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Extremely Rare Form Of Rectal Cancer Cleared In Only 3 Months With Cannabis Oil

Extremely Rare Form Of Rectal Cancer Cleared In Only 3 Months With Cannabis Oil

– You are listening to cannabis health radio.
Here are your hosts
Ian Jessop and Corrie Yelland.
– Ian: Welcome to another episode
of cannabis health radio, I’m Ian Jessup.
– Corrie: And I’m Corrie Yelland.
– Ian: Our guest today was diagnosed
with rectal cancer in May of this year.
It was so rare in fact that only 3 people in the United
States had this form of cancer in the past 20 years.
And today
she is cancer-free!
Joining us from Iowa
to tell her story, is Beth Dennis.
Beth did I get that correct?
You are cancer-free today?
– Beth: I am, yes!
– Ian: Well that’s fantastic!
Now leading up to your diagnosis,
what were some of the signs you were experiencing
that caused you concern
that maybe something was wrong with you?
– Beth: A lot of pain, It started out first
like flew like symptoms, nauseousness,
bathroom problems, things like that.
Except when they gave me antibiotics,
the pain never went away, I was in constant pain.
they were talking
about like hemorrhoids and things but
believe me it wasn’t that they really
never did an exam they just kept giving
me things to try to take away the pain
in reality the pain was so bad that the
only thing I could use I have I use it a
drug called gabapentin it’s for nerve
damage because I have some nerve damage
in my legs and my back so I started
taking that on a regular basis and that
helps some but in reality the only thing
that was really striking the swelling
and that’s so I wasn’t in constant pain
was aspirin so Beth what are your
doctors telling you a stage in the game
when there’s anything tell me well we we
don’t know what the problem is
we’ll give you this though to see if it
tastes Terry the pain I was on tramadol
and all kinds of other things
anti-inflammatories pain medicine they
finally put me on Hydra Cody and I don’t
know if you’re taking that stuff but it
makes you really sick how many aspirin
were you on a day that I was oh god I
was taken I actually almost overdosed
and died on aspirin poisoning because
what people do not know and I did not
know this and most people don’t know
this aspirin builds up in your system it
leaves your system so if you’re taking
more than then two a day two at a time
it will build up and build up and build
up and I literally overdosed on it
almost died did you have any liver
problems as a result of it thank
goodness no I don’t have any problems
you know I’m surprised given the fact
that you had some bathroom issues that
the doctors didn’t do an examination no
they didn’t she didn’t suggest I have a
female doctor and she’s made a young
doctor and I think part of her problem
is she didn’t know any better but I kept
going I was going once a week for this
the same pain once a week every week for
months and I went there for six or eight
months every week for all this constant
pain and she never suggested until we
were like 10 months into this constant
pain that I even have a colonoscopy well
by then the aspirin was so far down in
my system that I couldn’t even get past
drinking a quarter of this stuff that
they give you for a colonoscopy so I
ended up canceling it because it just
made me so sick when were you diagnosed
with rectal cancer I was diagnosed on
April 24th of 2017 that was two days
after my son’s 18th birthday okay what
did they tell you about treatment I went
in that day for an exam earlier on the
22nd for an exam and she I was in so
much pain she cannot examine me she has
she told me she said oh you’re in so
much pain I have to knock you out to
even examine you so that’s what they did
they knocked me out they took me in the
next day well she had me knocked out
they found a tumor then she biopsied the
tumor well the very next day they call
you with your results and she said I
hate to tell you this boots cancer and
it small cell carcinoma is actually a
lung cancer yes yeah how did lung cancer
microbe show up being a rectal cancer
tumor I don’t know but she said she said
this cancer responds very well the
chemotherapy and she sees
she says I think we can treat it but she
says you have to know this cancer also
spreads very quickly in it and when it
does spread it immediately goes to your
brain so what what did you do next I
went ahead and said at my first
chemotherapy session that was on May 1st
and by they give you three days worth of
chemotherapy and by the end of the third
day I was so sick and I can barely move
I thought I’m not kidding this my mother
had had breast cancer 20 years earlier
and she fought it for five years and it
made her so sick and she finally just
gave up back then we didn’t know
everything we know now about natural
medicine so you had your first chemo
treatment were you at stage 3 or stage 4
they never staged me they never gave me
a stage it was limited and it was
limited to my rectum so I was thankful
for that because if it’s limited you
have a better chance of surviving but
the survival rate for this particular
care just 13 months you know I was
looking up rectal cancer and the
survival rate and for stage 3 the
probability of being alive in five years
is approximately 30 to 40 percent exact
Stage four the probability of being
alive in five years is less than 10%
exactly the life expectancy for the type
of cancer that I was diagnosed with with
13 months now it’s after diagnosis let’s
go what’s going through your head when
you’re going through all this then I was
scared I had watched my mother die from
it I didn’t know what to do I had four
years previously I was already not
really up to par for his health and so
yeah did you start researching
alternative methods reaching everything
they’d research on natural medicine any
and every kind of natural medicine and
the most studies I found was on cannabis
oil and of course I don’t have access to
because I really
were smoked it or anything I know people
they do I know people they did my my two
adult children smoking but I didn’t know
how to access it or I could and I
couldn’t afford to pay for it if I did
so what I did was I found a company in
Colorado who-who as long as oil is legal
in your state in the oil is legal in our
state was legalized finally in July of
2017 now I bought it before it’s
actually legal but they did ship it to
me and I got a high THC and a high CBD
product it was quite pricey but it’s
worth every penny I spent
there’s a company Colorado who will ship
to legal states so I got from them and I
start taking it every three times a day
I took in the morning noon and night by
the end of the first week I was
literally pain free it’s not just this
went away and I could eat I wasn’t sick
all the time I wasn’t constantly tired
I’d slept well at night where I had
before was this oil oil that you took
her tincture it was oil
it wasn’t oil do you know what strains
are do you know what percent of devika I
can’t pronounce it okay that’s okay how
does a special strain that they
recommended for cancer how did you feel
taking the cannabis oil initially
because you weren’t a user of cannabis
at all and the pie all the time then I
researched it said to on black
peppercorns and of course I use it I was
a caterer for 20 years so I used a lot
of black peppercorns it’s a two on three
or four black peppercorns in a windy
take away kind of the high so I did that
and it works believe it or not it works
so then I just go to sleep and rest it’s
a high anymore prior to the peppercorns
you must have had a lot of fun quite
funny goofiness is a good thing
it’s not necessarily a bad thing I agree
but I’m give you without it no it just
amplified my goofiness I think so when
you were taking the cannabis oil were
you still taking your chemotherapy I was
still taking my chemotherapy because the
doctor ecumene because I asked my doctor
about cannabis oil and of course here
all over the United States doctors are
so not educated on natural medicine that
they just they don’t believe anything
they even read or anything that’s been
studied so my doctor immediately said it
doesn’t work my father is in stage four
bladder cancer and he will not take the
oil because his doctor I have suggested
to him that he take the oil and he he
keeps telling me you can prove to me
there works I have proven it works when
my doctor can prove to him that it works
then he’ll take it
but until then his doctor says it won’t
work so he just refuses to take it and
he all he’s really doing is making
himself sicker and sicker and sicker
Beth we interviewed a gentleman who I
played a part in getting cancer free his
name is Jack Kangol he’s amazing you
might want to look him up for your daddy
he had Stage three bladder counselor and
he’s now quite the activist I believe he
has a website too Jack Kangol calm he’s
amazing but you might want to check that
out okay I was now cancer-free and he
just ignored me Here I am trying to save
your life in teaching me like I’m an
idiot one of the things about older
people is that they’ve been brainwashed
for so many years into believing that
cannabis is a dangerous drug and he was
a cannabis dealer he’s a drug dealer Oh
your dad was a drug dealer he’s been a
drug user most of his life he’s been a
marijuana use for most of his life so I
would think that you would understand
some of the research Wow
what do you say to Fatiha
it’s like well I’m kind of speechless
right now okay well I believe somebody
who’s used it their whole life believing
medicinal value well I can see where
your frustration comes from well I think
his problem is that he believes more in
the word of the doctor killed too many
brain cells okay leave that with you now
you you have rectal cancer you’re on
chemotherapy you’re taking cannabis oil
and did you say within 10 days the pain
dissipated within the first week
probably seven days said pain dissipated
almost to nothing how much were you
taking at that point like did you start
icing the grain of rice sighs dosing
three times a day and then you build up
built up did you I built up and built up
did the doctors know when you were
taking chemo I never told anybody I was
taking cannabis oil because I didn’t
want them to think that I was defying
everything they said to me okay bill I
can’t you need my chemotherapy until I
got my my last scared and how many chemo
no we did this scan and I had had a
stroke a fairly major stroke four years
earlier at 46 years old and when my
oncologist said we would – your skin
will do your scan my oncologist and my
radiologist both the scan they said
there is no cancer spot left period
there’s no cancer in your body there’s
no cancer in that spot left and he said
oh by the way he said that that stroke
you had he said there’s almost
absolutely no evidence that you ever had
a stroke anymore
awesome boy that must have surprised
even you it did surprise me I was like
what are you telling me the truth he
says there is no cancer left in you
there’s almost no evidence of the stroke
and of course they attributed it all to
chemo right she did and I did finally
tell him I said well you know I’ve been
taking cannabis oil the whole time he
said really I said yes really I said
what do you think
kept my weight up it made me be able to
eat he said we know what he says I’m not
really opposed to it he says I don’t
believe it works but if it works you
great yeah it’s usually a comment that
doctors make I don’t believe it works or
there needs to be more research into it
and yada yada yada so you are cancer
free today of this of this rare cancer
and you in the notes you sent us you
said only three people had states in 20
years this particular form of cancer to
patients have died and one is
cancer-free for six years and the fourth
one is you yes and I’m completely
cancer-free and I was cancer-free after
three months what was it like when the
doctor told you that you were
cancer-free I think you’re kidding
already he’s like yeah no cancer we
can’t find any cancer in your whole body
so they wanted me to go ahead and
continue chemotherapy and go ahead and
do radiation look sorry I said no thank
good for you that’s what I would a guy’s
no I think I did I said I’ll just
continue to take the cannabis oil
because they tell you that you need to
take your maintenance dosages so I still
take a dose every single day every
morning after I eat my breakfast good to
hear why I’m gonna remain cancer-free I
also changed the weight because before I
ate a lot of garbage like on a keto diet
which is mostly meat fats good fats high
fat dairy
fruits and vegetables oh no bread no
sugar I did that and I added into my
diet organic honey raw honey organic raw
chocolate I make candy by the way that’s
absolutely phenomenal what was it like
switching your diet because I still
crave things that I used to love like
what like pulled pork oh my god I love
pulled pork I used to make this amazing
lemon tart for parties and stuff because
I was a kid
and I miss that so much but it’s not so
much agura so I can’t have it there are
things that I prayed that I really liked
but I just say okay well I can have
lemon pudding if I want the lemon tart I
can have lemon pudding I just changed
things so we might want cheesecake I
just take sour cream cream cheese and
mix it together and put strawberries in
and that’s my cheesecake so you just
have to figure out ways to change up
things that will fit in your diet will
still give you that satisfaction of
having what you used to have so when I
mentioned pulled-pork does your mouth
start to water what I said when I
mentioned pulled-pork does your mouth
start to water did you lose any
grass-fed pork Beth did you lose any
weight I lost about 35 pounds which I’m
very small anyway I’m 411 and weight
about 110 pounds so if you can imagine
losing five pounds is quite a big wow
you were quite thin then I was 80 pounds
boy did you feel okay though I felt good
in some days I couldn’t eat enough now
it’s okay because let’s continue to eat
I was gaining my weight back so now I
still I’d still not up to where I want
to be but I’m getting there I have
gained 15 pounds so it looks like you
know a human being now instead of the
skeleton my hair is trying to come back
now thicker than it was before by the
way so you lost all your hair after the
first treatment and after the first
chemo treatment what was going through
your mind when you were is it okay I
knew I was gonna lose my hair but expect
to lose it this fast because I remember
when my mother had cancer in her fell
out gradually but apparently the
chemotherapy they had me on was so
strong they just basically killed
it was also killing my insides because I
couldn’t eat I was
take all the time I go to work I was
still working as a florist because I’ve
been a florist for almost 30 years so I
was still working part-time as a florist
and I’d go to work and I immediately
have to like go outside and be sick it
was just it was so bad it couldn’t work
though I knew is it was really bad for
my body and of course I did research on
chemotherapy and what I’ve read it
spreads the cancer it makes a cancer
worse of course you get singing
destroyed my teeth I had really nice
teeth it made it’s totally destroyed my
teeth the cancer drugs they had me I was
so strong I destroyed all the enamel on
my teeth which I had enamel issues
anyway I had soft tissue and soft enamel
so it’s completely destroyed my teeth I
lost all my hair I lost all my hair on
my whole body not just my head I lost
all my hair because it’s chemotherapy
drugs they had Mir and were so strong I
couldn’t sleep on they gave me steroids
and fluids beforehand and I couldn’t
sleep and I’d be awake all night so I
wasn’t resting so I wasn’t getting
better it was just horrible you a
therapist bad stuff you have regrets
about doing it do I have what regrets
about taking chemo that’s about doing
chemotherapy I wish that I had known
that the cannabis oil work as fast as it
did because I would have just started
taking that immediately and forgotten
any kind of treatment well the good
thing is you’re alive you don’t have a
lot you don’t have any cancer you don’t
have any evidence of a stroke which I
thought just amazing I know I can
believe it either yeah I said what do
you mean I don’t have any evidence and
you can almost not even tell you how to
stroke I’m like really because it’s
pretty expensive when I had it I
couldn’t I couldn’t speak I couldn’t eat
I had to learn how to eat and swallow
and speak all over again well you’ve
made a great recovery yeah pretty much
I still have some nerve damage on the
left side of my body but I think if as
long as I keep taking the cannabis oil
that will go away as well
has the nerve damage improved since
you’ve been taking the cannabis oil it
has quite a lot my legs don’t hurt like
they used to
– right this is pretty much done I don’t
I can walk for an hour I die I walk a
mile I try to walk them how every single
day my doctors told me that if I got up
and moved then it would get the
chemotherapy drugs out of my system
quicker so I started working walking a
mile every single day I have a gas
station that’s six blocks from my house
so I walked up and I walked back and
that’s a mile
my legs are stronger than we were I feel
better than I did before I eat better
than they did before I’m hungry all the
time still how do your kids feel about
what has happened to you I think they
were pretty shocked when I told her I
was taking care of so because you know
I’ve never done it before and now it’s
peach – then don’t do drugs don’t drink
don’t drive so lo and behold when I
first was in a lot of pain my daughter
brings me some smoke in a pipe and says
here smoke this it’ll help but I don’t
smoke it she should just smoke it all
did it help my 21 year old kid you not
supplied supply me dope it helps a lot
and it helped me sleep and help me eat
but it got better once I start taking it
the oil because oil is concentrated yeah
it was I thank you honey thank you no if
only your dad would listen he will not
listen I have tried and tried and tried
but I guess I guess all I can say is I
have tried to help you I have tried to
help you get better and if you choose
not to that’s all I can do would you
know what you said he has a choice I
think it’s his choice to go ahead and
die from this disease than to help
himself get better you know what you
said is very important
we interviewed a judge in Florida who
had sentenced three
and eleven people to jail for marijuana
possession and then when he got COPD his
wife suggested he’s a cannabis and he
refused and after a number of days of
trying to convince him to take it she
packed a bag and said I’m going to stay
with Molly and the kids and he said well
why’s she said if you can’t help
yourself I’m not going to help you
that’s right I am tried and he refuses
to have the help and I do have I know
someone that COPD we healed themselves
with cannabis
I have a friend of a doctor my doctor’s
wife he’s my friend good tea she had a
stroke at 37 years old and she’s healing
herself from the stroke with cannabis I
believe in cannabis but I was raised in
a household where my father was a drug
dealer and back in the sixties and
seventies that to do was a drug and
everyone considered it a drug so when
you’re selling it you’re a drug dealer
so I never had anything to do with it
because my whole family does it and I
hate to say this but their lives were
pretty crappy because of their criminal
activities I didn’t want any part of it
I preached to my children every day
don’t do drugs don’t do don’t drink
alcohol don’t do this don’t do that so
when my daughter says I’m gonna bring
you something that will help you she
brought me a big old bag and a brand new
pipe and she smoked this it will help
you and that was in the midst of my
research and I’m thinking okay well if I
if I can smoke and it makes me feel this
much better the oil is probably even
so I resourced it from a reputable
company and I bought it and I start
taking every day and every day I was
feeling better and better and better I
was eating better like I said my hair is
starting to come back and it’s come back
in thicker than it was before I my I’m
cancer-free my stroke is almost gone I
believe in it where do you think you
would have been Beth if you hadn’t taken
cannabis oil
I probably well I don’t know by now I
probably about as sick as you can
possibly be and you would be sick as you
possibly could be and in another year
you’d probably be dead exactly because
when I looked at when I researched the
life expectancy of this particular
cancer and it said 13 months I thought
oh my god my son was not even 18 years
old nice that when I was diagnosed with
cancer he was just on the verge of
turning 18 I thought okay I have a five
year grants and I just had a brand new
grandbaby last month I thought I was
here for my grandkids well it’s you know
it’s fabulous story that in the spring
of this year of 2017 you were diagnosed
with rectal cancer and today you are
free of cancer that’s an amazing story
how could you’ve gotten really cancer
three months cannabis oil and what’s the
changes in my diet because I have to
attribute some of these to changes in my
diet because I have researched cancer
and on a regular basis for any doctor
will tell you that cancer feeds on sugar
and fat now when you tell other people
who may not be in favor of cannabis that
you took cannabis what do they say to
you they say no way no way it can’t
possibly work it’s illegal you’re gonna
get arrested for possession of illegal
drugs well the oil is legal here in our
state now it’s not recreational it’s
just oil we’re pushing now for
recreational and we’re trying to get
them past that but at this point it’s
only the oil that’s legal here it’s
actually only up to a certain percentage
that’s legal but but if you don’t tell
anybody when two percentages then you
can generally get away with it Beth it’s
a remarkable story it’s a wonderful
story that you’re free of cancer is
there anything you’d like to tell
listeners in conclusion
jeez cannibal soil it helps it works if
you don’t believe it works research
people who have actually queued their
cancer and gotten better with illnesses
that are detrimental and can cause them
to die and you’ll maybe understand that
it does work fabulous thanks very much
for your story Beth well thank you thank
you so much Beth thank you thanks for
listening everyone you’ve been listening
to the cannabis health radio podcast
visit our web site
cannabis health radio.com and follow us
on Facebook and Twitter


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