a very rare,
very special essential oil.
Beta cerefolin, which
is the major molecule
in copaiba essential oil
has unlike CBD, has a direct influence
on CB2 receptor sites in our brain.
It does not, it does not affect
CB1 receptor sites again,
which that is THC,
which gives us the high.
So copaiba is a wonderful oil for directly
stimulating CB2 receptor sites
in our brain, in our body.
Now when CB2 receptor sites are stimulated
there’re things that
happen without our body.
And the only thing that
stimulates CB2 receptors sites
directly are certain cannabinoids.
And again, beta cerefolin is
one of these cannabinoids.
So now what happens?
Well we have very soothing,
very calming,
CB2 receptor sites when they’re stimulated
support the immune system,
support healthy cellular function.
And so anytime you want to relax,
anytime you want a calming effect from,
like tissue that is irritating you
or spasms in different parts of your body
or discomfort in different
parts of your body,
stimulating CB2 receptor sites
is a great thing to do
and a great solution
because it has very calming,
very soothing action
to the body tissues
and organs of our body.
So just a couple really practical
applications for this is number one,
it’s a daily use oil
because we want to use it
on the bottom of our feet,
we want to ingest it,
we want to out it on our skin
because we want CB2
receptor sites stimulated.
Now, for infants like Mela our daughter,
we, we apply it on the bottom of her feet
when she starts to get agitated or upset
because again it’s very
calming, very soothing
for the nervous system, for
the tissues of our body,
for the cardiovascular
system, for the gut,
for almost every body
system and every organ
CB2 receptor sites
stimulated via beta cerefolin
is incredibly calming
and relaxing to the body.
When we use it internally,
it’s very, just from a vain,
a vanity standpoint, but also practical,
it’s very cleansing to the mouth,
to the teeth, and to the gums.
So it keeps them looking
very clean and healthy.
And then lastly, when we
stimulate CB2 receptor sites
in our body it supports a
healthy immune response.
So if we have something
happening within our body,
like if we’ve had a diagnosed condition,
an inflammatory condition,
we can use copaiba essential oil
to support healthy levels of inflammation.
So again,
not that one is better than the other,
because they have two completely different
mechanisms of action.
So the next time somebody comes to you
and is trying to sell you a CBD oil
or copaiba essential oil,
really understand the fundamental reason
why you would take this or why you would
recommend it to somebody
because they have two
completely different mechanisms of action.
So I hope this helps you guys.
If you have any other questions,
any other comments,
please post this below.
And again if this video
impacted you in any way,
please share it on your page
so that we can have so many more people
around the world understand the power
of plant-based medicine, essential oils,
and CBD.
So we love you guys,
have a wonderful evening,
and we’ll talk to you next time.

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