The Best Disposable CBD Vape Pens Of 2019 [CBDfx or Social CBD or CBDistillery]

today I’m doing a review on my three
favorite CBD disposable vape pens
I’ve tried around 12 to 15 different
vape pens from different brands and
these to me are the best in the market
we have the CBD FX this one is the
terpene OG Kush CBD FX probably the most
popular flavor is this blue raspberry
one we’ll get into each one I also have
CBD distillery here’s their granddaddy
purp this is my favorite flavor of
theirs I have four total flavors I have
the granddaddy purp strawberry lemonade
the lavender vanilla and the Gigi number
four so that’s four flavors from CBD
distillery and two from select CBD
now select CBD is probably if you’re on
the west coast it’s the pen you see in
most of the dispensaries you notice this
teal color you’ll see it everywhere so
let’s start with a few online
comparisons I have to say that CBD FX
has the easiest website to use they have
right when you land on our website you
can see they have over 4,500 reviews so
I think most people to the CBD world
their first question is does it work
so the transparency that CBD FX offers
is great just go on to their website
there’s a link below we have a coupon
code for each one of these so before you
purchase please use the coupon code so
you can save yourself some money but in
terms of user experience on the website
CBD FX to me wins very easy to use on I
tried it on my mobile try it here on my
iPad Pro check it out this is what I was
talking about they have this section
here of all of the reviews you can see
the collections their best selling
products this blue blue raspberry vape
juice is something we’re gonna go into
select CBD has a very basic website
basically this this blue color it’s very
easy to order from and for them I have
again the spearmint and cinnamon and CBD
distillery just rebranded their site
actually and it looks a lot better a lot
reviews there and one of the bigger
brands so CBD vape pens to me are part
of my everyday consumption I keep
whether it’s my CB D FX pen or usually
it’s between these two that I almost
always have a pen in my bag and whenever
I’m feeling anxious or stressed it’s in
the CBD world to me this is this is
where this product thrives is when
you’re hyper stressed or anxious you
need to calm down you just pull it out
and take up up and in terms of puffs per
pen the CBD FX pen is about eighty to a
hundred puffs there’s 30 milligrams of
CBD in here but again if you are going
to use a vape pen
you should also take something like a
capsule or a gummy in the morning a
capsule can be up to 25 milligrams and
gummy can be 10 to 25 but just have
something in your system that helps you
with the dosage count because taking a
draw from this you shouldn’t expect to
feel relief throughout the day that’s
it’s just not true but if you do take
something else a vape pen is a great
part of the puzzle and it’s the thing
that you keep in your purse or your bag
and when you have a stressed out moment
you just do two seconds and you can and
the flavor of this blue raspberry is so
if you like blue raspberry sweet or
fruit or any of that I would go with
this CBD f/x pen again it’s 30
milligrams of CBD in here but forget
that the milligram amount because with
these vape products it’s not about
taking away a full effect of something
but during stressful moments or moments
when you need just a bit of relaxation
or clarity that’s where these pens work
best because they’re so convenient you
can keep them in your bag and they they
affect you immediately you do get a nice
little relaxation from it so my favorite
CBD effects flavor is that blue
raspberry see the effects actually it
has two types of day pens they have the
original which is 30 milligrams and the
terpene oriental one which is 50
milligrams of CBD plus it has the
terpenes and there’s four flavors of
each and really the thing that CBD
effects does great is is
rings of their juice these are two great
products these are my go-to vape flavors
for them the OG Kush and the blue
raspberry and look at this packaging it
does look like a cigarette but a premium
cigarette so if you are somewhere and
you don’t want someone to know what you
have or just don’t want to deal with
someone questioning what’s going on this
will blend right in I was at a bar the
other night with people around pulled it
out and no one so again one to two
seconds you get that nice little draw
each pen you get about eighty to a
hundred and ten if you’re gonna take a
huge puff you’re obviously gonna have
fewer than someone who takes a lighter
puff like I do see BFX pens are very
affordable we have a discount code below
best dosage you can use best dosage as a
coupon code for CB FX and see what you
Distillery save twenty is our coupon
code for select CBD shipping all of the
brands came extremely fast within a
couple business days they have lab
results that you can read online there’s
a link below for each and in terms of
variety there’s so much variety in the
vape space we just had blue raspberry
and OG Kush knowledge switch over to
select CBD I want to start with these
two because these are definitely my two
favorites CBD FX and flexi BD CBD
distillery is still a cut above the rest
but in my eyes select CBD and CBD of X
are the leaders and the vape the
disposable CBD vape space and look at
this I just want to show you the really
nice packaging on both of these brands
you can see the size the the CBD effects
one’s a little bit longer but these can
fit anywhere in your purse and your
backpack in your pocket they’re not
gonna leak nothing and both of them when
they light up they have when you inhale
it they have this little light at the
bottom I’ll show you and there’s 250
milligrams of CBD on this one and CBF X
says every two seconds is around 1
milligram I see
and you can see the bottom line up and
the spearmint is fantastic it’s like
spearmint gum it has a really nice
flavor it actually cleanses your mouth
as well just not cleans your mouth but
in terms of the flavoring in your mouth
that it’s it doesn’t just go in and out
you can actually still taste it and it’s
such a delicious flavor and with them I
also get about about eighty to a hundred
puffs from each pen I love the Select
CBD blue spearmint the blue raspberry
CBD effects and the spearmint select CBD
are my two favorites are the ones I
always have in my bag whenever I feel
stressed or anxious wherever I am I can
just pull this out you can sit wherever
I’m lucky to have this backdrop but you
can be wherever and it will help you
relax really and that’s the benefit of a
pens is they’re instantaneous impact on
whatever you’re feeling and just the
ability to have some clarity but I love
the spearmint I also have for you today
the cinnamon I like cinnamon I wanted to
see what it was like so I have it and
also select CBD rights on their
activation time my cat’s trying to get
outside they have the activation time of
15 minutes is what it says and that’s
actually very accurate somewhere between
10 to 20 minutes you will feel a little
bit of a release but because of the
smoking aspect enough the inhale/exhale
of it you get that immediate reaction
from it so this is the cinnamon
like Christmas
it’s very obviously cinnamony but it’s a
nice light earthy taste as well
the flavor profile you won’t burn out
from it the same thing with this 250
milligrams you get about one milligram
in each pool I like it actually I really
like it I like the cinnamon I definitely
like the spearmint more its lighter the
flavor profile after the spearmint I
usually again I keep these on me and
great for during the day when you just
need a little bit of relaxation they’re
so easy to travel with their lights
they’re not expensive we have coupon
codes below the best website is CBD FX
easiest to use transparency reviews then
select and now CBD distillery seem to
distill he’s a very big brand they have
a lot of products they have fake tans
and creams and oils and gummies and I
really like their nighttime gummies and
their CB doll their CB da bomb it’s
great for dry skin so I wanted to jump
more into the CBD distillery pens
there’s a lot of reviews online so I got
a few flavors I actually ordered double
of the granddaddy purp cuz they said
that was the best so I got one for a
friend so we’ve that over there you can
see a difference in the Pens let’s kind
of measure all of these guys together
there is 200 milligrams of CBD and the
CBD distillery pen there’s only 30 in
the CBD FX pen but it’s not such a big
difference in terms of the effect again
you have did twice activation time you
have the inhale exhale at the beginning
and then the 15 minutes later and really
to me the the vape pens are not so much
about just completely bringing you down
as more of a nice flavor that relaxes
you and gives you clarity and that’s you
know where I think CBD FX really stands
out here’s a comparison of the three
pens so in the middle I have the CBD FX
original blue raspberry and then I have
the CBD distillery on the left and
select CBD on the right so they’re all
roughly the same size
all of these disposable pens you cannot
so after use you just have to toss them
away let’s try this one this is the
granddaddy purp it’s their most popular
flavor and the same type of thing one to
two seconds and the flavor is
interesting I definitely like the CBD FX
flavor and select CBD flavor better than
the granddaddy purp let’s try the other
ones there are so many reviews online
know about this product and people love
so I have to give it some time to get
used to it the strawberry lemonade is
probably the most appealing flavor to me
mmm that’s really good really really
good 200 milligrams the CBD and the
strawberry and all of the CBD distillery
vape ends not too much information on
the packaging but on their website which
there’s a link below and again a coupon
code for all of these you can find out
everything the lab results you can talk
to their team you can read really
there’s so many reviews that’s that’s
the most important thing to do is just
read the reviews on the website and you
can see what other people are saying why
they like it what’s going on so
strawberry lemonade to me is probably
the best flavor I tried the lavender
vanilla very earthy the GG for tea let’s
see if I can remember that one
the GG 40 is very similar to the
granddaddy purp honestly I would not use
CBD distillery they pens as much as I
would use the CBD effects and select CBD
ones there’s a cult following for these
guys so they’re doing a lot right a lot
of people are saying for anxiety stress
sleep so in terms of effectiveness I’m
assuming you know I have to wait time
and really use the CDs to attend enough
we’ll see how that goes
but I’ve been using select and CB FX for
quite a while now and I would say these
these two pens right here the top in the
industry two of my favorites
again all the coupon codes are below
OG Kush or blue raspberry are the two I
would go with again the disposable pen
should be part of your routine because
you’re getting a small amount of CBD so
try it in addition the capsules links
below for all of the information if you
have any comments please comment below
and tell us what would you rather have
to select CBD CBD FX or CG distillery
thank you have a great day

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