100% Legal Raw Cannabis CBD Rich Green Juice

Alright! This is John Kohler of okraw.com
to another exciting episode coming at you
from Baltimore, Maryland. I am here at the
Baltimore convention centre for a very important
reason. I am here for the natural products
expo east, right behind in the convention
centre and what I’m going to do next in this
episode is actually go around the whole convention
centre, which is basically the trade show
for the health-food industry.
So if you’re a health-food store owner or
a vitamin shop owner you know, you work for
whole foods, you’re here trying to find the
latest and greatest products that you’ll be
able to bring in to your store and then sell
to the public, which is you guys!
So hopefully there’s good buyers for these
stores, they’re finding some of the coolest
stuff and then they’re going to bring them
into the store but unfortunately I find many
buyers are just, you know they’ve got so many
things to do they’re not finding all of the
unique products that are truly going to be
healthy for you because I want to remind you
guys that this is the health-food trade show
for the business of health. It doesn’t mean
that everybody in there is awfully healthy
or they’re eating, you know a large percentage
of plants or raw plants, all this kind of
There’s plenty of people outside so smoking
and all this stuff and I hate when I walk
outside having to walk fast and like how can
you even smoke at a health-food trade show.
It’s not healthy but there’s plenty of other
people that are, you know what I mean, not
the healthiest behind the booths selling products
to you guys, you know so it’s tough.
You know there’s over a thousand booths in
there and what I do is I walk the whole show,
you know the first day or the second day,
find out and talk to the people that are exhibiting,
that have some of the best products and then
on the third day I make a video for you guys,
sharing to you guys the best products inside
there right and that’s what I’m simply going
to do in this episode, were going to go ahead
and head inside and give you a glimpse of
what it looks like and then I’m going to share
the products with you that I believe, coming
from a natural health standpoint, me being
in a plant based raw foods diet now for the
last twenty years, the products that can most
benefit you in your life. I want to always
encourage you guys to eat more plants, eat
more fruits and vegetables and decrease the
amount of other things you guys are eating
in your diet.
In any case, let’s go into this year’s natural
products expo east and share with you guys
the best plant-based products that will improve
your life. So this is what it looks like inside
the trade show here, it’s like totally busy,
totally like alive, people everywhere on the
last day which is when I’m filming. Everybody’s
getting free samples of stuff which is really
exciting but I’m here to share with you guys
the best vendors or exhibitors at this trade
show, so let’s go ahead and check out one
of the best ones that I’ve found this year.
So now for me it’s actually breakfast time,
it’s early in the morning and I’m going
to make my breakfast and I thought I’d share
what I’m making with you guys. With actually
a brand new blender that I’ve never seen before.
So what I’m going to do is I have some pre-made
orange juice that I just made in the Tribest
Citri Star Juicer and I have a whole bunch
of kale. So I’m going to blend these into
like a green smoothie, in a brand new blender
that works unlike any other. So let me go
ahead and take you guys over and show you
guys this new blender.
So yeah its super crowded in here and this
is the booth I wanted to share with you guys,
it’s actually called the new-well company
and they have some unique and innovative products,
from Taiwan and they have the juicer, which
is injection juicer that runs on low RPM with
a DC motor so it’s quite. I’m not really
going to talk about that today but what I
will talk about is their brand new spring
Most blenders that you may have seen before
are like a vitamix and run at high speed,
like 20,000, like new blenders are sometimes
30,000 RPM. Completely different. Let me show
you guys how this works.
This is the standard blender base that I’m
going to be using in a second and this is
unlike any other blender because if we lift
this blender what you’ll see is you’ll see
the blade and that’s normal like a regular
blender but this blade is different because
not only does this have a blade to cut up
things but this works more like our teeth
and grinds things up. I mean when we chew
things up we’re running on very low RPM so
this does not oxidise the food that much.
The problem with conventional blenders is
that they run so fast they oxidise nutrients
in a recent test, you know there’s 50% less
cancer fighting ability in something made
in a high-speed blender versus a slow juicer.
So this blender unlike others runs at 3,000
RPM and grinds.
So if we look at how this works, there’s a
grinding plate here and that’s the bottom,
the top of the grinding plate is underneath
here inside the base of the craft. So as this
blender is running its not only cutting but
it’s also grinding up things really slow.
So you know, in theory this sounds really
good, but that’s why brought some items this
morning, my breakfast to see how fine a consistency
it really grinds up and if it really grinds
it up in fine a particulate as say a vitamix,
then this is definitely a superior unit.
The other thing that is amazing is that this
will also save you electricity and conserve
the environment. This is about 300 watts a
standard vitamix is like 1580 watts so this
is significantly different, runs at less wattage
and doesn’t need as much power because it’s
not going as fast it’s going at only 3,000
So what I want to do is make my morning smoothie,
my green smoothie. We’re going to go ahead
and take this out and just like the vitamix
it has a nice tamper to help push things in,
so always when loading up the blender you
want to put the liquids in first, so we’ve
got about 32 ounces of fresh squeezed OJ,
always important in blender, you always need
to have liquids right, you need liquids in
your blender and not just solids.
Next were going to go ahead put it all my
organic kale, stems and all, and now were
going to go ahead and put the top on and then
were just going to go ahead and turn this
guy on. I want you guys to look at the action
when this is running right.
So this is running really slow and it’s
blended everything up pretty good and its
blending at the same time it’s also grinding.
It’s very unique, if you guys look at that
on the inside, you know, basically its spinning
things around, its sucking it down in, its
grinding it and then the blended mixture comes
up through the clear handle, I don’t know
if you guys can see that and then it spits
it out from the top. You guys see that? Its
literally grinding it up and then putting
up the handle and spitting out the top to
basically revolve so the mixture keeps getting
circulated around so it’s able to grind
like no other blended has but the problem
that I see is that how are you really going
to clean up in this little channel here.
So I can see there’s still pretty large particulate
in here and because this does run on a more
lower RPM you may need to run it a bit longer
you know than say a vitamix that runs at a
high RPM.
So were going to go ahead and let this run
for a little while and then were finally going
to go ahead and cut it off to see the result.
So one of the cool things about this blender
is that whilst its running it dispense while
its running which is a new feature, normally
you have to turn off your blender in order
to dispense some and one of the ways in which
this is actually more effective is that once
its running you’re going to go ahead and let
some of it out and all this stuff here at
the bottom where its fully blended will come
out first, and then you’re going to let it
run some more to grind up all the particulate
that had not yet been blended.
So were going to go ahead and try this…
Man its looking pretty good, there’s a lot
of particulates still in there but I don’t
want to run the blender too much longer, besides
the RPM you want to minimise the time you’re
processing things alright so now I’m going
to ahead and dispense the rest of my mixture
and I’d like to have this like everything
comes out. One of the challenges I see, Whoa,
is that actually its quite frothy and quite
aerated which is not super awesome so although
it does grind at a lower RPM which is good,
all the excess foam is definitely not a good
thing that’s showing aeration.
If you guys noticed I added the whole thing
with some orange juice and the kale, and you
know now I actually have a larger volume because
there’s so much air infiltration into the
mixture. So let’s go ahead and taste it, and
see how well of a job it did. Well it definitely
tastes good and I’m glad I made my breakfast
today, but there still is some particulate
of kale that’s not fully broken down, but
at the retail price of $300 I believe it can
meet a need for people that want to process
their food and blend their food at a lower
than normal RPM.
So if you want to learn more about this grinding
spring blender, you’re going to want to visit
their website newwell.net.
So now I want to show you guys a really cool
raw foods booth. Now I encourage you guys
to eat fresh fruit and vegetables and those
are my favourite raw foods but occasionally
I like to indulge in some raw food treats,
some snacks and there are so many companies
that have kale chips and this and that and
I’m only showing you guys my favourite one.
Actually this company has been in business
for a long time, one of the cool things is
like when I went in a first date, like 6 years
ago, I went to the movie theatre and since
I don’t eat popcorn because its cooked, I
went to the health foods store, I bought their
product which is raw, which I’ll show you
guys in a second and now it’s like my popcorn
instead of eating the popcorn right. I want
to go ahead and show you guys, so they have
like a wide selection of different products,
so I want to go ahead and show you guys that
temple raw that I really liked, because I
mean people know about kale chips and kale
chips are so normal but this company has been
dehydrating other foods for a long time. They’ve
got, you know the onion rings, so really like
the raw onion rings.
Raw onion rings, they’ve got the tempura which
is a mixture of different vegetables including
zucchini, yam, onions, daikon, bell pepper,
definitely some good stuff and they’ve got
a whole lot of kale chips. I’ve been coming
by this booth the last couple of days and
getting samples of different things; nice
and crunchy, super delicious, but even better
than this stuff they’ve got a couple of other
things I want to share with you guys.
They’ve got these nori bites; so this is something
they really like to do, they take nori and
they dehydrate a little topping on top, and
these are really nice and crunchy and have
a really good mouth texture in your mouth
and also they taste amazing! But the coolest
product they have that nobody else has is
these guys, these raw vegan poppadum’s,
I don’t know what a poppadum is, it’s some
kind of something but these are made out of
sprout and lentils so I think every raw foodie
should eat more sprouted beans and not all
beans can be eaten raw but lentils can and
thee poppadum’s will get you to eat more
sprout a little. They taste like one of those
rich crackers I used to taste when I was a
kid but it’s totally raw. They’re totally
They’ve also got things like kale crackers,
and of course the Quinoa crackers. So if you
want to learn more about these awesome foods,
tempura, the onion rings, the kale chips or
poppadum’s that I like so much, the quinoa
crackers, you want to visit them at awesome-foods.com.
I’m looking around this trade show trying
to share with you guys some really cool products,
in a trade show like this or any kind of raw
food we want to be eating is really not sold
in a package, you really want to see some
fresh vegetables, things that need no ingredient
labels. Some of my favourite booths at this
event, I’ll share with you guys next actually.
The first which is omega and Excalibur. They
provide the tools that allow you to eat more
fruits and vegetables and that’s what I really
want you guys to do even if you don’t get
any of the raw food snacks or anything that
you see in this episode, you want to get one
of these appliances that are literally lifesaving
and I tribute juicers as saving my life.
So what’s new at the omega and Excalibur booth
this year is the new omega TWN30S and this
juicer is so easy even a kid could do it.
Here we’ve got Tenya Fields and Talia Fields
over here, and check them out, they’re brother
and sister working, working in cooperation
unlike me and my brother that would be fighting
to juice in the omega twin gear juicer and
look the amazing thing about the twin gear
juicer is literally, you can shove the wheatgrass
in there and it juices it right up. Look at
this; I want you guys to do a close up on
this pulp here. This pulp is so dry it’s
totally amazing so this twin gear is really
good at juicing the wheatgrass and also the
So do you guys have any comments about the
omega twin gear juicer?
‘It’s really easy to use’
Do you think everybody should buy an omega
‘Yeah they should’
Awesome, yeah so the omega TWN30S, a juicer
so easy even a 10 and 11 year old could do
Ok, so now I’m going to share with you guys
the best booth at this whole event. It’s
only a half booth, it’s not even a full
booth and its sad that most people at this
event are actually just walking by this booth,
and this is ground breaking research and information
that everybody and you guys that are watching
this, you guys are getting this because nobody
else is. This booth doesn’t really look like
much but what it is in here they have, you
know, this is basically food that is actually
high in germanium. This is a food inside here
that is high in ruthenium and this is a food
in here that’s high in platinum. Why this
is very important is that these are some of
the same noble metals or trace minerals that
are delivered under chemotherapy and one of
the reasons why chemotherapy works, and that’s
why they give cancer patients chemotherapy,
to deliver these minerals.
So literally this is, you know, basically
through food, you know, can be a medicine
and like Hippocrates said ‘let food be thy
medicine and medicine be thy food.’ This is
food in here and I’ll share with you guys
what it is in a minute that is literally medicine
and I believe every food being grown today
should be a medicine but it’s unfortunate
that the quality of the food in today’s age
is really poor quality. Has low nutrition,
low trace minerals because growers are not
adding these nutrients into the soil especially
in these you know, higher than normal amounts
that occur in nature as a dietary supplement
that can have significant positive effects
against diseases, my opinion
The only thing in here, if we open this up
is look; a bag if green powder. This is powdered
lettuce, it is high in germanium. This is
some expensive lettuce, I think a kilo of
this stuff sells for like 5-grand, but you
know what you don’t need a kilo of it.
I want to show you guys, let check it out
over here. So this shows how nutritious, in
certain minerals this basically food or lettuce
is. So here’s the bioavailable germanium product.
Walmart lettuce organic mixes ten parts per
billion and theirs is 4,320 parts per billion
in germanium. That’s the germanium rich lettuce.
The molybdenum is 794 and the lettuce that’s
basically food that is a medicine in my opinion
is 33700, it’s significantly more in the
vanadium, its 270 for Walmart lettuce organic
and theirs is 1,090 and the zinc is 3 times
higher in zinc than organic lettuce that you’re
buying in the store. It’s their specially
grown lettuce in their special soils.
So the main thing that makes this the lettuce
they go different is the fertilizer they’re
using in it is an organic fertilizer and they
have found a way, a specifically unique way
to take minerals with some microbes and compost
them, ferment them, whatever they do and then
they feed these nutrients to the plants and
then the plants take up the nutrition in there.
So instead taking a vitamin and mineral supplement
we should all be getting our nutrition from
our food but it’s just not happening
So I’m glad they’ve developed this technology
to deliver these minerals to the plants so
you can have really high quality plants, which
when our bodies get the right nutrition hopefully
in the form of plants the body can do amazing
They have little samples here but they aren’t
giving these out generally but I got a little
sample. This is their bioavailable platinum
and this is just once again lettuce. Each
of their different products are grown in different
greenhouse beds, their soils cost incredibly
a lot of money to basically put platinum which
is a precious metal and they combine it and
they make it bioavailable and they feed this
organic fertilizer to the plant, the plants
take it up and now they have a platinum one.
They’ve separated each one of these, the
ruthenium and their germanium because there’s
data out there from the USDA that shows there
are certain minerals that may be lacking when
certain disease situations occur. So each
one of these are designed for specific situations
that people may be having. So I’m going
to go ahead and taste some platinum, this
is also a pill you can take. I don’t like
to take the pills, I like to have the green
powder, so inside here its simply green powder
so were going to go ahead and open this up
and I’m going to put it in my mouth and
let you guys know what high platinum lettuce
tastes like. It tastes like a buttered lettuce.
It just tastes like lettuce green powder,
it doesn’t taste anything special but imagine
if cancer patients could now take lettuce,
so some of the more valuable minerals like
the trace minerals that I was talking about,
they grow the food and then they’ll sell
the food but what they want to do is actually
create a fertilizer product that home gardeners
and people in industry can use to basically
enrich certain minerals into their plants
so they have testing and like little book
that I saw there the other day where they
actually use this very fertilizer right here
and this is their product. It’s a soil conditioner,
it’s the soil conditioner that’s actually
known as the GTF or glucose tolerance factor,
and what this fertilizer does is it actually
contains the trace minerals that have been
identified that people with say type 2 diabetes
may need in their life, right, so they know
if you’ve got diabetes, you’re supposed
to take chromium because you might not have
enough. You can take a chromium supplement
all day long and it’ll be like 1,000% of
your USRD of chromium but just because it’s
in the supplement doesn’t mean your bodies
going to absorb because it’s in a non-food
state right. With this you take these minerals
as fertilizer and you fertilize your radishes
for example and now you’re growing radishes
that’ll be high in chromium vanadium, molybdenum,
zinc, sulphur and so you’re going to have
basically radishes that will give you the
nutrients you’re missing and the cause of
the diabetes is probably not getting the minerals
but also doing the wrong things so you want
to get the right minerals and also do the
right things so you eat a fruit and vegetable
based diet and a plant based diet and not
do the processed foods, animal foods in excess
like most Americans right.
So they’re offering this into 1 cubic yard
of soil and this stuff is 140$. This was designed
specifically for the purpose of GTF, glucose
tolerance factor, and hopefully one day he’s
going to have different products that can
address other certain conditions by growing
healthy food and that’s my home medicines
you know, this is why I teach you guys gardening,
this is why I add trace minerals in the gardens
so that I get all the trace minerals that
my body needs to stay healthy and so I’m
glad he’s doing this work because there’s
nobody else doing this work. The main thing
I didn’t tell you guys yet is that the USDA
has data on when you have certain mineral
deficiencies, you’re likely to get this
disease condition and the USDA has already
done all this research and he’s basically
finding a way to not do this in drugs, not
do this in chemotherapy but by growing health
food because in the end healthy food makes
healthy people and I want to encourage you
guys to start growing your own food so you
can have more healthy food if you want to
learn more about the work they’re doing
here you’re going to want to check them
out at naturallynoble.com.
Alright so now another booth that I want to
share with you guys right here is the Tribest
booth and one of the normal fixtures here
at the tribest booth that’s not here this
year I’m sad to announce is my friend Steve
Meyerowitz, known as the sprout man, so they
have signed for him, but basically unfortunately
a couple of weeks ago Steve was involved in
a head on collision, he didn’t lose his
life to any kind of sickness or illness, he
lost his life due to a head on collision.so
I want to encourage you guys to own a safe
car and be careful out there because life
is very precious. Steve will be greatly missed,
teaching people about living and raw foods,
sprouting and juicing and all that sort of
stuff, so yeah, be careful out there and remember
your life is very precious as well as the
lives of other creatures on the planet as
In any case I want to share with you guys
some of the new products that are now available
and actually a new product that is just being
announced at this show. So the products that
are now available at Tribest that are newly
released is the
Sedona express dehydrator. So of all the different
Sedona dehydrators they have here I like the
Sedona express the most because it is redesigned
and tyhey have a more powerful fans in this
that the two smaller fans. They now have one
large fan in addition they now have the stainless
steel trays and this is the true raw foods
dehydrator that you’ll want to buy that
has actually overheat protection so itll never
exceeed the 118 degrees or whatevber temperature
you set it at, in addition it has 2 times
and 2 temperatures so you will reduce your
dehydration times while maintaiing your foods
in the raw food status under 118 degrees.
In addition it has a light on the inside and
is a more compact design that’s not quite
as wide but is as tall and here are some beautiful
dehydrated oranges they have on here.
Now aside from the Sedona express that’s
really cool they’ve got the new solo start
4 juicer that’s been one of my favourites
in the kitchen, lately I’ve been making
many videos about it and how it works comparing
it to other brands and other juicers to share
with you guys how they work. You can learn
more about the appliances at other YouTube
channel called rawfoods or youtube.com/rawfoods
which is where I compare the juicers and the
solo star 4 single juicer makes the most green
juice out of any juicer I’ve tested to date
so this is actually quite impressive, does
quite a good job and is quite easy to clean
to because there are less parts.
Now the next thing I want to share with you
guys is tribest new product that’s like
no other. So let’s head over to the other
side of the booth so the all new product that
tribest is coming out with that makes health
food easy is the tribest sousvant machine
and what literally what this does is this
will allow you to uncool your food or cook
it because it does go really high in the temperature
and basically you heat your food up to 118
degrees and not any hotter. So how this does
is a very powerful 1000 watt motor in there
that circulates this water in here that is
basically heated up to precise temperature
that you desire. So you can see on this little
read out here it’s says 118.2 and it has
the cooked time so you can set the temperature
and how long you want to cook it for. So out
of this machine yesterday I had zucchini that
was gently heated at 118 for 2 hours and it
really made a texture that I’ve never had
before in raw foods because it kind of like
heated it up, broke it down a little bit so
if there was a marinade on it would remind
me of a zucchini but it’s all still keeping
the produce raw because it’s not going above
118 degrees. So what they do is they basically
take the produce and you put it inside a plastic
bag that’s been, taken air out, food saved,
and then you submerse it in here, in addition
in the back here I don’t know if you guys
can see that but they also have a mason jar
that they’re heating some food in there,
some tomatoes looks like so that you can create
new and exciting textures in your raw foods
diet so this is really cool that they’re
doing this. So I really looked forward to
this machine coming out and getting g a sample
model , this will not be out until the end
of the year, and yet another way to eat more
raw foods and get fresh fruits and vegetables
in you thanks to the healthy people at Tribest.
So now I want to share with you guys another
booth that actually supplies you with appliances
so you can process your fruits and vegetables
so you will eat more of them. So this is the
Kuvings booth and the kuvings have a new juice
chef juicer that I will be showing you guys
in a minute, their all new commercial, NSF
certified for use in juice bars slow juicer,
that’s going to be quite expensive. I want
to show you guys the new blender that’s
just being announced now that will hopefully
be out really soon, it’s actually over here.
So now I’m going to go ahead and show you
guys the all new Kuvings premium smart blender
and here it is right here. So this guy is
actually nice and heavy and this is actually
1500 watts and this has a BP83 container and
they’re telling me, I haven’t tested yet
that its more powerful than the vitamix and
it works more efficiently than the vitamix
so that’s really exciting and it also runs
faster than the vitamix. This runs at 32000
RPM so that’s really fast and hopefully
that’ll blend things up really fast and
you don’t have to run it very long. Now
the reason I like this smart blender is because
there are several different options that you
It has an on/off, you can turn it on and then
it has like an old fashion volume controller
so you can put it on minimum and have it go
really slow or you can crank it up to maximum
and then that is really moving. It also has
pre-programmed features, it has a pulsed feature
so it’ll pulse, and then it has a smoothie
feature to make smoothies and a juice feature
where it’ll actually just blend things in
a juice like consistency. So I’m really
excited about the all new Kuvings, premium
smart blender and hope to be testing it soon,
as soon as I do you can check for the video
on my other YouTube channel, rawfoods which
is connected to my discount juicer channel.
If you do need to buy a juicer I want to encourage
you guys to support me and my work by making
your purchase at my website discountjuicers.com
which allows me to make videos like this.
I want to go over to the new Kuvings commercial
model and share with you guys some of the
new features how it juices larger apples than
ever before.
So now I want to share with you guys the all
new kuvings juice chef juicer, so as you guys
know I’ve already been selling and the video
is on the kuvings home slow juicer which is
on this side. This is a home model; it can
fit 3inch diameter apples right into the top
and no problem whatsoever. The home unit only
has a 30 minute duty cycle, so you guys thinking
about owning a juice bar, you can’t get
a home juicer for a juice bar because it doesn’t
have the commercial sort of occasions, plus
it can’t run that long, so what you’re
going to want to get is the all new juice
chef juicer that has a large feed Shute, so
it has a 3 and a half wide feed shoot so it
can accept nice large apples. 90% plus apples
on the market are this size not this smaller
size and that’s a big size difference. This
one has an 8 hour continuous duty cycle. So
if you’re extreme juicing, and I don’t
even juice 8 hours straight, this is the juicer
you want to get if you have a commercial operation,
you could run this machinery for 8 hours straight
and it’ll keep juicing. This one if you
run for 8 hours it would probably burn out
and wouldn’t be covered under warranty because
you’re using it way too much so this machine
is expected to retail at $1100. It’s the
world’s first commercial slow juicer that
runs at a low RPM with the wide 3 and a half
inch feed Shute. So you’re going to drop
this in. the cool thing about this machine
is that there’s no push, you just drop it
in, push it down and check it out. This apple
gets juiced up and this is the fastest slow
juicer in the market, look at that, you just
take these guys, it feeds automatically in
and were creating some delicious apple juice
with the world’s first commercial slow juicer,
8 hour continuous use, look at this, it could
not be easier to juice. No pusher, whole apples
getting ground up making some delicious apple
juice and I always want to encourage you guys
to make your fresh juice instead of buying
any kind of packaged or rebottled juices you
know. Freshest is always the bestest.
So now I want to share with you guys the second
most important booth at this entire event.
There’s over a thousand booths and I’ve
picked this one out as the2nd most important,
you guys saw the first most important already
but it’s this booth hear and its actually
just known as the Sana Hemp Juice and here
it is, the glass of the hemp juice. This is
natural hemp, 100% natural raw hemp juice,
rich in omega 3 and 6, full of vitamins and
minerals, highest concentration dose of CBD.
That’s Cannabidiol. You might be thinking,
but john the hemp, isn’t that like the marijuana.
Don’t freak out man, you guys eat hemp seeds
right, you guys know that hemp seeds are healthy
right; well instead of getting the hemp seeds
they take the hemp leaves off the industrial
hemp that does not contain the psychoactive
THC content in there. They take the leaves
and they process it in the field and they
get It off raw and then they basically juice
them in like the juicers that you guys saw
earlier in this episode right, slow juicer
and then they take the frozen juice, and they
can’t really sell frozen juice because it’s
too hard to ship and thaw out and all this
stuff so they do the next best thing. They
freeze dry it, so they suck out cold temperature,
all the liquids and your left with the freeze
dried powder juice of a product that you literally
cannot grow yourself in the united states
because it’s illegal to grow hemp unless
you have a medical card in certain states
or its legal in your state to grow it and
you can juice it.
The reason why the hemp is so important is
that there are nutrients in the hemp and the
cannabis that you’re not going to get anywhere
else. Once again this will not get you high,
this would not be allowed by DEA or anything,
if it did contain some psychoactive properties,
so they test every batch for THC content of
which there’s none, but there is many other
properties in the hemp plant that are beneficial.
So I want to show you guys the product that
you guys could get now available in the USA,
now this is the Sana hemp juice. This is the
US packaging, this is already available in
Europe and this is vegan, raw life food on
the back. Non-psychoactive hemp juice powder.
This is what you’re going to get, you’re
going to get little capsules and inside the
capsules is this powder. Now this powder,
what you’re going to want to do is put it
up here and sniff it, alright just kidding.
This is not sniffable, this won’t make you
high and it is not a drug. This is a green
juice, so much like juicing kale and freeze
drying kale juice which you could do that.
I would encourage you guys to grow your own
kale and juice your own kale because you can
do that legally but unfortunately the only
way you’re going to get hemp juice is by
buying it this time because it is highly regulated,
you can’t grow your own hemp legally. That’s
why this is so important because there are
specific Cannabinoids in this hemp juice that
we have cannabinoid receptors and believe
it or not, you know, in mothers breast milk,
there are cannabinoids in there and our receptors
are not getting fuelled because we are not
eating this food in our lives and how the
cannabinoids work, they’re basically like
imagine if you had your tv and your tv was
broken, either it had 0 volume or 100% volume
and how cannabinoids work is they actually
act as a regulator or volume control to tune
things up and down as your body needs it and
without this your body may not be functioning
So I want to encourage you guys to eat a diversity
of raw foods. So you can eat your own cannabis
juice to get the beneficial properties of
the leaves right. My diet is all about eating
greens and fruits and vegetables. The leaves
are very important. So now I’m going to
go ahead and eat some of this leaf juice powder,
there is the cannabis juice. You can tell
a products freeze dried when it literally
melts in your mouth. Now I might be incriminating
myself a little bit here but what it tastes
like in my mouth is what it used to smell
like you know when I grew something in my
college room apartment. That’s what it tastes
like, it reminds me of cannabis like this
smell I get. It’s a bit strong so unless
you’re hard core like me you’ll want to
mix it in some juice or something like that.
It tastes really good and when I had this
for the first time, just 2 days ago here,
I like felt different. Like this actually
affected me in a way most other foods don’t,
maybe because it’s something that my body
really needs and it’s not getting for all
these years of my life because until now,
no products like this have been available,
to everywhere in the united states legally
so I want to encourage you guys to always
increase the diversity of foods that you’re
eating and hemp, industrial hemp with no THC
content with the essential fatty acids because
some of the seeds also get juiced when they’re
making this product and it’s so healthy
for you. So to learn more you want to visit
them at sanahempjuice.com.
Alright so this is the end of the expo this
year and everybody’s packing up and you
can hear tape guns going off, people boxing
up all their stuff to go home and you know
I want to leave you with my final thoughts
of this event this year. There wasn’t a
whole lot of new stuff that I wanted to share
with you guys and a lot of the stuff here
you guys really don’t even need right, there’s
a health food industry that you guys really
don’t need. What I want you guys to remember
about this is that there are places selling
juices, placing selling hummus, places selling
garden burgers, there’s places selling every
kind of thing and the whole thing is you don’t
need any of this stuff, these are all convenience
foods. You can make your own garden burgers
at home out of whole food ingredients and
you can add them yourselves. You can make
your own juices at home and you know make
them yourselves instead of buying pre-made
juice and we all have this choice each and
every day and I want to basically let you
guys know to make the choice to take the time
to invest in your health because buying pre-made
things whether its raw food kale chips or
anything else right it’s not going to be
as healthy as what you could do for yourself
if you process and you know buy the produce
or the whole foods yourself. Or even better
yet grow your own foods and then take those
inside and process them in your own juicer
to have the highest quality nutrients right.
As you guys saw some of the practices that
can regularly influence you to have pharmaceutical
grade nutrients in your food which is what
nature wants to provide for us which unfortunately
with the depleted soils this is not happening
and this is why it is so important for me
to teach you guys organic gardening and the
highest quality organic gardening to grow
the highest quality food right. I want you
guys to minimize the processed foods in your
life and eat more fruits and vegetables even
if you’re not going to get rid of all the
processed foods, by inch its a cinch, by the yard its hard.
I like to teach you guys’ one step at a time. Eat an extra
apple and reduce the amount of things that
aren’t so healthy for you. You guys know
what that is, I don’t need to tell you guys
that. So eat more fruits and vegetables, whether
you want to juice them, eat them whole and
eat less of the processed, yes, even some
of the stuff that’s in this hall today.
I hope you guys enjoyed this episode, if you
did please let me know, give me a thumbs up
so I can continue to make more videos at the
natural product expos to share with you guys
the best products that I like so that you
guys can enhance your health by using them,
looking them up and getting more contact from
the manufacturers. Also be sure to click that
subscribe button right down below to be notified
of my upcoming episode that I have coming
out and be sure to check out my past episodes.
I’ll put links down below to all the previous
natural product health expos that I’ve done
in the past. You can learn about all my favourites
products at those expos as well.
So once again, my name is John Kohler of OKraw.com,
we’ll see you next time, until then remember,
keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables,
they’re always
the best.

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