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Reported Side Effects of CBD

A great majority of the people claim that there are no side effects of CBD but that is certainly a myth. Everything has its side effects, in one way or another. No doubt CBD is obtained from a natural plant, but it still comes with some risks and side effects which you will learn in this article. 

For thousands of years, this gem (CBD) is neglected because we didn’t know about its benefits and uses. Since the recent few years, as the awareness about the use of CBD is increased, more and more people have started using the CBD for multiple reasons. Not only adults, but it is also being given to children, elderly people, and also pets. As its use it getting widespread, it has become important to spread awareness about its potential risks and side effects as well in some cases. For example, the use of CBD contains risks and side effects if it is taken in higher doses. It also contains side effects if it is taken with other medications because it may react with them in some cases. 

Before moving towards the side effects of CBD, it is essential to know here that CBD doesn’t harm a person if used in mild proportions and in the purest form. The benefits that you hear about CBD (e.g. stress relief, anxiety relief, pain relief, better sleep, better mood, etc.) are not the myths, but they are the actual benefits of using the CBD products. However, if CBD is used in high doses or not in the purest form, it may make you suffer from the following side effects. 

  • Dizziness and tiredness

It has been seen that people suffer through dizziness and tiredness when they take CBD products, as reported by Kate in a video. According to her, it happens the most frequently when they use the CBD products for the first time in their life because their body is not used to this new compound. However, after a week or two of taking CBD, their body starts showing the positive results. On the other hand, people also feel dizziness and tiredness when they take CBD in higher amounts. As we all have heard that excess of everything is bad, the same goes in the case of CBD. You may take CBD but always in moderation. 

  • Decrease in appetite

The research studies highlighted the fact that a number of people also suffer through the decrease in their appetite as a result of taking CBD. It usually happens when they take higher amounts of CBD on daily basis than the recommended daily dosage. The higher dosage of CBD may lead towards changing your hunger pattern which cause a noticeable decrease in your appetite. However, it doesn’t happen with everyone or in every case. Therefore, you should never attempt to take higher doses of CBD to reduce appetite for the sake of dieting or so. 

  • Gastrointestinal problems and resistance

The available research on the use of CBD has also reported that a number of people also suffer through gastrointestinal problems after they use CBD in higher amounts. It interacts with the enzymes in their intestine and stomach and cause various problems. On the other hand, it also happens that your body develops resistance to it and you feel no change at all. In such cases, most of the people increase the dosage and then start suffering from gastrointestinal or related issues later on. Therefore, increasing the dosage is never recommended if you develop resistance but try to stop using it for some time. 

  • It may lower blood pressure

It has also been found that the use of CBD lowers blood pressure of a person in some cases. When the cannabinoids enter in your body and work with your endocannabinoid system, they make the body relaxed and calm. In some cases, a little overdose may get a person down through suppressing its normal body functions and slowing down his heart rate. Therefore, a person already suffering through low blood pressure or any related disease shouldn’t start using CBD without the consult with his doctor. 

  • Risks for pregnant and conceiving mothers

The most important thing to keep in mind that a pregnant woman should never use CBD products during her pregnancy. Furthermore, the women who are trying to conceive shouldn’t use any such product. It is important because the pregnancy is a very critical stage in which any negative reaction of a product can prove fetal for both the health of a mother and her unborn baby. Similarly, the conceiving mothers shouldn’t use the CBD products because there is no significant research on its being safe for the pregnant and conceiving mothers. 

  • May alter liver enzymes

The research has depicted that the use of CBD makes the changes in their liver enzymes and cause liver damage. As a result, their liver gets infection and loss its immunity to fight against various diseases which further harms a patient with chronic disease. Furthermore, if you have a weaker immune system, it can also affect your liver. Therefore, it is advised that if you have any liver issues, don’t take CBD as it may cause more damage. Moreover, if you are a healthy person, still start from the low dosage so that you would know if it effective in your case or not.  

  • Need for further research

Besides all the above listed side effects of CBD which are not very common and only seen in rare cases, there are a number of its benefits. However, its benefits as well as side effects are not approved by the medical research so far and there is a very little research on it. Most of the information about the benefits and side effects of CBD comes from the real reviews of people who have tried using it or are currently using it for any reason. Therefore, it is always a good idea to take a medical advice before you start using it for yourself. If you can’t get the medical advice, then use the CBD in the less amount or lowest dosage in the start and gradually increase it if you feel comfortable and safe.

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