Product Review: Vape Bright “Thrive” Kit

APW fans thanks for joining us here in
the pnw headquarters for another review
this one’s a new product for us to be
type of product even we haven’t dealt
into the realm of derive CBD products
too much on reviews but they are getting
more and more popular as the whole
attitude towards cannabis is shifting in
the US the DEA may not like kept derived
but there’s really not a whole lot they
can do about it right now and while it’s
a gray area you can order this shit
online and it can get shipped to you so
a company called make bright sent us
their kit and you can go to their
website right there and you can pick up
cartridges from our or you can order
this kit and this kits kind of neat when
you order the kit it comes in this very
lightweight aluminum and plastic case
it’s got a plastic into the plastic lash
so you do have to be kind of careful
about that other than that you pull back
on the last two open it when you click
it closed in automatically latches open
it up and in here is an auto draw
battery and the USB charger for it and
then a slot to put the co2 cartridge now
big bright like I said it’s hemp derived
CBD it’s a co2 oil that is made from the
hemp plant
there’s no THC you know I bet you
there’s like a point zero one percent
limit point zero three so anything
underneath that is is considered legal I
haven’t seen proof that it is zero
percent THC but it’s low enough to ask
to be considered zero percent to you see
that being said I dunno or according to
their marketing I believe it was like 96
percent CBD and I was excited to get
down on this because I have a lot of
nerve followers and I was excited to
test this so this has actually been
sitting in its case for a little while
because I am almost out I hit it really
really really hard to test this and I
was saved in the last little bit so
we’ll see how much of a hit I get for
you guys on camera now that being said
that should go to see how much I enjoyed
this this fucking cartridge is gone it
was awesome let’s see how well this hit
mmm oh man
tastes like cherry tussin haha uh
anybody grew up in the 80s even into the
90s cherry robitussin had that really
distinct cherry medicinal flavor this
shit tastes like that to a tee it’s
awesome I actually really dig the flavor
I know a lot of people who don’t like
the taste of CVS but I really love this
thing so as you see it hits really well
the cartridge is made to roughly even
though it’s not the most quality
materials it’s a plastic lid it’s a
plastic it’s aluminum base but then you
see some plastic in there the plastic
holds a cotton wick that comes up the
wick pull stuff down onto the coil so if
you’re not careful when you get down
real low like this if you miss sorry
it’s super hard you have a petition with
burning your wick so that’s a negative
there because it is low quality
cartridge however it worked really well
I was concerned that it might pop on me
because I’ve seen cartridges that were
this cheap pop but unless you see let me
get closer we smoked that whole thing
then looks to be like it was about a
quarter gram cartridge if I remember
correctly it was like ten milliliter and
CBD or some shit like that
it’s not a whole lot it’s not super
expensive it’s not super cheap see these
aren’t cheap and we all know that but
you can order this online and that means
that if you’re in one of those areas
that doesn’t actually allow for cannabis
consumption that then this is a really
good alternative now let’s take it talk
about that for a moment what over 28
states at this point have some sort of
cannabis consumption allowed whether
it’s medically or recreational and then
there’s this big hole right in the
middle of the country that really
doesn’t allow for anything and some of
them are some of the most anal when it
comes to their laws and they’re the most
probative and I mean they’ll give you a
felony for a fucking joint for God’s
sake it’s ridiculous and there has to be
some sort of way that you can consume
something and
and medicate when you want to get away
from some pharmaceuticals and vape right
allows you to do that because it’s
completely medicinal it’s 100% CBD and
it’s empty right so it’s legal so those
of you in the middle parts of the
take a look at these guys and order
something from them so far the cartridge
seems to hold out and it’s a great
product and I haven’t had any kind of a
negative on it in fact I mean I enjoy
this a lot and if you think the CBD
doesn’t get you high you’re wrong if
you’ve never really consumed cannabis
you will really notice a body bus that
you get from CBD if you’re a federal
cannabis smoker then you know about CBD
already and you know that see we need
get you high just like THC it’s just not
psychotropic it doesn’t get you high in
the head it’s all in your body and
you’ll see feel a vibration as you first
really hit this and like you you want to
fight rate you want to get up and move
and then you feel a deadening of the
nerve pain like I have a lot of sciatic
nerve pain down in my hips in my lower
legs and my lower back and I’ll hit this
really strongly three or four times and
then I don’t have any nerve pain for
hours so for those of you who are
looking for a better way to medicate and
you’re in an area that doesn’t allow for
THC in any way shape or form vape Brite
is a great great great option for you to
try so I’m gonna stop Tooting their horn
there’s many other CBD products that you
can try out there I could just tell you
from experience my own personal testing
and review that vape right puts out a
product that I can stand behind I would
wish I could afford more because I
definitely hit that hard enough that I’m
now out I’ve got two or three more puffs
before I’m gonna start tasting burn
awake because it’s empty
so it is what it is I wish I had more I
love the product and I really endorse
sweet bright at this point as something
that I’ve personally tested tried
reviewed and and really enjoy so if I
was going to write them on our normal
scale from one to ten I would definitely
have to give these guys I’d say ten the
product is spot on the it is a little
bit of a cheap cartridge I mean check
this out that just pops right off it’s a
plastic cover
with their cartridge so I mean in terms
of quality construction this leaves
something to be desired but then at the
same time if they made this better the
price point would go up so it really is
dependent on what we’re looking for here
so for what you get this is fantastic
this case is lightweight enough that
it’s easily able to go into any hiking
kit so when you’re out hiking and you’re
starting to feel some nerve pain you can
hit this a few times and know that
within 30 minutes you’re gonna feel good
to go and be hiking all over again so
yeah that is what it is I suggest
everybody to give vapor in a try and
then you know hit them up and see what
you can get in your area thanks for
joining us here the BMW can reviews
headquarters for a review of the vape
bright co2 emptor I’ve DVD cartridges we
are big fans of them and we definitely
will be adding them to the stoner PM
online magazine hiking kit don’t forget
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that way you can keep an eye on updates
as we get ready to launch early 2018
thanks for joining us here for a review
we appreciate all your support we will
catch you all next time

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