In this video I’m going to be talking about CBD oil for autism and how it can benefit individuals on the spectrum
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Like I said, my name is Dan. I have Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, OCD, and Dyslexia, and I am a substantial CBD reviewer.
I love examining CBD products. The amazing individuals at DR Vitamin Solutions have sent me this incredible
CBD Quicksilver, I’m gon na read out what it really is fine.
This one is a Quicksilver clinical broad spectrum hemp extract. Liposomal CBD Absorption 30 mil
bottle I think. This is what this is.
Okay, so let’s, this is it’s bizarre, I have actually never ever seen this in the past, so I really wished to do this video because
I’m so ecstatic to show you what this thing is.
So generally, this is a
CBD oil like some of the other oils you see me evaluate out and discuss. In this video
I thought I would review this item and talk about how CBD kind of like helps me and I’m on the spectrum.
This bottle it serves … The serving size on this suggested is 2 millimeters
Which is 4 pumps which we are not going to do that, we’re going to do one pump just to taste this thing and
see what it’s like.
The quantity is a portion per day-to-day serving. Therefore it states per serving is
CBD. Not so sure how this makes much sense on here. However it states it’s full spectrum hemp extract 21
milligrams of it.
And After That it’s got 16 milligrams of the cannabid oil.
So this thing has water glycerin
And some delta …
Gold it also has actually like cleansed sunflower seed lectin and some citrus oils and flavorings.
Okay, cool. I have actually never ever seen this prior to and essentially, It’s like a spray ball. So you type of like get this
under your tongue and then you spray and you pump it under your tongue like it’s so unusual
I’m not actually like seen this before. It’s quite fascinating. This one is available on their website,
DR Vitamin Solutions and I thank them so much for sponsoring this video to talk about CBD and advantages
and likewise to reveal their product which is their CBD oil here which is the one I’m talking about.
So thank you DR Vitamin Solutions for sponsoring this video and sending me over this amazing charming bottle of CBD.
Now if you people want to get your hands on this amazing CBD,
There will be a link in the description below where you can in fact purchase on yourself.
Once Again, it’s a dietary supplement, I believe this is incredible. This is a 50 ml bottle
sorry, not a 30 ml bottle. And the name of this one is a Nanoemulsified full-spectrum hemp extract 400.
Pretty cool. Okay, so
CBD is a cannabis extract however it’s the non psychedelic part of the plant
So it’s not gon na get you sort of like, you understand, I do not know stoned or like compromised psychologically when you
take it. It’s basically a supplement which is gon na help the body.
It helps with things like anti inflammatory, anxiety, tension, and discomfort relief, things like that. CBD is an amazing tool.
I’ve in fact used it now for about a year or perhaps two years to assist with anxiety. My girlfriend
specifically, she has problems where if she does not take it she is so much more nervous. Therefore we both use
marijuana oil,
CBD to make sure that we are super like just you know on top of our
Stress and anxiety game due to the fact that people on spectrum have a great deal of anxiety
So how this helps people with autism is that when you’re on the spectrum you are more vulnerable to type of like
social anxiety, you’ve got anxiety, generalized anxiety disorders,
Sometimes you’ll have perhaps tummy concerns and gastrointestinal issues. Things like that
And so with the CBD oil it will help combat that sort of pain and aid relieve any like muscular swelling,
things like that. I use it for like post exercise recovery and things, and also it’s cool for
Taking if you’re feeling anxious, like we’re feeling anxious or are feeling sort of like a little an anxiety beginning
I take the CBD and it helps relax me down and keep me quite level-headed and
Focused with things when I’m starting to feel sort of nervous and I think that is one of the charms of it.
So that is kind of like how CBD assists individuals and why I believe it’s helpful to individuals on the spectrum.
Now this one again, it’s so strange. This is a spray.
And so the cover here shows you how, you click it in this manner to spray into your mouth.
I’m kind of worried about this, but I’m gon na inspect it out.
So the directions in fact say to hold this one in my mouth … the directions in this one say hold it in
your mouth for 30 seconds prior to swallowing,
but you can increase the frequency if you require it so
Undoubtedly contact a health care expert prior to doing that
and again anybody who wishes to get their hands on this or is
Querying it, also check with your health care expert to make certain that it’s fine for you in your condition
to take. Okay, men, so here goes I’m gon na put a bit in my mouth just to taste it
Wow, this thing is flavorful, it actually leaked out a bit but this is actually truly flavorsome.
You can taste that citric acid and citric extract in it like the fruity taste.
There’s citrus oils in here and you can truly actually taste them. Oh
my goodness.
That really does offer you a bit of a kick when it’s on the tongue.
it’s quite warm to the taste however that’s very strong. It’s in fact a great indication. Really, this is quite quality
CBD. When you sort of taste it and it like actually hits you quite well, so quite a powerful
supplement. It’s good because it suggests it’s fast-acting and this one obviously is
instant effect
superior shipment because they utilize this thing called liposomal and the liposomal is type of like a
supplier to help things
Take in much faster into the body
I’ve seen it being utilized a couple of various times in different kinds of CBD and stuff like that. It’s the very first time I ‘d seen
it in my you know CBD I have actually taken here.
I’ve seen it in things like, you understand vitamins like Vitamin D and Vitamin C and stuff like that however never ever in CBD
And I’m incredibly delighted about it. That’s remarkable. I can still taste it really strong in my mouth.
It tastes really good actually and if I have to take this as an everyday supplement,
I believe it would be great to take and I
would be rather happy taking this as my dailies and this one really can be found in a beautiful glass bottle.
Which is actually totally blacked out so it has no like photon exposure.
It’s not gon na kind of like, you know be out on the Sun and get all sort of insane.
So this is handy actually, so this is one of the things fine.
So when you have CBD oil generally you’ll have like a little pipette. Let me get one out to show you.
So you have like CBD oil like this and then you pipette it into your mouth with a pipette thus.
But, the problem I have with the pipette is that it’s not very
varied, so if you’re out like your a working person you’re out and you’re doing your day, and you remain in your office
and in your brief-case you pull out this oil, and you kinda like start dabbing this oil into your tongue.
Individuals are gon na offer you some unusual looks
And, I seem like that’s not useful to like have oil and like get the dabber and get the dabber out.
However with something like this where it’s like an actual spray, you can just keep this in your bag
you understand or your purse if you’re a woman, or a male who likes to bring a bag or whatever. And then you can have
have this in your bag, you can like pull it out
simply you understand pump this thing under your tongue if you’re feeling anxious and boom.You’re gon na have a
fast-acting really efficient little CBD bring in your pocket or purse or whatever. This is actually little adequate to fit in
your pocket, in your shirt. Like I can really put this in my pocket.
So, there you go. In my pocket. Love it.
So, let’s rate this one out of ten, fine? So, I like the packaging. I think that the idea is safe and sound.
I love the fact that it’s a 50 ml bottle, which is a respectable quantity of CBD for what you spend for it.
This one is also a glass bottle and blacked out, which is amazing.
It informs you exactly how to take it which is incredible. The taste was about
was a few of the best I’ve really tasted since some CBD can taste quite powerful and it does not
have a great taste and has rather a bitter taste but this specific item has a really nice taste and it wasn’t as
powerful in taste. It was powerful because it was quite strong and it resembles CBD quality. Now, the taste was actually
nice, it tasted quite fruity quite citrusy
which I truly liked and having this in your mouth is not going to make you gag
It’s not gon na have anything like, it’s not gon na taste gross essentially this what I’m trying to say.
So let’s rate this out of ten then. This oil I would give it a
9 out of10 The factor I won’t offer it a 10 out of 10 is since I feel like the
liquid came out quite quick into my mouth and I wasn’t expecting it. I’m not one for surprises.
So that was type of like intriguing for me, however that’s just me being picky.
I really like this though and I like the ease of having an oil like this
You understand, I’m telling you now people if I resembled, you know traveling around things
I ‘d definitely take this one and really in reality
I’m actually gon na utilize this one when like just circumnavigating and doing things.
Cause I do a lot of like traveling with my work and things like that,
I do a great deal of occasions,
So having something I can easily put in my pocket on my bag and just take with me which is gon na give me
a lot more in return. This is quite amazing. Like I said, DR Vitamin Solutions,
big thank you for sending this to me. If you wish to get your hands on this really bottle,
there’s a thirty mil and a fifty mil version readily available in the link in the description listed below.
So please go and examine that out. The company is truly awesomely they have really fast shipping turn-around
and they managed to get it to me extremely really rapidly. Another US-based business and I actually value the
fact that was actually quick sending this over to me. Thank you so much for that. People
I hope you’ve found out a bit about CBD and how it can be effective and help in your life if you’re suffering from things
like anxiety or a bit of tension or you just really wish to cool down and have a healthy supplement
which has got no nasties and nothing in it to assist you with your every day life.
I seem like that is the function of CBD and I seem like that is its sort of objective.
I believe that’s where it truly takes weight and why it could be beneficial to you and how you can utilize it to kind of
Simply work for you, truly? I hope that you enjoyed this video. If you did, please leave me a remark down below
Let me know if you have any remarks to add to this about CBD.
Well anything else to do with this type of product or any other CBD let me understand in the comments down below.
Likewise, offer it a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you next time guys. Peace.

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Thu Dec 5 , 2019

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