CannabisIRL 101 Canna-Education for Boomers

Hey Dan Larkin with you
on Cannabis IRL
dot com. We’re in Los Angeles.
That’s why you see the beautiful
background behind us right now.
Someone’s joined us.
It’s Rachelle Gordon.
She’s a freelance
cannabis writer known
around the country for some
great articles great content.
And she’s also an expert on a
lot of products
is what I’m learning.
So I thought you know
what we should sit down
with you Rachelle and talk
a little bit about
what you’re seeing out
there in terms of products.
You know I’m a Baby Boomer
you’re obviously not.
I’ve got old school experience
you know where
it was pretty much cannabis
was limited to joints
old carved out wooden
pipes and a few bongs.
Things have changed a lot
since then.
So first of all welcome.
Thank you so much for having me.
I appreciate it.
Oh yeah.
You brought some
goodies to show me.
What do you want to start with?
I have quite a few samples here
from the recent
business to business industry
event Hall of Flowers.
It takes place twice a year up
in Santa Rosa at
the fairgrounds.
And essentially all of the top
California brands are there.
Oh cool.
So and it’s really quite
something and they have
all these amazing samples.
They cost two dollars each.
There’s a bit of pandering
to obtain them
but I have quite a few things.
What I’d love to really
start with I think is just
some classic flower.
By flower we mean
the actual bud.
People my age who might
they’ll recognize
it looks like pot.
Yes. Yes. The actual
weed itself.
But now it’s called Flower.
Yes. Flower to differentiate.
So the first thing I love
to show off here
is some Alien Labs.
Alien Labs is one of the hottest
Southern California brands.
What makes it hot?
They have first of all
incredible flower.
It’s consistent.
They have insane genetics
meaning they are growing
some very original cultivars
that you might
not see.
They’re basically kind
of the IT brand to follow.
If they’re doing it. It’s cool.
Ok. So they’re innovative
they’re planting some
really good cannabis plants
and they’re getting great
products out of those plants.
Yes. Correct.
Making sure I understand.
Yes. And they sell for a very
high price point as well.
Oh. Okay.
So an eighth of Alien Labs
flower in a dispensary can
run for 70 dollars plus tax.
Wow. That does seem kind
of steep.
Yes it’s a very high end
cannoisseur type brand.
Sure. For an eighth of an ounce.
Correct. So this is some
baklava which is one of their
flagship strains.
You can have a little
smell here it’s a hybrid.
As you can see
very well cured very
well trimmed.
It gives you a very
nice mellow feeling.
Ok. Now let me ask you about
the trim.
What are we looking
for in a flower
like that in the bud?
What should we be looking at?
So what you want to look
for is the first of all
the frosty ness. Those
are the trichomes.
Those are
the active ingredients.
Those are where the that’s
where the real high is.
So if you see a very nice kind
of whitish frosty looking
bud those are the trichomes.
You also want to make sure
that there are limited
amounts of actual leaves.
We want just the buds
right here.
So as you can see there aren’t
many leaves sticking out.
It’s very consistent shape
all around.
It’s kind of like getting
a very good haircut.
They actually have a thing
on instagram
that that Alien Labs does
where they’ll pull out
nugs from their jars to show
how great their trim job is.
To show it’s not just staged
that any jar that you would open
would have that quality.
So that’s Alien Labs.
That’s flower f l o w e r not
the kind you’d bake
with well you would bake
with it in a different way.
Right. Great. That’s very cool.
What else have you got?
So another flower product
that I would like to show
you and probably one
of the hottest tickets at
the Hall of Flowers would be
the Packwoods pre
roll blunt joint.
Ok. So let me back up again
so that I understand.
A blunt joint is a joint
that’s rolled out of cigar?
Correct. But this one it does
not have the tobacco
it’s actually a hemp leaf
that it looks
like a typical leaf. Yes.
All right.
So nobody’s smoking any kind
of tobacco here.
This is strictly
hemp and cannabis?
Correct. And it has a glass
tip for a filter.
And it is also dipped
in a cannabis concentrate
and then rolled in kief.
Which is another word for the
trichomes the crystals.
So essentially they roll up
a very very fine amount
of cannabis in here and then dip
it roll it package it.
Wow. So you’re getting like a three
for one sort of experience.
And what what should you expect
from that?
For somebody like me
who’s never experienced
something like this what would
I be
looking for?
This will get you very high.
Yeah. OK.
It’s going to do the trick.
So this would be something
that for kind of just
the the once in a while consumer
who would maybe have
this for a special occasion.
Maybe maybe someone’s
getting married.
Maybe a retirement party
or something like that.
You would maybe bring one
of these babies along to light.
Those who know would know
that that’s a pretty
awesome gift and cool thing
to share with other people.
Correct. This
would actually retail
for around 50 dollars plus tax
in California. OK yes.
And. I suppose it depends
on how many people
are partaking would be able
to enjoy it right? I mean.
Yes. Correct.
So I smoked one of these
with one other friend
of mine who is also a very
heavy user as I am.
But for the novice sort
of crowd the once
in a while I would say
you know a group of eight
could easily enjoy this for
a good 20 30 minutes.
Sure. And have some good fun
and a few laughs.
Absolutely. I would say more
than a few.
Ok got you. That’s cool. Yeah.
That’s something I’ve never
seen before I’ve heard about
them but I’ve never actually
seen one up close
and that is pretty fascinating
to take a look at.
Yeah. And even the packaging.
Now this is something
that we’re really
noticing especially
in California with the branding.
The packaging has been really
really unique and interesting.
So as you can see they put
the sort of rubber.
It sort of looks like wax
dripped over it to seal it.
That’s the look but it’s not
actually wax.
Correct. So yes.
So this really is really
impressive packaging
and we’ll make a stand out
even more so on the shelves
and make it that much
more coveted.
Sure it looks like it’s really
because it’s got
that holographic kind
of seal on it as well too
that hasn’t been broken.
Absolutely. And that’s
also there for compliance.
So that we know that it
hasn’t been
tampered with.
All makes sense.
Ok cool. Something else?
Ok. So why don’t we move on from
the flower
category to the concentrate
category. So the first
thing I would like to show
would be this item from Cresco.
So Cresco is what we call an MSO
a multi-state operator.
Cresco has licenses in several
different states.
Meaning they can sell
this strawberry banana
live sauce in California.
They can also sell
it in other states.
Now it has to be manufactured
in the state it’s sold
in but they’ve found some kind
of standardization
of production methods
that allow them to have
consistency in the product.
Correct. They’ve adopted
standard operating
practices and been able to set
up shop in multiple states.
You can also find them in
Illinois in the medical market.
I’m sure we’ll see them
there on the adult use side
they begin next year as well.
On January 1 20 20.
It’s a very exciting thing
for them.
And so this is what’s
called a live sugar.
Ok. I don’t know anything about
what that means.
Well let’s let’s learn.
Let’s find out. OK.
So this is a concentrated
version of cannabis.
So essentially what they’re
doing is they’re taking
the active ingredients
from a flower.
Ok. That we’ve learned
about earlier.
That we learned about earlier
and they’re able using many
different extraction methods.
This one I’m presuming
was a hydrocarbon.
What they’re able to do
is they’re actually
able to take out extract
the active ingredients.
And put them in to a different
sort of consistency.
That you would then consume
using a dab rig as we call it.
Which is another
vaporizer essentially.
I like to use my Puffco Peak.
This is a portable
smart vaporizer.
That is not a bong.
That is a Puffco Peak.
Something different.
Correct. It looks like a bong.
It works like a bong because it
does have water.
But essentially
what you would do
is you would take some
of this concentrate
as you can see.
Just a little dab will do you.
A little dab will do
you and you essentially
you take a little piece.
Because again
it’s really concentrated.
It’s very concentrated.
So let’s say that on any
given plant let’s say
that this is twenty
five percent THC.
25 percent active ingredient
seventy five
percent plant material.
This would be something
like 70 80 90 percent.
Ok. Right.
So you also would consume a lot
less of it.
So you take one little dab
and with this device
it’s really neat.
You put the concentrate material
in this little chamber.
And. There’s an electric
component inside.
Ok. So you don’t need a match
to light it to burn it.
No it’s going to heat it up
within the then the rig itself.
Correct. So essentially
then what will happen is once
it’s on the concentrate will
turn into a liquid and vaporize.
And then when you inhale
through here it goes through
here through the magic
of science right
underneath and then pops up
through so you can inhale
it through the water getting
a very nice smooth clean hit.
Now for someone like you right
who maybe
doesn’t consume quite a lot.
One dab will probably be
great right.
Then another one maybe
in another ten years.
Or at least give it 10 minutes.
But but for some people
who are very heavy
consumers they really like
this because it offers them
a more efficient
way to medicate.
Or to consume.
And so you can maybe
take one DAB as opposed
to smoking an entire joint.
And that’s kind of the thing too
with something that’s
that concentrated or that strong
if you will
or powerful really key
for people who are using
it medically to whatever
where they’re dealing
with cancer or seizures
or whatever that might be.
This is maybe something
that they should look
into if they haven’t?
Yes. Absolutely.
If they’re not getting relief
from whatever other
cannabis products
they’re trying.
Yes absolutely.
I definitely recommend these
for medical patients
especially those who are
experiencing very
chronic pain because the nice
thing about
inhaling this you’re not
it like you would smoke a flower
your vaporizing it.
So it’s a lot smoother.
Some people believe that it
could be slightly
healthier than combusting
And you can also filter
through the water
which is very nice.
So you get a nice smooth
smooth hit.
All right. That’s pretty cool.
Go ahead.
Why don’t you show
us how it happens.
Sure. So essentially there’s a little
button you can’t hardly see it.
There’s a little button
that I just pressed
and I will wait and in
a moment usually
about 30 seconds or less.
As the chamber inside is heating
once it’s ready it will
vibrate telling me it’s ready
to go it’s ready to go.
So we just sit here
we wait patiently.
It’s kind of like my oral B
toothbrush when it shakes
when I’ve gone 30 seconds
in one part of my mouth to move
it around another part.
Yes. Precisely.
Same technology.
Same technology. So it’s
just vibrated.
You can actually see
some of the vapor coming
up through the carb cap.
This thing when you manipulate
this it creates
the vacuum for a hit. So.
And when I pull that up
you can inhale the hit.
And so what you’re not getting
not the vapor itself
isn’t hot or burning.
It’s just vapor.
It’s just vapor.
It’s flavorful?
Now this was
the strawberry banana.
And I can say it definitely
does taste like a hint
of strawberry and banana even.
And so the thing is though
I have a swab here.
It just vibrated again
telling me the hit is over.
It’s really nice but there’s
some residual material in here.
So I take a swab and I very
gently just
wipe off the access material.
Oh cool.
Because otherwise it starts
to get sticky and gummy not so.
Then you’re not even sure
what you’re vaping
the next time because you’ve
got a mixture and maybe
you don’t want
strawberry banana.
You want some other
flavor profile.
Absolutely. You have
to be consistent.
You have to be intentional.
So that’s the Puffco Peak.
Well that’s really interesting.
You know I’ve seen them I’ve
heard about them but I’ve
never actually seen one
in person or witness
somebody use one.
So now tell me what do
you experience?
Do you feel a head high
from that right away?
Is this something that’s going
to gradually
wash over you or what?
Well the thing is when you’re
inhaling a concentrate
like that it’s going to have
a very fast psychoactivity
when it’s going through
your lungs.
So yes I can say that right
now I did feel that.
I can feel a little less
pressure behind my eyes.
I would say that the strawberry
banana although a hybrid
it’s probably a sativa dominant.
Meaning it’s more of a
cerebral feeling.
So I can say I’m feeling
very uplifted right now
and ready to teach you about
some more products.
Great. You mentioned
something about
cannabis beverage.
I think that’s kind of a
cool idea.
I’m not like a big beer drinker.
I like cannabis and I
like beverages.
So what have you got?
So the beverages category
is going to be huge
in cannabis.
It already is actually
as far as edibles go.
And this is one of my
actually favorite products
in the beverage category.
This is a Dixie Elixir.
So this is their berry
lemonade flavor.
They actually have a few
different flavors.
They also have an a half
and half lemonade iced tea
Arnie Palmer that I really like.
Oh cool yeah I’m familiar
with that.
So this beverage contains 100
milligrams of THC
in one whole bottle.
But what’s nice about
this is the cap actually
when you unscrew it has a little
dosage marker on it.
Does it have a 10 milligram
which is kind of the advised
dosage right?
And may even be the is
it legal dosage?
Is that how it needs
to be presented? OK.
Correct. So when you take
the cap off
of this you pour yourself
a little shock
glass that’s 10 milligrams.
OK. We’re talking about the THC
content. Right.
When you say that?
Correct. The active ingredient.
So essentially if you want
to you could have one
little cup and share a whole
bottle with your friends.
You could screw the cap
back on put
it in the fridge have another
dose later or tomorrow
if you’d like.
You could mix it with
something else.
Or if like you’re like me
you can just chug
the whole thing.
So it’s kind of a new
it’s like a wine cooler
if you will for a
new generation.
It can also be maybe
a a shot if you want.
Or you could maybe you have
a regular lemonade
or a regular Arnie Palmer
and maybe you want
to kick it up a notch.
Give yourself a lift with it
and you could mix it in.
Yes. No.
Yes. Bam. Absolutely.
And some of the other
beverages you’ll see
though have a lower dosage.
The 10 milligrams
that you’re mentioning.
So essentially the key
is the packaging at
least in California.
So essentially there are some
beverages on the market
that are essentially a cannabis
infused non-alcoholic beer.
There’s a very popular one
called Two Roots that’s
available in a few
different states.
Now because that looks like a
tall boy can you open it.
It cannot be resealed.
There’s no dosage meter.
So one whole you know 12 ounce
beverage right is 10 milligrams.
Again because of the laws here
in California.
Correct. And you’ll find
the same thing
in Nevada as well.
So everyone should be chugging
that one they’re
probably going to be OK.
Although we always want
to say low and slow
when you’re learning about any
kind of cannabis
consumption edibles.
It doesn’t matter right?
Always always start low
and go slow.
Absolutely 100 percent.
And the interesting thing
though about beverages
and why people I think you’re
starting to like them.
There’s a few different things.
First of all especially
when it comes
to the non-alcoholic
cannabis infused
beer spirits wine.
You’re getting
that social lubricant.
You can be in a barbecue
with your buddies.
You can be watching
the football game
and while everyone else
is having an alcoholic
beverage you can still be
sipping your beverage
of choice and getting
into the kind of mood
that you prefer. Right.
The other thing too is that
they are often far
many or far less calories
than say a brownie or a cookie.
Now if for a person
like me who is a heavy
consumer I like 100 milligrams.
If I go to the dispensary
and buy a package of 10 cookies.
Each with 10 milligrams.
You can have all the cookies.
Right. But that’s going to be
an awful lot of saturated fat.
Now this does have sugar in it.
Sure but it’s a very
efficient way
for me to medicate.
Also the drinks because there’s
a bit
of a sublingual effect
meaning it can be activated
through your mouth the mucous
membranes in your mouth.
The drinks tend to also come on.
They hit you a little
bit faster than an edible.
It’s why people will use
a tincture or CBD oil under
their tongue or whatever else
they’re taking
because sublingually it’ll
activate more quickly.
So the same kind of thing
with this?
Correct. And that’s
but that’s only a very
slight component
of the beverage.
They are still an edible.
They do go through
you know your stomach.
Metabolized through your liver
and all that. OK.
But they tend to go faster
and they’re there can be
a sublingual effect.
OK yes. So that’s pretty cool.
So that’s new to me.
Not necessarily new
to Californians
or maybe people in Colorado
or other legal states.
Correct. And pretty soon
we’re going to see I think
a lot more of these as more
legal states come
on and in Canada they’re
about to begin selling
edibles in their recreational
dispensaries and I do think
that we’re going to see a lot
of cannabis
beverages coming out.
For example the head brewer
of Lagunitas here
in California recently teamed
up with Cannacraft a brand here.
And created the first
kind of hi-fi hops
sparkling beverage with hops.
Now I’ve seen pictures of that.
Yes very popular beverage will
soon be bringing
that to Canada as well.
So question kind of on
this topic you may
not know the answer.
When they’re using
the word beer in there
it’s important to note I think
that there isn’t actually beer.
Correct. Right.
It’s like a beer but no
actual alcohol.
Right. So the Hi-fi Hops
is considered a sparkling
beverage of hops but Two Roots
is considered a cannabis beer.
Think of it though as a
non-alcoholic beer
like an O’Doul’s or a Caliber.
Thank you.
But maybe it has a little bit
of THC or CBD in there as well.
I get it. What else have
you got?
So let’s move on to another
really fun edible
that I discovered.
These are some really
interesting truffles
actually that I picked up.
So a truffle a nice
little chocolate.
Who doesn’t like those?
I know right there.
No I mean really who doesn’t?
Is there anyone?
A fool.
OK. Right. Exactly.
So. But what’s interesting about
these the brand
is the Truffle Man.
And this is actually a person
who is coming over
from the traditional market.
And he is very open about this.
He used to stand at the park
in San Francisco OK
and yell truffles for sale. OK.
For many years back in the old
days and would sell these
amazing truffles that he made
at home.
Well now he’s being
able to transition over
to the regulated market.
And he’s been able to obtain
funding and come
up with some really great
product and beautiful packaging.
Definitely not you know
the plastic bag that I would buy
off a guy in the park.
This is a very a very
high end product.
Something about that that
you just said about
his personal story how he got
to this product is really
important and significant
I think
in the entire cannabis industry.
And that is a lot of people
who have been at this for a long
time especially in the
California market where
you’ve got second generation
people involved
in the cannabis industry.
They are being pushed out
of the market
because they can’t afford
the licensing and all
of the regulation that goes
along with having
something that you’re making
originally in your own kitchen.
Right. So pretty neat success
story for Truffle Man
that he found the funding
and brought it all the way
to this kind of packaging.
Absolutely. You know
he’s 100 percent
stepped up his game.
You know we’re talking
about a commercial kitchen.
We’re talking about a standard
operating procedures.
You’re talking about
incredible branding.
Yes. So it can be done.
It can be done. It can be done.
And let this be a lesson
for people who are maybe
nervous or who feel
defeated by the legal
market that it is possible.
Tell me more about
product itself.
So this one actually is a
Mexican cocoa truffle.
There are two chocolates
inside of this package
containing 10 milligrams each.
So for a novice you’d want
to maybe eat a half
of one or a whole one.
He also has a salted caramel
which I am very excited to try.
As much as I like a
Mexican chocolate…
salted caramel.
I know right.
Right. But again low and slow
though right.
Low and slow no matter how tasty
they might be. Yes.
Very cool. What else is here?
What do you want to show me?
Why don’t we move on.
You know what.
Why don’t we move
on to this topical.
Let’s talk about topicals.
We haven’t
A lot of people my age very
interested in topicals.
Primarily for pain relief.
You know and I’ve been
just for a while now even
making my own CBD at home.
But when you can buy
something that’s
licensed and tested like this.
I’m very interested and I’m
sure a lot of our
viewers are too.
Absolutely yes.
Topicals definitely
you know could be quote
unquote the new gateway
to cannabis because for a lot
of people especially
they like the idea
that they can put it on directly
to their affected area.
It’s not going to get
you high necessarily.
That’s an important distinction
too because even though
it’s got THC in it
when you’re buying
it in California or the other
legal states
which again I recommend too
because you want
the full spectrum of the
cannabinoids available.
When you do that it doesn’t
get you high when it goes
into your endo cannabinoid
system within your dermis
or within your skin
that there’s no way
you’re getting high from that.
Right. Absolutely.
So you know for folks
especially with arthritis
you know this is a really
great product
because they’re getting
that relief
without the psychoactivity.
So essentially this brand
Apothecanna a huge
brand here in California.
This extra strength body
cream contains 25 milligrams
of THC and 25 milligrams of CBD.
So it’s a one to one.
It also contains arnica
peppermint juniper.
Which are some really really
nice added herbs and botanical.
That kind of stuff you might buy
as an essential oil or have
used in a massage oil if getting
massage or something anyway.
So probably smells really great.
Absolutely. It’s really
really very very nice.
Very nice product actually.
My older sister who suffered
from an ATV accident several
years ago and still
has residual pain
in her shoulders I gave
her a sample of this product
and she said that nothing
has melted the pain like that.
And again that’s a one to one
THC to CBD ratio.
You can also find other ratios
I take it?
Correct. So they do have ones
that are more CBD dominant.
They have products that are more
THC dominant.
For example Papa & Barkley
another very
popular topical brand.
They have a 3 to 1 THC to CBD
which is very effective as well.
Good to know. Good to know.
I like to hear about those.
Want to learn more
about cannabis?
Check out all the great
information waiting for you at
Cannabis I R L dot com.
Cannabis In Real Life.
Baby Boomers’ #1 Source
for All Things Cannabis.
And subscribe to our YouTube
channel too and click
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so you always see
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Cannabis In Real Life.
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