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Does CBD help PTSD?

You will be surprised to know that almost half of the American suffer through various traumatic events at some stage in their lives. As a result, a vast majority of them develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The research has depicted that the women are more vulnerable to PTSD than men as they are more sensitive to such events. The recent reports from the National Institute of Mental Health highlighted that approximately 3.6% of people in their adulthood goes through PTSD in a year.

Although there are a number of treatments, medications, and therapies to deal with PTSD, the latest research has highlighted the benefits of CBD oils in this regard. Many people who are suffering through PTSD have reported the positive change in their health after using the CBD oil as a treatment for their stress. According to a patient of PTSD, the use of cannabinoids from the cannabis plant helped him in defeating his schizophrenia and PTSD while making him feel good, happy, and relaxed throughout his day. He reported that the first time when he used CBD, he felt very down and didn’t see the expected results. But the regular use of cannabinoids helped him magically and enabled him to live a happy life. 

Overview of PTSD

PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder which onsets after a traumatic event in the life of a person. It is most common among people who are the victim of sexual assault or the survivors of a battle or war. In many other cases, the people who have gone through any trauma may develop PTSD at any stage of life. In PTSD, a person goes through the episodes of after-trauma stress or severe anxiety multiple times after the event happened. The mood swings and nightmares are very common among those people. According to an evidence-based research by Javier and his coworkers, PTSD can be diagnosed easily by making a person re-experience the events and through using various diagnostic criteria for evaluation. Although the treatments of such disorders are a bit complication and requires long-term sessions, there is always a need to find something more effective and quick. Fortunately, CBD has shown it positive impact on the patients of PTSD. 

If you are also suffering through PTSD, you must start using CBD after consulting from your physician. It is essential because it can provide you with the following health benefits.

Benefits of CBD for PTSD patients 

The most common effect of PTSD in people is that it disrupts their sleep. The people suffering through PTSD face difficulty in going to sleep because whenever they go to bed for sleep, their brain starts recalling the bad memories from the past traumatic event. As a result, they become restless and unable to sleep peacefully. However, it has been seen that the use of CBD helps those patients a lot by interacting with their brains. The cannabinoids, when enter in their body, acts with the CB receptors and regular the function of the nervous system. As a result, a person doesn’t only sleep better but also feel relax and good. 

Along with ensuring a good sleep, the use of CBD also helps in relieving anxiety and stress in PTSD patients. CBD is most commonly used worldwide for stress and anxiety relief among a number of people. Just like others, it is also very useful for the patients of PTSD because it helps in keeping their mind relaxed from the unwanted stress and controls anxiety through working with the endocannabinoid system in their body. 

When a person is suffering through PTSD, his eating habits also get changed. He either start eating too less or too much. In the presence of poor eating habits, a person does more damage to his health. When he starts using CBD products, they interact with the CB receptors in his endocannabinoid system which, in return, helps in improving his hunger, digestion, and treats nausea as well. Therefore, the use of CBD proves very helpful in treating this disorder, and it is also free from any side-effects. 

How to use CBD for PTSD?

Before you decide to use CBD for treating your post-traumatic stress disorder, make sure to consult with your physician because it is not advisable to use it without any medical advice. However, if you are confident with using it for PTSD or your physician allows you to use it, you can use it in any of the following ways. 

  • You can take CBD in the form of sublingual tinctures which you put under your tongue with the dropper, such as CBD oils
  • Food additives, which contain CBD
  • CBD edibles, such as CBD gummies
  • CBD sprays
  • CBD vape if you are comfortable with it 
  • CBD capsules

You can use CBD in any of these forms but make sure to buy organic and high-quality CBD products which are low in THC but high in CBD to get the best results.

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