Try CBD With me for the First Time To Treat Anxiety

so something you may not know about me
actually Plenty of people do not know
this about me is that I get anxiety a
lot sometimes it’s really small
sometimes it’s really big but I want to
deal with it by taking drugs so okay the
drugs thing is a little bit of a stretch
I’m not talking about like actual hard
drugs I’m talking about CBD now if you
don’t know what that is
stay tuned I’m about to tell you but I
plan on taking CBD for the first time at
the end of this video so stay tuned but
before we go on I Want to bring you down
to my level defines anxiety as a
feeling of worry nervousness or unease
typically about an imminent event or
something with an uncertain outcome the
best I can describe what anxiety is for
me it’s that feeling of worry I worry so
much and if you’re around me you know
that to be true I worry so much that
when I’m in a Particular moment I get
stuck in my head and I cannot get out of
it because I’m focused on what I just
said if it came off wrong or what I did
earlier that day
sometimes the things don’t even matter
within 24 hours but the thing is I
wasn’t always like this I don’t even
remember when I labeled myself as having
I remember thinking anxiety and
depression were something that people
made up to have a day off of work and I
was completely wrong because anxiety is
a real thing and I think it wasn’t until
I started like really googling what my
symptoms were that I felt like I wasn’t
alone and especially in the last several
years I felt a lot better because
marijuana is now legal in Alaska
marijuana has become a booming industry
that has seen a ton of shops open up all
over the state and it’s definitely had
its fair share of
and downs and quit people who are in the
industry have turned me on to something
a part of myth of marijuana strand
called CBD now I’ve read CBD doesn’t
have any psychoactive properties it can
help you with pain relief seizures
anxiety cancer diabetes that’s as much
as Google will tell me so I can only do
so much research on Google so I Would like to
talk to a real human being about it so
to find out more about CBD and its
possible benefits with anxiety I headed
to people who actually knew what they
were talking about so I’m here with Phil
and in light and on Spenard and here at
Anchorage we’re gonna have some a few
questions about CBD so Phil you’re the
expert here yeah yeah what is CBD CBD is
an acronym for cannabidiol it’s actually
one of the maintenance notes found in
the cannabis plant and every generally
regarded as the
medicinally valuable one guide tsunami
or rhetoric or non psychoactive where
THC Will be something that’s
gonna be the recreational high you’re
looking for make you really happy giggly
silly CBD isn’t gonna do that for you
it’s actually just gonna be something
it’s gonna help with anxiety it’s gonna
help with inflammation and it tends to
also help with a lot of epilepsy ulcers
some nervous which I’m gonna feel high
when you take it and actually like it’s
just like taking the supplement actually
takes a little while to build up in your
system and you just gotta take it every
day for about a week or something gage
if it’s gonna like what you had an
effect it’s taking and it’s not like I
said not super noticeable so I like
taking it on your own
and taking a pain pill or something like
that you’re just gonna decrease the
swelling decreased anxiety Permit You to
feel better so you can live later okay
all right so for my first time ever
taking CBD what do you recommend you
just Have a dropper goal usually about
half a dropper twice a day
okay cool all right well thanks Bill
yeah you bet I’m happy to do it
thanks for coming in yeah okay so I’m
back home now here’s the bottle I got it
is it’s called hemp higher full-spectrum
relax and it’s just a dropper with oil
if I can get an open
childproof apparently Stephen proof
goodness gracious
okay so as you can see just a little
dropper and but it’s made in Alaska to
of course as every product that they
sell is let’s uh let’s do it so Phil
recommended a half a dropper or to ISO a
day or one dropper once a day so I’m
gonna take just a half I think that’s
probably pretty good and
here we go CBD for the first time
it’s actually not bad
I mean it’s oil very floral is a good
word that I would describe it as but
like Phil said I’m not gonna Find high
I’m not gonna feel high I’m not gonna
start seeing stuff Plenty of people just
assume that stuff like this that’s sold
at a store like that it’s gonna make you
high honestly that’s kind of what I
thought CBD did at first too I wasn’t
sure I just assumed that it was with the
THC component that he was talking about
and I just wasn’t interested in that but
then I did my research and I started
talking to people that actually know
what they were talking about and I
learned otherwise so I just want to
encourage you that if you’re interested
in anything like this to do your own
research to Speak with people and formulate
your own opinion because I think once we
come to our own conclusion that we made
the reward at the end is much greater
whatever that is so I just want to throw
a huge shout out to the guys at
enlighten thank you for answering my
questions and for letting me take video
of your shop if you are interested in
the products that they sell go check
them out the links for them are in the
description below and thank you to you
for watching this video if you feel so
inclined I would love it if you hit that
subscribe button
other than that guys thanks for watching
and I’ll see you next time

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Sat Oct 26 , 2019

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