Game Changer for CBD Business | There’s NOTHING Like This

There’s the group there’s all these meetings
alright, did you want to kind of weekend for those that may not have called the corporate call because I caught the replay and it
Was a fantastic call. So maybe you can recap that there you touched on some of the things there on our growth, etc
But maybe want to touch on some of the other highlights. I know you popped it in –
Yeah, definitely I did put it in the group so you guys can go back and listen to that
It’s only about 20 minutes. This is good to hear the excitement. I will say
The team doctor of another major company has resigned and come on board with us
Sometimes you know what’s you know, you can just that’s called a clue. Let’s just leave it at Beth
It’s simply called a clue and that’s a really big clue because this person probably a salaried person and so on and so forth
Somebody else was a really big leader at another
competitor of ours in the CBD space one thing
I want you guys to get used to saying an understanding is our competitive advantage, you know
We don’t just think that we’re an ultra premium or ultra high grade and so on for nothing so far, you know guys
I’m always honest
I don’t know for the only one but I have yet. It’s not a contest
But you could try if you want doesn’t really matter with others but so far I have yet to find any other
company that a zero percent THC and you can find a bunch of them that will say it and even you know,
They’ll say three sentences later
I watched a couple presentations from other companies Allegra’s zero or zero or zero and then they say well we’re point three percent
You know, it means point three is not zero. That’s a hyper competitive advantage
It’s not the end of the world that they have point three, but I wish they’d mark it more. Ethically. It’s not saying 0 I
into a guy that does testing when I was out in, California in Sacramento
he does testing for the industry to
certify different cannabis and CBDs and make them like
You know legal and stuff for the dispensaries and he was talking amongst a group of us just casual. We’re all out to breakfast and
You know, he didn’t know me or what was going on and he said, you know, it’s impossible to have a 0%
You know pardon and he’s like, well, it’s not impossible it’s just berry
expensive and very
difficult to pull off
So much so that he was using the word impossible
Originally until I checked them. So don’t just take it for granted
You know, we got a really unique thing because I give us a competitive advantage. I think yes, some people don’t care
Yeah, some people might want tht
But I’m talking about for people that get tested for sports
For people that get tested for the military for people that get tested for law enforcement
I think FedEx or Hertz some major company and there’s probably lots of them actually in a while since I had a job
But lots of company are doing random tests and stuff
People don’t want to risk it and something just don’t want to have it
Some people are sharing this with their kids for OCD and 8-a
ADHD and all this kind of stuff and again, maybe it won’t harm them
But for a mother the last thing you want to do is give any THC or anything like that to your children
So we have a really unique niche where the highest with a Cadillac of the industry. We are the best-tasting I
Haven’t heard of anything close
And I know Joel wants to jump in here again, it goes to what we’re saying don’t wait
Don’t be a secret agent be proud of the fact you go you can stand up there
Alright and until we are corrected and say that we are the only ultra-premium. No THC product on the market
No, heavy metals, etc. Etc. You can probably say that
so one of the case studies that my team is putting together for the marketing side and
Everyone on our team will be able to utilize all these things
We actually had and we documented the whole thing from delivery of the product
To consuming our office one of our office staff actually took the product every day. We recorded every day
She took it for over three weeks and then we went had drug tests before and after by certified, you know
Not just for jobs. Like they trades even trace amounts like they will track even minut trace amounts because I’m working with a lot of
Ex-military people now active duty may be something different
I don’t know but the zero-percent came through and we will document and show that and that will be helpful for the entire team
in addition to that another one of the case studies that we’re doing is we’re actually
testing our product against them of the competitors product and some of the real AB results there it cost about
$1,000 per test to do this because they they send it to a machine and it’s like
some sort of analysis on this tiny little like
molecular or a level of exactly what’s inside of these elements and
There is at Menaul and some of them like it is super weird to see that pop up on these
Measurements so we will be building some of those bundles different ways to get the message out share thing
don’t post your link on your wall because you don’t want people going to your link on their own being confused and just
Disappearing in the night anybody that has interests you want to at least know that they’re interested and you’ll certainly share the information
Well, I’ll leave it at that for now, but good. Oh this cuz you guys are all here
I’ll give you a little something, you know, we’re marketers
I’m sworn to secrecy, but I’m in marketing so I can’t shut up
We do have two other products created that would could and should be launched before Christmas
so that’s all I’ll say about that and
One of them I trade everything we have for way big. It’s everything CVD. I don’t think we’re going any other direction
I don’t think we’ll ever do anything doesn’t
contain our high level CBD
But it’s a whole big market just by saying that you can get a guest but it’s gonna be a game-changer
game-changer game team to meet you
You want as many people as possible
Heading in a to the Christmas time
I was you’re not going to build so much over Christmas, but you’re going to drop little seeds
Hey uncle such-and-such good that you’re in town. We got to catch up in January
You don’t I mean friends are gonna be in town from out of town then when we get into
You know, January New Year’s resolutions people want to lose weight and make more money for the past million years
there’s been the number two things and
That’s at least one thing that we can help people
Little teaser there. I like that absolutely going
So what we’re gonna do is on for those of you that are interested be happy to share some things that are working
Some success stories at the end if you want stick around with the QA
But what we thought we’d do is move on into what we’re actually working on
Okay, and again don’t wait around for this but we’re going to actually share what we’re working on
We are biased in the fact that we’re very happy that corporate team out with their app
but we are biased in fact that we think that ours will allow you to
You know 10 20 30 fold times fold your business if you basically follow the steps and that’s the beauty of this, you know
When Joel when I came into this when you know, Joel said to Kevin listen
This is what we’re basically building it was because when you look at most of the networking marketing opportunities out there most people
essentially are told to either market this way or you market that way and
there was never this kind of coming together of like the old-school belly-to-belly the you know,
The meetings things like that along with you know
The internet marketing type of thing to it that allows you to segment that allows you to build all that
There just wasn’t okay. It was kind of all pieced together
So for the first time because Joel believes in the product you were going to talk about it
All right
That’s why he’s putting so much time effort and money behind this
because it’s a product he believes in and for him to go out and spend the money on testing all like that it’s because he
Wants to be able to stand behind him saying listen family. Are we behind the product? We’re also behind the marketing system
That’s an allowing you to basically get the story in front of more people
That’s all we’re doing is we’re helping all of you. Get the story in front of more people
Ultimately how successful you are building a team for bringing on more customers is gonna be based on guess what?
Follow up and we’re gonna teach all of that as well. So with that note we’ve been busy
Imma, let my man Joe go into detail
I know I teased you guys with some scratch notes and some little you know
Rough draft drawings and all with that but tonight Joe
Let me share even more and we’ll even kind of hint about a timeline when this is actually going to draw Joel momentum, man
Timeline. All right. Well, here’s what we gonna do first and foremost for those of you that don’t know, you know, I’m Joel Kalman
I’m just a guy right I have a big development team. Like that’s my unfair advantages I have
dozens of employees that are front-end developers back-end developers coders
customer support marketing designers
Yeah, like so when we talk about things that I want to bring to the table
I have to first and foremost tell you guys that my team is awesome
Like I don’t do all the stuff that they do but team and that’s what this is about, right?
This is why why I’m building
this system why we are building the system together because this system will grow and
I don’t even like using the word system which is why we named it Simon. So, you know Simon is a person
It’s an individual. It’s a robot
It’s automation people know how to edify
Humans, because guess what guys as far as I know we are all human
Okay, so we definitely have that together people know how to edify their upline
People are taught how to speak highly of a person and I thought why can’t people do the same thing for?
systems or
Technology because once you talk about that, lots of people are turned off like I get it
It’s my business. I deal with it on the day-to-day basis, but I know
That there’s nothing that can replace the human element zero
I’m an online guy
and I’m telling you we will grow as a team if we put the proper foundations and fundamentals in place to win and
Mix technology in therefore when it’s necessary
It’s not always necessary if you launch your team, and you have a good warm market, you don’t need the Supplemental
Marketing, but guess what happens even to the best and biggest marketers in the world. They run out of a warm market
Okay, we hit that warm market wall
And that’s where people fail people drop off the excitement slows down and I’m just being real
So what I wanted to do was create something
that bridged the gap and I think where we are literally setting up something I think will change all of network marketing and I
Hope from my mouth to God’s ears. I hope that happens not only for all of us on this team
But also because nobody else will have it. Okay, you must be on our team to get it
You cannot buy it. You cannot sell it. This is not how to make money. I want to give it to you
Okay, so we are going to incur the cost. We are going to drive traffic. We’re going to generate leads
We’re gonna be the training. We’re gonna pay the servers. We’re gonna pay the emailers
We’re gonna pay the developers where you pay the marketers
We’re gonna pay the coaches like that’s it like the way you get entry to this monster training system
Person builder like it’s not even a business builder. This is a
Individual builder. Okay. We want to grow each and every one of you to a level that you’re comfortable because quite honestly
The movement in the team has been a little slow. Right and I’m wondering what happened a little bit. I’m just speaking honest
I love all of you guys we’re gonna figure this out together
That’s how this works, but everyone waiting for a system and an app or even waiting for corporate app or waiting for drills out
I mean those are those are kind of excuses
Right. We kind of got to get better at learning to share the product
So maybe what you’re really saying is I don’t understand the comp plan as well as I need to to go talk or I don’t
Understand the product as well as I need to or you know people ask me a question
I don’t want to sound stupid right, you know or whatever the problems are. There’s no reason every single one of us
Can’t get a new enrollment as a business builder or a customer
Wednesday like we can make it a goal here everyone that’s on this screen
I hope if you were watching you could shake your head. Yes
There’s no reason we can’t each get one
Enrollment and get them to the next meeting together as a team without an app without
Company app without even understanding the product people buy from people
They love they that they trust that they respect that they want to do business with
Okay, so together. I want to grow people
Okay, so we name this Simon and that’s because I can edify a person and you understand watch this
Hey guys. I really wanted to meet you. I want I want to introduce you to my mentor. Okay his name Simon
I don’t know if you’ve ever met him right, but but he’s done business
successfully in every single company that he’s ever touched because automation and
systems save yourself time energy and money
Okay, that’s what systems do and and he does show I have proven data for years
I’ve been doing this 12 years everybody. Okay, I approving data that shows if a team is on a consistent message a
controlled environment
No, what did Diana say versus what did Debbie say versus what did Charlie say versus what did Rachel say?
That’s that’s okay. We all need to get good at presenting
But we need to have a unified
Foundation of the knowledge of the biz this okay
So this system is unlike anything else I’ve ever built
So I’ll get into it and I’ll share my screen and I’m going to show you guys something that no one has ever seen before
Okay, except the the five or six people that are helping me build it besides my own development staff
Okay now now before you get started, all right
Everyone watching if you think DOL’s basically blow smoke out his ass, right? Okay
You don’t want to listen to what we’re and see what we’re about to show you but what he said is absolutely true
There gonna be some people going, you know, hey, I don’t want scripts and I don’t want like pre this and three
That’s how we’re talking about. What we’re talking about is the message has to be consistent
The message has to be consistent and right now the calm most people are having is and we’re hearing it
I don’t want to say I don’t know what the rebuttal is. I don’t know, you know what to do in this case
I don’t know what to send out and in this case
alright and what we’re saying to us what if we took care of all that that there are no questions that if this happens you
Do this if this were to move forward? What’s my next step?
If I don’t know what to say here, you know
Can I get someone that does if I you know meet a team member or a line?
Can I get them on the call for a threeway?
Those are all the things right that we want to eliminate so that the message stays true and again
it’s because we’re doing it as a team and
It’s fantastic when you see the whole team grow together, and that’s why it’s just written and John Webb talks on it
All right, all of this waiting
Okay has not stopped you from going out there and adding other customers and adding other people to your team
What stopped you is the excuse that you need this that or the other? Well, we’re gonna get rid of all the excuses
Okay, and once there are no excuses, then what’s your excuse?
Well, yeah right now everyone’s got a little reason for whatever whatever’s happened in your life
I get it but here’s the thing every single one of us is capable of asking somebody that they know
What are your thoughts on CBD like yes, you may hear some bad stuff like oh, I hate it
oh my my dog this or that whatever but you know you open the conversation and you yourself become better at
Communicating. I mean we want to build individuals. Okay, so
unlike any other system I’ve built this one is more about
guiding the user
To get them good in to help them grow as an individual first and foremost
We’re gonna cover. You know, what?
Let me just let me share my screen a little bit and you guys are gonna see the inside workings that nobody else sees
okay and big I don’t know what happens when I share my screen, but
Are we all still tinier? Is this big now? Yeah now this is good. Okay
So this is our base camp project management software that I utilize
To run a team. Okay, and the Simon app is what we’re calling it because you know we can edify it Simon Says
Simple Simon Simon shows Simon grows, you know, there’s a lot of playful things we can do marketing wise
okay, so we already have
97 to do’s in the I don’t know if you guys can see this, but maybe I do this, okay
we have 97 – dues already assigned by our team and
68 of them already complete and and we have more getting added constantly. Okay, just one of those two dues. Let’s show for example
Here’s an example of where those are like the app dev
23 out of 36 areas are complete Joey’s working on it goodies working on it
We have the website and the signup process, but that’s not the exciting stuff
The exciting stuff is how we will take people and this is what goes into it all the planning
okay, we’re going to take people through a
Adventure where we will show them exactly what to do next. So no more. What do I do? You know no more
What do I learn no more?
Where do I click you will have a go-to app that you can utilize for the people you refer for?
You know your team for yourself to learn these things
So we have different levels in this game where we will go over
What is Simon defining your why the story of Lib labs the founder the science learning your backoffice?
Why this is a marketable space products ready set go like that’s important
We are utilizing what corporate is doing as well get prepared for success. Go for the bonuses work with the enroller
Creating your list, you know learn in tensional phrases honesty authenticity, right?
compliance how to
invite people how to share
Those things will be done and they’re going to be done in a way that I have made or the team has made this 2
minute video here that I want to
Play here for you. Is it still sharing my screen big?
Guys can see this. Alright. So this is the preliminary stages. Okay. This is the beginning stages
This is not complete yet, but I wanted to share what we’re working on. Okay, there will be points that you earn as you
Complete tasks as you do different action items inside the app
There are badges that you get to earn to to work your way of rank
Some will come with bonuses such as free leads. Some will kind of a baby swag
What’s that swag swag?
Some will come with free product. Like there’s there’s things that this system will be able to do that
No one else will be able to do so we will have one action item per screen
Okay, so I’m just gonna play this video. I will pause it and show you
We will be switching it out to our Simon logo the dashboard when you come in. There’ll be a welcome video
There’ll be how to join the Facebook group
And as you see these three dots are three different steps and you’ll see how they move
So you always only have one step at a time
Everyone knows to go to exactly in the same order to watch these videos
To do the things in the correct order to learn to learn about the business, okay
So after you log in we’re gonna have a different variety of screens will show recognition tiles there
Okay, we will show different badges that you can earn obviously not everything’s filled in but you’re getting an inside look
You will have different tasks
We will do recognition on this screen about if you know personal development quotes
Get to the team zoom get to the webinar. This is your home screen very simple from there. We have a menu bar
That is Simon shows is it’s an individual, right?
There’s three different people that help you through this app
three Simon brothers Simon shows
Which will show you about the business and about why you’re here and what you need to do to find success teach you the foundations
Simon grows
Be marketing how to grow your business how to talk to people
funnels emails templates done-for-you
solutions Simon knows is going to be
The analytics and the data. How quick are you to your leads? How well are you converting them? How many leads do you have?
What can you do to grow?
versus what everyone else on the team is doing
Ok, so he’s gonna click on Simon shows. Here’s a quick example
Yes, all the design elements are not done but watch this there’s levels in this task
there are 3 assignments in this level and there are
18 – dues which we just went over on the screen prior. Um
for Simon shows
So when you go through this process you then will unlock different
trainings different bonuses different elements to your app
Let’s just watch a little demo here on what this does you will be able to I think he’s gonna click on
So you’ll be able to watch a video and we’ll know you watched it
We’ll know that you watch the video we will assign you points and we will send you to the next step of
The of the app you’ll press ok, and you will actually earn
Rewards and points and here’s an example of some of the gamification there, you know just little tidbits. They’ll be
Confetti, there’ll be rockets. There’ll be
Sounds and noises and then you will earn points and you’ll earn badges
You’ll see that you’ve checked it off and you’ve done it the very next step
You will do is the next task and then you’ll do the next task and then you will change levels
But you can’t advance to the next level
Until you’ve completed what we know you have completed. Ok. So this is the
organized step-by-step gamified simple solution where you know
We also have a lead table when you do generate leads and you unlock that part of the business
You can call and communicate in text and email your leads in real time
You’ll also be able to see what upline is available for you to utilize as a three-way call who’s available right now
We have different funnels that are done for you ready to share you click the button and you share them
You can do it similar to how you do it inside the the live zap currently
Except we will have eight different funnels to begin with including all those other things
We will have quick replies which you’ll learn about when you get in there notifications and an account page. So this system
okay, this simple preview of the system is really the
Foundation and the basics to giving everyone one action one task
then a reward for doing the task, you know three to five minute increments of coaching of
Teaching and then we will see where you are at in the process
We will encourage you these these tasks will include things like type in your why why are you doing this?
Okay, you’re gonna write it on your phone
You’re gonna press save or you’re gonna press a button in voice memo record it
so guess what we can do when you haven’t checked in on your business in a day or two or four I guess nd a
Text message with your own recording of why you’re doing this business. I can send you an email
I can send you a push notification. I can urge you to get to the next training
Our system will know you haven’t logged into your business in three days. You haven’t generated a lead
You haven’t called your lead back. You have leads that are stale. You haven’t shared your funnel
you haven’t watched the training video like we will know and we will be able to standardize your
Business so you will be able to invite people to this free app and say so give it a try, you know
Even before you get in the business people will leverage this system
As a main entry point
To your live Labs business because now you will be able to tell them I have an app for you
It will walk you through step by step exactly what you need to do. It will guide you it will make people
Available you will see testimonials you will answer questions. It will be fun. You will earn free things
You will be on a team. That is all doing the same thing
Okay, that is remarkable when we can get to a place where thousands of people are doing the same thing
Okay, thousands of people and will be able to change this on the fly. I can add new levels I can add new trainings
I can make you not get this training unless you’ve done all of level one, you know, so there’s different elements
We don’t want every to do everything but we do want you to do everything in the same
Order not everyone wants to market online
I don’t even want you to market online
If you don’t want to you don’t need to market online to win in this business. Okay, and I’m a marketer
But I do want you to know that there is an option for you to learn something new, you know
A lot of people are afraid of new I get it and a lot of people on here online
Marketers some of you may not be but some of you may be the best online marketers
You just don’t have a system to utilize. Okay, so we will unlock pearls we will open up these oysters
There will be a beautiful gem in there and we will help you win
But in the meantime, we’re going to release this in phases
We’re gonna release it as Simon shows because then corporates happy. Our team is happy
It talks about the company the products understanding how to share it learning your back-office learning your comp plan
these are all things you need to learn but not everyone has learned them because it’s not done in a
Simple UX or you know a simple order to tell you
Hey Deb, it’s time to log in and watch the comp plan. You haven’t done that yet. Like we will no Simon will now
Simon will show you the way okay
Simon will guide you Simon will be your best upline because he’s always there
The answers are there the support articles the signup process the funnels the training everything will be there. And guess what?
freaking free, okay
I’ve sold these things four thousand dollars a year all day long and
the ones I’ve sold don’t even have all the training we’re gonna have I’m
Working with upline leaders to do all of these things for us as a community. This is not the Joel show
This is not the big show. This is not the Kevin show, but we will all be
Star actors in this show, okay?
There will be some of you that will grow and will want to feature you in there
We will be putting rank and dances in there. We will not be utilizing Facebook
Completely because we don’t want to rely and grow a team on Facebook. What if that changes next year?
I want to be able to communicate with our team in real time let you know that this zoom is going on
It’s time to jump on send you a push certification to your phone. I want to send you leads
I want to send you business. I want to send you customers but most importantly I want to show you how to talk to humans
utilizing automation and technology
Okay, I want to build the bridge to this belly-to-belly business because belly-to-belly works it does
But you know what also works when you meet belly to belly and you show them
Whip out your app and you’re like but check out this really cool training tool
I don’t need to explain to to Aunt Sally how to get started. I just say go get your free app
Click the button. And if Aunt Sally makes it four or five videos. She’ll be asking you for a sample
she’ll press a button in the app and
It will call your cell phone and Aunt Sally can tell you she’s ready to get going like this is going to change the way
That we all market and I I respect their app
It has a good strong solid foundation
But ours will be a little bit new or it’ll be a little bit more
Dynamic it will it will be different to you and it will tell you
What you can do to improve versus what other users so as this grows. It’s only going to become smarter now
I’m not gonna go as far as I’d say, there’s AI
Involved, but I can tell you that the data and algorithms will tell you
What you can do to improve and it’s kind of freaky because it will know it will know you haven’t shared your link
It will know you haven’t talked to a new person. It will know that you haven’t done this training
It will know that you didn’t even know we had a new product because you didn’t open your app and right when you do
We will change those slides often. We will change recognition training schedules
We will utilize this app as a team hub. There will also be a team messaging. There’s a lot of other great things
I don’t want to blow your mind right now
Why keep it simple now one of the things that some of you may be going? Oh my god, it’s big brother
No, actually, it’s big mother because you’re going to be mothered along at the speed that you want. But here’s the thing
It’s going to take away what we hear often. That is I don’t know and
Usually okay the person who’s trying to help you isn’t getting the whole story and what the app will do is allow us
Oh, you didn’t watch the video. Oh, you didn’t not the notices. Oh, you didn’t follow up with your lead
It says right here the person basically called in and you didn’t get back to them for 48 hours
No wonder they’re not interested anymore
You know, those are the reasons why this all comes from not because it’s like, oh the technology knows that’s what you should doing
It’s because joel has gleaned that
experience from all the other leaders out there in network marketing you have some of the best of the best
Belly-to-belly marketers along with some of the best online marketers. I can be part of the training and leadership and
That’s kind of the key
It’s not for us to watch everything you’re doing but if you’re sitting there going I’m getting no traction. Go ahead Jill
Oh you take again? Okay. Oh
Man it’s my go to that mute button is clutch when you get to do these lives all the time
But check it out guys
it is not this app will not know anymore than
Facebook and Google and all these are like, this is the way technology works
if you don’t like that like you should literally put this phone in the toilet and flush it and and then like
Step on it a bunch of times because they like Facebook is listening. Okay. Facebook is not like it’s super weird
I don’t want to scare everyone with technology
But I do know that that our system you will be able to opt out where GDP are compliant like yadda yadda
This is what I do like
We’re probably putting
Almost a half a million dollars into building this structure. So our team can do it for free
Okay, so we can’t list all they’re a bunch of question. There are a bunch of questions why we do this
Why don’t we solutions? Yeah. Yeah. Why don’t you put some questions?
Yeah, why people aren’t rocking 990s all day long right now because this product is on fire like besides the app
What do we need to do to get more people move in like that’s what I want to focus on
All right. I know there’s some questions. So let me um actually bring out
Let me bring out Carol. Sue Joe was hitting that worry
Only bring out Carol Sue and Carol, so why don’t you ask your question? Hang on one second all
Right, you’re right you’re on your game I’m awesome awesome
So obviously stoked I totally agree with we got to get our butts in gear and get moving
And yes, you want to focus on the app. The one question I do have about the app
Will it be cumbersome in the sense of?
Obviously now we have a live app which all of us are going to be, you know learning
Will some of the information be cumbersome in a sense of similar. So now you’re providing which sounds like
Right from the get-go our app. It’s going to be like superior, but will there be similar information where?
We’re we’re gonna want to focus more say on the app that you are developing versus the live app if that makes sense. Yeah
No, that makes perfect sense. And first of all, congratulations Carol. Sue I hear you’re freaking rocking it like yeah
I love that
So, yes, we will be working very closely with even market vision and Dave and Debbie and and looking at their app
So we don’t I don’t want to recreate something. They’ve already done. We want to be complementary
We want it to be very congruent in marketing and messaging but the goal is not to completely replace the app
But I do feel that our team will utilize our app more heavily like our app does not have with the API
integration yet
Now I will be working on that which will mean your live labs login will activate our app similar to how their current app
happens our app currently
You will have to create an account either at a website with no card
It’ll be free and then you’ll have to give us your username, you know, your live lab sub domain and from there
We’ll set everything up but we will be teaching people in this simon
‘show section how to go get their app and how to download it and we want you to go through the steps of
Ready set. Go which includes getting their app and Lee, you know, which is why we’re not opening the marketing side just yet
we want them to figure out what they’re doing so I can mirror it and
I know that they’ll be making some pivots and changes and they’ll add some new things to their
That’s why we decided on a two-step approach
Let’s do the educational side. Let’s get our team going. Let’s get them educated
So when I press the button and unlock, you know
The marketing elements the how to communicate how to invite how to message how to share a link
I don’t think their app is doing all of that stuff yet
They may be giving you links to share but our app will teach you how to share their links and ours
so I hope that answers your question, but I will be marrying a lot of what they have and I will be
leveraging their app at the same time, but I
Really don’t see unless you want to log in to your back office
Which you have to do through their app because they have that API
That’s the main difference is I won’t you won’t be able to see your downline or lineage or your your back-office?
Inside of our app because we don’t have that connection yet, but I am going for it and when that happens
Maybe this does replace it. I don’t know but that’s not the goal
Yeah, hope you know to piggyback off that what Joe was saying is
We’re gonna basically start out with training wheels because we also don’t want to overwhelm people
but the beauty of an app system like this is that it is going to take you by the hand and
Basically teach you and show you everything you need to do to be successful
All right, but overwhelm people so the first integration or the first release of it is the Simon show
So I’m going to show you everything you need to get up to speed. All right in order to talk to more people
That’s the whole idea. All right, that’s all idea. And then the
Simon gross part of it is for those people that do want to be marketers
So you’re fully
cognizant that some people out there do not want to be markers do not want to build this big team or anything like that and
That’s okay because we need tons of customers
Do we even need distributors who only want to do you know part-time or whatever?
But for those of you that really want to kind of be shown right how to grow
that’s the second part well and
the huge advantage of
Being on this call right now means you’re on our team
okay, when you get to tell people and I know Kevin, you know, close your ears here, but this is the
rock-solid truth faxes
People will we are team will have a huge leg up we will have a huge advantage because we will leverage our system and tell
We have a system that will walk you through the whole business in a nice fun app on your phone and you could try it
even before you get started and no one else can have it like
That alone will open the doors to people who may not want to do network marketing
They don’t want MLM. They don’t want to sell their friends and you could say no check it out
I don’t want to sell you or my friends either. I just want you to go download this app. That’s free and
See if you like it, you know give it five minutes and they’ll watch a video about the company
They’ll learn about the products to learn about the market. They’ll learn about how fun
This is in a team environment and they will be begging you to get started
so like I really see people utilizing the system and and the team app as a
Way to tell people you don’t have to late. Listen Aunt Sally
You don’t have to rely on me teaching you how to grow this business because I failed you two other times you signed up with
Me somewhere else. This one’s different. It’s I’m working with the big company
I’m working with the big team and we’re putting our money where our mouth is and we’re saying I’m gonna build this and I
literally want to give it to every single person for free like I want our team to be a hundred thousand people strong and
And our server build to be thirty thousand dollars a month. That’s okay
I’m in this to share the message to make better people because when we grow people and
Give them a better process. Like I sound like Marcus lemonis people process product like that’s no joke
That’s a winning. Formula is that I?
Want to leverage our high quality products are high quality leadership and technology
And yes, of course
You need to have relationships but so much better
if you can introduce yourself to these people and tell them well, we have something no one else does like that’s your entry like
You’re not like anyone else you have this team training system app three funnels free follow-up all these things
That they don’t and that I’m excited
Exactly and so the interests of the product but they’re also going to be people who may be interested in the whole marketing and building
Side, you know, you don’t have to force them one way or another and that’s the whole system’s walk
so here’s some great great question and we
based on conversions and optimization and and and
results versus you know
A network marketing company can’t they can’t build a sales page or an a checkout page?
The most streamline they need they can’t do cart abandonment. They can’t do retargeting and all these things don’t eat the matter to you
We will do them for you
Unbelievable guys, thank you so much. I love the enthusiasm. But you know what you are really?
really making possible for for all of us is just
Something I have never witnessed never felt never dealt with and I am like beyond excited. Thank you guys so much
Alright, so let me do it. I see a couple of hands up and let me go to a question and bring out
Her question and I’ll get to read for her question
And I love seeing all these friendly faces. Yep
Awesome. So Diana, you know on YouTube go ahead and ask your question
Diana I
Don’t eat myself
okay, so my question is
Um this app we are going to be giving it to to people saying hey check this out, you know
If you’re curious about the CVD world, so if I send them my app and somebody else has sent them
Oh, you know if they’ve opted it into somebody else’s their link to that person, correct?
So we will have multiple entry points for this app
We will start version 1 if you’re a team member, okay?
so there won’t be prospects downloading the app just yet because
part of the onboarding and the the first training slides right now for our team will be
How to get in our Facebook group and those other things but we will be able to update and change those on the fly
so we will have a
Prospect one where you’ll share them and you will get your link and your live labs ID will be stored and the emails that go
Out to them will have your signup page all included in there and you guys won’t have to worry about any of that
Yeah, that’s awesome. And this is really really exciting
I’m just like going yes, it’s about time it is and we’re gonna have an app like our goal is to is to rocktober
Right, you know art our goal is to get this thing out ASAP
Especially because it’s just the educational piece and then I turn on the marketing piece
And then right after that is the analytics and suggestions and data piece because it will go in that order
We will see people go through the process. We will see them learn about the product. The very next step is well
How do I share and then that’s where the marketing Simon grows?
Where we will grow you as an individual grow you as a person grow your business grow your email list, you know
Depending on what you want to work on
You’ll have it all there and then after you do some of that
Simon knows because then we have data to analyze and tell you where you can improve
Absolutely questioner. Thank you very much. All right, so I move on to
How Betty say something about
Their live labs app lets you know when they’re watching the video. Yes, it does
Um, we are playing with some of that stuff too, but I’m more about the email opt-in or the express of interests
So our app may be a little different because it will have a link that says click this button. Give us your phone number
We’ll send you a text message
Which has the link to download the app right to your phone and now they’re in the system by the Bing just like that
So, right. Yeah the difference what we want is we want
Active participation. It’s very strong that someone’s watching the video
But we want active participation because we want to close the gap between you and that person
So if they have interest they go into the system one
we want you to immediately follow up with them because usually in that first five to seven minutes and
Two if you don’t they’re in the system in order to follow up with them
All right
but the mistake that we see most people
Make out there is they want the system to do the follow-up?
We’re telling you right now if you have the ability to have the app notify you that someone okay?
You know in the system basically and wants to be contacted by you
You want to do everything in your power to contact that person immediately? All right, and you know, so
Things that they’re doing fantastic, you know, they’re they’re apps like that out there already. That’s like watch the video or something like that
let’s let’s look at this even at a crazier level and first of all kit Carlson how
Like my wife kitty says to call out she wants to talk to you and and your friend and then I watched your testimonial video
About you know what CBD did for your back problem and oh my gosh
Like here’s an example of what our app will be able to do
Kit can record a great video like that sharing how awesome this product is. We will take that video
We will upload it to the app
Connected with the page that you could press one button and share her testimonial out there with your friends
You know text message social media whatever on the fly I can get her video
I can put it in the app
I can send you a push notification and say there’s a new
Testimonial press the button and share it you you press the button on the testimonial and it will share it with a link
Where you will get credit so like as we grow and as these stories start to accumulate we will just be adding like daily
Actionable tasks for you with done for you posts done for you marketing funnels that will capture information and let you know
When people are interested in and when they want to be followed up with but most importantly
No, one can move that fast like we can record a new video tomorrow of KITT story and then it can be in the app
For everybody to share with their own unique link so they get credit in a matter of minutes
You know update requests are going to get unique links to invite people to webinars
All right. Yes. Yes our page
where you can invite them to attend this kind of zoom training where I’ll demo the app and show them how awesome it is to
Help you grow your business and with a link right below this video
That will have our zoom streamed on it and it will be connected to your signup page
So we’ll all be able to utilize all of this great stuff, but first we got to get this app out there
And from a compliance standpoint, one of the main things is compliance is everything to us
So those who think we’re just going to throw up, you know any old video or anything like that not gonna happen, you know
No compliance is on my rear. Yeah, one of the things that we have right in there is compliance training for those. Okay
So we do this let me I’m actually pull up Lee if I can find it now
It’s good for I want to know that anything I give you in this app
Will have been approved by a complaint you do not need to worry about that
All emails all pages all marketing all videos. They have to go through it all and they promised me a 48-hour turnaround
I don’t think they realize how big this system is, but we’ll see right
Yeah, don’t think this is just you know a job
You don’t shoot them all crazy
You know the idea is that this is a product that we can stand behind but also a marketing system right that you can stand
behind because it’s going to essentially
Empower you to kind of just follow it step by step and let it work with you hand in hand. So I’m gonna
Unmute we we go for the first time you’ll be free and it will have your actionable steps in addition to the marketing
If you own the interest angle ticket
Miss Sutton now, you’re a North Carolina people doing over there. You’re Tar Heels weather tight snug o
Yeah, she did that to herself so now I’m gonna go in yes, she does not zooms that happens she caught the yeah
There you go read okay, we’re not doing so good in football I don’t you don’t hear me talking about
I’ll talk to you about basketball. We are we are still
We’ve got a lot going on here with the hurricane damage
We got we got hit really hard and what has been worse than that my best friend from childhood
Lost her husband in it, and I had been with her for over a week
Non-stop, it’s been kind of bad. But yeah, I am ready to get the work
Ordered not package. It has not come yet and I’ve got three or four questions. What are you all charging for the
Samples and how do you say it Kevin? I heard you say that you
Put it out there, what do you charge for them because I’ve ordered the large back
If I’m still on yet, nope, secondly we Church 20 exactly what we what we we bank for them, you know
So far, it’s all been local so we have an active ship
I’m sure shipping isn’t that expensive that that was something you want to eat?
Especially knowing at least half or more of the people will upgrade as a matter of fact. We’re also something
Maybe I’ll make some videos using as an incentive like, you know
What once you buy the whole thing if you buy the 99 I’ll give you this Apple right now
So you guys might want to try that I would say more than half the people
Just like that idea cuz they’re getting something. We all like to get a deal, right?
You know, I mean they’re about to give you $20. So then you can even really play with the numbers in a real way
So, you know what? I’d like to get the whole thing for 80 bucks Oh, how’s that? Well, you’re gonna give me 24
This is normally 100 and it’s kind of fast talking stuff, but it makes sense
They you know, they catch on pretty quick and you know, you’re more than likely to get a yes
If you get to that point, yeah, I think wording is important. I’m Betty brought up and I would say the same thing
Don’t call them samples cuz samples especially from the drug trade is always free. Call them trial
you know, it’s a 5 or a 7 day trial, you know and
it’s just it’s positioning is better when you do that well, and I’ve been playing with the funnel that actually
Will give away a free
Sample, but not to everybody right? So it’s one of those put your information in and you know, we’ll select a few winners
Hey, so there’s a lot of things that this team will have
And be able to utilize that you won’t need to pay for that
no one else will be able to including you’ll have a
Link to everyone will have their own unique link to this same exact page and funnel where our system
Will ship out a couple samples each day, but when we generate 200 leads and send out four samples
You know
That’s a very good close rate when the system does the follow-up and it does pay for itself
So we will be able to utilize all those higher-level
Marketer things that you won’t need to worry about but no you will have access to them. Yeah on a local level
I mean I’m again Joel knows this is what I’ve been working with him on the beginning makes it this whole kind of you know
Put your name and a hat for a you know
A trial a free trial and we take care of the shipping basically or whatever. It’s basically to generate leads
You know, it’s to generate leads interest. You can do that on a local level
like I said
But a local level I would basically say that it’s a trial because most of those bottles will get you between five and seven days
And you have no problem saying that and you can stand behind it
You know divide 70 sample all kinds of they drop her they took or whatever, but my lasted, you know
the ones that I did seven days these CBD pop-ups at
Like farmers markets are really big in my area right now where there is a couple people
Zero of them have zero percent THC
like I would be making a big table skirt that said zero percent THC CBD get your trial right and I
Are twenty dollar bills all day long
If you have if you have the product on hand and you got to give them
You know a card or you know
the information provided by live labs so they can get a hold of you or
you’ll give them the sample and then you’ll hand them your phone and you’ll say hit go ahead and put your info right here and
We can follow up with you. Yep. Let me email you a receipt
There you go. I need your I need your emails. I can email your seat. There you go. Absolutely. So great question
Yeah, I do got a couple of things I wanted to say first of all suggestion for flies
I think you are. I think you ought to give one of the
one of the baby I
Got I got three more I’m still trying to find
The other thing that I wanted to say too is
They do you have a you just made to that to South Carolina, right? Yep, I
Know your employees. I want a more simple, okay
I am
real real familiar with Myrtle Beach and I have got a couple of places that I’ve had meetings down there and another
Organization and if you need any
Info or anything like that. I can actually bring people down there
If you’re if you’re gonna be there Merle said not as well as far as to me be gay
No, no, it would definitely be more of each. It’s a bigger draw more people to draw from
Mines around sixty Fifth Avenue of our favorite place to have them awesome
But just let me know and I can help you go down there and work help you work it and bring my people into
Awesome. Awesome
Okay, um and there was one other question I’ll wait is this app
Going to put the bleeds and through our LSP Joel
So it will have its own app with CRM and it will deliver the leads right to the the Simon app
It won’t one of anything to do with OSP
But it will work
kind of like OSP in terms of what the leads will come to your phone and we’ll do the emails for you and you could
still add them to your list and you do the follow-up and those things but yeah, so we’re gonna use that to
Ever account. Yeah, you’ll be able to build your email list. I know you’re big on that. You’re the you’re the email in uh,
Well, yeah, you’re in. Yeah, you’re South Carolina. You’re definitely
I’m sorry. Yeah, I’ve watched you grow for years now
We’ve been doing business here for like three or four years together and it’s been fun
Yeah, you’re gonna be able to connect for those that are interesting and if you don’t know how to build an email list
That’s gonna be all part of the gross training of some gross
Guys absolutely. Very cool. Great questions Reed, okay
Any other questions pop into the group chat anything for a toll or Kevin now?
I want to throw a little challenge out there for everyone who’s been sitting on these fences here
You know
I’d like you to report to our team group when you get your next enrollment whether it be a prospect
You know a customer, which is great
This business is built on customers or business builder
but I will pick someone from the couple people that
That do say that they got an enrollment between this week now and Friday
Get an enrollment post it in there
Each one will be an entry and we’ll give away a couple, you know swags or you know, fifty bucks or a hundred bucks
I’ll spin the wheel. I like to have fun
But if you want to enter you need to do and Sandy congratulations you got one tonight
Then go post it in the group
And this is what helps our team grow too when you are accountable to yourself you say hey
I want to welcome this person and you add them to the group. Let’s
Do this. You can create a quick post in the group if you will
that says what you just said and what you’re gonna give away posted in the group and I wait you can go in there and
They say that they got one and whoever gets the most signups
I will give you first access to the app like you will have a test flight version of the app that
Before it even goes to Apple. You’ll have it on your phone to one person whoever rocks this this week
Like we need we need prizes. We need incentives. We got it. I
will be the
Instructor that goes up in the plane with you when we’re gonna skydive. I will push you out
Okay, you need the incentive and the encouragement because you will enjoy it the entire way down
Your business will get better your life will get better
Everything will get better. If you just invite a few of your family or friends to this business like
We’ll give away swag
I got OSP swag and I’ll give away some cash for this week and the grand prize
Whoever is the mack daddy you need to get at least five enrollments to qualify for if you don’t get five too bad
So sad, we’ll roll it on the next week
But five enrollments will put you in that class and we’re gonna get you that app before anyone else
Right. I think that would be fun and I’ll feed you
Blades as prizes write you up
1,000% give leads. I’ve already I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I’m testing these funnels and I’ve already
generated something like 1,400 leads in three days and it’s all about the
CBD like it’s about hemp and it’s just what do you know about hemp like it’s very very
Blind right? I’m not trying to email them and sell them
I just want to see these pages convert on paid traffic and we yeah
I will happily give people that make moves like Kevin Kevin is the positioning man, man
Kevin understands the comp plan more than me Kevin understands this unilevel stuff
Like that’s why I paired up with him, but I will help you get leads
I would like this is not like OSP. Okay. This is not like anything else
We’ve built you are on our team and I will have an abundance of leads because here’s the thing though Joel. Sorry
leads are going to be generated leads are going to be incentivized to people but if we’re finding because again,
We can track all of this that leads are not being followed up on then. Guess what people no longer get
leads so the whole idea is to start to
Train you on the proper way to follow up and the whole system. Simon is going to take you step by step
But if you find that you know, and the leads are coming and those leads are not getting followed up on then. Guess what?
It’s not that important to you leads are not that important to you and hey, that’s okay
That’s okay
But those leads will be incentives giveaways to people that are willing to follow up right and that’s that’s where it’s gonna come from basically
Joel did it again. Well, I need leads and I want a turtle
I’m you just I could say that Joel. Yeah, and that’s great. That’s the best way to get this done. But here’s the thing
I will be more active in our team group
Okay, we will have this prospect group that will start to get rolling
You know, we’re working with a couple other leaders to put that together. So we have one united front from the app
Okay, so we will have a group where you can send people who are interested
We will also have this team training group, which I will post in more often once I get this app rolling
There will be contests they’ll be prizes. They’ll be incentives. We’re gonna have a good time
like if you don’t want to have a good time get off the call because I don’t want to do this business and grow as
People and as a team unless we’re all enjoying the process. So I’m just that’s the kind of leader
I am and I will lead I will help I will give everyone my all I’ll give you all the tech
I’ll give you all the training. I will give you my time because I am passionate about this product
I really am awesome and Joe. Let me do this. Thank you very much
Prophet soundly batter now Eric Beck cold needs to hire me for some consulting. But yeah
All right, thank you great questions you can go to mute yourself now
Let me do this
let me just tell them throw out these two questions without bring the people out and then I’ll have Kevin and
Joel give us their last thoughts and we’ll close this up to tonight
First question from Krista. Is it going to be available in desktop version Joel?
Absolutely. We know some people don’t want to use their phone to watch videos and watch back-office trainings and those things so you will have
A web version it will be just as awesome and it will work flawlessly and congruently with your mobile app
So if you watch a video on the web your mobile app will know and vice versa. Awesome final question for you
Oh, man. Is it going to work on Android?
Android iOS nook Kindle and there’s even another new platform that Google is playing with that
We are playing with that is more 3d. It’s kind of weird, but I’m playing man. I mean, that’s what we do
So yeah
you’ll be able to get this app no matter what kind of device you have and you can use it on the Internet –
Awesome. All right, Kevin, my man any last words before we close up shop here
Let’s do these more often
Yeah, definitely probably this week not probably definitely this week
I’m going to do a zoom where you guys can ask questions god. We’re doing a little bit here
But we’ll be more open just different people are at different places and some of the marketing we do might be over some people’s heads
What’s working? What’s not working? Just ask me and I’ll do a Facebook live in the group
Actually, probably the most easy, you know
and it’s the same place so you could ask whatever and people will share cuz I think
Different people are learning at different paces. This is the easiest thing I’ve ever done
Meaning even in the cold market. I’ve never seen conversions like this
Everybody has one of the problems that have for CVD can help solve whether it’s you know
We you guys know what they all are and if you don’t we’ll start making more circles and just keep asking keep your ear open
For who has these kinds of problems, you know?
We’re signing up people on airplanes and restaurants and waitresses always have feet pain back pain. So on and so forth
So if you’re not getting a bunch of customers, I won’t be so rude as to say it’s your own fault
But you know where I’m trying to go like you’re just not talking to enough people offer this as a solution, by the way
I was four days in Sacramento
I did not open my laptop once or do a presentation
All I did was share testimonials with ever group of ten or twelve people who came in 100 % up
So and if you don’t know at least 5 to 10, testimonials will start closing them
I know Joe’s
Soliciting some by the way plug for Joel right now
If you have a testimonial get in touch with Joel or myself Rita baked and we’ll get your testimonial in biak
So all you can do is every day for 30 days bang your list of people friends
Whatever with a different testimonial or when you hear someone say, you know at an airport. Oh my back hurts you like hang on
What’s your phone number?
Boom you send them the back hurts, you know
Testimonials so it’s gonna be back fun that easy. We don’t want you to get away from warm market
That’s always going to be the best but this is such an add-on for those that truly truly want a hat
tremendous success
by the way
We have people that are selling the gel caps to I couldn’t believe it but they’re putting five gel caps and a sample and selling
It for 50 bucks make your own price do what you want. But another big plug don’t sleep on the gel cash, man
They’re actually stronger than the drop. So if people have you know deep-seated
Real crook like they were maybe in a car accident five years ago and broke their back or whatever, you know
the gel caps are like a
Dropper and a half because the drops are 500 milligrams. The gel caps are 750
And so I was just a big tip on that
Alright, so we want to thank all of you for joining us on this the recording replay
We’ll be in the group come tomorrow after it uploads more like that and I’ll put the link in there as we said we don’t
Look out for the post from Joel about you know
The challenge that he’s gonna put out there to look out for the post from my man Kevin about you know
face some live training in the group as far as marketing things that are working and then we’ll also decide on
A date and a time that we have normal weekly training for the group and that’s what we’ll have to work out
It’s a little bit skewed right now with all the work. We’re putting into the app
And once that frees up, but we definitely know that we need to stick to a same day at the same time
You know every single week training and we’ll work that out. Alright, this is
This is just the beginning
Okay, do not be afraid of online marketing
I don’t even you don’t even need it took win in this business, but you do want to learn
Okay, and and we are an online business
I mean will you to transact online you have to sign up online? They have to go to your link
So let’s not ignore the fact that your transactions do happen in the signup process
Yes, you can sell samples for cash, right and you should but I want to teach you everything I’ve learned in 12 years on on
Assisting over 20 network marketers make seven figures here. Okay
I personally coached and develop systems for twenty of the
network marketing top earners like 20 of the top 100 I have worked with
Personally to build funnels. Okay personally to help train their team in a system
organization and
That is what I will commit to you guys. You guys just keep showing up. You keep learning a little bit each day
You keep getting a little bit a little bit stronger in your presentation a little bit more comfortable in your delivery a little bit more
Understanding of your products and complan every single day and this thing will just change your life
I’ve seen it happen over and over again to normal people and I think we’re all far exceptionally better than normal people
So let’s get out there and win like get some signups. Go share the product talk about the
experiences and bite them to the group
Tell them about this awesome app that we’re building get them excited
And then even if you’re just building a list know that you will have this app that you’re use this month, you know
That’s the goal is by the end of October. Everyone has it
some of you will get it earlier than that because you’re gonna perform and you will help us but
Get them excited about that and build a list and talk to them when the apps out if they want away from the app
Wait for the app, but you do not need to wait now is the time
Yeah, so as we start off and I said too many people are that one word waiting don’t wait
There are many things that you can do. So, thank you all and we’ll see you on the next training. Take care, everyone. Bye

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How to Make Cannabis Lotion | Squeeze Bottle Lotion!

Mon Nov 25 , 2019
A lady in the video told the recipe of cannabis lotion as it is a moisturizer and is suitable for inflammation and pains. It has two parts, the oil phase and water phase. Equipment needed are two 8oz containers, two heat-safe measuring cups, two thermometers, and a hand blender. She […]

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