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Does CBD help Cancer?

CBD is getting a very hot topic to discuss throughout the world where everyone is curious to use it for various reasons. Many of you are aware of its effectiveness in case of stress, anxiety, sleep, and brain disorders, but have you ever heard about its effectiveness in the case of treating cancers? Yes! CBD is getting very popular for the treatment of cancers as well. Although there is not a bulk of research about the link of CBD and cancer, it has been seen effective in a number of cases. The little research that is available in this regard, supports the relationship between cannabinoids and their power in defeating the cancer cells by calling CBD as “potential anticancer drug”.

Many people confuse CBD (cannabidiol) with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) while these two are not the same. CBD is very effective to use in the treatment of cancer without any deep side-effects while THC is not good to consume at all, especially in higher amounts because it makes a patient high along with other side-effects. However, minimal research in this regards highlights the magic of CBD in treating and preventing cancer. Let’s learn how!

How does CBD help cancer?

The research has depicted that CBD is very effective in slowing down the growth of tumors which are the core reason for the onset of cancers. When we intake CBD in some form, it enters our body and interacts with the thousands of receptors inside our body and helps in regulating various functions. Among those functions, one function is to regulate the flow of blood and prevents any clotting that cause either neurological disorders or tumors which cause cancers. 

CBD also aids in killing the harmful cancer cells and provoke cell death when they enter in a cancerous region inside the body. To your surprise, they don’t harm the healthy cells in the body while killing the cancer cells.  Let’s learn about the effectiveness of CBD for different types of cancers. 

Different Types of Cancers and CBD

According to the research studies, it has been seen that CBD is effective for the following types of cancers. 

  • The use of CBD is very useful for preventing as well as treating pancreatic cancer. The patients of pancreatic cancer have reported the improvements in their current condition after using CBD as a supplement treatment along with necessary cancer-treating therapies and medications. 
  • CBD is also seen beneficial for the treatment of breast cancer. There are many cases in which improvements have been seen in the health of breast cancer patients as the cannabinoids help in reducing or slowing down the growth of harmful cancerous cells. 
  • Various studies have also reported that the use of CBD helped in controlling the liver cancer cases of men and women up to a greater extent. 
  • According to a patient who has ovarian cancer, the use of CBD helped him recover from rectal cancer in only three months. He reported in a video that he used the high-quality cannabis oil for the exact three months and it cleared his cancer completely. 
  • Further research is being carried out in this regard, and there are higher hopes that the CBD treatment would be equally good for all other types of cancers.  

CBD Benefits for Cancer patients

Along with treating and preventing cancer, CBD benefits the patients of cancer in a number of ways, such as:

  • Reduces nausea which is caused from chemotherapy

Chemotherapy leaves many after effects on cancer patients, such as vomiting, pain, nausea, etc. All these after effects of chemotherapy further make a person suffer through poor health and bad mood. It has been seen that the patients of cancer who are also using the CBD products along with the other cancer treatments, benefit greatly from it. They benefit from using CBD in terms of reducing their nausea and vomiting that usually occur after getting chemotherapy. 

  • Provides relief from chronic pain

The use of cannabis also helps in relieving the chronic pain and thus help the cancer patients in living a pain-free life up to great extent. Although it doesn’t completely eliminate the pain, but lessen it as much as it can and make a person feel better than before. Many people who are suffering through cancer, reports that the use of CBD oils help them in getting a relief from their chronic pain as long as they continue using CBD. However, there is a need to carry out further research in this regard to see if it really works or not. 

  • Relieves stress and anxiety

When a person comes to know that he has got any chronic illness, this news itself is very torturing and painful for that person. Those who suffer from such diseases, e.g. cancer, report higher level of stress and anxiety. This is because they are afraid of their future, along with the tension to go through the painful and expensive treatments. Some of the cancer patients who used CBD oils for them said that it helped them a lot in reliving the stress and anxiety which they got from cancer. 

  • Improves the sleeping habits

Last but not least, it also helps in improving the sleeping habits of a person. You may have seen a cancerous patients spending restless nights and inability to sleep peacefully. The research has also revealed that it helps the patients in sleeping peacefully. It is because the cannabinoids in CBD oil works with our endocannabinoid system and regulated its various function, among which sleep is one. The regular use of CBD provides relaxation to the brain of a cancerous patients and relieves his pain. As a result, these factors also aid in making him enjoy a good sleep than before. 

How to use CBD for cancer?

Before you know how to use CBD for cancer, it is important to clarify that it is never recommended to try any medication on your behalf without consulting with your doctor if you are already suffering through any chronic disease. Although the use of CBD is very useful and there are positive cases of its use, but it still doesn’t guarantee that it will also work in your case. Thirdly, CBD doesn’t replace the cancer treatments such as chemotherapies etc. However, you can try sublingual CBD, tinctures, capsules, or CBD vaping to see if it works in your case but again, after getting approval from your physician. 

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