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Just CBD products are high-quality products with numerous health benefits. It has been argued that the quality of their product is relatively better than other CBD products due to the fact they source their hemp from the United States. Just CBD has featured in many forums like Leafly, Mashables, etc. making it highly recommended to customers. The product types come in different tastes, small and flavor ranging from Just CBD oil, Honey sticks, Gummy bears and the sugar-free gummy bears, the vape pen, the tincture oil to the pets treat.

General Overview



Quick summary

Just CBD is one of the most recent entrants in the CBD industry. It is a new company and an innovative brand that was established in 2017 to show the true value of CBD to the world. The company has done quite a good job in such a short time since its formation. Its mission is to offer high-quality cannabidiol products with transparency in its business, industry and overall practice. Just CBD has regularly delivered CBD health benefits to its customers with an assurance of product transparency. It has a diverse product line with spectacular characteristics. Also, Just CBD products are of high quality and give unlimited benefits to the user. 

The Just CBD products

Just CBD products comes in different types and its products have featured in magazines and forums like The Daily Beast, Leafly, Mashable, High Times and The Daily Caller.

What you should know about Just CBD Products


A third-party lab test is carried out with Just CBD products and they have these results gotten from third-party labs published on their website. They have a goal of pure transparency in their business which makes them highly recommended. The third-party lab tests carried out on Just CBD products guarantees that the products are made from organic, industrial plant hemp and the CBD and THC contained in the products are extracted naturally. Recent researches have shown that Just CBD products help treats all kind of health and health-related issues and there are also potentials in the future for the products to be able to treat life-threatening sicknesses and disease both in humans and animals. Just CBD products are analytically certified, the cannabinoid (CBD) contained in each product are meager. Continuous lab tests are been carried out on their products yearly, making the information of their product on the website accurate and up to date. 

Just CBD product sizes range from small products to large products depending on the one most convenient for you. Just CBD shows a great deal of integrity and service to the CBD industry and community. This is shown by the diverse product line and the readily available and up to date product information and lab reports. This product information is relevant in helping a customer choose a product.


There is free shipping on all retail orders over $2o within USA.

Free Returns

All returns are processed within 2 weeks excluding any restock fee.

Customer satisfaction

The customer satisfaction is unbeatable as so many positive feedbacks and reviews have been shown for their products. This has caused an increase in brand awareness and sales of their diverse products. Just CBD offers a full refund guarantee when a customer is not satisfied by the Just CBD products they purchased within a limited time.


Just CBD gummies: From $23.99 – $120

Vape pen: $19.99

Full Spectrum tincture oil: from $15 – $120

Honey sticks and coconut oil: from $39.99 – $250

Vape oil cartridge: from $15.99 – $49.99

Isolate powder: $49.99

Pet treats: $17.99 – $49.99

Where to purchase Just CBD products.                             

Just CBD products are produced in the United States of America, you can easily purchase these diverse CBD products from their website directly because they ship these products within and outside the United States or you could purchase via online shops like Amazon, etc.

About the Company

Just CBD is a new company in the CBD industry making waves since its establishment in 2017. It is in the United States. Its uniqueness, business practices, and transparency make it stand out in the industry. Just CBD is getting more successful in the global market and this has contributed to its growth. It offers a long list of industrial plant hemp-based products. Just CBD offers legal advice on its websites to customers who are to take a drug test; it shows them the ramification and implications on such cases. This is quite rare with other CBD companies. The company has a diverse product line that gives great health benefits like stress management, relaxation, pain reliever, etc. its benefits cannot be overemphasized. The products are of high quality and have been successful in the CBD industry and communities. Just CBD products are to be consumed by people over 18 years of age. 

JustCBD store reviews

The gummies are amazing, I started taking these because of my stress level which was giving me upper back tension; but since I got them, I have used them at work when needed as well now for bedtime when I have problems falling asleep. I take one peach ring which is 20mg CBD and I fall asleep fast and stay asleep. Also, my back has never felt better, Seriously, I love these little gems, I will be buying them again”

The review above was posted on just CBD website and can be gotten here

A customer can easily choose a product they are more comfortable and also not having to deal with allergy problems. 

Just CBD runs promo for both new and old customers. They also provide customers with coupon codes, discount codes, promo codes, etc. 

They have an all-day responsive customer care department. Customers have provided positive feedbacks as regards Just CBD products and it is also highly recommended by old users. Choosing a CBD brand shouldn’t be hard for you because Just CBD products are among the best and most effective in the CBD industry. There are still ongoing researches on Just CBD products and because of its effectiveness in the human body, scientists believe the products are here to stay.